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There are no #libertarians in a bank run. No sooner had VCs whipped each other into a terrified Twitter frenzy at the collapse of #SVB - a collapse caused by that frenzy - than the #AynRand-poisoned elites started begging for Uncle Sucker for handouts:

1/ A vast castle surrounded by a stately brick wall bearing an
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Now, on the one hand, it's easy to dismiss these guys as very, very, very stupid. After all, they played a game of #PrisonersDilemma in which they were allowed to talk to each other as much as they wanted - and they still sold each other out:… 3/
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@UnrollHelper @IntlCrimCourt @FRANCE24 @threadreaderapp #Putin visits #Crimea on anniversary of its annexation from Ukraine |-3h
@UnrollHelper @IntlCrimCourt @FRANCE24 @threadreaderapp #US threatens to #arrest #ICC #judges if they pursue Americans for #Afghan #WarCrimes | 10/09/2018
- #WhiteHouse Nat Sec Advisor J. #Bolton called the #Hague-based rights body "unaccountable" and "outright #dangerous" to the #US, #Israel and other #allies… Image
@UnrollHelper @IntlCrimCourt @FRANCE24 @threadreaderapp #US #bars entry to #ICC investigators, says '#attacking #America's #RuleOfLaw' | 15/03/2019
- “The ICC is attacking America’s '#RuleOfLaw',” #Pompeo told reporters. “It’s not too late for the court to change course and we urge that it do so immediately.”… Image
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#AdaniGroup #adaniports #ADANIENT #ambuja
The real story
Every one in the media is taking about #Adani and it’s valuation, damage done by #HindenbergResearch Having headed Institutional broking business and being on board of think tanks puts several different questions
Now this is what we have seen, complete damage now let me try to break it up in simple language as I perceive, the RL perspective
Let me start with a quote
"The shooter is someone different from the arrow." - RL
#HindenbergResearch #Hindenburg is an arrow no point in talking
About the arrow, except for the fact
According to the report of the Financial Times, Hindenburg Research was founded by Nathan Anderson. He is from Jerusalem. He has studied International Business Management from the Connecticut University of America so let’s start with Israel
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"The Welcome 5 " by Johnny Vedomore…

publishing date 08/02/2022

Spooky 🪄.. #222 let's have a look..
From article:

"The Wellcome Trust .. was initially entirely funded by income from Burroughs Wellcome, an early pharmaceutical giant which had been pioneers of medical technologies still used today. The trust would later be renamed in the UK as the Wellcome Foundation Ltd. "..
Company number 00194814

One of the first names listed is American Philip Tracy…
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1/22. Back in June, I did a snarky tweet on #Harvard Endowment's asset allocation on the eve of the GBB (Great Bubble Burst). At the time, I thought Harvard was an outlier: I was wrong! IMHO, Ivy portfolios will become clusterf*ck central in the GBB.

2/22. Let's prepare the groundwork. We head off first to the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) for their 2021 annual endowment study.…
3/22. So the 720 colleges in their survey have $821 billion in endowment assets, which have grown 35% in one year. Not bad!
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One of the many issues I have with the #Yale paper on #sanctions effects is their take on Russian FX reserves, which the authors claim are "bleeding out fast". The chart is in dollars, the reserves are not. The dollar appreciated by 10%. You do the math! 🤷 ImageImage
Will use this thread for more minor issues in the #Yale paper. Not crucial, but corroborates overall impression:
- 725bcm is Russia's total, not Gazprom.
- gas dependency chart is based on secondary source (ING), not the latest Gazprom data.
- the 83% "Europe" includes Turkey. ImageImage
For some reason, the #Yale paper claims that Power of Siberia was financed by China, while in fact it was fully financed by Gazprom. 🤔 ImageImage
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Kudos 👏 to the 15 faculty members @Yale who co-signed this ⬇️ powerful statement in support of #Jewish, #Zionist & #Israeli students & post docs on the campus. Incredibly important to see professors 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫 standing up and speaking out like this!! #academia…
Key takeaway: whether it’s at #Yale or USC, CUNY, UPenn or any number of other 🇺🇸 universities, it’s increasingly faculty in #STEM fields who are speaking out against campus #Antisemitism & the ostracism, harassment of #Jewish, #Zionist, #Israeli students & junior professionals.
We are incredibly fortunate to have these faculty as members in our growing network @TheAENetwork and look forward to continuing to support their efforts & hard work to improve the campus climate for Jewish & all students! #DiversityandInclusion #academia
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That Daily Mail article is a whole other level of 'special'..

And the Clinton Global Initiative is back in the news

What's next, Killary? Image
Proof that the Maxwell trial is a psyop?.. we had LIVE coverage of the Depp-Heard 'trial' but only artist impressions of Ghislaine during hers.. when last did you see an actual photo of Ms Maxwell?…
Ghislaine's father was a TRIPLE agent for the UK, Israel and Russia

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As many as 3-5% of admitted students at these elite Universities were under-qualified and over-privileged, given spots to leverage fundraising.

Lots of these schools barely have 5% Black students and TT faculty. #AcademicChatter #highereducation #highered
The other 15 universities in the lawsuit are @Brown, Cal Tech, Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, #Dartmouth, Emory, Georgetown, #MIT, #Northwestern, Notre Dame, Penn, Rice, Vanderbilt and #Yale.

Perhaps economically challenged superstar students will take their talents elsewhere.
I have *never* believed the racial #AffirmativeAction hype they tried to sell—that these alumni admits and full pay, overprivileged AA kids were smarter than we were. Please. Years of teaching affirm that under-resourced students can be so much smarter and more interesting too.
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THREAD: This week I am in @reason Magazine with a feature on ‘The Second Great Age of Political Correctness.’ By the mid-90s “PC” had become a joke, derided across the political spectrum See: the (not good) Jeremy Piven movie PCU. 1/14…
Many students stopped calling it “PC,” but the trend it described didn’t disappear, it just went off the public radar in the “ignored years” of campus #freespeech. During that time problems persisted & got worse. 2/14
Stanford’s infamous speech code banning insults & stigmatization was struck down in court in 1995, one of a half dozen losses for speech codes, but they STILL proliferated. By 2009 74% of universities had extremely restrictive speech codes. 3/14
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Meanwhile in #Ithaca, NY
#Cornell University is asking students to vacate buildings right away due to an unknown danger
More: Multiple buildings are being evacuated at #Columbia University in NY due to a reported bomb threat.
A person on Twitter wrote, " My partner and I have placed 40 IED explosives on your campus."
More on #Columbia University:
The user who made bomb threats to Columbia University, his Twitter account has been suspended.
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We issued the following statement this a.m. on the @UHC-@zackcooperYale-@Yale #surprisemedicalbill "research" scandal.

Read here ➡️

To ensure that forthcoming #NoSurprisesAct regs are implemented fairly and to protect #patients nationwide, we will...
...continue to shine a bright light on this trickery.

According to our President Christopher Sheeron, "We have long believed that this #Yale study, and several others that have shaped this debate over the past several years, was blatantly concocted out of the public eye by...
...insurers. Rose Adams' unveiling of this nasty truth is welcomed enthusiastically by #patients, #hospitals, #physicians, and many others who are sick of the #health #insurance industry's dirty tricks.

"As regulators at #HHS, #CMS, and other federal agencies continue...
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1/🧵 Why have #COVID19 hospital admissions skyrocketed? 🗣
The virus’s spike protein acts like VELCRO in our airway. #DeltaVariant has modified the #SpikeProtein to make it SUPER-VELCRO. When exposed, you’re way more apt to get infected.
#Yale Press:
2/ “In a completely unmitigated environment—where no one is vaccinated or wearing masks—the average person infected with original coronavirus will infect 2.5 others. In the same environment, #Delta infects >4 other people & grows more quickly.”
3/ Additionally, once the infection takes root in you (most often a person NOT #vaccinated), it has modified itself to increase viral shedding 1000X (ie, 1,000 virions for every 1 that was shed with original SARS-CoV-2.
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One example of transitional Military-Civilian Fusion:
June 29-30 2017, Xiangshan Science Conference hosted the 600th conference: Bioaerosols and Human Health, National Bio-security as well as Air Pollution.
1/ What is Xiangshan Science Conference?
Researchers from #PLA;
Researchers from universities and institutes;

Researchers from other countries:
Jordan Peccia - #Yale
Lidia Morawska - Queensland University of Technology & #WHO
Sergey Grinshpun - University of Cincinnati
Prof. Maosheng Yao, keynote speaker on the 600th conference. He is a professor of #PekingUniversity and the head of Bioaerosol Laboratory at Peking University. In the meantime, he is also a guest professor of #AMMS issued by Wuchun Cao.
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Interview du prof @VirusesImmunity #Akiko #Iwasaki #yale
Question : si le virus échappait à l’immunité du vaccin, serait il nécessaire de repasser par toute une phase d’approbation pour refaire un nouveau #vaccin #ARNm
Pr AI : je ne suis pas certaine qu’il fasse refaire toute l’homologation, je pense qu’il suffit de remplacer la séquence à ARN et de relancer la production de vaccin. La nouvelle version devra peut-être être testée sur un petit groupe de personnes mais je
ne suis pas certaine. Chaque nouveau vaccin devra être probablement approuvé par des autorités réglementaires.
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tw: child abuse, spiders

#Yale just did a study, passed by their ethics committee, which literally measured 'distress' in autistic children by frightening them with Halloween masks, large mechanical spiders, and strangers encroaching in their personal space #AttendLessFearMore
Not only this, but they then tried to defend it when the autistic community expressed outrage whilst blocking the Twitter user who leaked the paper, followed by them removing the paper from the link so that people can no longer see for themselves what they did #AttendLessFearMore
A single traumatic moment in childhood can have a lasting effect and is often the basis of phobias. This is especially true for autistic people. The researchers who claimed to be concerned about anxiety in autistic people have potentially created that anxiety #AttendMoreFearLess
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As PI, I am looking to hire two full-time, full-stack experienced #python developers for #quantum #computing for an exciting and growing project I started and lead here with a wonderful and growing team based out of New York.

MAIN POST: (see...
requirements here)
Second post:

Required Technical and Professional ...
* Must have strong python developer skills (6+ years)
* Must have strong knowledge of object-oriented software design principles

Preferred Technical and Professional ...
* Quantum physics background and education
* Some experience with physics or engineering simulations

Ideal to know: defining abstractions & interfaces, PEP8, linting, magic methods in python, github, software design principles, rapid prototyping speed, demonstrated ...
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Harvey A Risch, éminent épidémiologiste de #Yale

#Hydroxychloroquine + #azithromycine : "Ces médicaments doivent être largement disponibles et promus immédiatement pour que les médecins puissent les prescrire précocement"…

⬇️ 1/8
"5 études, dont 2 essais cliniques contrôlés, ont démontré une efficacité importante du traitement ambulatoire par #Hydroxychloroquine + #azithromycine."

"La 1ere étude de HCQ + AZ a été contrôlée mais non randomisée ou en aveugle, et a impliqué 42 patients à Marseille"

⬇️ 2/8
"...Cette étude a été critiquée pour divers motifs qui ne sont pas pertinents pour la science, mais la critique la plus saillante est le manque de randomisation dans les groupes de contrôle et de traitement..."

⬇️ 3/8
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Starting a series on clinical Pearls I am gathering in #COVID19 patients based on experiences of many experts

Will add as we go along

Feel free to add your own observations/experiences

#covidclinicalpearls /1
Anosmia is likely the most specific #COVID19 related symptom
30% of patients have anosmia as their 1st symptom
#covidclinicalpearls /2
Around 90% of patients have fever.
50% maybe afebrile at the time of presentation
Fever tends to be very resistant to routine measures in hospitalized patients
There is no consensus that NSAIDs are to be avoided in #COVID2019 patients

#covidclinicalpearls /3
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reorganizing the #tamu #cognizant irony (see fig.1) posted yesterday night for better readability, American ppl deserve to know what the outsourcing companies are doing to their jobs before #s386 is sneaked in by @SenMikeLee . #s386 is SIMPLY UNAMERICAN! #nos386 #reliefact
Now all #s386 supporters who refuse public hearing, give a proper reason why #cognizant is preferring ppl from 1000 ranked oversea schools over US top engr universities like #tamu. If it happens for #tamu, it can happen to #harvard #mit #yale once #s386 passed. #NoS386!!!
For short, outsourcing companies would rather hire anyone than smart native American grads! And senate is acting as a rubber stamped for their interests? #s386 MUST BE STOPPED!!!#NoS386 @SenatorDurbin @SenHawleyPress @SenatorRounds @MarshaBlackburn @SenGillibrand @ChuckGrassley
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Anteayer Trump tuiteaba que Google manipuló de 2,6 millones a 16 millones de votos a favor de Hillary Clinton en las elecciones de 2016.
Hillary Clinton respondió ayer, afirmando que el estudio mencionado estaba desacreditado y que estaba basado en 21 votantes indecisos.
El autor del estudio, el psicólogo Robert Epstein, anunció también ayer que respondería en detalle, pero adelantó que Clinton mentía, y confirmaba otro dato que daba Trump al reconocerse partidario de Clinton.
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Why did IVY admit most of younger generation of regimes around the world?

The most ridiculous thing is that they were all rewarded with full scholarship when the worthy Americans had no money to attend IVY.


According to the exposé of Guo WenGui on April 13,2018

Yang JiChi loves popping cherries! He is a scum of the radical cadre and a possible pedophile. CCP is a gang of #pedophiles.

2018/4/13爆料 杨洁篪恋处女癖 不奇怪 中共都是恋童癖 不然怎么幼儿园那么多人被性侵
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