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#Graphene in '#vaccines.'
Who is Pablo Campra #Madrid, the scientist who directs the research? | 07 Jul 2021
- Pablo Campra Madrid , a graduate in biology, a doctorate in chemical sciences and a full professor at the University of Almería #SoyUAL
Recent progress of #GrapheneOxide as a potential '#vaccine' #carrier and #adjuvant | Aug 2020
- functionalized graphene oxide serves as a vaccine #carrier and shows significant adjuvant activity in activating cellular and humoral immunity.
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#CDC Changed #VinylChloride #Toxicity Info 11 Days Before #Derailment | Feb 20
- After 17 yrs of inactivity, and just a couple weeks before the train derailment in East Palestine #Ohio, the CDC decides to update its #toxicological profile on Vinyl Chloride…
Inside Job? #CDC Changed #Toxicity Info For #VinylChloride 11 Days Before #Derailment | 4d ago
- Recently, #MarineCorps Base Camp #Lejeune in N #Carolina suffered severe #health issues after being in contact with contaminated #water at the base.…
What are the odds that East #Palenstine, #Ohio was one of the 1st cities that partnered with MyID medical bands back in October 2022?
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A critical, yet counter-intuitive lever that can aid culture transformation initiatives rests at the hiring and pre-hiring stages.

Some findings that I found surprising: (1/3) Image
🔔 Overconfidence and narcissism have been associated with negative work outcomes. However, those who advocated for excessive rule-following were more likely to exhibit toxic behavior, and 25% more likely to be fired for breaking the rules themselves! (2/3)
🔔 Overall org productivity calls for corporate citizenship and not just individual brilliance.

What's your view?
#culture #toxicity #toxic #culturetransformation #leadership

Source: (3/3)
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Cause of coma in a #woman surprised us!

1. 65-year old woman was brought in an #unconscious state to #emergency dept. She sounded normal over phone to her son about 24 hours earlier. She stayed alone, so, further details were not available.
#MedTwitter #internalmedicine
2. Clinical examination revealed an #unconscious patient. She was afebrile; pulse and BP were normal. Pupils were equal and reacting to light. Meningeal signs were absent. She was electively mechanically ventilated in view of her unconscious state.
3. Serum #calcium was high (13 mg/dL). MRI brain was normal. Lumbar puncture was normal. Investigations were done to determine the cause of high calcium. There was no evidence of #endocrine disorder, infection or #Cancer.
#VitaminD level was very high (160 ng/mL).
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We must cut out toxic people from our lives, if we want to live a happy life.

- Who are toxic people?
- Why is it so difficult to cut them out?
- What to do about it?

Having dealt with many, a thread on learnings

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Kinds of #toxic people:

1. Judge: You always feel judged in their presence. You can never live up to their standards no matter what you do. They make you feel non-valued

2. Critic: They always poke holes in your actions and make you feel inadequate

2/11 #positivity
3. Victim: Its never their fault. They won't take responsibility. They make you feel guilty for the situation they are in

4. Manipulator: They want to control your thoughts, words and actions. They make you see the world from their eyes. You depend on them & feel helpless
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The #narcissist cannot exist without their #narcissisticagents (flying monkeys), who do their work for them, participating in #narcissisticabuse by proxy. There is alot of information out there on narcissists, but little on their ‘agents’. What type of person becomes an agent?
People who resonate with a #narcissists victimhood or grievance, are highly Suggestible, easily manipulated, socially naive, lack #boundaries have blind trust in the narcissist, need a leader or to be led, are easily deceived and used. All narcissists use their audience
& people as a means of #control Their agents are not ‘human’ to them. They are viewed an ‘objects’ for their own agenda. They gossip, deceive & lie to their Agents. They may bring them on board for their ‘cause’. If an agent accepts, they are agreeing to underlying rules #Control
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#Impfstoff“-Chargen-LOTTO: Mit etwas Pech gewinnst Du eine #Charge m. bis zu 3000x #Toxizität mit vielen #Hospitalisierungen/#Todesfälle|n… 70-80% Chargen sind clean, 1 von etwa 200 aber FATAL! Nachvollziehbar bewiesen durch BigData-Auswertungen von VAERS/Chargen-Nr./Meldungen. ImageImage
#MikeYeadon (Ex-head Research #Pfizer): „Turning to your discoveries from smart analyses of batches in VAERS, the descending series of batches/adverse events for the Pfizer #vaccine is without doubt the most frightening & disturbing figure I’ve ever seen. …patterns have meaning“
#VAERS database provided the batches in time sequence, and has records of all the #adversereactions associated with each batch. So it was a simple task to create a graph showing how #toxicity of the #batches varied with time over the entire year of #2021.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/22/2021…
Ecosystems are really important, are we correctly applying them in Business?…

#BusinessApplications #EcosystemThinking
How Flu Vaccine Effectiveness and Efficacy are Measured…

#vaccine #flu #effectiveness #efficacy #measurement #method
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Here's the latest episode of #COVID19 : Updates from Singapore
This series of webinars is brought to you by @WHOGOARN and @NUSMedicine

It's hosted by @profdalefisher , Prof. David Allen, and Dr. Louisa Sun
Watch here:
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For over 65 years Liv.52 has been useful to many with #liver problems. Each herbal ingredient is thoroughly tested, and heavy metal levels of Liv.52 are within permissible limits and in compliance with WHO, #AYUSH, and major regulatory agency guidelines. #HimalayaLiv52
We ensure every product is of the highest quality, for the safety and benefit of the user. Each herbal ingredient in Liv.52 is used after careful #examination as per Pharmacopoeial standards. #HimalayaLiv52
Numerous clinical studies conducted on Liv.52 over the last 65 years have proven and reinforced the efficacy and safety of the product in treating hepatic conditions. #HimalayaLiv52
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Our invited expert review on #Ayurvedic #herbals and #liver #toxicity. #herbal #medicine is NOT safe. Review on #herbs used in #Indian #traditional #medicine & adverse events is lacking in #published #Literature
We deep searched, compiled
Full paper:
1/4 Image
This #review is important for #ayush practitioners and those interested in opting for #alternative #therapies as #knowledge regarding potential #toxic components is the #right of every #patient and #moral #duty of the physician. This 👇 list show names of imp toxic herbs.
2/4 Image
We give #real #life #patient data supporting our review: such as this example which shows that #Ayurveda #drugs cause severe #chronic #liver #damage that can lead to #cirrhosis in the short term.
The implicated agent here is Holarrhena antidysenterica (Tellichery bark)
3/4 Image
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Here @jasonluan88 responds to arguments for #safesupply brought forward by advocates on social & mainstream media, but it appears that he needs help with understanding and interpretation of the arguments and data in support of safe supply.
Thread: 1/
#Abpoli #Ableg
In the headline @jasonluan88 continues to use stigmatizing language with the word “addict”. People who use drugs are people first!
Stigma causes people to to use and die alone.

Here are helpful resources on stigma for the minsiter.

#ableg #abpoli
A person with lived and living experience is free to chose how they self-identify, but unless @jasonluan88 has lived experience he should stick to #PersonFirstLanuage
#Abpoli #Ableg
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