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Inspired by the 1975 TV series and the feature film, S.W.A.T., starring Shemar Moore, was the most established — and most expensive — #CBS scripted series still on the #Bubbles . Its demise illustrates the harsh economic realities #Aoko… of the broadcast business as S.W.A.T. has done what was asked of it this season — it has been a rare TV series to rise in linear viewership year-to-year by double digits following its move to Fridays, where the drama has flourished. It may be the most
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I came here for different reasons.
A thing, you probably know me for meanwhile, are my #bubble videos and threads about bubble #fluiddynamics, #multiphase #MassTransfer, and #ChemicalReaction

Here's a collection:

The Resazurin-Resorufin System


Automated test rig for the investigation of rising #bubbles


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#reflexivity between #bubbles vs #antibubbles once again distorting markets

Artificially low #VIX forces quant strategies (trend, risk parity, vol target) to buy #SPX, squeezes weak shorts

#insurance tends to be cheapest when we need it the most

Anti-bubble framework 👇
1) Embrace #volatiltiy. Don’t fight it.

2) avoid #leverage, your enemy responsible for financial and emotional distress.

3) Seek negative #correlation and avoid risk of false #diversification. Remember that a portfolio with many holdings is not necessarily diversified.
4) Seek #Emotional indifference. If your trading makes you overly happy or sad, you are trading too big.

5) #Rebalance Portfolio = sell high, buy cheap. Now is time to trim risk, add insurance

6) #compound on capital preservation. Goalkeeper most important player in any team.
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Why #Baking Soda is used in #cooking?

Baking soda, an #alkaline compound, produces carbon dioxide bubbles when combined with an acid. The #bubbles get trapped, causing dough or batter to expand, or rise. This creates an airy texture in pancakes, cakes, bread, and other foods.
Baking soda also releases gas as it decomposes. When exposed to temperatures above 176 degrees Fahrenheit (80 degrees Celsius) in the oven, baking soda release bubbles and can cause food to rise.
For baked goods, usually to react with an acid to create carbon dioxide to leaven quickbreads, cakes, etc. It typically takes the form of double acting baking powder(unless buttermilk is used).
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I mostly showed you #bubbles rising in aqueous systems. Not so often discussed, also in literature, are bubbles rising in organic phases.
Here's an Argon bubble rising in dichloromethane (DCM).
What is the difference?
#fluiddynamics #chemicalEngineering
A 🧵1/8
#SciComm #WissKomm
Other liquids have different material properties. The density of DCM is larger in comparison to that of water by more than 30%. The viscosity is less than half than that of water, and the surface tension is about 1/3 compared to water.
All of this leads to another rising behavior, rise velocity, shape of the bubbles, rising path, and so on.
In literature, organic phases are less discussed as using these usually leads to much stronger safety precautions.
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Es braucht reflektierte #Lebenserfahrung, viel Mut und Liebe zu krisenfunktionalen Antworten und Kraft, sich von der magnetischen #Konditionierungsgewalt der #Beziehungsdynamik auf die Sache zu konzentrieren und dieser außerdem zu erlauben, sich in #Unbestimmtheit zu entfalten. 1
Zunehmend scheitern Sache und #Projekte - wie auch dringend notwendige #Maßnahmen zur #Krisenbewältigung - nicht nur an ideologischen Impulsen, sondern auch an innerer Bindung an #Gruppenzugehörigkeit, die stärker ist als innere Verpflichtung zu Sache und #Krisenfunktionalität. 2
Je komplexer die #Systeme werden, und je weniger die Beteiligten gelernt haben, diese Bindungen zu reflektieren und daraus zu lernen, desto mehr werden #Konflikte monotonisierende #KommunikationsFORMen hervorbringen, weil sie als zu störend empfunden werden. 3
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1/14 Morning @SophyRidgeSky, just watched the interviews w/ @DominicRaab @annelongfield @timspector & @bphillipsonMP re #schoolsreopening fully on 8th Mar.

Discussions focused on dates, primary vs secondary, catch up plans, mental health concerns, vulnerable children....

Has the MSM been banned from mentioning mitigation measures?
Are British children/teaching staff different to those across the world?
3/NO FIGURES on how many children get #COVID19?
NO MENTION of how many become seriously ill, are hospitalised or die?
Absolutely NO WORD about the 1 in 7 or 8 children who get #LongCovid!
NO ADVICE for parents of children w/ diseases like Diabetes, severe Asthma etc.
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Para un artículo @efpa_es, me han pedido algunas notas bibliográficas (con su correspondiente explicación) principales contribuciones campo psicología mercados o behavioral economics. El primero: Confusión de confusiones, J De La Vega (1688).
El temprano manual de De La Vega contiene inumerables perlas de sabiduría bursátil incluídas atentas observaciones sobre "bulls"/"bears", overconfidence, herd behavior, o la ya conocida aversión a la pérdida. Libro fundamental para cualquier inversor.
Un segundo libro es Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions (1841), de MacKay, quizás el mejor manual para entender como se extienden los pánicos y que es el comportamiento de manada. Contiene la mejor descripción burbuja Compañía de los Mares del Sur. #psicology #bubbles
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