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#Graphene in '#vaccines.'
Who is Pablo Campra #Madrid, the scientist who directs the research? | 07 Jul 2021
- Pablo Campra Madrid , a graduate in biology, a doctorate in chemical sciences and a full professor at the University of Almería #SoyUAL
Recent progress of #GrapheneOxide as a potential '#vaccine' #carrier and #adjuvant | Aug 2020
- functionalized graphene oxide serves as a vaccine #carrier and shows significant adjuvant activity in activating cellular and humoral immunity.
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Intermittent fasting (IF) diets are worse for your blood sugar and blood pressure, new meta-analysis finds. Image
In yesterday's post I discussed a large-scale study showing that IF diets are no better for fat loss than other diets, given the same macronutrient intakes. Many people are aware of this now, but many people still practice IF diets for their proposed health benefits.
A new meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials finds that intermittent energy restriction diets are actually not healthier than diets with constant energy restriction.
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Thyroid hormones regulate liver enzymes via thyroid hormone receptors. When the liver is steatotic, hepatic thyroid hormone receptors don’t respond effectively. This results in an intrahepatic hormonal milieu where the liver is essentially hypothyroid. #livertwitter #endotwitter
Thyroid hormone receptor-β plays a key role in hepatic homeostasis including:
✅De novo lipogenesis
✅Fatty acid β-oxidation
✅Mitochondrial biogenesis
✅Cholesterol metabolism
✅Carbohydrate metabolism
#livertwitter #endotwitter
Thyroid hormone receptor-β agonism has demonstrated clinical benefits on hepatic lipid metabolism.…
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🎉New preprint! @LauraKremer20 and I looked at four different gene knockouts in mt.5024C>T mice to investigate how #autophagy affects #mtDNA heteroplasmy inheritance.…
@MRC_MBU @cam_mito @mitopinionated 🧵: 1/
To what extent is germline purifying selection driven by autophagy? We looked at the mother-to-pup heteroplasmy shift in high-heteroplasmy mice carrying Parkin, Bcl2l13, Ulk1, and Ulk2 knockouts, as well as two separate control populations. 2/ Overview of the experimenta...
While previously Filograna et al. (2019) @RobertaFilogra2 show TFAM overexpression can lead to higher maximal tolerated heteroplasmy, this was not the case for our autophagy knockouts. We saw no knockout mice with H>80%, despite having 120+ pups in each group. 3/
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1/Vaccinations started in the 80s in #Zimbabwe.My 2 younger siblings & I were sickly. Older siblings born before vaccines were healthy. All my life I was in & out of the hospital coz of vaccines &high carb diet. Half my classmates were & 1 of 7classes had serious vaccine injuries
2/ I struggled with sleep, had night terrors daily &bedwetted. I never had a restful sleep, I woke up tired. In #Zimbabwe they call it “buka”I struggled with reading notes. I could only read from texts &had high visual memory. I noticed that mental clarity increased when I jogged
3/my classmates struggled with learning difficulties & physical illnesses. The poorest struggled the most as proteins in diet mitigate vaccine damage. Poor people eat more carbs that worsen vaccine damages. In all classes @ least half were injured. This got worse on lower grades
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🚨🚨I’m very excited (and terrified) to share our lab’s first work (and my first as PI😱)!! We asked a seemingly fundamental question; how do mucus-secreting cells “know” how much mucus they need to secrete? Answering this taught us a lot about susceptibility to #IBD. A 🧵 /1
Mucus is a great solution to separate yourself from the environment (and the potentially harmful microbes in it). Just think of how many organisms secrete mucus, from corals to snails. Luckily, evolution made us non-slimy on the outside. But we use this trick inside our body. /2
Everywhere in our body where there are cells that face the outside world you can find mucus. Our eyes, lungs, mouth, mammary glands, GI and urogenital tracts are all covered in mucus. This mucus limits microbial invasion. It also limits immune response to the environment. /3
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Excited to share our first research paper from #theustunlab on "how a bacterial effector counteracts host autophagy by promoting the degradation of an autophagy component" published in @embojournal by @JiaxuanLeong et al. 🧵(1/8)…
Here we show that Xanthomonas is blocking autophagy in an effector-dependent manner to promote disease 🧵(2/8)
We identify that bacterial effector XopL, previously identified as an E3 ligase, is responsible to dampen #autophagy in plants 🧵(3/8)
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Here's my #AUTOPHAGYWRAPPED for 2021 (and 2020 since time has no meaning)
Obviously there are tons of papers in the autophagy field, but these are some of the ones which piqued my interest. #biased :D
Super cool paper from @gmaxot @brarkeley demonstrating a role for selective #ERphagy in yeast meiosis. Great demonstration of of developmentally regulated autophagy!…
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Closely tracking the delta+ lineages now across the world, one of the lineages AY.3 seems to be emerging in the United States of America. This tweetorial is to summarise the observations. I will be updating this thread as new evidence emerges.
Thanks Image
The interest in looking at this lineage closely comes from the fact that this lineage has been on the rise in USA in recent weeks.
Thanks @Unusual_Times for pointing this. Image
AY.3 seems to be localized to some states, like #Mississippi and #Missouri with nearby states slowly picking up. Image
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Very excited to share our recent article on the effects of dietary #spermidine (SPD) on neuronal #mitochondria and cognition during #aging. Out this week in @Cell_reports This marks my 2nd co-first research article from my PhD time. A long thread 1/12 Image
After a crazy 1.5 years revision during a global pandemic finally time to celebrate. Take-away for PhD students in aging research: you'll age with your project. Specifically aging + behavior tests = never-ending experiments and lots of new grey hair. 2/12 #AcademicTwitter
It was worth it, though! We analysed the effects of dietary SPD on neuronal mitochondria. In cardiac tissue this was reported by @EisenbergTobias in @NatureMedicine Using @OroborosI respirometers we showed increased respiration in flies and mice 3/12
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Tonight on #MitoMonday we briefly highlight and remember the life and works of Dr. Beth Levine, A giant in the field of autophagy research, who sadly passed away recently. #LateNightWithTheRutterLab #WomenInSTEM #Autophagy
Dr. Beth Levine was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1960. She obtained a degree in French studies from @BrownUniversity in 1981. She then earned her medical degree from @WeillCornell in 1986, and was a resident at @MountSinaiNYC hospital in internal medicine until 1989. 2/
In 1989 she joined the lab of Dr. Diane Griffen at @JohnsHopkins as a postdoc, working on infectious diseases and the neurobiology of viral pathogens. She then joined @Columbia in 1992, where she served as the Director of virology research from 1994-2004. 3/
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1 approach to understanding #covid19 infection is to examine co-morbidities & ask what's common?

Most prevalent Cov19 co-morbs:

4)Cardiovascular disease
5)Kidney disease
6)Chronic respiratory disease (esp COPD)

These are diverse diseases & increasing age technically not a disease at all. However, there is at least 1 factor in common among all of the co-morbidities identified thus far:

A survey of the co-morbidities revealed another commonality; a close association w/ dysregulation of the pro-inflammatory, neutrophil-recruiting cytokine, IL-17A.

IL-17A is made by multiple immune cell types, including lung-resident innate lymphoid cells (ILC3s).
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!!!NEW!!! A cross-kingdom conserved ER-phagy receptor maintains endoplasmic reticulum homeostasis during stress #autophagy #ER_phagy #ER_Literature #ufmylation… a thread 1/8
Via a screen in Arabidopsis, we identified C53, an #IDR containing highly conserved protein, as a direct #ATG8 interactor. It interacts 8/9 arabidopsis, 1/2 marchantia and 2/6 human ATG8s via the LDS 2/8
Using native mass spec, ITC, SPR and cell biology, we showed that it binds ATG8 via a non-canonical AIM, that we named Shuffled AIM (sAIM)- IDWG 3/8
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