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Two words you’ll never read in Blacklock’s Reporter: “sources say”. Canada’s only media outlet focussed on document journalism. Tuesday, August 24, 2021… 1/4
• ACCESS TO INFORMATION #cdnfoi: Justice Department spends $15K/week fighting Residential School claim
• EMAILS: Digital Services Minister questioned feds' reliance on #China contractors for 90% of Covid supplies when #Taiwan one of world’s largest producers of #PPE
• STATISTICS CANADA: Canadians used #CERB cheques to pay off $16.6 billion in credit card debt
• COMMISSIONER OF ELECTIONS: Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland faces #CPC complaint over misleading social media post tagged by Twitter
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The first European visitors to #Secwepemc territory in 1793 encountered a socioeconomic system that had sustained itself and the land for at least 4,000 years. The territory was rich in plant and animal life.
The #Secwepemc participated in an extensive pre-colonial trade network that extended southwest along the American west coast and southeast to the Great Plains.
Secwepemc maintained an extensive system of trade routes used to transport goods within Secwepemcul’ecw and exchange with neighbouring nations. Many of those routes would be expropriated and exploited for colonialist infrastructure, including the #TransMountain pipeline.
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Targets that need protested in 2021 #MayDay2021 #PortlandProtests
Financiers of #KeystoneXL #TransMountain #DAPL #BayouBridge & #Line3 pipelines
Wellsfargo, Chase, Bank of America, Barclays
@MazaskaTalks #StopLine3 #NoTMX #NoDAPL #IndigenousSovereignty #HonorTheEarth 1/
-Amazon Web Services and Microsoft contract with ICE to provide cloud services, data processing and AI
-Aramark provides shitty food to prisons, including private prisons ran by ICE.
-Wayfair provides beds for detained migrants. #MayDay #AbolishICE 2/…
@G4S helped detain, transport and deport migrants & involved in Israeli occupation of Palestine until recently. Still operate private prisons, and train Israeli police. Contract with City of Portland and @trimet. @AlliedUniversal is merging with G4S 3/
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@kurtisbaute 1. Pipelines are the safest way to transport the oil/gas that we all rely on, including yourself.

2. Standing in the way of this project only helps countries with weaker standards for human rights.

3. #TMX has overwhelming support from #Indigenous communities, which you ignore.
@kurtisbaute 4. #TransMountain has been studied and reviewed for years, and it won approval according to our stringent regulatory and legal processes.

5. Canada is a global leader in resource governance, ranking 4th overall and leading top oil exporting jurisdictions.
@kurtisbaute 6. There are 6,000+ women and men working on this project, who want to support their families. Who are you to tell them they can’t?

7. Canada has been the only top oil exporter to the USA and global top oil reserve holder with carbon pricing, since 2007.
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This year, two of the MDs whose scholarly work on #climate I most admire, Dr Robin Stott (who wrote about his arrest in @TheLancet), & @SFU's @ttakaro, have engaged in nonviolent civil disobedience to protest our unconscionable lack of action to protect the health of children.
Dr @ttakaro took to the trees to block construction of #TMX after yrs of writing reports re the lack of a proper health impact assessment on #Transmountain Pipeline.
++ support by MD leaders on panel.
How did he decide to do this? Framework at link. @UBC…
❤️@margotparkes' slide showing a key shift: from an egocentric approach to humanity's relationship with the rest of the natural world, to one where we are in relationship with the rest of the ecosystem.
#ecohealth @planetaryhealth @TheLancetPlanet @UBCFamPractice
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BREAKING: Today we joined 140+ groups representing 24 million people to call on @LibertyMutual @ChubbNA @AIGinsurance & other #TransMountain insurers to drop the climate-destroying, rights-violating pipeline: Image
Take action to make Trans Mountain uninsurable. Demand that @LibertyMutual @ChubbNA drop the pipeline here:
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The TransMountain pipeline, which we all own against our will, has leaked 190,000 litres of crude oil over an aquifer in Abbotsford, BC. ca/news/canada/british-columbia/trans-mountain-pipeline-spill-abbotsford-150000-190000-litres-1.5611973 #bcpoli #cdnpoli
I realize the news is overwhelming at the moment, with critical issues like #BlackLivesMatter, #policebrutality & #Covid19 but it seems important to keep watching oil & gas & the stealth deforestation of BC that races ahead while we look elsewhere #bcpoli
..Engineer friend on the #TMX spill: "Just disgusted to see that #TransMountain leak over an aquifer at Abbotsford. Even more disgusted at Trudeau and Morneau for buying that pipeline, which was already past its shelf life..." #bcpoli #cdnpoli
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The #transmountain pipeline oil spill this weekend raises numerous questions about the safety of the existing pipe and the planned expansion THREAD/
Every company says "its contained and small" at the beginning of the oil spill. They are usually wrong. Drone footage is showing that its not contained to the facility, oil is spilling into a farmers field 2/
This oil spill is just above the Abbotsford Sumas aquifer where there are 19 public/city drinking water wells and numerous farm wells. It is also close to the Sumas River habitat for 5 species of salmon 3/
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A reminder, heavy crude and light crude occupy different niches in the global market and outside our bottle-necked supply chain, heavy oil has mostly maintained its price point while light crude has spiraled. This makes a stronger case for #TransMountain #bcpoli #cdnpoli
Right now MAYA (a heavy crude chemically similar to WCS) is trading at almost $8/barrel higher that WTI while WCS is less than half the MAYA price.

Were #transmountain completed and shipping, those Alberta barrels would be worth over twice their current price. #bcpoli #canpoli

MAYA is $41.16
WCS is $15.73

Difference $25.43

Line 2 of @TransMtn would carry 540,000 b/d

That is $13,732,200 of additional value lost TODAY!!!!

or $5 Billion per year!!!!

That is $5 Billion not generating royalties or value
#bcpoli #abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
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(1/4) 31 vagones portant #petrol in li provincie de #Saskatchewan in #Canada (proxim li borgo de #Guernsey) ha derelat e 12 inter ili sta in flammes. Li fume del explosion fortiat li habitantes del borgo fugir al proxim borgo #Lanigan. li transporte de

#Occidental #Interlingue Image
(2/4) petrol per #tren es un topic de controverse in Canada pro que li pluparte del productores de petrol usa relvias pro li manca de oleoductes e vell preferer usar oleoductes vice relvias, queles transporte minu grand quantitás e derela facilmen. Contra to, altres crede que Image
(3/4) Canada ne mey usar ni relvias, ni piplineas, ma li usation de relvias ne posse esser impedit pro que ili es juristicmen federal. Interim, li construction de un piplinea sovente have li partiprension de provincies, comunités #autocton etc. e es facilmen impedit. Talmen li Image
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PM announced #TransMountain pipeline would be built ‘no matter what’ & admitted on camera it was a ‘deal’ w/ Alberta. Then proceeded to ‘consult’. Now Court has said that ‘consultation’ was ‘adequate’ despite outstanding concerns & opposition from First Nations #cdnpoli THREAD 1/
Canada is broken. We claim to be pursuing reconciliation with indigenous peoples but instead we are forcing them to court or to the blockades if they disagree. 2/
This decision is heartbreaking. The @tsleilwaututh & @SquamishNation have been working tirelessly to get our country to acknowledge their rights and the climate science, risks of oil spills & other safety & health risks.our refusal to listen to them weakens our Nation. 4/
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A UN human rights body has called on Canada to halt construction of the #TransMountain pipeline, #SiteC and the #CGL pipeline (thread)
The Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination has issued an “Early Warning and Urgent Action Procedure,” ( and requests that construction of these projects cease immediately, unless free prior and informed consent is achieved; 2/
The UN expresses concern that these large-scale industrial projects “may cause irreparable harm to indigenous peoples rights, culture, lands, territories and way of life”; 3/
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#BREAKING a new coalition is forming to demand the federal government release the true costs of the #TransMountain pipeline.

We’re #live at @UBCIC at #StopTMX #cdnpoli #ClimateJustice Image
Eugene Kung from @WCELaw discusses how it is harder to get access to information about the pipeline now that it is federally owned.

How is the Canadian government less transparent than a Texas-based pipeline corporation? #TMX #cdnpoli Image
“There is a good chance this pipeline will never be paid off” and the Canadian taxpayer will be left to deal the costs.

Sounds like a solid economic move in the middle of a #ClimateCrisis, huh? 🙃🤦‍♀️ Image
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A #FixTheWEO *THREAD* on how the @IEA is still boosting fossil fuels & acting as an obstacle on #climate with #WEO19.

TL;DR: It fails the biggest test – charting an energy road map to staying within 1.5°C, when that is a key to survival for millions of people. 1/
@IEA First things first: Why care? As Andrew Logan @CeresNews put it: "The @IEA is effectively creating its own reality. They project ever-increasing demand for fossil fuels, which in turn justifies greater investments in supply." 2/…
@IEA @CeresNews When the world's 'gold standard' of energy analysis gives central billing to a 3°C scenario, @IEA normalizes a path we can't afford to take rather than focusing attention on the path we urgently need to pursue ➡️ below 1.5°C. 3/…
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Dear .@Cathmckenna yesterday I allowed my rage to take over when I saw both you & .@JustinTrudeau tweeting about #GretaThunberg & #climatestrikecanada #ClimateStrike.

Your work & this moment in history deserves more compassionate & thoughtful response, so here it is: THREAD
@cathmckenna @JustinTrudeau I admire your strength & commitment and as a woman who is attacked & threatened for my work I appreciate what you have been going through.

As a Canadian I also appreciate the coal phase out, the price on pollution & other elements of your climate platform but.../2

@cathmckenna @JustinTrudeau I knocked on doors in the last elxn to help this govt get elected b/c I was so horrified by the lost decade of climate inaction in Canada under the Harper govt & I believed you when you promised prorep, climate test for pipelines, stronger targets science based policy & UNDRIP/3
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1/ Maybe you knew the #TransMountainPipeline was a bad deal. But were you aware of the sheer scope of the damage it’s going to cause in frontline communities and to the environment? Watch the press conference we just held based on new research:…
2/ Whether you’re looking to learn more about #TransMountain or want the inside scoop on how to stop this #pipeline *wink wink* this latest report has everything you need. #cdnpoli…
3/ Head to one of the links above to get the whole scoop, but here are the top lines:
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The thing to recognize when dealing with the anti-#transmountain people is that they love the bait and switch argument. This piece by David Hughes and promoted by @ElizabethMay is a classic example… #bcpoli #cdnpoli #canpoli @sjmuir #GPC #NOpipeline 1/
In the piece Mr. Hughes discusses the difference in price between heavy oil in the Gulf and Heavy oil in Asia to argue the @TransMtn is not useful. Except Alberta can't get its oil in volume to the Gulf Coast either #bcpoli #cdnpoli #canpoli #GPC #NOpipeline 2/
So the price comparison is totally irrelevant, he may as well be comparing the price of Alberta oil to the price of apples. What matters is what Alberta is getting for its oil at Hardisty. Compare that to the Asian price #bcpoli #cdnpoli #canpoli #GPC #NOpipeline 3/
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So, here's what is puzzling me. People are upset today about the pipeline getting approved. I get that. Governments should have begun heavily investing in the transition to green energies 20 or 30 years ago. Things would be radically different now if they had. #cdnpoli 1/25
However, here we are. We have much of our infrastructure still dependent on fossil fuels. We have a lot of people still dependent on fossil fuels for their livelihood. Approving #transmountain while committing all profits towards transitioning to renewables was a compromise 2/25
The government is in a very difficult situation here. There are conflicting demands from different groups of Canadians, demands that cannot be met fully on either side without causing hardship on the opposite side. 3/25
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BREAKING: Despite BC court loss, opposition to #TransMountain Pipeline remains strong — more than 26,000 have pledged to do "whatever it takes" to stop the pipeline…
“British Columbians remain deeply opposed to the #TransMountainPipeline and the risks of a devastating oil spill that come with it. We know Premier Horgan remains committed to protecting the BC coast and he will continue to use every tool in his toolbox to achieve that goal.”
“The fight over the #TransMountainPipeline is far from over. People care deeply about protecting the BC coast, and if @JustinTrudeau tries to restart construction, another wave of protests is guaranteed to greet him every time he comes across the Rocky Mountains to BC.”
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BREAKING: RCMP arrive at Westridge terminal to arrest 71yo @grandpa_protest Terry Christenson, who climbed a tree 28+ hours ago to protest #TransMountainPipeline & send message to @JustinTrudeau that thousands will not stand by & let pipeline get built. #noTMX #cdnpoli #bcpoli
@grandpa_protest @JustinTrudeau “I’m more afraid of climate change than I am of jail, and I’m willing to risk arrest to send a message to @JustinTrudeau: Canada shouldn’t be building more dirty pipelines." -71yo Terry Christenson @grandpa_protest #notmx #transmountain #cdnpoli #bcpoli
@grandpa_protest @JustinTrudeau "The Trans Mountain Pipeline doesn’t have the consent of many of the First Nations it passes through, and thousands of people, including myself, aren’t going to stand by and let it get built." -71yo Terry Christenson @grandpa_protest #notmx #transmountain #cdnpoli #bcpoli
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To address the spate of let's call it "interesting" analysis about gas prices in BC from @MarcLeeCCPA a quick thread about the refined fuel situation on the coast and #transmountain's effects on gas prices @keithbaldrey @robynallan #bcpoli #vanpoli @sjmuir @nbennett_biv 1/
As we all know BC uses about 192,000 barrels per day of refined fuel with Prkland providing about 33% of our gas and 30% of the jet fuel. The #Transmountain supplies most of the remaining refined fuel but it cannot supply everything we need #bcpoli #vanpoli
As a consequence we import about 30,000 bpd from the Americans. This number is from the Canadian Fuels Association and is corroborated by the US EIA. According to the EIA #bpoli #vanpoli 3/
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A thread about common myths about the #transmountain:

heavy crude is a fungible commodity and blocking #TMX will do nothing to affect oil demand all it will do is move demand to suppliers with lower environmental standards and higher per barrel GHG emissions #bcpoli #cdnpoli 1/
When activists say it is about protecting the Southern Resident Killer Whales, remember the #NEB was not allowed to consider how the #TMX reduces threats to the SRKWs from the American side of the border… #bcpoli #transmountain 2/
What does getting the number of tankers in US waters down mean to the SRKWs? It might improve access to feeding grounds by restoring Rosario Strait to their habitat. Currently they avoid that area, likely due to US tankers… #bcpoli #transmountain 3/
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Today the Canadian National Energy Board recommended that the #TransMountain pipeline expansion should go forward, even after they found it would be harmful to Southern Resident #orcas, increase greenhouse gas emissions and worsen global #climatechange.…
.@EcologyWA has submitted concerns about the pipeline’s impact to our shared international waters. I continue to stand with them and urge the Canadian government to reconsider.…
We have a good working relationship with Canada and the B.C. province, where we recently reiterated our support for shifting our region to a #cleanenergy economy. Now is the time to protect our #orcas and combat #climatechange, not invest in long-term fossil fuel infrastructure.
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Dear @JustinTrudeau & Cabinet, if you inappropriately direct staff to “find a way to get to Yes no matter what” like government whistleblowers told us you did in 2016 or rush a decision once again ignoring indigenous rights, climate, Orcas & opposition of 19 BC municipalities 1/
We will meet you on the campaign trail this year and expose your broken promises & unethical behaviour, we will meet you in the streets, on the mountain and in court. 2/
The NEB is actually recommending you ignore irreversible impacts & potentially the complete demise of Southern resident killer whales. The NEB actually acknowledges the rise in GHG’s and recommends you ignore it. That’s not in the public interest 3/
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