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Fascinating watching the politics and reaction since Thursday - a few thoughts
The bounce for politicians currently in power in England, Scotland and Wales from vaccines not surprising and reminds me of Falklands effect for Thatcher
Increasingly apparent Conservatives no longer a broad church because of the full adoption of UKIP nationalist values IMHO the Tories can no longer claim to be the party for those with economic and social liberal attitudes
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1.After gifting some @VolatilityArt NFTs, I began selling VLY tokens last week, starting at 0.21 ETH. Why so low? This project is an artwork centered on value and volatility. The artist applies their own values as a measure of value. Price becomes a medium of artistic expression.
2. Bitcoin required a market to be built from zero. So did #cryptoart and #nfts. I began with gifts, then asked some collectors who already participated in building my NFT market to come join this project & do the same. This mirrors #BTC & cryptoart market building.🧡📈
3. I value my early collectors who also reached out with relational human interactions. I value art collectors who care to learn about an artist, their work, and collect because Art. I value #connection, not just transaction. So let's apply #values to an artwork about value.🤝
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The news cycle is a confusing space sometimes;

- #ElectricCars are the future for the planet
- Mining #Lithium batteries is destroying parts of Bolivia/Chile/Argentina

- Decentralised #Cryptocurrencies are the future
- Mining #Bitcoin = huge energy consumption
The narrative around everything nowadays is all about #Values

Corporates latch onto every opportunity

Individuals the same (just read some of the stuff on LinkedIn) 🧐

Life & business is essentially a game
#Winning is always key! (Be nice tho)

The rest is Perception=Reality
I'm a #football fan & I see a footy angle in almost everything I read! 🧐

Not sure if these connections stand up, but here's what I saw;

- #Bolivia former President #EvoMorales was ousted in 2019. Evo a #SimonBolivar anti-imperialist styled leader


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This afternoon, I met with the three indigenes of Ekiti State who were recently honoured with the Presidential Award for @officialnyscng Corps members. I am glad that in their various Places of Primary Assignment (PPA) they demonstrated #leadership, #compassion, and #diligence...
- values that define us as Ekiti people.

These young people went beyond the call of duty and made us proud. Kolawole Toba Gabriel focused on maternal and child #mortality, and helped to address questions of #poverty that contribute to high mortality rates in Adamawa State.
In Bauchi State, Ayodele Olubusayo Abidemi did a lot to improve the learning environment in the community where she served by renovating three blocks of classrooms, and assisting #school children.
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Here are 5 lessons in crisis mgmt from my last few jobs. First, the mrkt can be wrong longer than you can stay solvent. Appeals to fundamental values in a panic fall on deaf ears. Not least because people find it tough to hear when they’re screaming. #values 1/5
Second, hope is not a strategy. Following the PM’s resignation the morning after the #Brexit vote, with the £ in free fall & mrkts under pressure, I was able to state simply, ‘We are well prepared for this.’ Once we backed that up with £250 bn, the mrkt stabilized. #values 2/5
Third, communicate clearly, frequently & honestly. You can’t spin your way out of a crisis. In the financial crisis, I knew we had to be straight with Canadians about both our strengths & weaknesses. If you don’t mention the latter, the former aren’t credible. #values 3/5
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1.I desperately needed a legal document (Power of Attorney), while we were on vacation in Florida several years ago. I got stressed up trying to figure out how to get it. #values #NewNigeria
2.Then I called my cousin, a Nigerian-American, for advice. He said, “Calm down, Sam. This is America. Someone has helped you to think about it. Go to Staples. You will see it there, along with other documents. Just fill in the blanks.” #values
3.He continued; “This culture values convenience and innovating to make things easy for you. If you want to do anything here and it’s getting complicated, take that as a sign you are going off track. The issue is no longer the problem. The problem is your mindset”. #values
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Adam Smith published 2 magisterial works, The Theory of Moral Sentiments (1759) & An Inquiry into the Wealth of Nations (1776). The latter is better known, yet to understand the totality of Smith’s thinking, it should not be considered in isolation from its predecessor. 1/6
Smith’s goal in writing The Theory of Moral Sentiments was to explain the source of humankind’s ability to form moral judgements. He believed we form our norms (#values) as a matter of social psychology by wishing ‘to love and to be lovely’. 2/6
Smith was the 1st to put markets at the centre of economics, a move that fundamentally reoriented political economy. The Wealth of Nations is built on the exchanges in markets that are at the centre of commercial society—the 'invisible hand’. 3/6
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For over 12 years, I had the privilege & challenge of being a G7 central bank governor, first in 🇨🇦 and then in the 🇬🇧. During this time, I led global reforms to fix the fault lines that caused the financial crisis... #values 1/4
...worked to heal the malignant culture at the heart of financial capitalism and began to address both the fundamental challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution & the existential risks from climate change. #values 2/4
I felt the collapse in public trust in elites, globalization & tech. And I became convinced that these challenges reflect a common crisis in #values and that radical changes are required to build an economy that works for all. 3/4
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Let’s talk about the economy.
You agree: “A logical next step.”
Would you mind if I’m blunt?
“Fire away.”
It’s shit.
“The economy?”
“Well, that is blunt.”

You ponder for a moment, then ask, “Is this another of your enemies?”
The economy?
An enemy to humanity and the biological world?
I hope, by the time this thread is complete, you’ll tell me.

We’re talking about the supply-and-demand, producer/consumer, deregulated/lightly-touched, invisibly-handed, limited-resource-distributing, market-based economy that prevails across much of the world.

“And it’s all entirely shit?”
Well, perhaps I need to qualify that.

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@GregAbbott_TX @tedcruz 1. So @tedcruz you went to #Cancun to please your daus. Did you check @CDCgov's 2/16 update for Travel During COVID-19? "CDC recommends that you do not travel at this time. Delay travel and stay home to protect yourself and others from COVID-19." It seems to me that your....
@GregAbbott_TX @tedcruz @CDCgov 2. 1st #Responsibility as a father is to #Protect your daus. Did you protect them when you chose to travel to #Mexico or did you endanger them? Perhaps @TexasDFPS should investigate. As a #USSenator shouldn't you be a role model by adhering to....…
@GregAbbott_TX @tedcruz @CDCgov @TexasDFPS 3. the #CDC's recommendations? As a father shouldn't you be a #RoleModel for your daus & show them how #ResponsibleCitizens behave? And now you appear to be #Lying about your reason for going to #Cancun. What #Values are you modelling for your daus? #LyingTed #Entitled
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🙌 Announcing: a new portal for the #Decentralized Web. If you've ever wondered how to find allies, partners, resources, events & writings about the DWeb, this new website is designed just for you.

Connect the dots in the DWeb:
2/ And in just a few hours, join us for the DWeb Meetup, where the design team behind this website will take you on a guided tour.

Plus, you can dive into the new DWeb principles, the north star for builders of a better web.
TODAY at 10am PT:…
3/ What are the values that must underly a better web? Over the last year, dozens of community members have helped to hone these five principles of the Decentralized Web:
They are a starting point, not the end. We invite you to help iterate & grow them.
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Dear #MedTwitter please, please, if you are a licensed medical professional and/or in school to be, do NOT delete your tweets or comply with anyone telling you to do so. It will harm you far more than leaving them up and explaining. Nothing is ever deleted. Can be used in court.
When I was at Harvard Med School and at an esteemed children's hospital, a case against an esteemed professor, that NO lawyer would touch cuz this was someone who had WRITTEN the textbooks and trained every expert, was won ..based on "a document was deleted" - creating suspicion
"Sunlight is the best disinfectant" you will hear me say OVER and OVER - wins & losses *should* be on data/standards but unfortunately wins & losses are in the court of public opinion. So be reliable, credible, and trustworthy. Transparency is one way to achieve that reputation.
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#StockMarket #Values

Apple is worth almost $ 2.3 trillion after last year's soaring on the stock market - making it the most valuable company in the world at the end of 2020.
The US smartphone and software giant, whose share has risen 78 percent since the beginning of the year (as of December 29), has replaced the oil company Saudi Aramco at the top of the stock market rankings, according to calculations by the management consultancy EY and Reuters.
Seven of the ten most expensive companies in the world are from the United States and two from China. The large German corporations are falling behind the global giants - measured in terms of market capitalization - despite the upturn in the German leading index Dax.
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Are you aware of what #EthicalReadingMovement is all about?! It exists to help organisations in #Reading #rdguk & their teams do the right thing by each other, the wider community, the environment & to be able to thrive in the process! @TValleyChamber @ReadingCouncil @ReadingWOT
#EthicalReadingMovement is all about encouraging people to take a compassionate, respectful and responsible approach when making decisions at every level from the board room to everyday interactions. #rdguk #Reading #ethics #philosophy #life #morality #integrity #morals #values Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash
Our vision is of a #Reading #readingcommunity #rdguk where:
➡️a strong ethical culture prevails in organisations; ➡️businesses ensure they have a positive impact on society and the environment!
#companyculturematters #business #leadership #companyvalues #ethicalworkplaceculture Photo by @howell_eddie
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/23/2020…
Balancing Epistemic Humility and Prior Knowledge - Insight…

#humility #balancing #knowledge #coronavirus #prior
Maybe There is No Technological Slowdown - New Things Under the Sun…

#growth #technology #decline
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#AmericaIsOnTheBallot "Every democracy or many democracies in their histories have taken a flier on a populist fast-talking con man. I come from Minnesota, we have a governor we took a flier on like that, it happens in history. You can do it once but when you do it twice, then 1/
it's no longer about who he is. It’s about who you are. The whole world will look #differently at US if we were to reaffirm & re-elect this man, because then the world will actually start looking at us really how it looks at Russia & China. Just another #transactional country. 2/
They’ll look at us as a country that #decided to #change the #StatueOfLiberty from “give me your tired, your poor, those seeking & yearning to be #free, to get the #hell off my lawn… & that will affect the whole world. The world likes to make fun of America. 3/
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Episode 29 is out!

We discuss creating a custom software engineer career ladder for your company with returning guest, @timolsh from @Zenput!

Check it out:…

Hosted by @FancyKarolina, powered by @codingsans.

#careerladder #EngineeringManagement
So how do you go about building your own software engineer career ladder?

1. Articulate your company values

It's essential for any important process or framework you want to implement. If you are clearn on your values, you'll make consistent decisions.

#companyculture #Values
2. Get backing from key stakeholders

Senior management certainly has to be on board, but it's best if your entire engineering department is clear on why creating a career ladder for them is necessary.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 10/01/2020…
The emergence of strategic capitalism: Geoeconomics, corporate statecraft and the repurposing of the global economy | FIIA – Finnish Institute of International Affairs…

#economy #emergence #capitalism
Back to Basics — Values Transfer into Intelligent Systems through Conway’s Law | It's About Empathy – Connection Ties Us Together…

#empathy #basics #values #ties #connection #transfer #law #systems
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@CamillaTominey @FraserNelson @gordonrayner @charleshymas Not sure if you are aware but @beisgovuk guidance requires offices to apply 2m social distancing to be #Covid19UK secure (legal requirement). Offices cannot apply just 1 m social distancing
2m social distancing means that half the desks are unavailable hence maximum capacity becomes 50% in ac well designed open plan space of that available on 28th February 2020. In old badly designed buildings like you have in Whitehall you lose 70% of desk capacity
Lift capacity is also a barrier as the maximum capacity under #Covid19UK rules is 4 people in a lift at a time and lifts would readily have had 12-15 in them at peak times pre lockdown Hence very long queues at 2m if no staggered arrivals Exits cannot be delayed as all desks
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Precision medicine, AI diagnostics & "global mining" of medical data; personalised education & AI tuition(!) when you could've had the world-class content online FOR FREE since the late 90s; 5G for digital inclusion - if you have a new smartphone...…
...and then channelling Dom et al. on "light-touch" regulation... in fact, fuck it! let's "simply start over". Plus ARPA(s) - though is "emphatically not a general model for running a country" really enough clear blue water?

The thing is, bits of this aren't wrong: certainly...
...the shift to net-zero, #sustainable energy; the need to (re)make #institutions fit for the 21st (and 22nd & 23rd...) century; also deciding, #democratically, what a good REALLY means for a '#DigitalWellbeingState'.

What really worries me, though, is the inherent glibness...
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Wait! Are you still believing those people saying your circle, clique or association does not matter? youdonminit🙄 Don't you know your circle defines your value and worth?
#Thread Image
You cannot just move with everybody and want to become a man or woman of value, it doesn't work like that na🙄 Imagine an eagle moving with fowls it would have to live on earth, where it doesn't belong
You cannot have a circle of unproductive people and be productive, even the bible in Psalms 1:1 said "Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers"
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When it comes to corporate #culture, do companies walk the talk?

Our @mitsmr paper finds no correlation between official #coreValues and employees' assessment of how well companies live those values

(Eees' assessment from 1.4 million @Glassdoor #Culture500 reviews)

We studied 560 large, mainly US based companies.

82% publicized official corporate #values, and most companies had 3-7 values

We identified 62 distinct values listed by at least 1% of the companies and grouped similar ones (e.g., ethics, integrity, morality) together

Diversity of values is striking. Most commonly cited value (integrity) listed by fewer than 2/3rds of companies. Long tail of different values

We question the value of frameworks that reduce all corporate cultures to a few universal values or a 2x2 matrix

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These are the #stories of #math that we celebrate, amplify and make central to the idea of #maths as a #objective #neutral #culture-free subject. #Math can do no #harm, and the #logical “pure math” thinking of #Mathematicians is worthy of emulation. But... 1/x
2/x ... "What about pure mathematics and mathematicians who merely prove theorems? Is there any #ethical component comparable to what you find in other fields of #science?" - R. Hersh in Experiencing #Mathematics
3/x One point of view: "there's no need for #mathematicians to have a code of #ethics, because what we do matters so little that we can do whatever we like."
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 7/07/2020-2…

The race for coronavirus vaccines: a graphical guide…

#coronavirus #vaccines #health
The Idea of Entropy Has Led Us Astray - Issue 86: Energy - Nautilus…

#energy #entropy
The Present Belongs to Crowds | The New Yorker…

#crowds #present
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