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Here's your pre-Easter weekend look at #COVID19AB wastewater data.
At the risk of sounding glib, something has risen and it isn't a holy figure... 🧵
Fort Mac #YMM has seen a general upward trend for the past 3 weeks (last data point today)
Grande Prairie looks to be starting a swing upward from an apparent nadir a few weeks ago (last data point Apr 12)
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Why do this? Why invite the possibility of variants from everywhere in the world?

Stampede is Kenney’s last best chance for more social murder before the population is fully vaccinated.

Voting Conservative has consequences.

#ableg #UCPcorruption #Stampede
Hold on, what’s “social murder?”

Social murder is what happens when a society permits conditions that lead to an earlier death of people in a given socio-economic group or class. #ableg #onpoli #cdnpoli

@DennisRaphael01 explains here:…
Wait, that sounds a bit like Conservative policy. 🤔

“The current conservative policy environment has made our society less healthy, more dangerous, less stable and more unequal.”

via @CrimeandJustice
#ableg #cdnpoli #ukpoli…🔗
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Having travellers quarantine would basically shut down fly-in-fly-out workers at oil camps like those owned by CNRL, which have been hubs of covid spread.

Oil and Gas doesn’t love you back.

Voting Conservative has consequences.

#ableg #cdnpoli
I wonder how the current #CNRL outbreak compares to earlier outbreaks at #Cargill and ther meat processing plants?👇

#CNRL received $192,648,603.55 from the federal government in CEWS benefits in 2020, but would not keep their workers safe.

Where did all that money go?

#BoycottUCPdonors #ableg #abpoli

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Dear @jkenney @sonyasavage @shandro @CMOH_Alberta @AHS_media my father-in-law now has a tracheostomy and remains on full life support after contracting Covid at a northern oil and gas camp. 2 weeks in and he faces new complications daily, including paralysis (a thread-1)
Contrary to @jkenney, he wasn’t socializing after hours, but rather thought that distancing in an indoor space was protection enough. The site had an over reliance on rapid tests and there was NO messaging that #COVIDisAirborne ...2
The consistent downplay of the role aerosols play in transmission led to infection. Inconsistent messaging and dissension by @UCPCaucus MLAs like @AngelaPittAB, @Drew__Barnes and others had perpetuates distrust and fostered misinformation and conspiracy theories. 3...
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#YMM public & Catholic school boards have moved Grades 7-12 to online learning for 2 weeks to limit the spread of #COVID19AB. This is similar to a move announced by the #YYC Board of Education & #YYC Catholic School District last week. (1/4)
To complement this shift, indoor extra-curricular activities, youth sport, rec & performance activities will also either be paused or moved outdoors for these ages for the same time period in #YMM. This is similar to the approach taken w/#YYC public & Catholic last week. (2/4)
The most effective way of preventing transmission of COVID-19 & its variants in schools is to limit spread in our communities. Please continue to follow all public health guidance incl remaining 6 feet from ppl outside your household, wearing masks & not gathering indoors. (3/4)
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Alberta’s NDP and small business owners are calling for a suite of support measures for struggling small businesses in light of new, last-minute COVID-19 measures announced by the UCP government last week.

#ableg #abpoli #yyc #yeg #yql #ymm
Once again Jason Kenney has delayed action until the last possible moment creating unfair pressure on struggling small businesses in many parts of Alberta. #covid19ab
Businesses need certainty, and they need support from this government so that we can all do our part to bring COVID-19 under control without completely sacrificing livelihoods.

#SupportLocalYYC #supportlocalYEG
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Here is a summary of today’s #COVID19AB update. On behalf of AHS I want to acknowledge Albertans & our contact tracing team for notifying 43K+ close contacts from Nov.6-9. Thank you to cases & contacts who worked w/contact tracers. We have to keep this effort up. (1/16)
Together w/limiting social bubbles, maintaining distance, masking & staying home if sick, the efficiency & completeness of contact tracing efforts is critical to stemming new cases in AB. Today, AHS is launching an online portal for automated texting of close contacts. (2/16)
Confirmed cases can use the site to enter info of known close contacts. Once info is reviewed by the contact tracing team w/the case, the tool delivers a text to close contacts & informs them of exposure & to isolate. The name of the positive case is not disclosed. (3/16)
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In July, we presented the UCP government with a detailed plan for re-opening, 'Safe Schools, Successful Students'. The plan contained 15 recommendations to protect students, families, staff and communities.

#abed #ableg #safeseptemberab
The first recommendation was to cap class sizes at 15 so that two-metre physical distancing could be possible.

#yyc #yeg #yql #ymm
The UCP had time.
The UCP had advice.
The UCP did not act.

You can download a copy of the report here:…
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THREAD: It’s no surprise the UCP has dropped 15% since last year’s election. Look at the record.

#ableg #abpoli #Alberta #cdnpoli #yyc #yeg #yql #ymm #canmore #banff…
2. Kenney promised 50,000 new jobs, but lost 50,000 before the pandemic (and another 250,000 since).

#ableg #abpoli #Alberta #cdnpoli #yyc #yeg #yql #ymm #canmore #banff…
3. He promised no cuts to front line services, but he’s cut funding across the board. He's done real damage to education and health care.

#ableg #abpoli #Alberta #cdnpoli #yyc #yeg #yql #ymm #canmore #banff…
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Premier Jason Kenney’s plan for the reopening of Alberta schools during the COVID-19 pandemic fails to cap class sizes or provide schools with sufficient resources to meet safety standards.

#ableg #abed #yyc #yeg #yql #ymm #cdnpoli Image
“It’s not about stay open versus stay closed, it’s about open versus open safely,” said Rachel Notley, Leader of the NDP Official Opposition. “Jason Kenney has chosen just ‘open’.”
The Opposition supports the specific safety measures recommended by Dr. Deena Hinshaw, such as proper cleaning, frequent handwashing, daily screening and physical distancing. But Kenney and LaGrange have not provided school districts with the resources to act on these measures.
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Premier Jason Kenney’s plan for the reopening of Alberta schools during the COVID-19 pandemic puts students, staff and families at risk by failing to cap class sizes or provide schools with sufficient resources to meet safety standards.

#abed #ableg #abpoli #yyc #yeg #yql #ymm Image
“It’s not about stay open versus stay closed, it’s about open versus open safely,” said Rachel Notley, Leader of the NDP Official Opposition. “Jason Kenney has chosen just ‘open’.”
Calgary Catholic capped their summer school classes at 14. Denmark capped theirs at 12, and the Netherlands installed plexiglass around students’ desks. Kenney & LaGrange have not capped class sizes or provided new resources for additional staffing or physical separation.
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Weissenberger's hiring came in the same week former MLA Dave Rodney, who vacated his Calgary seat for Kenney, was appointed to a $250,000 a-year-job as Alberta's trade representative in Houston.

#ableg #abpoli #canlab #yyc #yeg #ymm #yql Image
CBC NEWS: "Premier Jason Kenney's campaign manager and an outspoken anthropogenic global-warming skeptic has been hired as the Alberta Energy Regulator's new vice president of its science and innovation branch."…
GLOBAL NEWS: Earlier this week, Kenney announced Rodney will be the new agent general to Houston. He’ll be paid $250,000 a year…
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CBC NEWS: "Rodney's appointment and the $250,000 salary that comes with it are raising questions given his history with Kenney."

#ableg #abpoli #abecon #yyc #yeg #ymm #yql…
"What we have is an incredibly rich salary, for a job that they just made up, to someone who's not really qualified to do it," Notley said on Wednesday.
"So I think we just have to ask Albertans to add one plus one plus one to get an inside deal to help Jason Kenney's friend and insider whose biggest political achievement was stepping aside for Jason Kenney."
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The UCP’s economic recovery plan released by Premier Jason Kenney and Finance Minister Travis Toews offers nothing new to Albertans and is simply a doubling down and rehashing of their failed policies.

#ableg #cdnpoli #canlab #alberta #yyc #yeg #yql #ymm Image
The centerpiece of the plan focused on accelerating the UCP’s $4.7+ billion handout to big, already profitable corporations.
This was a policy that coincided with the loss of 50,000 jobs before the pandemic hit. And it was a plan that didn’t see any new head offices established here. Instead, downtown towers in Calgary continued to empty while major companies moved away.
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The UCP is withholding the annual report of the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund, violating a legal requirement to have provided this information by now.

#ableg #abpoli #yyc #yeg #yql #ymm Image
This information would have been highly relevant to Monday’s committee meeting to discuss Bill 203, the Pension Protection Act.
The Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund Act requires that the Annual Report be reviewed by a Standing Committee, and then be released to both the Legislature and the public no later than June 30.
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The UCP's Fair Deal report does nothing to address the real and urgent priorities of Albertans worried about jobs and the economic future of their families.

#ableg #abpoli #YYC #YEG #YMM #YQL
It is nothing more than a cynical, political distraction from Jason Kenney's failure to make progress on jobs, the economy, or pipelines.
Much of what is contained in the UCP report is far beyond this government’s authority or jurisdiction. But having worked in Ottawa for decades, Kenney would know that.
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