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#1 Media Brainwashing is true and dangerous!
Today is the judgement day for #Sterlite!
No activists were able to produce a single evidence against the company but they successfully managed to brainwash public through social media that copper causes cancer and people are dying!
#2 Vikatan is hosting an award ceremony to honour the YouTube channel #Blacksheep for campaigning against #Sterlite ! The videos are full of misinformation sugarcoated with Tamizhan emotions.
Look what else they campaign for

Urban naxals?
#3 Vikatan has also honoured the families of the 13 died during the protest. When there is a CBI Investigation going on, they made their own conclusion that the Factory and govt was the one behind it whereas fisherman community has declared that "Makkal adhigaram" is the reason
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In the following threads I'll try to discuss the links between Dravidian-Missionary Nexus, expose the links between the so called NGOs and #BreakingIndia Brigade, how they plan to derail all developmental projects mostly in the State of #TamilNadu
While in reality most of know that there's much more to the #Tuticorin protests, much of it was not highlighted by the Left leaning Media. The Church seems to have led the media by the nose in helping build a Congress-Communist narrative that dragged the Namo Govt into this
The coverage by the national media of the protests in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, against Vedanta’s copper smelting plant has been injudicious, based on hearsay and without application of mind. A narrative has been parroted without critical Examination. It's true that few were shot
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Check out how Fake Activism has fueled #BreakingIndia forces targeting #Sterlite! Follow this thread for the latest Updates about #Sterlite Copper!
After the May 22nd incident , TN Govt ordered permanent closure of #Sterlite without providing any opportunity to the alleged for reasoning. This knee jerk reaction from TN govt was supported by TNPCB by issuing a notice of closure without stating the actual scientific reasons
Sterlite later went on challenging TN Govt and TNPCB for the permanent closure of the plant! Principle or Natural justice was clearly denied to the company, purely to gain and mislead the sentiment of Tamil people in order to win vote banks
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ஸ்டெர்லைட் ஆலையை பற்றிய வதந்திகளுக்கு முற்றுப்புள்ளி வைக்கும் நேரம் வந்து விட்டது. ஆதாரங்கள் இங்கு... #STERLITE
ஸ்டெர்லைட் ஆலையில் பணிபுரியும் ஊழியர் என்ற முறையில் உண்மையை உங்களுக்கு தெரிய படுத்தும் கடமையும் என்ககு உள்ளது. எங்கள் ஆலை உலக அளவில் மிக சிறந்த தொழில்நுட்பம் கொண்டு இயங்கும் ஆலை. #STERLITE
ஸ்டெர்லைட் ஆலை மேம்படுத்தப்பட வழிமுறைகளின் மூலம் தண்ணீரை மறுசுழற்சி செய்து தண்ணீரை முறுஉபயோகப்படுத்துகிறது. 2011 ஆம் ஆண்டு NEERI நடத்திய ஆய்வில் #sterlite யை கழிவு நீர் வெளியேற்றாத ஆலை (ZERO LIQUID DISCHARGE) என அங்கீகரித்துள்ளது .
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I'm an year old employee of Sterlite copper.If I'm spending my weekend on Twitter to write about #STERLITE, it's not because of my pay hike(I'm not covered under appraisal yet) or the loyalty (I'm GenY and I can get job anywhere else) but simply because I believe in truth!
Being said that, we employees have tried our best possible to bring out the other side of story in Twitter about the #Sterliteprotest. Here we have come to our final stage.Aug 7th is going to be the final judgement! We are going to share all the #MythVsFacts here.
Nuetral Twitter users can go through and our technical experts shall explain you in case of any queries. We request you all the amplify this with maximum RT and save one good industry which have been contributing to major copper demand in India! Support us only if you believe in!
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Very interesting. To Sampath Kumar's tweet the response is @IamRajii responds "You see who the author is? And you see the publication? Please don't bring an article written by the opposition party to validate the company's worth"
I clicked on the link to the article.…
Especially this part... Nityanand Jayaraman. Very Indian name is it not?
I checked who this Nityanand is by clicking on Twitter handle. The name is "Daren Jarry" Who has not tweeted yet.
And there is a link to Daren Jarry. It is this. ,A website with advertisement to make money. And that is not all. There is one follower of Daren I know. Who is it? #Dhanya
Now I am very intrigued by @IamRajii 's comment especially "opposition party"
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