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Looking forward to what should be an interesting conversation on the impact #UniversalBasicIncome could have on how we may rethink the world of work - and, in particular, the work done by ๐Ÿšบ #LondonMetResearch
Dr @JessieJWL opens her presentation nothing that #UBI is still very much a "hot topic" amongst policymakers, particularly on its effectiveness on improving women's working lives #LondonMetResearch
Bustillos defines #UBI as "a regular cash income paid to all on an individual basis, without means test or work recruitment". Also notes it has been called a "citizen's wage", "existence income" or "guaranteed universal subsidy" #LondonMetResearch
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Looking forward to what should be an interesting conversation about the impact #Coronavirus has had on flexible working & the role of social policy in ensuring that we achieve better work-life balance for employees #FlexibilityParadox
First, Prof @HeejungChung discusses her inspiration behind the @WAFProject was from her own experience of the "myth of the academic summer" where the 3 month "break" is mostly spent working even when on holiday (eg reading academic ๐Ÿ“šs instead of for pleasure) #FlexibilityParadox
This, Chung argues, is an example of the "flexibility paradox", where those who have the most power to end up deciding how & when they work end up working the longest hours #FlexibilityParadox Image
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Looking forward to what should be a very timely discussion on the IFS's latest research geographic inequalities in labour market outcomes & how this may present challenges for the Govt's #LevellingUp agenda #IFSEvents
First @PJTheEconomist and the @NuffieldFound's @markfranks give a brief overview of the IFS #DeatonReview into inequalities, and why the Nuffield Foundation gave the review its financial support #IFSEvents
Franks recognises that #LevellingUp will only be delivered if we focus on multiple factors of #inequalities - age, gender, education, public services, jobs - not just place #IFSEvents
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Looking forward to hearing more about the latest research on how those in the UK that experience #PeriodPoverty have been impacted by the #Coronavirus pandemic #PeriodsInAPandemic
First @EmmaCraddock89 & @bloody_spoonie give a brief overview of the "Periods In A Pandemic" project- focusing on how women, girls & people who menstruate have managed their menstrual health during the pandemic #PeriodsInAPandemic
Williams says that the project sought not only to inform how #PeriodPoverty initiatives have adapted and could improve during the pandemic, as well as centre the voices & experiences of those affected in the policymaking debate #PeriodsInAPandemic
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Looking forward to learning more about why there is vaccine hesitancy, and why #Coronavirus misinformation has spread so readily in the UK's black community #CV19Conspiracies
Speaker @Psych_Tush opens her presentation by stating that this presentation is part of a wider research project in helping to formulate a #Coronavirus response tailored to the specific needs of #BAME communities #CV19Conspiracies
Vandrevala highlights that the #Coronavirus pandemic has disproportionately impacted #BAME individuals. Notes that this was known to the public & policymakers early on in the pandemic #CV19Conspiracies
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Thread 1/5 The publication ofโ€ฆ is a moment for humble reflection for the #NHS leadership community. While there is evidence of modest improvement, thereโ€™s a significant way to go before we eliminate workplace inequality for our ethnic minority colleagues
2/5 Delivering equality of outcome & opportunity is our professional & moral obligation as senior #NHS leaders and where this isn't already happening, we must all be accountable for developing and delivering urgent plans to eliminate inequality @WRES_team @Jenldt @AntonEmmanuel2
3/5 Although there are examples of excellent practice across all WRES indicators, no one #NHS organisation is doing everything well. As set out inโ€ฆ, each of our organisations must develop measurable strategies to quicken the pace of change @WRES_team
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I see a lot of commentary about the @NHSEngland paper on the future of integrated systems. Here is a perspective based on what is happening NOW rather than on some conceptual future - a hugely exciting agenda and one that is right in front of you @WYHpartnership
The paper recognises the role of LAs and the #NHS on the BROADER DETERMINANTS of health, including the economy, the environment, housing. Between @LeedsCityRegion @WYHpartnership we have made substantial progress on aligning health, housing, economy e.g.โ€ฆ
Tackling HEALTH INEQUALITIES is a role of ICS' and @WYHpartnership has a focused programme on this which builds on public health leadership of @Sarah5656 @robintuddenham @DrJamesThomas1 and our recent commission on #BAME populations is an ambitious exampleโ€ฆ
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#COVID19 highlights the need for reform of the medicolegal system. Today, we call on the gov't to facilitate an independent public enquiry to address persistent issues, incl. those that may disproportionately affect the #BAME community.

Open access paper:โ€ฆ The medicolegal landscape through the lens of COVID-19: time
During the pandemic, many doctors and other HCPs have worked in unfamiliar surroundings and been assigned to new clinical areas, while balancing an unprecedented workload and addressing an overall lack of knowledge about the virus itself.
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Woah..that was freaky but familiar. Was lying down & decided to get up to take pain meds for #endometriosis and #fibroids and it felt as painful to get up as the day after surgery. In kitchen, sweating, lightheaded. Quickly squatted to avoid passing out holding onto fridge door
..which swung open..but I did not fall. Then once head feeling better, stood up long enough to take meds...then walked, wobbly and lightheaded to chair. I can't quite feel my palms but that will come back. This probably gets to be called 10/10 pain..but maybe really an 8/10
Great..and a migraine too..scotoma.. taking a migraine med and lying down. Man, when it rains it pours.

Mother Nature is such a misogynist.

SO glad I did not decide to rent a car and try to go Finger Lakes this weekend to see peak foliage.
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Tonight we are at @Womans_Place_UK #WPUKagainstMVAWG listening to @K_IngalaSmith, Pragna Patel of @SBSisters, @polblonde @afsanalachaux speak about Menโ€™s violence against women.
@Womans_Place_UK have put on this event for free but are requesting donations to the following organisations.
@afsanalachaux hasnโ€™t seen her son for eight years. Please donate here to support her.โ€ฆ
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Today is the start of #SHW2020! Each day this week, I'll be tweeting about Britain's long, tempestuous and ever-so-slightly bonkers loveโ€“hate relationship with its #sexualhealth.

Darlings, brace yourselves. ๐Ÿ’‹ #SHW20 Image
We begin with the Victorians, who, contrary to popular belief, were obsessed with sex. In the C19, the only known #STIs were syphilis and gonorrhoea. Diagnosis depended on observable symptoms (no blood tests/smears). Effective treatments were non-existent. Image: @ExploreWellcome Image
In 1864 the British government introduced the Contagious Diseases Acts, intended to protect the armed forces through 'regulation' of 'common prostitutes'. The Acts gave police almost-unlimited discretionary powers to arrest any woman they thought might be soliciting. Image: HCPP Image
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The phrase 'Working with Difference and Diversity' - often taught as a module on training courses. But 'difference' implies a comparison, difference from what? What's the starting reference? Whiteness. So difference from Whiteness is to 'other' all non-White clients.
Difference means a relationship BETWEEN one person and another, yet the counsellor, positioned as neutral focuses on the cultural diversions from the neutral/normative position of White counsellor.
Working with 'diversity' inherently implies a 'diversion' from the normative too, which looks to diversity as an external reflection of clients. Its not working withIN diversity. This is Privilege & social positioning of practitioners within the profession and training.
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@DrCConnell @sarah_bodell @LecturerMish @anita_atwal 1/ Good question @sarah_bodell
Love that idea @DrCConnell , we could even go to say that positive action is taken & there is always a seat specifically for election for each of those #Diversity groups
Thank you for both your engagement

Another draft idea... (cont.) #BAME
@DrCConnell @sarah_bodell @LecturerMish @anita_atwal 2/ If there is ever an #Equality #Diversity #inclusion (#EDI) officer in the college, then attached to this are @BAMEOTUK network, officially in @theRCOT contributing to the EDI agenda (cont.)

#campaign @BAMEOTUK network officially part of @theRCOT
@DrCConnell @sarah_bodell @LecturerMish @anita_atwal @theRCOT 3/ The aim would be to influence & impact @theRCOT activities & raise the agenda at board level regarding the issues of paying #BAME members across the profession & ...(cont.)

#campaign @BAMEOTUK network officially part of @theRCOT
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#BAME doesn't accurately reflect any aspect of my identity, ethnicity, background or heritage... in fact it does the very opposite by hiding my full, true and authentic identity #BAMEOVER
Does #BAME tell you my ethnicity, culture, background or heritage? No, you're still having to guess, assume or project your assumptions on me๐Ÿ™„
#BAME does NOT honour or value our parents, grandparents, family history, heritage, struggles, wins, achievements, lived experiences or culture #BAMEOVER
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Iโ€™m just a normal salaried GP.

Before Covid, I was like so many of you. Why was I even a member of the @RCGP?

But #NHS staff were dying because they didnโ€™t have enough #PPE and because they were #BAME and no one seemed to care...

I didnโ€™t even have Twitter back then...
My experience Iof Twitter a decade ago was that it was just lots of people in a room shouting so I gave it a wide berth.

But people were dying and it wasnโ€™t right that it was #BAME risk and lack of #PPE

@ThePalpitations @meenalsworld
So first I started posting on dr groups on Facebook and people said, Sonali, take this to Twitter.

So I overcame my fear of Twitter (truth; being public still gives me anxiety) and joined and started tweeting.

But revolutions will not be Tweeted.
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There's been interesting debate around this proposal.Thoughts:
๐Ÿ‘‰๐ŸปIt obvs comes from a 'good place'
๐Ÿ‘‰๐ŸผIt does feel clunky to ask #BAME staff to develop solutions & strategic insight to solve problems not of their making.
๐Ÿ‘‰๐ŸพSuch forums can lack clarity imhoโ€ฆ
๐Ÿ‘‰๐ŸฝIs it for #BAME staff to join & offer insight & share their stories?
๐Ÿ‘‰๐ŸพOr is it for all staff to come together & develop solutions?
๐Ÿ‘‰๐ŸฟIt states it will provide "a #BAME perspective, but then states it is open to all.
๐Ÿ‘‰๐ŸฟA danger is such forums suggest it's only 'their' problem to fix.
๐Ÿ‘‰๐ŸผRenumeration is tricky. Historically healthcare culture seems to require that much work is done pro-bono. As if fair pay clouds motive. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
๐Ÿ‘‰๐ŸพOverall I do think this proposal is +ve but needs greater clarity.
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I'm invigorated after today's @NHSCitizen meeting. Be warned this is a long thread!
@NHSCitizen Advisory Group's ambition is to draw together all of the forums and networks that @NHSEngland work with to share experiences, identify areas of shared interest (and frustration), 1/7
to amplify the voice and experience of people with lived experience and to drive change in how we @NHSEngland involve people and communities in meaningful and impactful ways. We have many forums and networks that do brilliant work in their own area and the Advisory Group 2/7
aims to bring that work in to a shared space to learn, connect and amplify peoples experiences across different communities of place, health, geography and identifies. It's a new work in progress that, especially after today's meeting, I know will have enormous benefit 3/7
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#DidYouKnow that #Wales๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ท๓ ฌ๓ ณ๓ ฟ is 6% #Black, #Asian and #Minority #Ethnic? In 2011, this was 4%, and has grown by 2% over the past 9 years.
Over 50% of #Wales lives in or around Cardiff, Newport or Swansea...

#Cardiff is 20.6% #BAME
#Swansea is 10.8% #BAME
#Newport is 13.1% #BAME Image
We are a Welsh language speaking team of #PeopleofColour who have seen how conversations on race, ethnicity, and diversity are minimised because #Wales is "Only 4% #Black, #Asian and #Minority #Ethnic".
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โ€œI thought perhaps there was a time when a PM making a false statement in Parliament would apologise..โ€ @MichaelMarmot on #childpoverty #healthinequalities2020 @ToynbeeHall @equalitytrust @FairLondon
โ€œOur lives depend on public health...โ€ says @khankfarza in her critique and talks about the need to understand racialise #trauma and address hierarchy #healthinequalities2020
High level of community involvement in health initiatives but lack of presence in the research highlights @khankfarza #healthinequalities2020
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1/n Some reflections on #BAME inequality #covid19 and #NHSBirthday. Today is the 72nd birthday of the #NHS - founded upon a set of principles that we hold dear of universal access to healthcare, free at the point of delivery at a time when the nation was impoverished due to war
2/n A few weeks earlier, the Empire #Windrush arrived in the UK bringing the first of the โ€œwindrush generationโ€ to help rebuild Britain, including the new #NHS. Things were not quite as promised for them.โ€ฆ #Covid19 #NHSBirthday #BAME
3/n I had the privilege of meeting around 100 #windrush nurses in #Leeds with the @BHILeeds and heard fantastic stories of their work building the #NHS, their pride in doing so and the struggles they had endured #NHSBirthday #BAME #Covid19
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1. Retweeted this from @Telegraph days ago thinking it was an impressive data set showing experiences of UK households from #BAME communities. However, after a conversation with my friend Lawson [@weareblinc] I'm now not sure that the @ONS data is truly representative *A thread*
2. @weareblinc's working on a project exploring spending trends in Black communities. To prevent marketing skews. It's a real problem in the industry. Lawson therefore contacted @ONS a few weeks ago to ask to see their reference points for their 2017-19 spend data
3. @ONS to their credit was very happy to oblige and ran the data specifically for @weareblinc as they don't normally divide it by ethnicity (which I found interesting)
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NEW!! Delighted to have formally submitted and published our report on #COVID19: Understanding the impact on #BAME communities to the Equalities Ministerโฆ today.โ€ฆ
This report summarises the results of a rapid literature review and stakeholder insights into the factors influencing the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on BAME communities.

It also includes 7 key recommendations for tackling these inequalities, which arose from this work.
My heartfelt thanks to the more than 4,000 individuals who participated in the various engagement sessions over the past 7 weeks.

You shared your experiences, wisdom and recommendations to ensure we learn from & improve our responses to this unprecedented epidemic.
Thank you!
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We stand in solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement- with our colleagues, our partners & our friends. We r proud to have a brilliant, diverse
@rabidbites family & strive to ensure that every person is treated fairly, respectfully & encouraged to reach their potential...
However- we recognise that we must know better and do better! Stop relying on black people to do the heavy lifting and use resources that will educate you on the complexities of racism and the many ways it manifests itself.โ€ฆ
Systemic racism is entrenched in academia. Only constant pressure has any chance of removing it: challenge the explicit and implicit racism and accept that this might mean difficult conversations or challenging your own privileges. #BlackandSTEM
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Having read @DalrympleWill's superb THE ANARCHY was shocked to see this summary of EIC in @HodderSchools revision guide for @AQA's GCSE History by @ed_podesta. No mention of oppression/exploitation of Indian people. No push to think on the racism in 'THINK' boxes. #BLMUK #BAME
'The Company was boosted further when it gained permission to trade in India without having to pay taxes to the MUGHAL EMPEROR and local rulers.'

Bombay as a 'possession' that could be given to one white European Monarch by another.

Whole focus is on the 'success' to England.
If you don't believe that History teaching has to take a long, hard look at itself in light of #BlackLivesMatterUK, think again. I picked up the book for my son to help him with his GCSE, and couldn't believe that this erasure of Indian suffering wasn't picked up in editorial.
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