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Just another example of why we do not need private companies in our NHS.
Care UK (now Practice plus group)is one of the biggest private providers of NHS contracts. They have never paid a penny in corporaton tax since 2010 despite receiving over 1 bill in contracts.
Their services incl but are not limited to, GP practices, walk in centres, diagnostics, care homes and prison health care.

Care Uk Co founder John Nash once donated 300k to the Tory party and 21k to former health Sec Andrew Landsley.
JN also board member for the Centre for Policy Studies- a free market think tank, they lobby and have a big influence over gov policies.

They lobby for privatisation🚨 trade union reform🚨 and pension deregulation🚨 among others.
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🚨Government plan to privatise the NHS🚨

A ‘how to’ guide:

🛑Cut the bed numbers
🛑Cut the funding
🛑Offer contracts to private providers but allow them to use NHS logo
🛑Freeze wages, worsen conditions...
🛑Scapegoat local leaders whose workplace is ‘failing’
🛑Regular re-organisation due to ‘failings’, create new inefficiencies and bureaucracy, offer entry points to corporate ‘partners’
🛑Vilify staff in the press.
(Crucially use opinion pieces to sow distrust)
to publicly ‘support and love our NHS’ despite all actions above👆

Watch the service fail🚨
Watch the exhausted staff leave🚨
Blame remaining staff for gaps/failings🚨
Wring hands and act bemused🚨
Hand over more money to private providers🚨

NHS failures aren’t an accident...
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OK, listen up, please? 😊 Here follows a thread - please read all of it. (1/11)

You are all aware that I, and others, have been stewarding this:


Petition: Protect the #NHS , Press Pause on the White Paper for Health and Social care:…
So, we got to the 10,000 eventually, which forces a response from the Government.

The response was puerile, facile and lied as well, particularly about the so-called "consultation". 😒

So we pressed on. (2/11)
In the meantime, various other similar campaigns were gathering momentum: (3/11)

Health Secretary Sajid Javid: Protect the NHS: Stop the health and care bill - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange
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The Tory Party have one goal:

To Avoid Taxes

Which we use to make sure our streets are safe, people get medical care and our children get an education.

They are rich and don't want to contribute to the society that makes them rich.

Greed will be their downfall.

The Conservatives were always greedy, however, since #JohnsonOut took Downing Street, things got worse.

It's no longer as simple as avoiding tax. The new goal is:

Destroy Everything Public

They want to own everything. Hospitals, Schools, Media & use lies & propaganda to do it.
You need to realise that your life is not important to a Conservative.

They don't care if bodies pile high. They only care about money.

We let it happen because it was unimaginable to us.

How could someone love money more than life?

They were never loved.

We need #JohnsonOut
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15,543 signatures. 😊 Target for today: 15,600?

@mikecoulson48 @POSH_JOCK @JujuliaGrace @EveryDoctorUK

Petition: Protect the #NHS , Press Pause on the White Paper for Health and Social care:


Our target today is 15,600!!!

HOWEVER - we have already reached that!!!

*must try harder* 15,650??? Well done, my wonderful Fweeps! 🤗👍🏻❤️


Petition: Protect the #NHS , Press Pause on the White Paper for Health and Social care:…
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The Tories are passing a law (the NHS Bill) which will remove your rights to healthcare

Privatisation means high costs & lower wages.

This thread will explain why so you can share it with your friends and do something to help make Tories scrap this Bill.

Higher Costs:

At the moment you pay National Insurance. The Tories just raised this to make you think the NHS cost too much. They didn't raise tax for rich people, just you.

Tory News like Spectator have attacked GPs/NHS, leading patients to abuse NHS Staff.

Their hope is that they trick you again just like they did when they told you £350M a week for the #NHS and there was instead a £600M a week loss of trade by leaving the EU

They are liars.

Their #ToryDonor friends will own the NHS suppliers and set the price

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Jacob Rees-Mogg makes jokes about #WearAMask
150,000 people have died

He says the other people don't work as hard as him

I think he's referring to his botfarm which generated 70 bots yesterday to give him 43.1% Fake Followers on Twitter

I wonder if Jacob Rees-Mogg was reclining at 4am while the botfarm as churning out his bots to keep his account from reflecting all the blocks he got yesterday?

You know, like @Jacob_Rees_Moog does while he's in Parliament, not following #WearAMask
Or maybe he was overworked as he was looking after his $6.8 Billion Hedge Fund?

Go to his Twitter profile, #BlockReesMogg and tap "View Tweets". Now you can reply to him EVERY DAY & tell him, in front of his followers how unchristian he & buddy Farage are…
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Take the Campaign to Sajid Javid

In support of #ScrapNHSBill + @EveryDoctorUK happening NOW

Let the #ToryShambles of a Health Minister know how you feel about #NHSPrivatisation

Reply to @SajidJavid to encourage his followers to block too with #ScrapNHSBill + #SajidJavidBlocked Every Doctor UK Van - Live Now!Sajid Javid Blocked
Let Sajid Javid's constituents know how he is failing them. These people elected @SajidJavid and he will not #ScrapNHSBill

Give his local newspaper a story @BromStandard by telling them what you think of their local MP.

Let's makes sure he isn't reelected!

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Today we’re focusing on MPs - the only way we’ll #ScrapNHSBill is if enough of them speak out. So we wanted to start the day with a big **thank you** to the 30 MPs who’ve stood up for the NHS so far by expressing their interest in starting an All Party Parliamentary Group on…
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This will force ppl to use private healthcare.
This will be the death knell for the #NHS

•It also allows private co's to decide how #NHS budgets are spent.

•Scraps performance targets of 18 weeks – now 52 weeks!

•Gives the health secretary power to water down requirements of staff to be properly trained and qualified.

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BMA supports destruction of #NHS but present as victims or frustrated saviours.
Sophistry masterclass by @TheBMA on 17th July deconstructed
⚠️Hop on bandwagon to avoid conspicuous silence & echo bogus talking points (ditto @UKLabour & @keepnhspublic}…
⚠️BMA endorsed Feb 2021 white paper, remained silent until now.
⚠️Have track record of imposing ignorance & disengaging members.
⚠️Assisted creating US style 'managed care' by railroading GPs into new contract 2019 WITHOUT discussion/VOTE.
#NHSBill progression of agreed change
⚠️Clinical 'leadership' has had no impact on halting or moderating NHS privatisation. Predominantly serving as window dressing for the destruction
⚠️It has enriched & assisted career progression of the complicit.
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1/3 "It is difficult to stand up the claim that the Bill will increase privatisation of the NHS."

Prof @AllysonPollock's rigorous academic analysis of the Bill and its effects on NHS suggest @IsabelHardman & @spectator have got this wrong:…

#ScrapNHSBill Image
2/3 "Conservatives, who of course believe that competition drives up standards."

Really? Not what the @spectator thinks here:…

Many Conservatives believe free market works in principle but difficult to apply to healthcare. Read Kenneth Arrow.
3/3 "It’s worth noting, too, that the Labour party hasn’t officially attacked this Bill as being an extension of privatisation, either."

This is the peach. Labour super-boosted financial inept PFI scheme, and NHS partner network. Why would you expect it to attack privatisation?
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The Health and Care Bill

* Scraps Gov responsibility to Healthcare
* Extends waiting time from 18 to 52 weeks
* Lets Tory Ministers control local NHS spending
* Makes #NHSPrivatisation certain

Act now

RT #ScrapNHSBill to MPs to stop #ToryCorruption #SaveTheNHS for our children The Conservative Party is trying to privatise our NHS by vot
Boris Johnson's #Covid_19 policy poses a 'danger to the World', international scientists warn. We have lost 152,856 of our loved ones.

And now the Conservative Party are trying to bring in #NHSPrivatisationBill. It's so close. After its third reading it will become law. Act now.
We spent £37 Billion on #TestandTrace and Tory MPs are going to #DeleteTheApp to avoid pre-holiday quarantine.

Our own MPs. Who are passing a law for #NHSPrivatisation, who won't give NHS workers a #NHSPay15 pay rise but just clap.

They will put our NHS under greater pressure.
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I hadn't realised the Health Bill gets rid of the duty to provide hospital services!! 😱

We are living in dark times, friends.

Please please, email your MP, & sign any petitions you see. We can't depend on friendly aliens to come from Betelguese to save us!

PS Can you email your MP TONIGHT, please tweeps?

The 2nd reading of this alarming Health & Care Bill is tomorrow. MPs need to have emails in their inboxes first thing. /2

Here's a template letter to help you write to your MP. (Not written by me!) Best to write your own, but this provides good info. Or you could keep it very simple, - just mention the removal of the duty to provide hospital care to everyone. /2…
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