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Like, really. Why would an unknown fake-named "journalist" (once, allegedly, married to a cop) just “randomly” show up & start printing lie, after lie, after lie about #Unity4J #activists?
And why would the guy who approached me for over 2 years to “date” me, be communicating with same fake-named "journalist" over 250 times, since he opened his fake-named Twitter account, starting about 2 years ago?
The guy told me he was kicked out of his motorcycle club, yet he still has his jacket? He claimed to be just as “baffled” by this, b/c normally clubs demand jackets back. Also, notice owner’s nickname on jacket that he flashed is conspicuously missing. Is that even his jacket?
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If being a biz partner or working w the people named in this article like Schoenberger, Binney and RDS means something in terms of #Qanon wouldn't that also include #Unity4J founders, Shadowbox members, and the attorney who white knights Binney online? 🤔…
Remember when Suzie Dawson used to talk about #FollowTheWhiteRabbit @CensoredNewsNow before #Qanon showed up? Maybe Heavy should run a propaganda story about that? 🤷‍♀️
More: An associate of Jesselyn Radack's (who I mentioned white knights Binney) along w others have claimed @ETheFriend is Schoenberger, a larp, related to #Qanon, trying to fuse #Qanon + Cicada 3301 w @WikiLeaks, or all of the above. Here's where this shit show gets interesting--
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*WorldPressFreedomDay* #JournalismUnfiltered GLOBAL 14 HOUR 12-Country Webinar #ElephantInTheRoom
A HUGE thankyou to ALL the hosts, guests & techies who made it happen
🇦🇺SYDNEY 2PM (5am UK)
@JamesRicketson @SAWCSydney

🇺🇲🇦🇺 OZ/US 3PM (6am UK)
@CathyVoganSPK Interviewed Jo Lauria @unjoe (usually the other way aroundi!)

🇦🇹 VIENNA 11AM (10am UK)
Andrea + #Unity4J Austria
Host @yivi1

🇳🇿 NZ Nicky Hager / ED* @esoteric_ed highly contrasting kiwi journos statements @GreenweaverArch (10.30am UK)

🇨🇭BASEL 12PM (11am UK)
Serena Tinari (Speak-up-for-Assange)
Host: @deepa_driver
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Assange in bid to postpone May 18th court hearing due to ongoing lack of access to his lawyers in London's locked-down Belmarsh prison. JA met his lawyers in person for 1st time in a month in the holding cells of Woolwich Crown Court earlier this week.…
For updates, interviews from Assange supporters... #FreeAssange #Unity4J
Actions in support of #FreeAssange…

27 days until the start of 2nd round of Julian Assange's extradition hearing
3423 days since the start of illegal & arbitrary detention of Wikileaks Founder
373 days since the trafficking of Julian Assange to #Belmarsh
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EX-CIA Ray McGovern Drops BOMBSHELL:


#SethRich w/ a Thumb Drive, Physical Access

& #CROWDSTRIKE added Metadata w/ CIA #Vault7


@POTUS: Let #Assange Prove it!


Flashback to Sy Hersh on Seth Rich:

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In December 2018 a State Services Commission Report verified the very truth I'd been telling since 2012: government depts were hiring private intelligence companies to target non-violent citizens on political grounds.

Total apologies I received from NZ media? 1.
From @althecat
@althecat The report even singled out the precise company I had been naming on record since 2012: Thompson Clark Investigations Limited.

What wasn't recognised and still hasn't been? Those same private intelligence had foreign governments as customers too. It was transnational targeting.
@althecat "We failed you Suzie" said @althecat.

Because NZ media knew full well I was being targeted. They knew it when I was still in NZ. They knew it when I left NZ. They knew when I had no choice left but to apply for asylum. They knew I had kids. And they said nothing and did nothing.
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rudy giuliani took down the mob in the 80's and cleaned up new york, he isnt afraid, thats for sure. mueller has a dark history with whitey bulger, the mob. also, trump worked with fbi in the 80's to help take down the mob, too

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It seems Kaidinn lies aren't getting enough attention, so she's riding @RayJoha2 coattails in order to draw attention to her narcissistic drama whoring. She's hobnobbing with a convicted Pedo/Rapist colluder but Unity4J, et al is evil for RTg someone accused but never convicted.
This is what Kaidinn is actually doing by riding @RayJoha2's coattails and it has nothing to do with all this smug self-righteous indignation she's spouting off about. It's quite simple and the timing is telling.
This is the CONVICTED Pedo Pig rapist/wife abuser from TEXAS who Kaidinn protects, lies for and covers for while smugly and self-righteously abusing real activists with accusations of colluding with people accused, but never convicted. And does by tagging @RayJoha2 for max impact
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1/ Spying on #Trump which #TopCrims at #FBI #CIA #DHS #DOJ ran was done in an atmosphere of Rights-Removal the same spies ran on all Americans, singling out stand-outs for military/Intel persecution/expmts via #FusionCenter Watchlist pgms.…
2/ While some ppl. think "Deep State" & "US Govt" are separate entities, fact is, these illicit targeting pgms which feed Americans in a #GuineaPig Conveyor Belt to MIIC (Mil/Intel/Industrial/Complex) (note, Ind. includes Academia) roll them both into a Blood, Gore & $$ network.
3/ The point at which the "Financial Elite" "Tech Elite" & Entrenched #Conmen via #SkullNBones #Vatican #ClubOfRome #Bilderbergers #CFR #Trilaterals #Illuminati meet #DeepState & #USGOV both is via this network w. preys on ppl. for their energy & intellect, using them...
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#ContainmentOps re: defamatory meme against Journalist Truthfully covering Stealth-/Bio-/Neuro-Weaponry Torture for 5yrs ongoing; a childish/inaccurate meme for those who can't answer with intellectual discourse to justified criticism over public (dis)info/actions they promote.
#ContainmentOps former Targeted Justice Legal Director Jack Christiana & NSA Whistle-blower Karen Melton Stewart left TJ for justified reasons. Human Right for people to criticise governments/msm/alt media/non-profit orgs/charities when they are wrong:…
#ContainmentOps The list of people on the #falsememe defaming Ramola D, most are on the advisory board of Targeted Justice: Katherine Horton/Richard Lighthouse have promoted violence/criminal behaviour seen in podcasts/ebooks others are promoters/defenders of this.
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#BananaRepublicUSA #FourthofJuly One of the key things hidden in Mainstream USA when Mainstream Media lies & Alt Media (also mostly owned by same #ZioLuce crime syndicate) pretends and hides is that the DarkSide MIIC has already taken over US--we are still fighting for freedom.1/
When #Unity4J #WeAreMillions #Manning @Snowden @Thomas_Drake1 @JohnKiriakou @JulianAssange @raymcgovern talk about #Surveillance and don't talk about those actually targeted and being hit w. EMF/Neuro DEWs, they are running a False-Reality-Construct, the same run by @nytimes 2/
#FourthofJuly The absurdity of protesting #JulianAssange's plight & ignoring the millions persecuted and targeted just like him and worse--when their persecution permits #5EyesGovCrimeSyndicate to get away w. playing #BigBrotherCop w. him was covered brilliantly by @NHSCorrupt.3/
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Everyone, I have to admit that I've been working for more hours than I can count, I'm way past headache and blurry vision stage and I'm exhausted.

I've added as many names as I can to the letter so far, and as soon as I'm physically restored I will continue to 1/
I want to acknowledge the dozens of survivors who have so far self-identified as well as those who for there own very valid personal reasons didn't. You have been sharing your stories with me privately all night and I am moved beyond words by what you've been confiding in me 2/
I also want to acknowledge the partners, family members and friends of survivors who also have their own stories of helping to cope with trauma and themselves being affected by it. At some point I will try to anonymously share some of what I've learned from you. 3/
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#Unity4J Online Vigil 34.0 in support of #Assange - live now

Suzie Dawson @Suzi3D hosting the final livestream

First 2 arrests made in Melbourne yesterday against grassroots supporters

@Unity4J discord & social media channels will continue

#Unity4J Online Vigil 34.0 in support of #Assange - live

Host @Suzi3D speaking to founding members of @Unity4J vigils @CassandraRules @raymcgovern @JohnKiriakou. Emmy Butlin @greekemmy will join discussion soon…

#Unity4J Online Vigil 34.0 in support of #Assange - live now

Host @Suzi3D on throwing our collective weight @Unity4J behind @JA_Defence efforts lead by @greekemmy who joins the livestream now…

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IT'S OUT! Part 1 of "Freeing Julian Assange":…

#FreeingJulianAssange #Unity4J
More source links and screenshots will be added over the course of the next 24 hours. Part 2 to follow some time this weekend. Part 3 early next week.
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Actions For #Assange: Ideas And Examples Of How To Help

A resource to help people start somewhere if they can't think of what to do - not intended to be an exhaustive list.#FreeAssange #NoUSExtradition #ActionsForAssange #ProtectJulian #Unity4J #WikiLeaks…
If there are no vigils near you and you feel a new stand-alone event in your area would be unsuccessful, you can always raise your voice by participating in other events, like Pride Parades as @Reikilass did -

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A subscriber of mine has sent me this:

"Just spoke to Belmarsh Prison 0208 331 4400 and was told the following:
1. You can send Mr Julian #Assange a money order of up to £250.00, out of which he will be allowed £15.50 a week for in prison purchases and this: phone calls...
2. You must make the money order out to HM PRISON SERVICES
3. Mail the money order in an envelope addressed to: Mr Julian Assange DOB 03/07/1971 HMP Belmarsh Western Way London SE28 0EB
4. You must write on the money order your name and address, most important!
Also, ensure you write for Mr Julian Assange’s Account DOB 03/07/1971 on the actual money order.
5. If you wish to send him books or items of clothing (no logos allowed) one can post them/have them delivered in the first 28 days after his conviction.
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Matthew Hoh told #Unity4J shortly before #Assange's arrest:

“When they get their hands on him, they will do things that will be criminal, it will be immoral, it will be torture.” #FreeAssange…
Prior to #Assange's arrest, Chris Hedges also told #Unity4J

"Everyone has a breaking point, and they will attempt to psychologically destroy him, and we have seen with #Guantanamo that several of these detainees, are emotionally crippled for life. It will be scientific torture."
Hedges added: "I used to cover the Stasi state in East Germany, and the joke in the Stasi state was that the Gestapo broke bones and the Stasi break minds, and that’s what they’ll do. That’s what will happen."
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