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Lots of people talking & being quoted re the separation, caging & othr abuses of Central American migrants,following th #Debate2020. 0 of those quoted are Central American. I just wrote a book based on decades of experience w these & other matters, but nobody's asking. Here's why
The first and most important reason is because the Democrats and their allies in media knew that actually existing Central Americans would have to share a difficult truth: the caging & separation of 1000s of Central American kids like the 1 in this pic began w Obama & Jeh Johnson
Obama separated over 5000 children fr their families--in 2011 alone. As is happening w Trump, many of those children separated fr moms were never reunited, lost in foster care or separated by a border. U can read re & hear screams n this @RaceForward rept:
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My focus group’s words to describe Trump tonight:
• “Controlled”
• “Reserved”
• “Poised”
• “Con artist”
• “Surprisingly presidential”

Words to describe Biden tonight:
• “Vague”
• “Unspecific”
• “Elusive”
• “Defensive”
• “Grandfatherly”

“People running for office have to tell you what they plan to do and how they’re going to do it.

I thought Joe Biden would tell us tonight, but there was nothing there.” #Debates2020

Washington Post reporter @MFFisher asks my group of undecideds about character.

Similarly as before, they say Joe Biden is a more decent person, but they side more with Trump’s policies and how they affect their daily lives.

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....and.....the lying begins. #TrumpLied200KDied #DebateTonight
....and the blaming on the Gold Star families has begun...
...and the jab at Gov Gretchen Whitmer. She has a name & her family has been THREATENED.
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Moderator: ok dogs. I want a polite debate. No jumping on each other, no biting the podium. You each will get a question to answer and then some back and forth. At the end I will declare you both good dogs are you both get treats.
Beaks: AGREE
Bunsen: Yeppers
Question #1
Moderator: Some people are saying that the shoes in the house are being chewed. Some people are saying they are being chewed by a candidate here tonight. Some people are saying it’s Beaker. Some people are me.
Beaker you have time now to respond.
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The media take photos of Ivanka Trump wearing a facemask as she attends the final presidential #Debates2020 in Nashville, Tennessee

📸 Brendan Smialowski Image
#BREAKING Final #Debate2020 begins between Trump, Biden Image
#BREAKING Biden: Anyone responsible for so many Covid deaths 'should not remain as president'

#Debates2020 Image
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President Trump enters his second and final debate with Joe Biden facing a daunting task made vastly more difficult by his own actions.

Here's what's at stake #Debate2020:…
Pressed for time and short of cash, President Trump will confront Joe Biden tonight in their second and final #Debate2020 as the incumbent’s faltering campaign seeks a last-minute comeback before election day…
Here's how to watch tonight's #Debate2020:…
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1/ You are missing the forest, by choosing to focus one one tree. Neo-Nazis were ordered to be on “stand-by” last night. #This is not about partisanship. This is setting the stage for a coup that leads to ethnic cleansing. #WAKEUP #Snapoutofit!
2/ Okay, so some staffer made a mistake, but RIGHT NOW @Hillsong has a choice to make. Will you remain silent; holding to policies that are INAPPROPRIATE in these circumstances? Or will you stand on your spiritual authority and speak what you know to be true? #Debates2020
3/ If you fail to speak, @Hillsong, you might as well be holding Trump’s mic when he calls neo-nazis to fill our polling stations and kill our democracy. #Debates2020
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🌪️#TrumpChaos Debate: A #Veteran's Take

1/7 Yes, of course you're right @JoeBiden. But WTH was that?!?

*Insert Trump Tornado emoji ---> 🌪️

I'm retired #Military, sir. USA & AF w/WH duty.
Well done. But know that I about crossed the 4th Wall here:

🌪️#TrumpChaos Debate: Vet's Take - 2/7
POTUS-elect #Biden: And speaking of my son & the way you talk about the military; the way you talk about them being losers & being suckers. My son was in Iraq-spent a year there. He got the Bronze Star. He got the Distinguished SVS Medal... Medals of Honor - RIP Major Biden
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After reading some headlines, I decided to watch the #Debate2020 myself and draw my own conclusions. As a political science graduate, I know a little something about media headlines, partisanship & ownership.

So here's a thread with my personal analysis/takeaways 🧵
1/ It was easy for me to observe the strategies of both candidates.

Trump's plan was to make Biden look old, weak, senile, out of touch, incompetent after 47 years in office, corrupted, involved with Russia & China through his son Hunter, and a mere puppet of the radical left.
2/ Biden's strategy was to look into the camera and address the viewers as often as he can. He appealed to emotions, described mundane situations that the everyday American had faced & essentially made it look like he relies on the judgment of viewers more than on his debating.
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Die Schlagzeilen österreichischer Leitmedien zur Debatte Trump vs. Biden dokumentieren vor allem zweierlei:
1) vermeintlich "neutrale" Beobachterperspektiven verzerren, was wirklich passiert ist.
2) diese "false balance" ist ein systemisches Problem
#debates2020 1/8
Ein Vergleich der Headlines von @derStandardat, @diepresse_com, @krone_at, @Oe24at und @orf_at offenbart bizarre Einhelligkeit und journalistischen Groupthink. Nirgends wird benannt, dass hier nicht "beide" gestritten, sondern Trump gezielt den Diskurs zerstört hat. 2/8
Zum Beispiel @derStandardat: "Viel Durcheinander, wenige Fakten in TV-Duell Trump gegen Biden"
Natürlich ist das faktisch richtig, aber es ist nicht der Punkt, wenn vor allem ein Kandidat ständig lügt und unterbricht. 3/8
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El debate : 🇺🇸🔍

1. Chris Wallace : el moderador, perdió el control del orden y estructura del debate (rápidamente). Este es un periodista de carrera y no es su 1er rodeo, fue decepcionante. 1/5
2. Tanto Trump como Biden, hicieron uso de los peores mecanismos y falacias del debate: Ad Hominem y Ad Personam. Perdiendo tiempo y entrando en discusiones que no tienen ningún beneficio para sus votantes. #Dobetter 2/5
3. Si C. Wallace iba a preguntar de: Supremacía blanca al Presidente, debió preguntar a Biden sobre: Antifa y BLM y como están destruyendo a los EEUU. #Eresdemócratayfueobvio 3/5
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I fucking refuse to be dragged into the mainstream media PROCESS STORY about whether the next debate should happen. AT THIS DEBATE, the President of the United States encouraged white supremacists to intimidate voters at the polls.

THAT'S THE STORY. #Debate2020
It's not on Biden to figure out how desperately the media-industrial complex wants another debate It's on the media to figure out whether they are going to LITERALLY ASK A FOLLOW UP QUESTION and figure out amongst themselves how to STOP Trump from LYING ALL THE TIME
Debates are a TV show. The media CONTROLS THE FUCKING MICS. If they don't like what they saw they can literally just CHOOSE TO DO BETTER. If they so choose and Trump gets huffy and walks off set, that's HIS choice.

The MEDIA'S choice is to do their JOBS, or do this crap.
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¿Qué ha pasado en el primer debate presidencial? Abro HILO con mi análisis: #Debate2020 #DebateNight #debatepresidencial #debates #DebateEU2020
1. Un debate sucio, bronco y embarrado. Un debate presidencial de todo menos presidencial. Fueron 90 minutos de tensión, interrupciones y ataques personales que seguro que a los votantes indecisos no habrá ayudado mucho a decidir su voto. De hecho, habrá generado más dudas.
2. Trump, fiel a su estilo. Ha interrumpido a su rival constantemente, ha lanzado duros ataques a Biden y ha conseguido sacarle de sus casillas. Se mueve como pez en el agua en la confrontación, por lo que su base electoral estará satisfecha.
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1/3 #PresidentialDebate #Debate2020 Analysis

While I appreciate @VoiceOfFranky's emphasis on the force of dark agendas motivating certain Trump supporters, & @IshatReza's view that Clinton was much stronger than Biden, I'm just not as worried that Biden suffers a disadvantage
2/3 #PresidentialDebate #Debate2020 Analysis

Last time Trump represented hope to the disenfranchised, but this election is about very different things & how he's disenfranchised a wide array of Americans. To vote for Trump a supporter must now be willing to defend racism
3/3 #PresidentialDebate #Debate2020 Analysis

At the same time, Trump lost the confidence of his military, intelligence, farmers, manufacturers, every ilk of healthcare, science, schools, the media, & the whole millionaire class. #BidenHarris2020 just needs to hold steady & #GOTV
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1) There are two ways to think of debates.
a) Did you excite/enthuse base? On this, Trump wins. He was consistent, and made the points that he is running on in this election--law/order; economy; D corruption in terms of FBI investigation/Hunter; handling of virus. #Debates2020
2) Biden didn't help himself with base. Performance was OK, but he was forced several times to distance himself from policies that are baseline progressive demands--Medicare for All, defund police, Green New Deal. Never forget the D party is seriously divided. #Debates2020
3)Then b) Did u persuade anyone not already decided? WSJ recent polls suggests there weren't many persuadable watching this debate. Most have made up minds. Still, on that front, legitimate question if Trump steamroller style won him points with, say, suburban women. #Debate2020
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“That was a shitshow!”

CNN’s chief political correspondent, @DanaBashCNN, manages to succinctly sum up the #BidenTrumpDebate In 5 words.
#Debates2020  #PresidentialDebate
The most important take away

“The commander-in-chief refused to condemn white supremacy.”

@VanJones68 says Trump “gave a wink & a nod to a racist, Nazi, murderous organization that is now celebrating online.” #Debates2020 #debate #PresidentialDebate2020
“Proud boys, stand back & stand by”

Trump’s after being asked to condemn white supremacists

“Stand by”

@realDonaldTrump is no longer talking about “bad people on both sides”

He has chosen his side
#ThisIsNotADrill #ProudBoys #StandBackAndStandBy #Trump
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Tonight's debate was a horrible but revealing spectacle. If anyone is undecided after tonight, it's because they are indifferent to the issues. The contrast on stage could not have been starker. There was only one bully, liar, and opportunist on stage. #debates
I doubt anyone who watched today's debate switched from Biden to Trump. But it's very likely the less rabid of Trump's supporters rethought their choice. @JoeBiden came across as dignified, reasonable, substantive, and, where necessary, cutting. #Debate2020
Biden had some good lines. "It is what it is because he is who he is" was good. And "Law and order, with justice" was the best. #Debate2020
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"There's something beyond fact-checking that needs to happen here. This sort of debate shouldn't happen in a democracy." @maddow. #Debate2020 #PresidentialDebate
"This felt like an assault. It felt like an assault on our senses. It felt like an assault on our Presidential campaign process." @NicolleDWallace #Debate2020 #PresidentialDebate
"It just seems like a man who was out of control." @JoyAnnReid #Debate2020 #PresidentialDebate
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To the narcissist’s mind, all criticism or questions are attacks. Trump telling Chris Wallace “I guess I’m debating you” is a good example. Anything less than complete obedience is an attack.

Watching Trump debate a normal human being is like watching a kindergartner who’s somehow taken control of a classroom debate the teacher. It’s so fucking sad.

Debate format is atrocious and shameful. Choosing this debate format with someone like Trump, you could predict it would be pure chaos. Why choose this format? Pure idiocy.

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Trump has already spent several minutes interrupting and arguing with the moderator, and he's thrown out a racial slur.

Wallace: "Mr. President, can you please let him finish?"

Joe "He doesn't know how to do that." 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
#Debates2020 #PresidentialDebate #BidenCoalition
Joe: "Will you shut up? Keep yapping, man."

YES 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Biden rolling his eyes, laughing at Trump, and muttering "God" is all of us.

YES Joe, bring up the "It will disappear, it will be like a miracle".

No, we can't trust Trump. He's tried to muzzle the CDC. He lies every time he opens his mouth.
#coronavirus #Debates2020
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Trump is right. Democrats would absolutely try to fill the seat, and it's silly to pretend otherwise. And Republicans would equally complain about the process. The voters had their say when they voted in 2016 and 2018. #Debate2020
Trump is also correct that Biden has no idea what will happen on abortion with SCOTUS or how Barrett will rule. Suggesting millions will lose their health insurance is just fear-mongering. #Debate2020
Forgetting Trump's trolling, it's indefensible that Biden won't take a position now on an idea (packing the courts) being actively promoted by leaders within his own party. #Debates2020
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Boa noite, pessoal! Aqui é a @Mariana_Sanches, correspondente da @bbcbrasil em Washington, e vou trazer os principais pontos do primeiro debate entre o republicano Donald Trump e o democrata Joe Biden, que disputam a presidência dos EUA.👇 #Debates2020
Começamos pelas regras:

Com moderação de Chris Wallace, da Fox News, o debate vai durar 90 min (sem intervalos!) com divisão em tópicos: histórico dos candidatos, Suprema Corte, pandemia de covid-19, economia, justiça racial e violência nas cidades e a lisura das eleições.
E se você sente que precisa se atualizar um pouco mais nesses tópicos do debate, dá uma olhada neste fio que preparamos mais cedo com links para várias reportagens sobre os assuntos principais das eleições: #Debates2020
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Debate....lets go!

First question: Supreme Court.

Trump says he has constitutional right.
Praises ACB.
Biden: People have say on who is on SCOTUS. Not going to get that chance. Already voting started.
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I'm somewhat dreading the debate but I am going to watch it & will make comments in this thread!

#Debate2020 #PresidentialDebate2020

Trump predictably defends his push to get through his nominee before the election (or shortly thereafter).

Biden has a good response focusing on the potential consequences - loss of ACA & loss of "choice" for women.

Of course Trump has to jump in, like a child.
Hey #ChrisWallace - stop Trump from interrupting! We are only 5 minutes in and Trump is already out of control. Trump is disgusting!
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