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Due to virtually no Western media admitting to their readers that Julian has been nominated for a 2019 Nobel Peace Prize - by a former Nobel winner no less - every time we mention Julian we should write in full "2019 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Julian Assange"

Let's hammer into the public consciousness what the corporate media are hiding from them!
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I'm going to tell you all something I didn't mention in the piece I wrote today, and something I'm not likely to talk about much going forward. In the context of letting you know a little bit more about what kind of person Christine Assange is.

Anyone who watched my appearances closely in the tail end of last year would have noticed the decline in my health. It wouldn't come as much of a surprise to any keen observer that I overworked myself in 2018, was run down, and physically coming unravelled as a result.
I was having some really worrying symptoms and it was clear to me that I was ill and risking serious damage to myself. That's why I stepped back from Unity4J and why I've stopped doing any media appearances for now. Sure enough, in Jan I was diagnosed with a nasty chronic illness
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Feels like a lifetime ago.

I get way too much credit for #Unity4J - @KimDotcom and @ElizabethLeaVos as well as @JohnKiriakou & @raymcgovern were as much a part of organising this as me

Heroes and beautiful people, all

Ditto with @CassandraRules
Not to mention the entire @InternetPartyNZ campaign team which dropped everything to support the movement from its inception to this day. So proud of you all
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Personal Message from @JulianAssange #Update #Unity4J
Ecuador Has Begun “Special Examination” of @JulianAssange Asylum & Citizenship as it Looks to the IMF for a Bailout…
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#Unity4J Vigil 9.0

21 December 2018 8pm - 11pm EST

Streamed at:
#Unity4J Vigil 9.0:

The great Australian journalist @johnpilger:

"Julian is a touchstone for opposition to so much of what is going on in our world - the rise of fascism, the threat of nuclear war.

He needs popular support - people in the streets."
#Unity4J Vigil 9.0:

Suzie Dawson @Suzi3D

Suzie reads from the statement made by German members of parliament @HeikeHaensel & @SevimDagdelen on 20 Dec 2018.

Their statement (and the transcript of their live speeches) is here:
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#DisclosureOnTargeting Just got blocked by @Suzi3D for tweeting about #DEWs/#neuroweaponry torture on knowingly innocent people that these alt media journalists won't cover yet Suzie talks about her own targeting which does not include #electronictorture.
#DisclosureOnTargeting Suzie Dawson has retweeted my tweets in the past when I have included her interview with investigative journalist Ramola D:
#DisclosureOnTargeting Suzie has tweeted about 2018 will be the year that #DEWs get exposed:… Whenever I have asked her about DEWs in the past she refers to this page:…
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I made a presentation at the public forum in SF on the topic of prosecution of Julian #Assange & the US war on the First Amendment. Here are the slides that I used to explore the role of corporate media in this war.… #WikiLeaks
Last month, public learned that criminal charges against #Assange exist under seal. This attack on the publisher that we are now seeing didn’t begin with the Trump administration. This is an escalation of Obama’s war on whistleblowers.
Roots of this war go much deeper. A spark for this war was lit in 2008. There is a documentation about the US counterintelligence’s investigation into #WikiLeaks, where the US intelligence viewed WikiLeaks as a threat to US military.…
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What were YOU doing exactly 8 years ago???

#FreeAssange #Unity4J #ASSANGE #wikileaks
The arrest of #ASSANGE as it happened Dec 7 2010!

He spent a week in solitary confinement in Wandsworth prison!

He spent 2 years under house arrest!

He has spent over 6 years in the London embassy of Ecuador!


Look at all these LINKS!

The @guardian has made a fortune from @wikileaks and yet they continue to frame Julian #ASSANGE with front page #FAKENEWS!…

EIC @kathviner must resign! #BoycottTheGuardian
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4. #Wikibees #20 🐝

21m15s - 'officially' go live.

@CiaronOReilly starts describing the scene outside the Ecuadorian Embassy London, where they are guarding Julian Assange, inside.

"It's Saturday night & we're next to Harrods so the co-option of..."

5. #Wikibees #20 🐝


For 6 years, Julian Assange has been experiencing sensory deprivation inside the Embassy.

"No sense of hot or cold, not seeing more than five meters."

Unsurprisingly, he has developed physical health problems.
6. #Wikibees #20 🐝

@CiaronOReilly is bristling at the Guardian's attacks on Julian Assange.

"They present him as elitist & aloof, and he's not."

"My personal experience.. is he has a great self-depreciating sense of humor and he's a compassionate man."
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@wikileaks I’m glad NYT called out the Guardian story as bunk, but this one has so many lies.

“Not only had Mr. Assange not been charged at the time of Mr. Manafort’s trip ...”

WRONG! JA’s indictment is sealed. Most evidence suggests it is from 2010-11 regarding the Manning trial. 1/?
@wikileaks NYT, you need new fact checkers.

There is NO EVIDENCE for this statement:

“... about the role that Mr. Assange and WikiLeaks played in facilitating the Russian effort to help Mr. Trump in the 2016 presidential electio ...”. 2/?
@wikileaks AUTHORS of this bunk?

“...secretly pursued a plan to provide him a diplomatic post in Russia as a way to free him from confinement in the embassy in London.”

Include Dan Collyns & Luke Harding, the discredited authors of the Guardian story YOU ARE DISCOUNTING HERE. 3/?
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#TheGuardian’s article seeks to deflect from the reality that the prosecution of #Assange will focus on @xychelsea-era releases and #Vault7, not the DNC or Podesta emails.

As noted previously by @DisobedientNews:…
On timing: Assange legal representative Hanna Jonasson (@AssangeLegal) quickly noted that the smear was published just hours before the EDVA ruling:

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Prosecution of Julian #Assange, America’s Betrayal of Its Own Ideals… Thanks @greekemmy for your help in finalizing this article! #WikiLeaks #Unity4J
Now that the sealed indictment is out in the open, the public is given an opportunity to see the true nature of his plight for freedom. What is now being revealed is the war on the First Amendment waged by the US government, targeting the Western journalist. #WikiLeaks #Assange
This attack on #WikiLeaks is an escalation of Obama’s war on truthtellers. While Obama was relentlessly prosecuted whistleblowers more than all other previous administrations combined, corporate media effectively kept the battlefield out of public sight.
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Gillard government betrayed Assange. She deliberately passed a new law after talking with the US thereby "creating" a justification for extradition just before her making an embarrassing idiotic claim that wikileaks was illegal.…
If the above link is edited or taken down, see here:…
More evidence of Australia's betrayal of Assange by colluding with the US. This is from 2010 onwards. Labor party. People involved are the same who were involved in the coup that removed Kevin Rudd as PM.…
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Thread: I discovered today what appears to be the name of someone VERY close to me written on the wall of my building's elevator in what appears to be (but may or not be) blood.
There have been workmen in and out of my building for the last two days doing repairs. I have no way to confirm (yet) how the above occurred. I can say it's not the first time those closest to me have been threatened in the course of #Unity4J. Background:
All I can do when these things happen is to tell people that they have. It's important light is shone on it.

I am not suicidal, I don't drink or do drugs. I am just an activist and a journalist who cares.

Do not be scared: I am not. Just be aware.
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#LIVENow in a few minutes--Fixing hacking sabotage--what else is new! @karen_kams56
As a friendly reminder to all those who are working hard ILLEGALLY, ILLEGITAMATELY, and UNLAWFULLY to DETAIN, TARGET, TRACK, TEST, & NEUROMODIFY innocent American & other citizens:… @realDonaldTrump @RandPaul @RonWyden @DevinNunes
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Some (near-sighted) people fantasise that I want everyone to join #Unity4J and get upset if they don't. This is the opposite of reality.

I would LOVE IT if people would set up competing organisations to try to free Julian. Love it, love it, love it.

Below are the reasons why:
1. Those persecuting Julian have decades of (or hundreds of years) experience at subverting human progress. Particularly, by infiltrating, destabilising, smearing and attacking activism groups.

The more groups working to free Julian, the harder it is for them to do that!!
2. The more different locations that actions are taking place the better. The more different types of actions taking place the better. The better for Julian, and the harder for the bad guys to keep a handle on. We need to stretch their spying & destroying resources to the maximum
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Emergency Vigil Livestream about to start in 2 minutes for Julian Assange.
The stream is live. Starting with a music video in support of Assange.
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And this is how the war on Americans has been run: name everyone terrorists, stick 'em on lists, target them, tell everyone they are "under surveillance," run CMO on them (civilian-mil ops) use stealth radiation weapons on them, traffic them into black DOD/CIA/NIH/NSF/DOE tests.
"Under Surveillance" today means "Under Attack" with Anti-Personnel EMF Radar, microwave, milliwave, and sonic weapons via illegal & inhumane contracts Fusion Centers make with security, Intel, Defense contractors seeking human bodies to RFID-implant, hit with DEWs, EEG-clone..
"Under Investigation"--phrase used to LIE to neighbors, communities about stand-out citizens of integrity the local ZioNazi crims in Fusion Centers wish to destroy as they Character-Assassinate people in order to Attack and Victimize them w.RF/sonic weapons. #SurveillanceAbuse 3/
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THREAD: Thank you so much to all the people sending me kind messages of appreciation and support after seeing my recent appearances with @jimmy_dore, where we talked about Julian Assange, #Unity4J, WikiLeaks, #DecipherYou & Snowden.

Posting the vids & some other key work below:
Here's my first segment with Jimmy: we discussed my and the amazing @ElizabethleaVos' top 10 findings from our #DecipherYou series studying the Edward Snowden files live online. Really appreciate all the people sharing this content. You can watch it here:
In my second segment with Jimmy: we talked about how @JulianAssange saved Edward Snowden's life & discuss the founding of the #Unity4J movement to free Julian & support @wikileaks: a movement supported by over 70 top whistleblowers, journos & truth tellers
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"How can we view the ongoing silence from within the confines of the Ecuadorian embassy as anything other than a political, enforced disappearance in the middle of a so-called free, liberal society?"

#Unity4J #ReconnectJulian #FreeAssange #Auspol…
Although #Assange is isolated by the Ecuadorian government, it is overwhelmingly clear that as per the definition, #Ecuador is "acquiescing" to the desire of the US & UK governments.

To the tune of $500 million.

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ONLY people power can reverse this

I call on everyone who cares about Julian to stop looking at each other and keep your gaze & actions fixated upon the powers threatening his life

It doesn't matter under which banner you protest, but PROTEST


Historically, @MashiRafael's observations about Julian's situation have been prescient - he has repeatedly warned us of developments before they came to pass.

His warnings need to be heeded.

There is another @Unity4J vigil this coming Saturday and a #Unity4JDay worldwide day of protest action this Sunday

You are welcome to join us - but I reiterate: it does not matter which campaign to free Julian that you contribute to - what matters is that you take urgent action!
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Statement: recent public smearing of me is just the visible layer of a coordinated effort to prevent me being able to work full throttle on #Unity4J as I was. There is multi-pronged interference in my life to stop me from having the required supports & resources to do what I do
This will be unsurprising to anyone who has ever done any significant organising. It's par for the course in this day and age, but just amped to the extreme by my own exile/circumstances and the fact that the person I'm trying to support/save is a known CIA target+++.
Donations help, though crypto is the only way I can receive funds (still) despite multiple efforts to try to get new funding channels none have yet come to pass. If you are confident using crypto, my donation addresses are at

But its not all about money
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