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Apparently they are testing their "#FreeSpeech" abilities.

BUT, one can't yell FIRE in a crowded theater.

And in that same vein one should not be able to incite others to kill a person or people in general.

This is what Trump did that caused 01/06/20...

And if this were to
continue to be allowed how many people would call for the assassination of #TonyFauci #BillGates #KlausSchwab #YuvalNoahHarari #JeffBezos #MarkZuckerberg and so many others that the masses wish were dead and gone.

Tell me @DowdEdward who on the list above would you throw a life
raft to if they were drowning.

You may not type the words and say what you are thinking and perhaps that is the problem, perhaps that is why we do not have an uprising - who is to say, unless the theory is tested.

I agree this crosses the line in a public domain, but if one,
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They simply don't care anymore and have no reason to do so.

They're just trying to inject as many people as possible at this point.

#KillAtWill #NoHoldsBarred #InjectOnSight #CastrateTortureMaim it is all fair game.

Where's a #GoodDoctor when you need one?

Are these the faces of doctors attempting to stop #MedicalGenocide?

For decades they provided #SilentObedience to the #MedicalIndustrialComplex run by their Master, #TonyFauci.

And today they are nothing more than #FauciDogs providing a #ConditionedResponse just like chronic
sufferers of a #SustainedPsychoticBreakFromReality they so readily like to label the rest of us as being.

When in reality it is they who suffer more than anyone.

Just ask #RobertMalone as he continues to get people #AllButteredUp, saying Covid vaccines are here to stay!
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@P_McCulloughMD you fucking hypocrite.

NOW - AFTER - your plan to take center stage because "you have truth on your side," has #FailedMiserably - NOW you want to turn and claim "public sentiment is needed greatly.


I handed you Public Sentiment on steroids in May
2021 - but stipulated that you would have to work OFF STAGE, BEHIND THE SCENES and you immediately quit responding to my Texts, phone calls and emails.

You are a fucking coward and a #Brownshirt who deserves what is coming to you, for you arrogance and hubris. You're a piece of
💩Peter and you should just accept that your EGO killed millions JUST like #TonyFauci.

If you had an ounce of courage you would face me in the public domain.

But like all cowards you will hide behind your delusional mind and the voices in your head until, like Luc Montagnier
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For a much easier read, bounce over to @threadreaderapp unroll, where with that simple command they will FIX this horribly designed #ToiletPaperWritingPlatform, not worthy of wiping one's ass - but sadly all we have b/c Meta is now the 💩 in the bowl.

I'm no doctor, but I understand TRUE health doesn't require synthetic drugs or hospitals.

My great grandmother lived to 105 and died in her own bed, in her sleep, shortly after saying goodbye to her entire family. We visited her before she left and had 1-on-1 time with her to
say goodbye. It was a powerful moment for me regarding death and the circle of life.

When I went into her bedroom she did a shot of Jack and snorted a little snuff. She asked me if it was okay if she left physically - and I said no - she said she had enjoyed her time here to see
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This is how they are going to soft land their #CrimesAgainstHumanity and because we allowed #CorruptPsychoticDoctors who EVEN TODAY, do nothing but #ReviewPapers, #DebateStudies, #WriteBooks and engage in #SelfPromotion it will be the end of us all.

We must stop following
#ControlledAssets who are no more innocent than Walensky.

All of them, to a person will claim they were JUST doing their job to #FollowTheScience - they STILL believe they are RIGHTEOUS in their testimonies and me me me declarations.

All of it is chasing #PowerAndMoney!
Watch as NOT ONE OF THEM will respond to me publicly - and it is NOT JUST ME, it is millions of us they ignore, deny and avoid.


@BretWeinstein @HeatherEHeying @PierreKory @P_McCulloughMD @GeorgeFareed2 @richardursomd
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Hi Twitter Unvaccinated folks and Vaccine Non-Believers,

Look, I totally understand you think I’m a moron for believing in vaccines, being vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19.

I mean, I was only following my doctor’s advice. You know I’m on strong immunosuppressives

Given that like millions of Americans, I have an autoimmune disorder and underlying conditions that make me more susceptible to severe disease.

Since the beginning of the pandemic I’ve been reading through tweets from doctors like @ashishkjha and @DrLeanaWen

Trying to glean out what would happen if I came down with the virus 🦠. What would happen to my family if I didn’t recover? I’d lost my job and health insurance due to the pandemic recession.

I read @Laurie_Garrett’s “The Coming Plague” and scoured @apoorva_nyc reporting.

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Statement by @POTUS @JoeBiden on the #Omicron #COVID19 Variant
"This morning I was briefed by my chief medical advisor, #TonyFauci...about the Omicron variant, which is spreading through Southern Africa. As a precautionary measure, I am ordering additional air travel..."
"...restrictions from SoAfrica & 7 other countries. These new restrictions will take effect on November 29.
For now, I have two important messages for the American people...
First, for those Americans who are fully vaccinated against severe COVID illness --"
"...the best way to strengthen your protection is to get a booster shot, as soon as you are eligible. Boosters are approved for all adults over 18, six mos past their vaccination and are available at 80,000 locations coast-to-coast. They are safe, free & convenient.
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A new @AnnenbergPenn poll on Americans and #COVID19 offers some tough news. First, about a third of Americans believe the Chinese government made #SARSCoV2 deliberately, as a bioweapon. And that toll has increased since April.…
MORE Image
2/ Couple that, according to @AnnenbergPenn , with belief by more than half of Americans that #COVID19 came out of the #Wuhan Inst. of Virology -- either deliberately, or accidentally, leaked. Only 13% are sure #SARSCoV2 did NOT come out of the WIV lab.
MORE Image
3/ And @AnnenbergPenn finds that 25% of Americans actually believe -- either absolutely surely or maybe -- that @BillGates has put microchips in #COVID19 #vaccines for some unstated purpose (beyond the zillion ways we are already monitored via our cell phones).
MORE Image
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Trump supporters have successfully turned our USA #COVID19 world upside down.
After a year of calling #SARSCoV2 the "China Virus" they "leaked" unconfirmed info on the Wuhan Inst Virology that now has the media self-flagellating about "discounting the lab leak theory."
Then, they wove a false narrative about NIH funding gain-of-function experiments inside WIV that led to creation of a #COVID super-bug, which "leaked" spawning our pandemic.
And then it's "The Fauci Virus" -- all Tony Fauci's alleged idea, and financing.
Now #TonyFauci has gone from being America's #COVID19 hero to the target of hatred --even Donald #Trump Jr tweeted a slightly veiled call for killing Fauci.
As skeptical as you may be about the origins of the virus, consider who stands to gain from the new narrative. And lose.
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Saagar Enjeti claims the public health syst is contributing to "anti-vax" sentiment across the country. And at 5:08 in this vid, he attacks me. His claim? Masks & social distancing aren't key to lowering #COVID19 risk, mixed messages frm @CDCgov suck.
2/ Enjeti calls me "anti-science".
Self-described "populist right" advocate -- a politics buff, not a scientist or MD.…
He has never been a fan of masking and social distancing, and he argues that the plateau we've reached, downturn in many States..
3/ due to the #COVID19 #vaccines.
He blames @POTUS @CDCgov & #TonyFauci for mixed messages leading people to opt for masks etc instead of vax.
The problems w/his argument are many. 1: There is a large overlap between anti-maskers & anti-vaxers. In Dec2020 polls it was..
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Now #TonyFauci is addressing @WhiteHouse presser, talking about #COVID19 #vaccines & OWS.
Highly effective vaccines, "have crushed" diseases like measles and polio.
OWS has backed 6 candidate vaxes. 2 of them "extraordinarily impressive" - Moderna & Pfizer. Image
Reviews data on Moderna and Pfizer vaccine data -- "almost to the level of what we see with #measles" #vaccine, 98% effective.
Only way to get an effective program is when ppl take the vaccine. There is reticence in the public. "Speed did not compromise at all the safety"
"Who looked at the data?" It was an independent body -- with no allegiance to anyone. Now @FDA studying.
"We need to put to rest any concept that this was rushed in an inapprop. way."
"The cavalry is on the way."
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All right, ENOUGH.
Death threats & attacks on #TonyFauci have been dreadful, but now #SteveBannon has ratcheted it WAY up, on live video, calling out his troops.
RT this thread w @greg_folkers & @NIHDirector on it
2/ Show your support for Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of @NIAID -- RT this thread w/ @greg_folkers @NIHDirector

Here's why:
#SteveBannon said on live video that firing Fauci & Wray (FBI Director) wasn’t enough:
“I actually want to go a step farther but..."
"...the president is a kind-hearted man & a good man. I’d actually like to go back to the old times of Tudor England. I’d put the heads on pikes, right? I’d put them at the 2 corners of the @WhiteHouse as a warning to federal bureaucrats, you either get w/the program..."
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A #WarpSpeed press conf starting momentarily @CDCgov w @HHSGov Sec. #Azar and @CDCDirector #Redfield & Dep Dir Jay Butler.
The @FDA vaccine advisory comm meets tomorrow. And a volunteer in @AstraZeneca trial in Brazil died. Waiting for the presser....will thread from here.
Starting. Redfield: "#COVID19 is the most significant public health challenge our nation has faced in 100 years."
"It's been a difficult year for Americans, but we are going to through this on the other side."
"remain diligent...protect ourselves"
3/ Dep Dir @CDCgov Jay Butler:
Speaks wearing 😷
"we're seeing a distressing trend"
220,000 deaths
>75% of country has ^ed cases
National ^ 60,000/day, "in all parts of the country"
"we get tired of wearing masks, but it's more important than ever"
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This is from @Craig_A_Spencer who treated 100s of #COVID19 ER cases in NYC's peak epidemic. Here's what's weird about @POTUS treatment so far:
- nobody has consulted the world's top expert #TonyFauci & neither of #Trump's docs (Conley, Dooley) have apparently treated this b4
- There is limited evidence that remdesivir actually works, but if it helps it's when used in early stage disease;
- There is NO proof (yet) that Regeneron's monoclonal antibodies work, but some reason to think early stage admin is best;
MORE Image
- Steroids like dexamethasone stifle the immune system, so it is usually considered dangerous to use them in early stage #COVID19 when the body is hopefully making antibodies. UK std-of-care is to use in acute cases;
- Nobody has provided lung scan info, so...
MORE Image
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The @HumanVaccineProject lab mtg is today is Shane Crotty from La Jolla Institute is speaking on T cell immunity for COVID. 100% of survivors make CD4 resps., 70% CD8 against broad viral antigens. And never-infected make CD4 reaps based on Common Cold histories.
Here's my take on this:
- the immune response to #COVID19 involves both antibodies & the T cellular arm of the system;
- blood samples from pre-COVID 2015 show high levels of reacting T cells (CD4 & CD8): Why?
- it's likely T-cell reactions to common cold viruses, not COVID
Are the high reactions anti-common cold good news or bad for #COVID19 vaccines & long term immunity for survivors? Well, it's clear an effective #vaccine will need to trigger BOTH antibody & T cell resps.
BUT common colds circulate all the time, and despite having had..
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@nataliexdean Natalie, I completely agree that scientists need to do a better job of communicating what their models say. The Oxford study from a couple of days ago was a disaster waiting to happen, as @FT ably demonstrated with their poor reporting.
@nataliexdean @FT That said, I think the number one problem right now is that the pandemic situation has been so thoroughly politicized that as soon as someone proposes a model or draws an inference, it is immediately picked up and pigeonholed into a political claim often by bad actors.
@nataliexdean @FT What happened the Imperial College report this morning is a striking example. After a few hours trying to head that off, I felt so discouraged about the whole thing that I sat down and wrote out this thread:
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