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Premier Rockliff, Tazmania, Australia faces difficult questions:

"Did you lead the charge with former New South Wales Premier Dominic peretet to remove five-day isolation knowing it would lead to an increase in infection re-infection disability and death?"

"Do you think it is responsible to allow the
continued infection & reinfection of
childrn with a novel coronavirus that
is vascular that causes long-term sqlae
brain damage increases in childhood
diabetes & kidney issues along with a
whole range of other compounding
"How can you [.] not confirm that Covid is
airborne [.] & tell people that in order to protect themselves [.] they should wash their hands and take personal responsibility? [.]

There is an area of personal responsibility for all of us it used to be called 'Public Health'."
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Let's be real. Whether you invoke the "with" vs "for" #Covid19 debate is besides the point. Hospital ERs weren't closing with this kind of regularity pre-pandemic. The burden of care has changed. Denying it will make things far worse. 1/
When patients either present with or acquire it in hospital, outcomes are often worse. As an internist, I see frail, elderly patients admitted w/ dehydration or a serious fall. They didn't just "happen" to have Covid too. It has actual implications. 2/
Just having to isolate a patient for infection control protocol means additional limitations for space/cohorting; greater demands on nursing care, infection control staff, never mind heightened risk & anxiety re: transmission for everyone. 3/
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The situation in the #NHS is as bad as I’ve ever known it.

Multiple HCWs in our area are off sick with #COVID - nurses, consultants, GPs…all likely to be triple vaxed so they should avoid serious illness but still a risk of #LongCovid.

The impact on ALL HEALTHCARE is HUGE!
Operations, procedures, investigations, treatments, therapies….are delayed & cancelled every single day.

Waits for urgent care in A+E/UTCs is ⬆️, pressure on the ambulance service⬆️.

Care ACROSS the #NHS is being negatively affected by staff absences & a lack of beds.
Care in some areas is no longer safe, in many it can only be described as ‘adequate’.

As @RachaelMaskell points out, hospitalisations are ⬆️….A LOT! Even admissions for other problems will be made more challenging if the patient has #COVID19.

Yet @sajidjavid does nothing?!
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Great Western Hospital declares a critical incident this morning. Good to see transparent announcement from @Kevin_McNamara1 here:
Also confirmed: @BlackpoolHosp has declared a critical incident due to high demand, staff absences and "rapidly rising rates of Covid-19" leading to increased admissions #livingwithcovid
NEW: @UHP_NHS has today declared a critical incident. Message to staff warns of 15 ambulances waiting and no space in A&E and 475 Covid staff absences. Full details:
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It’s very concerning that #UsforThemUK are being given platforms to spread #COVIDDisinformation on @GMB & on @bbc5live .

They’re NOT a grass roots parents group & have links to many @Conservatives & to #Antivax groups.

You should know this @susannareid100 @RobbieRinder

😷s are just 1 part of an array of mitigations needed in schools (+other indoor spaces) to ⬇️#COVID19 transmission.

#LivingWithCOVID is a complete misnomer, it’s a lazy, irresponsible, selfish & unscientific approach that’ll result in many AVOIDABLE deaths.
Is that ok with U?
Whilst child deaths from #COVID19 are thankfully uncommon, did you know that 1 child per week has been dying in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿for many weeks now?
Many 1000s of children have #LongCovid & 100s have lost parents or v close relatives.

Let those numbers sink in @RobbieRinder .
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As @BorisJohnson wakes, smug in the knowledge that he’s successfully confused/mislead & betrayed the 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿public yet again, we must sadly acknowledge that beyond this inward looking nation there are leaders who actually care, who put their ppl first.

@NicolaSturgeon is one of them.
Do read this🧵from @danielgoyal & tell others that there IS another way.

#LivingWithCovid a la Johnson means no longer living for some alive today & life-changing chronic symptoms for many others.

The non-COVID death toll will ⬆️ & pressure on the #NHS will become unmanageable.
I urge you to write to your MP, esp if they are @Conservatives, explain that a #VaccinesOnly strategy to will fail, has indeed already failed.

We need a MULTILAYERED #VaccinesPlus approach, & we need it URGENTLY.

Please do it today!
Thank you 🙏🏻💙

@10DowningStreet @sajidjavid
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Re: #Covid19 #Nightclubs #Coppers

Safer spaces should be re-purposed so that people can socialise at low risk. Crowding into basements & rooms with low ceilings is unnecessary & unsafe

Risk of super-spread is not about people, it’s about *places* 1/
Here’s a design idea from more than a year ago 2/
Some spacious places ~with high ceilings~ could be low risk by managing the number of people (yes, it can be calculated)

Some places are designed for high rates of ventilation, as smoke extraction (yes, this can be calculated too)

Some places that can add HEPA filtration 3/
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There are many layers to the #Covid19UK human catastrophe but IMO it’s all DELIBERATE @mrjamesob

Not even @BorisJohnson is so ignorant that he can’t understand the seriousness of what is currently unfolding.

The crux is - HE WANTS IT TO HAPPEN!

@sajidjavid @JonAshworth
If you were looking for the perfect foil for the #BrexitShambles & #NHSPrivatisation in one fell swoop AND you wanted to divert attention from the cronyism & corruption being uncovered every single day….you’d create as much chaos, fear & desperation as possible….
….carefully positioning your scapegoats (the EU/drs/nurses/teachers/refugees….

You’d allow #COVIDDisinformation to run riot, including from the @UKHSA (& conveniently replace #PHE), whilst churning out a #COVIDisOver narrative through a compliant media.
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The continual references to “with the benefit of hindsight” are simply not going to wash.

There are far too many of us who know EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED & tragically STILL IS.


@BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet @Conservatives @Jeremy_Hunt @SC_HealthSocial @Keir_Starmer
Mr Johnson may feel a degree of safety hidden away from scrutiny on holiday, but there are literally 1000s of us who’ve been begging for a pragmatic, intelligent & compassionate response to #COVID19UK - we will not go quietly!

@AppgCoronavirus @LaylaMoran @CarolineLucas
There’s only so much insensitive, offensive & ignorant bluster we will tolerate…HONESTY & ACCOUNTABILITY are needed now.

The buck stops at the doors of @10DowningStreet, or maybe a luxury villa in #Marbella🤔?

@sajidjavid @CovidJusticeUK @CMO_England @uksciencechief
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Many @Conservatives have given their support to @educationgovuk ‘s unconscionable #LetAllChildrenGetCovid “policy”.

They know there’ll be SIGNIFICANT COLLATERAL DAMAGE in the form of human suffering - Avoidable, preventable deaths, illness, #LongCovid & grief.

Dr Harries & the @UKHSA are clearly “on board” w/ the #LivingWithCovid strategy & our CMO & CSA are unable or unwilling to speak out to protect us.
Children, staff & families are being sacrificed to perpetuate the lie that schools are safe & keep parents at work.

See the attached thread w/ numerous smiley #Tory faces.

Without their support (& relentless #COVIDDisinformation) #UsForThem & #HART’s mission to remove all mitigations from UK schools may have failed.

@_johnbye @karamballes @cyclingkev @dgurdasani1 @Zubhaque
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1) Pre results from hospital's medical examiner indicate that Jorja had Covid myocarditis from #COVID19
We wrote to @hantsconnect to ask why schools were refusing to put donated CO2 monitors in schools -7th Sept -Ticket ID 104074873
2) On the 10th of Sept we received an email stating our enquiry had been passed to the "Assistant Director – Education & Inclusion"
We have yet to receive a response.

Our heart breaks for Jorja, her family & her community.
#Sept10❤️ #hampshire
3) We are aware of a #Hampshire school that refused the donation of #CO2monitors in favor of waiting for the same brand to arrive from @educationgovuk
They also told the family that their daughter would be "exposed to #COVID19 the same as all other viruses"
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1) "A change to the main list of #COVID19 symptoms is “in process” after months of inaction"@PHE_uk
"how can we expect families to know when to get their child tested, & when to stop sending them into school so that they then reduce
2) the risk of transmission"
LCK would like to see the 🇬🇧 #COVID19 symptom list align with the @CDCgov 🇺🇸 list which includes the symptoms that our families have been reporting since LCK started.

A source who used to work for #testandtrace highlights
3) that clinical caseworkers were identifying trends in the variability of symptoms in kids as far back as a couple of months after the service went live in 2020.
Concerns were fed back continuously but the guidance about what symptoms
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For anyone who hasn’t realised just how deep the #BackToNormal lunacy runs, take a look at some of the “nearly 50” @Conservatives who are actively supporting @UsforThemUK’s dangerous & irresponsible campaign to make 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿schools #COVID19 MITIGATION-FREE!

The ring-leader is @SteveBakerHW, of #CRG AND #ERG fame. Neither he or his #CRG mate @Mark_J_Harper appear to have any understanding of #airborne viral transmission.
Mr Harper’s clearly also a fan of the unscientific & reckless #LivingWithCovid mindset.

But it’d be unfair to give @halfon4harlowMP ALL the credit for causing unnecessary harm & suffering.

Several other high profile @Conservatives are members of the @UsforThemUK support group.

Some of the “usual suspects”-
@MPIainDS @SirGrahamBrady @DesmondSwayne @EstherMcVey1

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The thread from April👇🏼 is especially relevant as 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿schools reopen w/ almost ZERO MITIGATIONs to ⬇️#coronavirus transmission/protect people.

Sept 1st 21 -“numbers” many English ppl have become immune to, a stark reminder of a @Conservatives brutal #LivingWithCovid “policy”.
Almost 36,000 new cases.
842 hospital admissions.
207 deaths.

That is roughly 37,000 individuals/families affected by #COVID, yesterday alone!
And potentially 3,600 more cases of #LongCovid to boot!

This is what #LivingWithCovid looks like folks!

@sajidjavid @JonAshworth
And by pure coincidence this is what a lazy, ignorant, selfish, cruel & greedy “strategy” against a global pandemic looks like too.


This is the purest form of #SurvivalOfTheFittest, a plan so grotesque I didn’t think it possible in modern Britain.
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I’m hearing more people in Australia talk about wanting to "live with Covid", even though only 22% of the population is fully vaccinated. #LivingWithCovid (combined with low vaccination rates) means… 1/
Living with Covid (+ low vaccine rates) is:
- Delaying surgery for cancer, organ transplants, brain tumors
- waiting an hour to get an ambulance after heart attack
- turning medical emergency into a catastrophe, b/c the hospital is maxed out
- millions disabled with LongCovid 2/
Living with covid is not just the death count, it is 10-30% of so-called "mild" cases becoming permanently disabled with LongCovid, which can include debilitating neurological effects and constant pain. 3/…
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I’m not sure which bit of the #Covid_19 picture you’re missing #PrimeMinister but maybe listening to @mvankerkhove @WHO will help👇🏼?

YOUR CHOICES have made 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #COVID MITIGATION-FREE! An international pariah pursuing an unconscionable, unnecessary, unethical experiment!
Your idea of #LivingWithCovid will, WITHOUT QUESTION, result in MANY MORE AVOIDABLE DEATHS & countless cases of #LongCovid.
Young adults, pregnant women, CHILDREN….

Non-#COVID healthcare disrupted & delayed further.

Is that the aim?
@10DowningStreet @sajidjavid @Jeremy_Hunt
Please look at these charts/figures.
When schools/universities reopen in coming weeks, the situation will get far worse. Many students have had only 1💉, the majority of children will have had none.
Children & young ppl here have been thrown to the #COVID wolves @BorisJohnson
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I’m not sure who to report this to, but YET AGAIN @halfon4harlowMP, the CHAIR of @CommonsEd is OPENLY LINKING HIMSELF to #UsForThemUK who are #antimask #antivax, anti - ANY #COVID mitigation in schools.

This is NOT OK!

@LaylaMoran @AppgCoronavirus @ChildrensComm @NAHTnews
#UsForThemUK are linked to #CRG & other @Conservatives MPs, #HARTGroup & others, who’re relentlessly spreading #CovidDisinformation in the name of putting “children first”.

NO ONE who cares about the health & wellbeing of children should be promoting them.
They’re part of a web of ANTI-MITIGATION “campaigners” who want schools to open in Sept WITHOUT ANY PROTECTIONS against #COVID19 in place for 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿pupils, staff & families.

Every HT needs to know that the pupils in THEIR CARE, almost all of whom are unvaccinated, are NOT SAFE!
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Hello MSM👋 waiting for someone to expose the SCANDAL of #COVID19UK, our children & young ppl.

The web of players, the links to the #CRG & other @Conservatives MPs, @hartgroup_org, @UsforThemUK, #GreatBarringtonDeclaration advocates, @Telegraph @Daily_Express journalists……1/11
The relentless stream of #COVIDDisinformation, which has been supported & retweeted by a small group of “like minded” medical professionals who should know better.

I’ve absolutely no doubt that issues w/ 2nd vaccines for 18-30yr olds & the pause on 12-18yr old 💉s are linked.
Is it too cynical to believe that withholding full vaccination of the <30s & not vaccinating even CV/CEV 12-18yr olds during the summer holidays is related to a desire to INCREASE #coronavirus TRANSMISSION as part of the #HerdImmunityByInfection “strategy”……with a NOVEL VIRUS!!
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Actually @rwjdingwall there are many choices along the way to #HerdImmunity

1) How many deaths & ppl w/ long term debilitating illness we allow as collateral damage?

2) How much we are prepared to invest in the health/safety of school children & the general working public?🧵
3) How much we are prepared to invest in adequate public health services & how clear/informative the vital messaging should be?

4) How much we value the lives of ALL UK citizens whether they’re young, old, poor, of BAME origin, disabled, living in deprived areas/on low incomes?
5) How much individuals are prepared to tolerate for the good of communities & how patient they are able to be?

6) How much we wish to work collectively to protect others by continuing to #WearAMask, get a vaccine etc rather than demanding “#Freedom”.

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ℹ️ NEW

The Government's 5 Level #LivingWithCovid plan has been released.…

"for most of the country, today brings some good news... For 25 counties, pubs will open on September 21st... For one county, it's a little different."
"The situation in our capital is worrying... and has deteriorated."

Varadkar says if this continues, it will be hard to keep virus out of our hospitals, nursing homes and factories.
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208 new cases confirmed by Department of Health.

No new deaths reported.

108 of today's cases in Dublin.

#COVID19 @VirginMediaNews
➡️ 98 are men / 110 are women
➡️ 62% are under 45 years of age
➡️ 33% associated with outbreaks or close contacts of a confirmed case.
➡️ 18 cases - community transmission.
108 in Dublin.

18 in Louth.
12 in Donegal.
10 in Meath.
9 in Kildare.
8 in Waterford.
7 in Cork.
6 in Limerick.
6 in Wexford.

24 cases are located in Carlow, Cavan, Clare, Galway, Kilkenny, Laois, Longford, Mayo, Roscommon, Tipperary, Westmeath and Wicklow.
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Folks, this #CoronavirusOutbreak is no joke. I’ll give you occasional updates, tweeting from “Above the Hospital Bed,” about how serious #COVID19 aka #coronavirus can be. Think of this as #LatsCovid19Journal, my thoughts on #LivingWithCovid. [Thread]
A bit about me: I’m a generally healthy, 44-year-old male, 153 lbs. (surely less now), 5’7”, no drugs , rarely drink, no health conditions other than exercise-induced asthma, which I manage with an inhaler. #COVID19 #coronavirus #LatsCovid19Journal
I completed the NYC Marathon twice - not the greatest times, but I did - and even now that I can’t run much (knees post-40), each week I still walk 25 miles and go to at least 3 high-intensity interval training classes at the gym. #LatsCovid19Journal #COVID19
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