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Special Issue on 4G #Singapore
I would like to thank the contributors-Bilveer Singh, Daniel P.S. Goh, Terri-Anne Teo, Norman Vasu, Marcus Teo, Andrew Yu and Stephanie Kwan Nga Lam.
#Politics #peoplesactionparty… Image
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Updates from #SoutheastAsia

TLDR: Southeast Asian governments accelerating cross-border integration of payment rails. (A problem #bitcoin already fixed.)
Q: How to balance sovereignity, convenience and economic integration?

In an unsettling development, 🇮🇩Indonesia and…… Image
Of course, the irony is, instead of #bitcoin being the 2nd in line to this, it's actually Alipay and Ant Financial (Alibaba)...
1/3 📱Ant Group is extending its cross-border payment service Alipay+ to four Asian e-wallets: the Philippines' GCash, Malaysia's Touch'n Go, Thailand's TrueMoney, and AlipayHK. This move will allow users to pay at over 120,000 S.Korean merchants using their local mobile pay apps
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KOCCA (Korea Creative Content Agency), tracks the cultural industries and releases the latest gov't figures. As of now, the most recent figures are until Dec 31 of 2021. #KOCCA won't release the 2022 figures until next year. So, do you want to see how the industry is doing? #kpop Image
If you look at this you can easily see that music remains a small part of Korea's cultural exports. Even though we see growth year after year, the growth is not happening on the same rate as the growth in games (Wow! Almost 70% of Korea's cultural exports!).
The cultural industries themselves are not all of Korea's exports, and if you compare the dollar amount of these exports below, you can see how much they dwarf music, which still exports under 1 billion USD. This doesn't mean the cultural exports aren't important, they are. ImageImage
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“Given #Omicron's lower severity, the negative cost of lockdowns and school closures—including financial turmoil, isolation, and lost learning time—far outweigh the benefits.” write @AliHMokdad and @kleachkemon in @ThinkGlobalHlth👇…
Estimates suggest that #Omicron is just 3% as deadly as #Delta and 1/10 as likely to cause hospitalization while simultaneously spreading at “stunning” speeds and will likely infect as many people in the next 2 months as SARS-CoV-2 has infected people in the past 2 years
📍The good news is that in most countries, the death toll will be nowhere near as extreme as it was last winter.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/12/2021…
Fans Pour Funding—and Faith—Into a Hit Drama About Jesus…

#entertainment, #movies, #TheChosen, #ChristianThemes
Reductionism vs. emergence: Are you “nothing but” your atoms?…

#emergence, #reductionism, #science, #philosophy
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#ESETresearch analyzed #FontOnLake, a previously unknown #malware family that utilizes custom and well-designed modules, targeting #Linux systems.…
@HrckaVladislav 1/6
Modules are under development and provide #remoteaccess to the operators, collect credentials + serve as a proxy server. To do this, #FontOnLake uses modified legitimate binaries adjusted to load further components, its presence is always accompanied by a #rootkit. 2/6
The sneaky nature of #FontOnLake tools, along with advanced design and low prevalence suggest usage in targeted attacks. #ESETresearch believes its operators are extra cautious as almost all samples seen use unique C&C servers with varying non-standard ports. 3/6
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Presenting BoundaryNet - a resizing-free approach for high-precision weakly supervised document layout parsing. BoundaryNet will be an ORAL presentation (Oral Session 3) today at @icdar2021 . Project page: . Details 👇 Image
Precise boundary annotations can be crucial for downstream applications which rely on region-class semantics. Some document collections contain irregular and overlapping region instances. Fully automatic approaches require resizing and often produce suboptimal parsing results. Image
Our semi-automatic approach takes region bounding box as input and predicts boundary polygon as output. Importantly, BoundaryNet can handle variable sized images without any need for resizing. Image
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1/This piece is full of straight facts! Such an in-depth & an impeccable analysis! So glad I came across it. The entire reading was worth it but below are some points that’s lingered around for a while!
#IndoPacific #Eurasia #SouthAsia #SoutheastAsia #AsiaPacific
2/Thus, South Asia will witness growing competition between China and India over ‘hearts and minds’ in each of these countries, even as there might be diplomatic efforts towards the normalisation of relations between New Delhi and Islamabad in the future.
3/ Logically, the US regards India as a significant and reliable partner in creating a counterweight to China’s overwhelming presence in South and Southeast Asia.
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This tweet thread is about the #Covid_19: Updates from Singapore webinar on 26 Feb 2021

I've been busy so this is ~ a month after

It will be followed by a tweet thread documenting a more recent episode that was last week
#Covid_19 : Updates from Singapore is a webinar organised by @WHOGOARN and @NUSMedicine

And moderated by @profdalefisher, Prof. David Allen, and Dr. Louisa Sun
We are joined tonight by Dr. Peter Karim Ben Embarek
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#Myanmar government orders telcos in country to further extend its ban on internet services in all 8 townships of #Rakhine & #Chin States till end October this year. The internet ban for those locations have been ongoing for more than 1 year…
Rights organizations have criticised the #Myanmar internet ban… while the government claims the ban in parts of #Rakhine & #Chin is meant to prevent alleged terrorists like #ArakanArmy #AA from "exploiting" the internet seen here:…
Latest #Myanmar #internet ban also comes just days after @UN Chief @antonioguterres spoke about #COVID19 in #SoutheastAsia urging regional #ASEAN to focus on key areas like "upholding #humanrights, protecting civic space", while bridging digital divide
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Our webinar on the Future of the #Food and #Drink Sector in #ASEAN is now live with Andy Smith, International Relationships Manager, @tradegovuk_WM,
Emma Ross, General Manager and Head of International Growth and Cameron Gordon, Head of Client Growth, both from @exportIncite.
Moderated by @UKASEAN's, Executive Director, Ross Hunter. For more information see:…
Ross Hunter, Executive Director of @UKASEAN, introduces the UK-ASEAN Business Council, provides an overview of ASEAN, highlighting the missions and chambers in the region and the many opportunities for UK exporters. #UKASEAN
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Webinar - The Future of #Fintech in #SoutheastAsia

Adrian Gunadi, Co-Founder and CEO, Investree

His experience working for leading #financial institutions has made Adrian see the many #Indonesians who are having difficulty in obtaining access to #finance Image
#Webinar: The Future of #Fintech in #SoutheastAsia

Joel Yarbrough Vice President for Asia Pacific @RapydPayments

Joel is the #AsiaPacific Vice President for Rapyd, a global FinTech-as-a-service platform and responsible for leading their value proposition Image
Webinar: The Future of #Fintech in #SoutheastAsia

Alderman William Russell, Lord #Mayor of the City of #London

Alderman Russell will act as a spokesman for the City, leading overseas #business delegations to key international markets on behalf of the #UK Image
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🔍 What trends and patterns are there in the use of Small Arms and Light Weapons as a source of #TerroristFinancing? Our series of Situation Reports provide an overview of this key issue, with the latest covering #WestAfrica and the #HornOfAfrica (1/3)…
Our second Situation Report highlights the influence of past conflicts on SALW-driven terrorist financing on both local and global terrorist networks in #SouthAsia and #SoutheastAsia (2/3)…
Our first Situation Report investigates the use of SALW as a source of #TerroristFinancing in the #MENA region, and features analysis on the impact of the hegemonic rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran on the region (3/3)…
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The goal of today’s #webinar is to provide an understanding of how the rest of the year looks for #businesses operating in #SoutheastAsia, so if you have questions you would like to ask the panel, please join the webinar #now for a Q&A session at the end Image
#Cashflow represents the main threat to viability for a large pool of respondents of the @ACCANews #Covid19 survey taken initially in March and then followed up in June. If you have questions you would like to ask the panel, please join the #webinar ImageImageImage
According to the findings of @ACCANews, perceptions of the most enduring impacts of #Covid19 are much the same for countries across #SoutheastAsia and the #UK; a panel discussion has now begun so if you would like to some questions, please join the webinar ImageImageImageImage
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#Myanmar has seized 18 tons of #meth, precursors materials & other drugs in #Shan state making it the largest synthetic drug seizures in the history of East & #SoutheastAsia. This comes on back of recent new @UNODC_SEAP report that drug trade is thriving amidst #COVID19 in region ImageImageImage
The massive drug haul has led to the arrest of 33 people, showed evidence of #militia involvement & dismantled major drug labs. @UNODC_SEAP @jdouglasSEA says "What has been unearthed through this operation is truly off-the-charts" Image
@UNODC_SEAP @jdouglasSEA points out the massive drug haul in #Myanmar clearly shows the "involvement and financial backing of serious transnational organized criminal groups”. This is consistent with the latest regional drug report released last week… ImageImageImageImage
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As the world focuses on combating #coronovirus, @UNODC_SEAP warns in a new report, the synthetic #drug market in #SoutheastAsia is expanding, diversifying. Another concern - methamphetamine price has dropped to lowest level in 10 years as supply surges. Image
@UNODC @yasdre says organized crime groups can then supply better quality #meth at cheaper prices. This leads to greater affordability, enabling more users to have access to meth. Purity of the drugs has also increased. #UNODC calls this a "worrisome scenario" in #SoutheastAsia ImageImageImageImage
@UNODC_SEAP @jdouglasSEA points out the "illicit drug market here is at a tipping point" as region is seeing a rise of dangerous synthetic opioids & its production is "migrating into places with deep governance problems like the Golden Triangle", making region an opioids source ImageImageImageImage
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New evidence that helps to understand the northern #Laos #rubber boom from our researcher Victoria Junquera and colleagues! Get the #openaccess paper @ELSenviron here and have a look at the thread for a broad overview of the results.
Agricultural expansion is a main cause of #deforestation and sometimes occurs in the form of “#cropbooms”—very rapid and intense expansion. Rubber expanded in a boom-like fashion in northern Laos and other parts of #SoutheastAsia in the last decade.
Following earlier work (, we conduct a spatially-explicit analysis of rubber expansion in two study areas during 2000-2017. We analyze the role of prices, context, forest protection, and imitation with a Bayesian network model and regression analysis.
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#Singapore #Foreign Minister says importance of keeping markets open, maintaining supply chain connectivity for items like food, medical supplies stressed at #ASEAN-#US virtual meeting. Post- #COVID19 pandemic plans will also be key to stimulate economy… ImageImageImage
#US contributing some US$35 million to #ASEAN, develops new ASEAN-US Health Futures initiative to help with public health emergencies. America also wants its CDC to be used as regional mechanism to help prevent, monitor future outbreaks in #SoutheastAsia.… Image
#Thailand #Foreign Minister @fmdonpram who attended this 1st special #ASEAN-#US virtual meeting urges greater cooperation to promote regional digital infrastructure to mitigate supply chain disruption & economic fallout from #Covid19. Also stressed need for information exchanges ImageImageImageImage
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The #IMF says the "Great Lockdown" recession will likely be the worst since the Great Depression. Global economy projected to shrink by 3% in 2020. By contrast, in January, the IMF had forecast a global GDP expansion of 3.3% for this year. Details in chart below. Table: @IMFNews
IMF: Partial global rebound to 5.8% in 2021 “assumes the #pandemic fades in the 2nd half of 2020, & that policy actions taken by countries are effective in preventing widespread firm bankruptcies, extended job losses, & system-wide financial strains.” #WEO
How does your country fare in the latest #IMF projections for 2020 & 2021?… @IMFNews #economies #GDP #finance
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#IbnArabi (d. 1240) is famed for his monistic doctrine of #wahdatalwujud although #WilliamChittick… has pointed out he never used the term preferring al-wujud al-Haqq or similar #SufiMetaphysicsContested 1/
In the immediate generation after him the meaning of God as the only existent or rather the ‘absolute being’ (al-wujud al-mutlaq) was debated by his step-son Sadr al-Din Qunawi (d. 1274) with the Avicennian philosopher Nasir al-Din al Tusi (d. 1274)… 2/
Ibn ‘Arabi’s metaphysics were rapidly adopted by Persian poets like Maghribi (d. 1408) and by theologians leading to further contestations between Sa’d al-Din Taftazani (d. 1389) and ‘Ali al-Jurjani (d. 1413) the famous disputants at the court of Timur (d. 1405) 3/
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#Freeland org urges #asian governments to shut all #wildlife markets immediately especially to prevent additional outbreaks of diseases like #coronavirus #COVIDー19. Launching report on #SoutheastAsia #illegal wildlife trade, group says trade valued at US$20 billion/annually ImageImageImageImage
#Freeland organization #INGO says "world is waking up to dangers of #wildlife #trafficking" due to #coronavirus #COVID19". But points out it's a problem beyond #China & this disease. Adds China wildlife breeding business is valued approximately at US$7 billion annually ImageImageImageImage
#Freeland says #wildlife #crime has become 1 of largest #international #organizedcrime as it was previously "ignored or downplayed". Its founder Steve Galster says world seeing "fastest rate of species loss" & #illegal #wildlife trade is "sleeping timebombs in #SoutheastAsia" ImageImageImageImage
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#Europe is the midst of its #5G decision, with all eyes currently set on Germany. But there is a second crucial theatre for 5G competition that regrettably gets very little attention: #SoutheastAsia. Thread:
Right at China’s doorstep #Huawei has a long history and market share dominance in the strategically important region. Of the ten @ASEAN countries only Singapore & Vietnam have so far opted for Huawei’s competitors. 1/7
For the less affluent #SEA states cost-benefit calculation is central & so far pretty clear: Huawei is cheap & offers leading technology. For them costs are less tangible: Some #SoutheastAsian states rely on #US security. But how will US react to UK decision? Will it at all? 2/7
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