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El d铆a de hoy fue tendencia, en apoyo a la cantante.

Traducci贸n del hilo original:
En febrero de 2008, su padre coloc贸 a Britney Spears bajo su tutela, lo que le daba un control total sobre su vida, incluyendo alimentos, ropa, finanzas y vivienda.
Todo comenz贸 el 4 de enero de 2008 cuando Britney fue detenida involuntariamente bajo la retenci贸n 5150 despu茅s de una disputa de custodia con Kevin Federline. Fue entonces cuando vimos los videos de Britney siendo sacada de su casa en una ambulancia perseguida por los paparazzi
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I spent a long time gathering information about the #FreeBritney movement. What is it? What does it all mean?

Well I can tell you but we are going to have to go way back and start from the beginning. Follow along to figure out what happened to Britney and why we must free her.
*Disclaimer* All contents within this thread are based on online sources such as Twitter, Instagram, and a variety of celebrity media outlets, and are allegations and speculation only.

All parties are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
It all started on January 4th, 2008 when Britney was involuntary placed under a 5150 hold following a custody dispute with Kevin Federline. That's when we saw the horrific videos of Britney being taken from her home in an ambulance chased by the paparazzi.
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I think it鈥檒l be his sister up next. World鈥檚 first modern female dictator? It鈥檚 about time.
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I鈥檝e waited till I was sure of who I would #endorse for President. I just heard the last piece of input I need.

With joy and conviction, I ENDORSE @ewarren FOR PRESIDENT! #ImWithHer

Here鈥檚 why. 1/鈥
I remember the first time I heard @ewarren speak. She was running for Senate for first time. She waged fight that gained national attention bc, not only was she sharp as a tack, but she made us believe another way of living together was possible! 2/ #ElizabethWarren2020
As soon as @ewarren entered the Senate she was tasked to lead the effort to protect consumers from the predatory lending that led to the housing crisis! Black families were the hardest hit by economic corruption! Warren #shutitdown! #ElizabethWarren2020 3/鈥
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The story behind #FreeBritney and why you should care, a thread
In February of 2008, Britney Spears was placed under a conservatorship by her father which gives him complete control over her life 鈥 including food, clothing, finance and shelter. #FreeBritney
It all started on January 4th, 2008 when Britney Spears was involuntary held under a 5150 hold following a custody dispute with Kevin Federline. That's when we saw the horrific videos of Britney being taken from her home in an ambulance chased by the paparazzi. #FreeBritney
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This is a thread about the epidemic of post-#resist plucky white woman racism we are currently experiencing a rash of.

It's kind of about Hillary, mostly about Handmaid's Tale, and (though trust and believe, it pains me greatly) a little bit about Elizabeth Warren.
So. Handmaid's Tale.

I'm not the first person to point out, the TV show's entire premise is, hey middle class white ladies, wouldn't it suck if you were treated the same way that black women have been treated for centuries?
It's a real fucking departure from the actual book, btw, in some of the worst ways possible.

What's so compelling about Atwood's original work is, it asks the same question, with no easy outs.
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Kremlin media outlets Sputnik and RT recently got de-invited to the International Conference on Media Freedom and some folks ain't happy. #WednesdayWisdom

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We downloaded tweets from the last 10 days containing "media", "freedom", and "RT" or "Sputnik" and filtered out a couple of early false positives. 9.4% of tweets are automated (average for most datasets of this sort is roughly 3%).
The first on-topic tweet about RT/Sputnik being barred from the conference came from @BotsPutin, which probably isn't a bot although many of the other early accounts to tweet about the subject are in fact automated (mostly newsbots linking custom collections of news sites.)
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We have been checking the #TwitterBlackout hashtag for signs of automated activity. We didn't find a lot in terms of volume, but did happen upon a pair of intriguing #resistance bots (@MiamiPapers and @jgionova) that retweet tweets containing the hashtag.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
(we ran across @MiamiPapers once before, when it retweeted this #tacocat #resist tweet that was posted with the goal of attracting bots)
Both @MiamiPapers and @jgionova are automated via custom software, both claim connection to Miami on their profiles, both were created in July 2016, and both of their feeds consist almost exclusively of retweets. What do they retweet?
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At the @MM_JCCManhattan for a conversation between @bariweiss @BTselemUSA brand new US director @simonerzim @AJCGlobal @AviMayer and @tabletmag editor at large (?) @CarlyPildis.
.@simonerzim wow. Explaining why she is sitting in this seat. On the power of encountering Palestinian families evicted from their homes in Sheikh Jarakh, seeing for the first time the meaning to Palestinians of the 馃嚠馃嚤 flag, I can鈥檛 really summarize in a tweet how powerful. Watch
@AviMayer: American and Israeli jews don鈥檛 get each other. Sees himself as a translator. Wants to mend the relationship.
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THREAD: Since 2016, Bernie Sanders has repeatedly suggested "diverse" candidates often run tokenism, not policy. For example:

"It is not good say I'm a Latina, vote for me...I have to know whether that Latina is going to stand up for the working class..." #Bernie2020
In a GQ article 2 days ago, Bernie tied some diverse candidates and their backers to tokenism: 鈥淭here are people who are very big into diversity but whose views end up being not particularly sympathetic to working people, whether they鈥檙e white or black or Latino." #Bernie2020
Weeks after the 2016 election, in the speech in the video above (h/t: @Only4RM), Bernie said: "It's not enough to say, I'm a woman: Vote for me"鈥攊mplying that Hillary Clinton ran on her gender, rather than her policies. In the #NeverBernie trend, you see disdain at this comment.
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I've gotten a bunch of DMs asking if I'm endorsing/supporting @KamalaHarris for the Democratic nomination.


At least not yet.

I'm extremely excited about her entry into the race, but I warned a long time ago that if @HillaryClinton decided to run in 2020 then #ImWithHER

Absent Clinton, I fully intend to keep my heart and mind open to the entire Democratic field, with a few exceptions.

And if you have followed me for any time at all, then who some of those exceptions are will probably be obvious.

Needless to say, Bernard Sanders is a total non-starter for the million or so reasons I have laid out fairly regularly since the Fall of 2015.

Next, @SenGillibrand.

I'm sorry, but the junior Senator from NY threw @HillaryClinton under the bus too often for no reason.

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Man, listen. The resisters are so wrong and strong on race stuff, bc they only care about race stuff insofar as they can use it a cudgel against 45.
clarifying this: a lot of blue-wavers don鈥檛 (or can鈥檛) think about the physics of race in American life outside of its implications for contemporary electoral politics. Look at the way they're railroading convos by Native thinkers about DNA and native identity.
this is a basket of concerns that Native writers and experts have been talking about for a looooong time, but resisters are coming at them sideways for underlining this work bc blue-wavers primarily understand these issues as inconveniently timed attack on a well-liked Democrat.
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1) #SerenaWilliams is a national embarrassment

Didn't cheat? Coach admitted cheating.
Broke a racquet
Told umpire "I have a daughter"
Verbally abused umpire, called him a thief
"Men do a lot worse, b/c I'm a woman you take a game from me?"

#UsOpenFinal #USOpen2018 #NaomiOsaka
2) Then she cried on court, playing the victim.

The crowd was berating the umpire from the stands. The commentators were biased. Serena stole all the happiness from the winner Naomi Osaka.

America looks terrible over this.

#UsOpenFinal #USOpen2018 #NaomiOsaka #SerenaWilliams
3) This is how #NewYorkCity fans behave on a world stage?


They get this way when they lose, right Hillary? All #BlueWave2018 voters. Bitter, sore losers.

#UsOpenFinal #USOpen2018 #NaomiOsaka #SerenaWilliams
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鈿滐笍1. Certainly you鈥檝e heard that Sam Patten has flipped and he鈥檚 going to spill it all about @realDonaldTrump right? He鈥檚 got the goods, Trump is doomed! Not so fast, in fact his plea marks a shift in the entire investigation but its complicated, get comfortable.
2. Who is Sam Patten? He鈥檚 been around for awhile and it appears everyone is referencing Natasha Bertrand鈥檚 fortuitous interview with him in April, call it lazy? Anyway this is he and his wife Laura at the Whitehouse in 2015 and yes McCain in 2014, they both play a big part.
3. Let鈥檚 start with what he tells us
a maverick himself tackling complicated problems and international politics, makes no secret of his time in Russia or State Dept. and working for Senators. He鈥檚 even been published in the same outlets that now claim him as a mysterious spy.
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This hidden Camera interview of one of Twitter's engineers tells us exactly how they write algorithms to ban conservatives . They go by over 5000 keywords and then your account gets a score which will get you suspended or #QFDshadowban

Some of those keywords are God and America!!!!!! The left is sick !
So according to this engineer, key words drop your ranking , like God , America, or #MAGA . So I am safe to assume that other keywords increase your ranking. Words Like Drumpf , F*ck Trump , #resistance, Blue Wave , #ImWithHer. No wonder liberals have immunity on Twitter.
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Sup @HillaryClinton?
You know...we know everything, right?
#SemperFi #GoodTalk #ThePain
#MAGA #CampSevenBucketsPlease
#QAnon #WarriorWednesday #GTMO #WWG1WGA
@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton Hillary, do remember what @BillClinton transferred to the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building? We do.
Checkmate...@POTUS literally blocked the Clinton鈥檚 back path to power.
Hindsight is a very powerful thing.
If history is edited & erased, how will we see? They want you blind.
@ScottyShopUSMC @HillaryClinton @BillClinton @POTUS I knew your 鈥渟ugar daddy鈥 Hillary.
He was a friend of the FAMILY.
He鈥檚 dead now.
Maybe it鈥檇 be better if you called Boss and negotiated the 鈥減erp walk鈥. NOW please.
Unless you want me to keep talking?
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not to go all #imwithher on y鈥檃ll, but sometimes you gotta just take your dogs into the woods for a while.
sometimes you don鈥檛 even know if you鈥檙e coming or going
in the spirit of full transparency, you should know that behind every good dog selfie are dozens of goofy outtakes
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"#ChuckAndNancy" #LimousineLiberals #Politics -- #DemExit #EPluribusUnum

Genevieve Wood: Schumer Shutdown Makes Clear Democrats鈥 Real Priorities鈥

#SchumerShutdown | #tcot #PJNET
#LimousineLiberals #Soros #SJW #Antifa #LiberalFascism -- #DemExit #EPluribusUnum

Antifa Member in Custody After Hospitalizing 56 Year Old Outside 鈥楴ight For Freedom鈥 Event鈥
| #tcot #PJNET
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Spam bots did a lot of work in the #Election2016 .
#Twitter should do something about them before the #elections2018.
This is just a small chunk of the bots in the @SocialFeedMgr 2016 election data set.
#bots #twitterbots #spam鈥
Just looking at a small portion of the RNC tweets I found 30 bots.
The tweet samples:
#RNCinCLE #NeverTrump hashtags
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I want to talk about the enormous impact that @HillaryClinton had on my four year old, Mateo Ali. It began one night in Philadelphia...
The final weekend before the election, we took Mateo Ali to Philly to knock on doors, hoping to convince a few more people to vote for HRC.
We had travelled the country with Mateo over the summer, from swing state to swing state, trying to do whatever we could to elect Hillary.
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16% "would not vote" Wake up #ImWithHer. think about what that means for the down-ticket - more losses in Congress. Image
a 2-point margin against Trump. Do you really think that holds after months of Rovian attack ads on #ImWithHer?
Utah has it's Governor, 1 US Senator, 4 US House seats, and all of it's state house seats up for grabs in 2016. low dem turnout loses all.
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Still waiting for any #ImWithHer supporter to explain how Pres Clinton can win back states & congress to prevent 3-branch GOP in 2024.
She's got low favorables. turnout miserable in states she's won. and No support with Independents. that spells midterm & 2nd term disasters.
"Preventing Trump" is no reason to vote for her, if doing so ensures a GOP prez & filibuster proof Congress by 2024 to overturn everything.
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#Clinton at least tacitly supported the coup in #Honduras then arranged for Mexico to turn away children fleeing the violence. #ImWithHer
#Clinton supports the effort to round up #Honduras children in the US & deport them back to the violence. #ImWithHer鈥
How does #Clinton stand up to Trump's border nonsense when this is her response to refugees fleeing violence she helped foment? #ImWithHer
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