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The findings of this one suggest that acutely prolonging an overnight fast may improve overnight substrate oxidation, and that these alterations are not mediated by changes in hepatic glycogen depletion.
- Acutely prolonging an overnight fast reduced carbohydrate oxidation and increased fat oxidation during the night in both individuals with NAFLD and healthy control participants.
- Despite fasting for 16 hours, the overnight carbohydrate oxidation of the group with NAFLD stayed relatively high compared with carbohydrate oxidation of the control group.
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Contrary to some studies suggesting that time‐restricted eating could improve circadian rhythms and play a role in metabolic regulation, this one found that the frequency and the size, rather than the timing, of meals to be stronger determinants of weight change over time.
- The window of time between first to last meal was not associated with weight change over an average of about 6 years of follow‐up.
- The average daily number of large and medium meals was associated with increased weight over time, suggesting that the meal frequency and meal sizes, rather than the timing of meals, was a stronger determinant of weight gain over time.
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This one suggests that intermittent fasting with higher-quality, nutrient-dense meals that are evenly spaced throughout the day and provide 20-40g of protein may be superior to a heart-healthy caloric restriction diet in terms of body composition outcomes.
- The IF approach used is a modified IF regimen, which allows consumption of 20% to 25% of energy needs on scheduled fasting days (36-60hrs/wk).
For the rest 5 or 6 days of the week, a meal plan with a macronutrient distribution targeting 35% protein, 35% carbohydrate, and 30% fat was delivered.
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The less we eat, the longer we live

1. This seems to be true.
A recent extensive review of studies done in geographies with maximum 100+ aged people showed that most of them practiced some form of calories restriction (CR) right from childhood.
#fasting #Longevity #MedTwitter
2. Calorie restriction (CR) is defined as consuming fewer (10-30% lower) calories as compared to usual.
This can be achieved by either intermittent fasting, or time-restricted feeding or substantially reducing carbohydrate intake.
#nutrition #HealthyEating
3. In ageing, #Insulin increases and insulin sensitivity decreases, which increase the risk of #diabetes, #obesity and #cardiovascular diseases. CR reverses these- reduces insulin levels and increases insulin sensitivity. #Glucose levels also reduce with CR.
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Intermittent #fasting (IF) results in remission (A1C<6.5%) of type 2 #diabetes (T2D)

1. According to a recent trial on IF in people with T2D, 47% achieved remission at 3 months and 44% were still in remission at one year.
2. Group following IF had 5.9 kg #weightloss at 3 months, as compared to only 0.3 kg weight loss in the control group.
3. This study presented a novel type of intermittent fasting. The intervention consisted of 6 cycles (3 months) of 5 fasting days followed by 10 ad libitum days, and then 3 months of follow-up (with no fasting days).
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De Novo Lipogenesis (DNL) is the production of fat (lipids) from other sources

E.g., conversion of sugars to fats

So what happens to DNL if calorie intake is restricted?

A 🧵that might surprise you...
#fasting #science #nutrition #metabolism
First, a quick poll before reading on

If mice 🐁 are calorie restricted 🍽️ for a prolonged period of time (provided 30% fewer calories than they would choose to eat normally at baseline), what will happen to DNL?
The Q is a bit vague to have a clear A, as it depends if we are talking about DNL in liver, adipose tissue, or the whole body.

Before we delve into those areas, its worth noting that mice do lose weight when restricting calories by 30%

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Intermittent fasting (IF) diets are worse for your blood sugar and blood pressure, new meta-analysis finds. Image
In yesterday's post I discussed a large-scale study showing that IF diets are no better for fat loss than other diets, given the same macronutrient intakes. Many people are aware of this now, but many people still practice IF diets for their proposed health benefits.
A new meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials finds that intermittent energy restriction diets are actually not healthier than diets with constant energy restriction.
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Stunning new finding: #linoleic acid inhibits #SARSCoV2 viral replication!

Thanks to @DorissLoh (your essential Melatonin Connection) for this great find. Follow her.

Linoleic acid is a fatty acid distributed widely in foods, especially nuts, seeds and vegetable oils.

Pubmed link:

The authors write that "Our results [set] the stage for [free fatty acid]-based antiviral strategies to overcome COVID-19."
Totally Cool!

Now: I will set the stage in more detail, which you might find helpful.

Remember that your doctor, and the public health "authorities", and the #zerocovid-ians, will NEVER provide this detail or any other relevant practical help to individuals like you and me.
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#diabetes and #Neurology
1. Peripheral #neuropathy can be the first manifestation of diabetes. 50-70% of diabetics suffer from neuropathy. Pain and burning sensation of feet are common symptoms. Numbness of feet can predispose to ulcer formation.
#WorldDiabetesDay #Medtwitter
2. Diabetes is a common risk factor of #stroke, seen in 30% of stroke cases. Diabetes leads to poorer outcome in stroke patients- longer length of hospital stay, higher risk of complications, higher risk of death due to stroke and greater disability in stroke survivors.
3. Diabetes is associated with higher risk of dementia including Alzheimer's disease. The risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and conversion of MCI to dementia is higher in diabetics. Longer duration of diabetes and uncontrolled diabetes further increase the risk of dementia.
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Testimony of a cancer conqueror regarding benefits of intermittent fasting
Story of Sejal Bhavin Upadhyay, 50 yrs
Her world shattered when she was diagnosed to have multiple myeloma in August 2020.
She started 16 hour fasting (8 hour eating window) on a daily basis.
Her disease was brought under control within third cycle of chemotherapy. She has continued to practice intermittent fasting since then (>2 yrs).
She also practices complete fasting for 48 hours at the time of #chemotherapy.
#fasting #nutrition #diet
She practices intermittent fasting (+complete fasting for 2 days every 15 days), ensuring she doesn't lose weight. (Her weight is ideal for her height). Lower body weight (than ideal) can lower immunity.
She also practiced fasting during Navratri, inspired by @narendramodi ji
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Intermittent #fasting and its impact on #health
What is intermittent fasting (IF)?
A variety of eating patterns in which no or few calories are consumed for prolonged time periods 
that can range from 12 hours to several days, 
on a recurring basis.
#diet #nutrition
What are the different ways of Intermittent Fasting?
1. Alternate-day fasting,
2. 5:2 or 6:1 intermittent fasting (fasting 2 days or 1 day each week),
3. Daily time-restricted feeding (Eating within 8-12 hour window and fasting during the rest of the day)
Definition of various types of intermittent fasting
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1. @guardian 15 Oct 22, p 21 @tweeter_anita @EmpirePodUK, a cold-eyed, #critical #historian would've provided the #lowdown, and six of her best, to those boorish, blingy, visiting #Punjabis about the #Sikhempire or #ZulfikarBhutto.
2. #Kashmiris and #Ladakhis, unlike mawkish #Punjabis, don't quite share that lachrymose view of #Punjabi #history or #DuleepSingh. #Lamaist #Buddhists and #Muslims chafed under #Sikhrulers. Expelled former; forbade latter #fasting/#Fridayprayers.
3. #India was in a tailspin under #Sikhs, #Marathas, #Mughals etc. and #Britishrule consolidated the peninsula unseen since the #Mauryas. #Newsflash right-on Radcliffe ranters either side: #EmpressVictoria sired #MotherIndia and #Iqbal's sarey jahān bulbuls.
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The right way to do it: Image
The goal is to starve the body long enough to trigger fat burning. this helps you to:

-lose weight
-lower blood pressure
-lower cholesterol
-prevent/control diabetes
-improve brain health
-more energy
How does it work?
the eating plan is to alternate between fasting and eating. Every body/person is different, so you should try to find what works best for you. Personally, I prefer the 16:8 method👇
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Multiday Fasting
Practice and Power
Multiday Fasting Advantages

-stem cells
-conquer hanger
-growth hormone
-energy diversion
-regenerate gut barrier
-save some time + money
-use 0.5 - 1 lb of body fat/day
-increased metabolism/metabolic efficiency
what to consume?

(zero calories)

-sparkling water
-herbal tea
-decaf coffee
-black coffee
-green tea

-3 tsp salt/day
-@drinkLMNT unflavored

*electrolytes are especially helpful at night for sleeping and during the day for extra energy
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5 things to do to celebrate Janmasthami

[A Thread] 👇
1. Pray in Brahma Muhurata
Brahma Muhurta is the morning period between 3.30 a.m. and 5.30 a.m.

You can chant Krishna's name during this period to purify your mind and surroundings and have a refreshing start to the day.
2. Fast until midnight
Fasting is an important component of celebrating Janmashtami. If possible, begin fasting at dawn and refrain from eating until midnight.

If fasting till midnight feels too much of a burden, you can consume water, fruits, and milk.
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1/Vaccinations started in the 80s in #Zimbabwe.My 2 younger siblings & I were sickly. Older siblings born before vaccines were healthy. All my life I was in & out of the hospital coz of vaccines &high carb diet. Half my classmates were & 1 of 7classes had serious vaccine injuries
2/ I struggled with sleep, had night terrors daily &bedwetted. I never had a restful sleep, I woke up tired. In #Zimbabwe they call it “buka”I struggled with reading notes. I could only read from texts &had high visual memory. I noticed that mental clarity increased when I jogged
3/my classmates struggled with learning difficulties & physical illnesses. The poorest struggled the most as proteins in diet mitigate vaccine damage. Poor people eat more carbs that worsen vaccine damages. In all classes @ least half were injured. This got worse on lower grades
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We are excited to share our new work @Nature with @ThaissLab, uncovering the impact of ketogenic diet and beta-hydroxybutyrate on colorectal cancer, led by @OxDmitrieva. (1/7)…
We screened different diets for their potential to inhibit the development of colorectal cancer, and found that ketogenic diets had the most potent effect, in collaboration with @SGrivennikov. (2/7)
Ketogenic diets induce hepatic ketogenesis, similar to long periods of #fasting. We found that the ketone body beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) was similarly protective against colorectal cancer as ketogenic diet. (3/7)
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“How should I break my fast?”

This is my most common patient question this week. As 2 billion Muslims start #fasting for Ramadan I’ll answer here from my perspective as a doctor & cardiometabolic researcher. Hopefully you’ll find takeaways to enjoy a #RamadanMubarak

A thread…
First and foremost a disclaimer that I’ll be answering from a scientific standpoint, not as a religious expert.

You may see, though, that much of the medical reasons here coincide perfectly with the sunna or tradition of Prophet Muhammad PBUH (not surprisingly).
Now to answer the question.

The best thing to break your fast with are dates.

Dates are full of key ingredients that are very helpful after a long fast. First, they’re high in fructose & glucose which helps rapidly restore low blood sugar. Image
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1/ Interesting study comparing the metabolic effects of #fasting: lean vs. obese ppl

👉Lean have greater ⬆️ in Lipid Oxidation (+214% in lean vs. + 76% in obese at 48 hrs)

👉Resting energy expenditure ⬇️ in obese only

👉Skeletal muscle AMPK ⬇️ in lean
2/ Points 1 and 2 go in line with what I'd expect. Leaner metabolically healthy people probably have greater metabolic flexibility, resulting in better shift to fat burning. But point 3 about AMPK surprised me. Here's why...
3/AMPK is the cellular energy sensor. It's activated, in part by low energy status, i.e.

Decrease cellular energy supply increases AMPK activity

Seems paradoxical that in lean persons who r fasting AMPK activity goes DOWN, not UP, as if there is more energy when taking none in
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My attention was drawn to this tweet and I feel I should try to make an approach to answering the question. May Allah make it a beneficial knowledge between me and you.


Thread 🧵
#fasting #QuestionandAnswer
Fasting is ordained on any Matured muslim, sickness free and in peaceful condition.
One, who is in the war front is encouraged not to fast if the following conditions are met:
1. He War must be with the aim to protect lives and properties. It must not be an attack on other group or country for destruction solely or mutual disagreement, Or any other reason that doesn't please Allah SWA
2. If the war is intense and demands activiness like constant moving
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THREAD: After 4 years on my health journey (and having lost >50 lbs.), here are my top 20 weight loss and #health tips, things I really wish I had known 20 years ago. #LCHF
1. Stop the Sugar - Avoid #fructose, sucrose, lactose or pretty much anything else that ends in -ose. #Sugar causes blood glucose spikes, which raises your levels of insulin, the main fat-storage hormone.
2. Limit net carbohydrates to 50g or less daily. Lower is even better, shooting for 15g per meal. Calculate net #carbs by subtracting grams of fiber from total carbs.
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This is keto
This is low-carb
This is real
This is sustainable

I'm going to add as many before/after posts as I can. If you are trapped in hunger, medications, and ill health, you too can get out. #LCHF #keto #lowcarb
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Adhik Maas – A Month to Improve Yourself

The Science behind this month:

Indian #Panchang is based on the movement of #sun and #moon, that’s why it is called Lunisolar Panchang. As per the movement of the moon, one month is equal to 29.53 days and a lunar year Image

is equal to 354.37 days. A sun year is equal to 365 days. It means there is a difference of approximately 10 days between a lunar year and sun year. In three years, this difference becomes of 30 days, hence after every 3 years, one lunar month is added to the calendar.

To be precise, this lunar month is added after 32 months, 16 days and 8 hours to keep lunar and solar calendars aligned.

What This Month Means-
This ‘extra’ or added month is called #Adhikmaas, or #PurushottamMaas. This Adhik Maas is dedicated to Shri Hari Vishnu.
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Livetweets from the 7th Annual Aging Research and Drug Discovery conference #ARDD2020. I can't attend every talk to coverage will be intermittent. Apologies to any speakers left out!
Christian Riedel from @karolinskainst presenting aging clocks. There are a lot of these, but excited to see him (A) making a human clock predicting time to death, not just age, and (B) deconvoluting both their human and model org clocks into FUNCTIONAL parameters. Sorely needed.
Now from Estonia arguing that hand photos are more robust than faces for AI-based aging biomarkers, and that we need more explicit skin tone features for broadly applicable tools.
PS, Estonia is probably the world leader in digital health/EHRs.
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