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The Morrison Government has today announced $150 million to boost programs to combat domestic violence - including counseling, 1800 RESPECT, Mensline and a new communications campaign to ensure people know where they can seek help. 1/
Extra investment is desperately needed to increase the capacity of specialist services to support women's safety at this time - so this funding boost is a positive development.

BUT today's announcement is nowhere near what's needed. 2/
Experts have already told the Morrison government that even *just* for safe at home programs, $180 million is needed to meet demand.


Today's commitment appears to be $150 million spread across at least 6 different service areas. 3/
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People from around the world are joining #InMyPower, a movement using the language of #SelfManagedAbortion to increase awareness about medical abortion. For some countries like Australia it can be prescribed via telehealth consultation, for others it is less accessible. #Thread A teal background with white text: Abortion is Normal and the hashtag In My Power.
In Australia, as movement decreases due to isolation measures, access to medical abortion via telehealth will be critical to the prevention of unsafe abortion. #InMyPower. Read more at:…
In Australia, it’s #InMyPower to access abortion via telehealth in every jurisdiction but South Australia. In order to enable National access to abortion throughout the pandemic, South Australia will need to remove barriers to telehealth provision. @SA_AAC ⚡️
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THREAD. There's a common misapprehension about biosecurity responsibilities in Australia & who has carriage. There is a director of biosecurity (who is also the the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Water & Environment [DAWE] (…). #COVID19au
Metcalfe's remit is everything APART from human biosecurity. The Chief Medical Officer (currently Dr Brendan Murphy, @healthgovau) is the "director of human biosecurity". State/Territory health depts are his key authorities in their respective states/territories. #COVID19au
DAWE officers only undertake the human bio security role as agents of Commonwealth & State/Territory health departments; they do what health authorities instruct them to do. DAWE staff are NOT medically trained; they act on the directions of the relevant state health department.
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You know how you’re all staying home to protect seniors and disabled people?
Guess what they’re doing to help disabled people? You know, the ‘most vulnerable’? THE TRUTH - a thread. #auspol #NDIS #HighRiskCovid19 #coronavirusaustralia #coronavirus #CoronavirusLockdown #COVID19au
2/ The unions, Labor and NDS have negotiated for registered disability service providers to get a 10% loading fee - money taken out of our (already underfunded) funding plus an advance payment with a 10 day cancellation policy.
Most of our services have been cut or withdrawn.
3/ People are still being packed into sheltered workshops with 500 people in them, all over Australia. If they withdraw, they lose that funding because it’s a ‘stated support’. And their two dollar an hour wage. But respite centres and activities are closing down.
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#COVID19au Yesterday Federation sought a response to a series of contradictory statements including: 👇🏻
• the need to observe social distancing protocols which are impossible to implement in classrooms, corridors and most school playgrounds;
• statements that children are low-risk agents for the virus at school but suddenly become high-risk agents in shopping centres and public playgrounds, while also ignoring the fact that tens of thousands are travelling on trains and buses each morning and afternoon;
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I've seen intense concern on twitter about the possibility of unseen, exponential community transmission. A short thread about that. First up, I graphed the NSW testing statistics over time. There has been a rapid increase in the total number of tests. 1/n #covid19au
2/ Tests are finding cases (orange bar). The major driver of new cases is overseas travellers (blue bar). NSW Health is so far keeping on top of contact tracing (yellow bar). And there's very little increase in cases of unknown source ('community transmission,' green bar).
3/ There's a mistaken belief that Covid-19 can spread rapidly, undetected through the population.

However, approx 20% of all cases will need major medical intervention.

When sick people seek care, their contacts are traced. That generates data++ about transmission dynamics.
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These graphs—even when accurate—constrain our public conversation about #covid19au.

They are often very ‘zoomed-in,’ showing a few weeks from a given date (e.g. time to 100 cases).

The steepest incline in these graphs is South Korea. 1/n
We forget that these lines are graphing diagnoses not cases. The steepness can reflect testing capacity coming online and catching up with a backlog of cases.

And our obsession with the first few weeks reflects a problematic fantasy of complete prevention. 2/n
If we imagine that cases are exponential, that enables the fantasy that dramatic early intervention can prevent the #covid19 outbreak *altogether.* 3/n
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So for reasons that I can't entirely fathom, 5000 of you have found my witterings tolerable, and for that I am humbled and gratified.
I thought that I would mark the occasion with some numbers that pertain to #COVID19au, given that it's the topic of the season.
Numbers are useful things, and allow us to do all sorts of planning.
Sadly, we are seeing the emergence of arithmophobia with regards to #COVID19au- it's becoming painfully clear that the daily briefing for anyone being asked to officially comment on the situation contains the
admonitions "Don't mention the war" / "Don't frighten the horses".
Here in the Corona Bunker, we LOVE numbers! Numbers are our friends, our work colleagues and our playmates.
So let's put our love of numbers to use.
Let's make the ludicrous assumption that those of you bored
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Thanks to all who've been sending some really interesting ideas and questions about #COVID19au.
I'm off today, and at a loose end, so thought I might summarize some of the themes about the situation that y'all seem to be interested in.
Why is #COVID2019AU such a bitch?
1) It's new. Not everything that is new is brilliant. #COVID2019AU is not the latest iPhone. As a species, we've not met her before, and she is definitely making hay while the sun shine. We have no immunological 'memory' of who she is, so instead
of manning the ramparts immediately, like our bodies might with seasonal influenza, our immunological system is still building the ramparts.
2) She's a relatively mild mannered creature. The majority of patients won't come anywhere to being killed by her, which is A GOOD THING(!)
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A big mistake to make thinking about #covid19au is to assume that the brains of those in government are on some level fundamentally different to the brain of your uncle on Facebook who posts about how it's no worse than the flu.

They aren't. They're subject to the same errors.
This is with the added impetus of dramatic consequences for their past decisions.

Imagine the cognitive dissonance that needs managing when you've already stuffed up such a massive crisis. Are you going to suddenly be rational? Suddenly reappraise and listen to experts?
Politicians lie to the public all the time, but they lie to themselves first.

Some of their decisions might seem like cynical opportunism but often they're just sincere - and wrong - self-deception.
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