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Don’t worry about being original.
Plagiarism is stealing from one source. Originality is stealing from many.
Making a perfect copy is humanely impossible. Seek #Inspiration whenever you can find it.

Remember that #Inspiration is active though.
Play different #Games (#TTRPG, #Videogame, #BoardGame, just play).
Watch weird stuff (#Movies, #TVseries, #Documentaries).
Read #Books (#Fiction, #NonFiction, #Fantasy, #Crime, #Horror).
Just watch people (great for #NPCs).

Don’t worry too much about what’s good and bad. Look for stuff to steal, modify, reinterpret, corrupt.
A game you don’t like to play may teach you something yet.
A movie you don’t care about might have a cool character.
Keep your eyes open. We don’t see a lot.

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Start now!
Start small!
Start with what you have.
Use paper and pencil. Google docs. Scribus. Public domain art. Stock art. Creative Commons.

1/4 Image
Set a reachable short term goal that will still challenge you.
Write 300 words everyday.
Finish a Pamphlet with a adventure/monster/miniRPG.
Write a game in less than 24 pages!
These will kickstart your creativity and keep you motivated!

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I can share some of my Annual Planning experience at Amazon. Keep in mind that Amazon is pretty diverse, so the details vary a lot depending on the org you are in. For example, many processes are very different between Retail, AWS, and Devices. #Amazon #AnnualPlanning #YMMV
It is standard practice to do an Operational Plan (OP) every year in the 2nd half. This usually broken up into OP1 around Aug/Sep and OP2 around Nov/Dec. OP doc is a standard Amazon 6 pager created by each team in word. Team in this case is probably 10-100 people.
It will summarize the team’s charter, past initiatives and metrics, and propose future initiatives. This is also where you ask for headcount for the following year, by proposing unfunded initiatives along with desired headcount.
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As a courtesy to Chicago Twitter's many armchair Covid lawyers, here is a thread of every legal authority cited in today's @ChiPublicHealth Mask Mandate order. Which you can
For those scoring at home? There are no less than seven "WHEREAS" in this order. Should have had a pool going on that. My bad.
Off the bat, the new CDPH Mask Mandate order cites to @GovPritzker Executive Order No. 2021-15. This EO "Reissues several executive orders, extending a majority of the provisions through August 21, 2021" and you can read it here:
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My Matrix of @Marvel's Magnificent Martial Masters
It's not perfect. I'll need to make two of these. One for heroes, another for villains.

This is my short list of everyone you should avoid pissing off in any visit to the Marvel Universe.

#YMMV #comics #martialartists
S-Class: Exuding martial mastery, watching them fight is to stand transfixed by their perfection; they are the impossible done effortlessly. No army can stand against them. No army wants to.

Shang-Chi, Iron Fist, Black Panther, Mantis, Moondragon, Fat Cobra, Karnak the Shatterer
A-Class: These martial masters train and hone their abilities constantly. Combine their enhanced abilities and their Olympic-level physiologies, they are the finest fighters ever seen on Earth.

Captain America, Black Widow, Electra, Bullseye, Blade, Daredevil, Psylocke.
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Many coaches advocate for picking and choosing methods from a variety of theoretical camps, on the premise that which is best ‘depends’ on the player, the coach, etc and you want the biggest toolkit you can get.

I think this is an error, which I will now attempt to defend
First, let’s set the scene. VERY roughly, there are two approaches in coaching. Traditional coaching is very cognitive, all about the coach as a source of knowledge. Then there’s the plucky ecological upstarts who focus on training skilled engagement over knowledge #ymmv
Lots of traditional coaches want to be able to use anything that works in their sessions, regardless of what theory motivates the training idea. They consider this the right move; why commit to some theory that rules things out and might be wrong?
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More counter intuitive shit, this time #anecdata based so obviously #YMMV. This time it's work and productivity.
Work from home has reached fatigue level. People are sick and tired. They want to go back to office.
Office = focused work, routine, meetings, etc. This can't be replicated at home. We tried for four months. It's not happening.
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there are a number of really interesting ideas in @NZGreens election #housing proposals (@TheGreenParty take notes) 1/n
the housing WarrantOfFitness (WoF) for rental is one. Bit like an EPC but expanded to damp etc. Riffs off the WoF for cars (which is actually pretty lax: emissions tests NZ global dumpster for polluting cars, whole other thread) #openaccess research 👉…
another is a commitment to put PV & batteries in all suitable state homes 👉"virtual power stations". Maybe @solarcityNZ is lining up for that. Could substantially decouple energy habits from grid demand. #flexibility at scale @energyotago @JTorriti @CREDS_UK
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This is the latest in my weekly threads about my recovery from #coronavirus/#COVID19, to give fellow survivors a sense of what it's like. Standard disclaimer: everyone is different, #YMMV.

(Last week:

#COVIDー19 #LatsCovid19Journal
I was discharged from @NYUlangone on 4/1. So today, 4/22, marks three weeks out of the hospital.

How am I doing? Pretty OK! Some things better than last week, some things worse, some the same.

#coronavirus #COVID #COVID19 #COVIDー19 #LatsCovid19Journal

Morning vitals: temperature 97.6, pulse 119, oxygen 95.
Weight: 152.6 pounds (+4.2 from 4/15).
Average walking per day: 0.9 miles (no change).
Incentive spirometer: 1000 ml (no change).

#coronavirus #COVID #COVID19 #COVIDー19 #LatsCovid19Journal
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For patients who had serious cases of #coronavirus/#COVID, recovery can be a long process. As one such patient, I'll track my recovery on a weekly basis, in case it might be useful to others. Of course, #YMMV.

#COVID19 #COVIDー19 #LatsCovid19Journal
I was discharged from @NYUlangone on 4/1. So today, 4/8, marks one week out of the hospital.

How am I doing? Overall I feel good, although I still have a long way to go.

#coronavirus #COVID #COVID19 #COVIDー19 #LatsCovid19Journal
I'll start with metrics:

Morning vitals: temperature 98.4, pulse 94, oxygen 95.
Weight: 143.8 pounds (+5.6 from 4/1).
Best walking day of past week: 1.0 mile.
Incentive spirometer: 600 ml.

#coronavirus #COVID #COVID19 #COVIDー19 #LatsCovid19Journal
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As the #CoronavirusOutbreak continues to spread, more and more people will experience symptoms and wonder: do I have #COVID19? Once again, I’ll share my experience. #LatsCovid19Journal #coronavirus
Big caveat: #coronavirus manifests itself in very different ways. Some folks get very sick, like me, and require hospitalization; some have something akin to a low-level flu (my husband Z.); some are asymptomatic. So, #YMMV. #LatsCovid19Journal
On the evening of Saturday, 3/7, Z. and I went out to dinner with friends. After dinner, we were going to have a round of drinks - but I suddenly felt unwell, so I excused myself and went home. #LatsCovid19Journal #coronavirus
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Folks, this #CoronavirusOutbreak is no joke. I’ll give you occasional updates, tweeting from “Above the Hospital Bed,” about how serious #COVID19 aka #coronavirus can be. Think of this as #LatsCovid19Journal, my thoughts on #LivingWithCovid. [Thread]
A bit about me: I’m a generally healthy, 44-year-old male, 153 lbs. (surely less now), 5’7”, no drugs , rarely drink, no health conditions other than exercise-induced asthma, which I manage with an inhaler. #COVID19 #coronavirus #LatsCovid19Journal
I completed the NYC Marathon twice - not the greatest times, but I did - and even now that I can’t run much (knees post-40), each week I still walk 25 miles and go to at least 3 high-intensity interval training classes at the gym. #LatsCovid19Journal #COVID19
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Since 2013, I've worked from home. My work is writing for clients who've kinda appreciated my work. I have some thoughts on working from home.
Disclaimer: your mileage may vary. I earn fees. You earn salary. My fees are unpredictable. Your salary is certain. So how you look at work is fundamentally different. #YMMV
Routine. Routine is the single most important thing. WFH doesn't mean you slack around. Make a routine, stat. Follow it with discipline.
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I can take a start at this for @ORDuckGirlFan and then maybe others can pick up and move things along as we think through the Electoral College and its origins. /1
First thing to remember is that the Framers weren't creating holy scripture, never to be edited or revised. The Electoral College is one of many provisions of the 1787 Constitution that has survived to the present, but many have been changed. /2
The Electoral College, from my perspective, is part of a series of decisions the Framers made to determine the relationship among the national government, the state governments, and the people (which they defined primarily as white men of at least some standing). /3
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The @ProductHunt Global Hackathon starts Nov 1. Signup:

If you’re looking for project ideas, here are some #YMMV 👇🏼
🗣 Audible pen pals.

Swap stories with people across the world using your voice and a Google Home device.
🐥 Timehop for your Twitter BFF’s

A weekly email surfacing the first tweet between yourself and long-time Twitter friends
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