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On Fridays we’ll be doing some ‘deep dives’ into our new resource packs on secondary education and social change in the UK since 1945, designed for KS3 #historyteachers and pupils, and available FOR FREE to download here:…

Stay tuned! 👩‍🏫 Image
[🧵2/9] Spotlight this week on our Class & Social Mobility KS3 history resource pack created by @adschapman ➡️a 7-lesson scheme following the enquiry:

How far has mass education been responsible for changes in class and social mobility since 1945?

#historyteacher @histassoc
[🧵3/9] Lesson 1: Introduction 🤓 Pupils learn the big picture of social change in the UK post-Second World War in relation to education and get an overview narrative, incl. economy, race & immigration, single sex & co-education, changing social attitudes Image
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An excellent session. Many thanks to the experts who shared their insights. Among the many great takeaways, I’ll highlight one from Simon Field who drew from pactice in other countries…

@res_publica @CSkidmoreUK #LifelongEducation
@res_publica @CSkidmoreUK To recognise workplace experience of older learners, design a qualification with no course structure, just an assessment. Courses can be self-designed to plug individuals' knowledge/skills gaps. An interesting approach to reskilling challenge.
An issue which keeps coming up at every evidence session is the desperate need for better careers information, advice and guidance in schools, colleges and communities.
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Our work on promoting #socialmobility in 🇦🇹 has finally been released as an @OECD_Social Working Paper:…

Socio-economic outcomes (earnings, occupation, education) are highly persistent across generations in 🇦🇹 even as income inequality is low

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The paper discusses policies in 4 areas to boost social mobility:

1) Expanding quality early childhood education and care (ECEC) can promote upward mobility. ECEC participation rates in 🇦🇹 have risen over the last decade, but remain below those in many #OECD countries

2) Supporting #youth with their school-to-work transition helps educational mobility. 🇦🇹 already does a lot in this area, but it could improve funding for disadvantaged schools and consider the appropriateness of "tracking" pupils in school at such a young age.

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/30/2020…
California Exodus: An online industry seizes COVID-19 to sell the Red State Dream…

#california #RealEstate #emigration #COVID19
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👩🏽‍🏫In past months, I've worked w/ @SMCommission on understanding role of transport policy in supporting/hindering #socialmobility.

📙Their new report w/ a chapter on transport policy (I helped write)➡️…

📊Short thread on #transport, #inequality & access⬇️ The relationship between transport disadvantage, social disa
Simply put, it breaks down to the following:
1⃣ 🏘️🏢Where people live
2⃣ 🏫🏬Where opportunities (jobs & education) are
3⃣ 🚌🚊How well they are connected

🚇🚌W/o regular, frequent & affordable transport to opportunities they are inaccessible to many

📑➡️… Image from Transport and Inequality (2019) published by the
🚏Poor transport = major barrier to employment

📕⬇️ @jrf_uk reports public transport in UK constrains instead of enables finding/keeping work…

🚌🗺️Public transport doesn't match job's hours & location

🚗Making using/owning a car a necessity to keep a job Headlines from 'Tackling Transport Related Barriers to Emplo
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New #openaccess paper out today in Population, Space and Place with @pdqnorman ‘Establishing a framework of analysis for selective sorting and changing health gradients’ #healthinequality #migration #deprivation #socialmobility 1/
Inequalities in health are well documented. But it is less clear why inequalities between people and places change over time. One mechanism may be the redistribution of differently healthy people between locations, area types or social classes. 2/
The relationship between different socio-spatial trajectories and health inequalities is widely explored. But conclusions vary, in part due to different approaches employed. 3/
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Remember this ad? Well since the deadline on Monday 6th Jan, we have had more production companies confirmed for the scheme. If you didn't make that deadline apply now at by Monday 20th Jan

More details to follow
If you've already applied, you don't have to do anything. Hurrah! You will be contacted about your application, & if successful in getting to our workshop stage, you’ll be sent the full list of production companies taking part & asked to select one to talk about at the workshop.
You have two weekends to apply starting today! So here's your homework research the full list of @PactUK production partners:
South Shore (new TV company search @DuckDuckGo or other search engines)
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This piece for @HEPI_news by @Cis4Community (Beka Avery, Pathways to HE) is a really excellent dissection of some of the problems with HE outreach and the mismatch of priorities between unis and schools/colleges.…
@HEPI_news @Cis4Community This is largely down to a lack of joined-up government in DfE over #CareersEducation and #SocialMobility – a failure to think through how conflicting incentives play out in reality.
@HEPI_news @Cis4Community There’s a fundamental dilemma at the heart of #HEaccess: to be a fairer society, we want more disadvantaged people entering HE, but it is unethical and sanctimonious to attempt to tell any individual what choices they should make.
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Thread + Thoughts on the @Conservatives election from the inside: for a moment put to 1 side my / yr preferred #Leader ..I am energised by #MP colleagues engagement in policies to drive forward this great country: emphatically this leadership is not just about a single issue 1/
Standing takes courage - for #parish, #county, #MP or #leader.
I respect all colleagues who put their names forward including @SamGyimah @kitmalthouse @JamesCleverly who did not make the final list. They do so for the very best of reasons. They / I want to serve Britain 2/
I defy anyone to watch this video of @sajidjavid + not feel proud of our #UK + @Conservatives party - a place where #Aspiration + #SocialMobility are our watchwords + #opportunity is everything. Saj is a friend, although not my preferred choice 3/
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#OneNationConservatives are
🇬🇧 Pro-#Union
♻️#Global in our outlook
🤝 Championing #community
🏫 Defending #humanrights
🌳 Protecting our #environment
💪🏽 Unlocking #opportunity
💷 Unashamedly pro #freeenterprise🆓
+ Resolutely backing #SocialMobility 🆙⏫ Thread 1/
Could not make it to the #OneNation launch yday evening, but 100% with brilliant group of dozens of @Conservatives #MP colleagues who have the vision + determination that can win us a majority again.👍
2/ #OneNationConservatives
Declaration of #OneNation #Values in detail 3/ Image
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The closures that @Rachael_Swindon highlights should also been seen in the context of government policy. She is completely right that this is how the Tories are reducing #socialmobility but it is also how they are reducing access to other vital services for the most vulnerable.
It has long been government policy (in common with other countries) that people should access government services online. Other countries recognise that there is a need to keep other options open to protect the most vulnerable. The UK government took a different approach.
The UK government decided to tell people who had difficulty accessing #digital services that they should go to the #library where staff would help them. They then gave no funding for the training of library staff or for their time or for the equipment needed.

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