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So I just realised that I've never seen #BackToTheFuture. Think I should change that.
Definitely thought I'd seen it because it's so integrated into pop culture...
Okay, cool electrics. I see inventions. Nice.
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200 Best Thriller Films (World Cinema)
#OldBoy (2013) #Triangle (2009) #Psycho (1960) #Seven (1995) #TheSilenceoftheLambs (1991) #Identity (2001)
#TheWailing (2016) #Inception (2010) #Interstellar (2014) #FightClub (1999) #TaxiDriver (1976) #Kalifornia (1993)
#ShutterIsland (2010) #Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006) #Memento (2000) #Hannibal (2001)
#Insomnia (2002) #TheDeparted (2006) #SleepTight (2011) #Marshland (2014) #TheHiddenFace (2011)
#Julia's Eyes (2010) #TheSkinILiveIn (2011)
#Kidnapped (2010) #Jacob's Ladder (1990)
#Memento (2000) #Forgotten (2017) #Dunkirk (2017)
#Following (1998) #EternalSunshineoftheSpotlessMind (2004) #TheFountain (2006) #DarkCity (1998) #Primer (2004) #Orphan (2009) #PhoneBooth (2002) #Split (2016) #TheSixthSense (1999) #RunLolaRun (1998)
#ConfessionofMurder (2012)
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And he certainly was in no jeopardy from me either (you’ll see)

But the #BackToTheFuture script that I read before my audition was VERY DIFFERENT than what ended up on screen.

It opened with Marty McFly playing the Close Encounters theme on his electric guitar while he pirated a VHS cassette of the movie.
And the time machine wasn’t a Delorean that had to travel at 88 miles per hour and have 1.21 gigawatts of power but just... well... a time machine that needed nuclear fission and a secret ingredient that turned out to be...
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01. Thread: Santa @bigredwavenow tweets about #ClearVisionSince1955, #TimeMachine & #BackToTheFuture. So how does it all connect?
Decided to dig in & have fun with numbers. Found interesting coincidences of Santa, Trump & the Kennedy’s, so come along as we travel back in time
2. Let’s start with the movie and some background. #BackToTheFuture is about a son who uses a time machine to help rewrite his father’s past to bring about a better future—rewriting history. The movie was released in 1985. “Well History is not going to repeat itself”
03. Dr Emmett Brown (Doc) builds a time machine out of a Delorean.
The Delorean has to reach 88 mph in order to travel through time.
2 prominent dates are often shown on the screen.
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On 26th October 1985, a scientist named Dr Emmett Brown sent an unsuspecting local teenager back in time.

This whole event can teach us some valuable lessons about #coronavirus Image
Over the past few weeks, we’ve told you some amazing true stories about historical events and how they can teach us important lessons during #covid19.

Today is no different.

Let the lesson begin!
In 1980s America, the boom of capitalism led many entrepreneurial scientists to create a range of incredible inventions.

Just look at this amazing HANDS FREE telephone system, and a home hair-cutting machine! Incredible. ImageImage
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Because the MSM knows that much like Hillary and Barack, Kamala has the recipe for sending Trump and the entire @GOP back to the swamp and turning the Dirty “red” South blue for @JoeBiden with #VoteByMail2020. They don’t wanna give us the chance to #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare 🤡
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⚪️Coronavirus en Belgique: séquence #BackToTheFuture avec l'avis du 30 mars 2009 (11 ans, jour pour jour!) du Comité de bioéthique de Belgique relatif au plan opérationnel belge "pandémie influenza". Toute ressemblance ne sera pas fortuite. #Thread 👇#COVID19 #gouvernance #begov
⚪️Coronavirus en Belgique: "Pour parer à une éventuelle pandémie, notre pays s’attache à actualiser ce plan de lutte en permanence, et veille notamment à constituer un stock de médicaments, de masques et de vaccins".
#Thread #BackToTheFuture #COVID19 #gouvernance #begov
⚪️Coronavirus en Belgique: "La capacité des hôpitaux belges n’est pas illimitée, tant en termes de nombre de lits que de respirateurs et de personnel" #Thread #BackToTheFuture #COVID19 #gouvernance #begov
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(1/25) - Thread: Here’s list of some movies by genre!!


1. #Atonement (2007)
2. #SavingPrivateRyan (1998)
3. #FullMetalJacket (1987)
4. #HacksawRidge (2016)
5. #Valkyrie (2008)
6. #WarHorse (2011)

#StayHomeIndia #StaySafe #StayHomeStaySafe
(2/25) - WAR MOVIES (7-10):

7. #EnemyAtTheGates (2001)
8. #TheThinRedLine (1998)
9. #TheEnglishPatient (1996)
10. #DownFall (2004)

1. #TheGoodTheBadAndTheUgly (1966)
2. #OnceUponATimeInTheWest (1968)

#StayHomeIndia #StayHomeStaySafe
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Con motivo del #rankiacumple17 mi amigo @enrvalls me ha pedido que explique en un hilo qué diría a mi yo de 17 años. Tanto me ha dado @Rankia que sólo se me ocurre una manera de agradecerlo... un #iparfilms. He pedido ayuda a unos amigos ¿Me acompañan? Va HILO 👇(1/11) #Alpacino
Con 17, yo no pensaba en #finanzas ni #bolsa. Sabía que iría a Económicas y Empresariales, pero me gustaba mucho más escribir. Siga su pasión u otros vivirán su vida (Nota; terminaría la carrera compaginándolo como guionista en TV y ganando concursos literarios) #Pasión (2/11)
Equivóquese, caigáse. No conozco a nadie que haya aprendido a andar en bicicleta sin caerse. El error (los múltiples errores que he cometido en esta vida) son el mejor maestro. Caemos para aprender a levantarnos... #Batman (3/11)
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Barry Soetoro AKA @BarackObama when will the truth come to light? 1- Back In 1961 #POC were called “Negroes” So how come the Obama “birth certificate” state he is “African American” when that term wasn’t even used at that time. #LightToDark
2- The birth certificate the White House released list Obama’s birth as August 4 1961 and list Barack Hussein Obama as Father. No big deal right? #TheMoreYouKnow
3- At the time of Obama’s birth. It shows his “father age 25” & father was born in “Kenya East Africa” #ThesePeopleAreStupid
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Summer 1985
Israel sets off IranContra.
In playing Iran-Iraq against each other. 🇮🇱 ‘s secret arms shipments from Russia thru Poland to Iran (brokered by Robert Maxwell, father of Ghislaine) weren’t cutting it. Israel PM Shimon Peres & Yitzhak Shamir had a plan.
Get their most important asset Robert Maxwell to use John Tower (a powerful US Republican Senator from Texas who sold out to become an Israeli asset for 200k - his own asking price) to “persuade President Reagan to start supplying arms to Iran.”
Nahum Admoni (Dir of Mossad) and David Kimche (Deputy Dir) worked out the logistics. “The request should be presented on the basis that it [would be] the best way to free the American hostages in Beriut.
US involvement would be kept secret.”
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Como hoy es #SanPublicito, voy a comentar algunas de las campañas mas logradas, divertidas y llamativas de los últimos. Abro hilo:
Comienzo por una serie de campañas super divertidas y elaboradas, todo un éxito de visibilidad para la marca: @OldSpice tomaba el control de tu pantalla y te embelesaba con increíbles efectos "reales" y la voz aterciopelada de su "Old Spice Man" 😎
@OldSpice Luego le dieron una vuelta de tuerca (literalmente 🤣!) y @OldSpice siguió ofreciendo campañas super divertidas y bizarras 🤣🤣🤣 gracias al exagerado y deliciosamente excesivo @terrycrews 🎇🔥!! #SanPublicito
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