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Our consumption model is hurting our environment, our physical and mental health. We’re over-using natural resources, exposing children to toxic chemicals in our everyday products, and creating too much waste. This is unsustainable. Thread👇
Humanity lives at credit and consumes resources equal to that of 1.7 planets a year, vs 1.4 a decade ago and 0.8 in 1963. If population and consumption trends continue, this figure will rise to 2 planets by 2030.
#sustainabilitymatters #earth
The problem is about quantity, quality, and behaviors. We produce too much useless and disposable stuff, using enormous resources, cheap materials and labor, that we often barely use and quickly throw away.…
#zerowaste #circulareconomy
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Plastic always finds a way.

We removed this plastic ring from around the skink's neck in the middle of a forest in Madagascar, 1h walking distance to the nearest human settlement.

I don't think most people realise the extent of #PlasticPollution across the globe.
Over the past years I've been to a handful of places without any system of garbage disposal. There you literally 'take the trash outside'.

This is a common sight in Mutsamudu, #Comoros. All of it is plastic, whether single-use bags or microwave parts.
These places have so many underlying issues that lead to this kind of pollution: a dependency on (packaged) goods for survival, a complete lack of infrastructure that forbids efficient garbage disposal, governments who don't act...
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Thread👇#Auburn Plastic Bag Ban resolution passed by voters…
The bag ban resolution passed at the ballot box Yes 620. No 381 and 74 blanks #PasticPollution…
Our Executive Committee member @RobertKearns testified at the Board of Selectman meeting for a bag ban. "The cost to the environment exceeds the cost to retailers" #mapoli #PlasticPollution…
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Good question. Here's why treating plastics as one kind of thing in science and activism isn’t useful and can even cause harm.
A thread.
#plasticpollution #plasticspollution
Plastic = many polymers with many associated chemicals. A paper by @ChelseaRochman et al "Rethinking microplastics as a diverse contaminant suite" warns that treating plastics as a single compound misses effects, sources & solutions
Likewise, single-use can include medical plastics, disposable packaging & other items. Conflating them can cause harm. E.g. straw bans: see @DisVisibility on how disabled people use straws to create livable worlds. #suckitableism
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Just back from another beach clean event, this one at Chessel Bay Nature Reserve, #Southampton. Thread...
At first sight, things look petty good. But start looking among and under vegetation and it's obvious that #plasticpollution is an issue. Lots of macro-litter, way more than can be collected in a single day..
Doesn't take long to collect a big bag of plastic crap. Only two syringes this time. The plastic fish are soy sauce containers. #plasticpollution
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I arrive at #ChesselBay for the beach clean and... 1st sight, things don't look as bad as they have in the past. I spot a bird pelvis in the water...
But dig a little in the substrate and... Oh dear, epic #plasticpollution...
Over 70 of us are on site. There's a really good turnout of younger people - that's really encouraging. Everyone works hard. #chesselbay #beachclean #plasticpollution
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Last December, I spent some hours here in Sant'Elena, a reserved and silent corner of Venice, taking in the waves and the beauty of a plastic-free environment. This happened... #BeatPlasticPollution #WorldEnvironmentDay
I regained a renewed sense of hope, particularly for my country Nigeria, that we could really resolve this plastic crisis - which is driven by unethical production, consumption, and disposal worldwide. #BeatPlasticPollution #WorldEnvironmentDay
Plastic is part of lifestyle in Nigeria. In 2015, @JambeckResearch listed Nigeria among the Top 20 Countries with the Worst Plastic Waste Management.
The first image tells how all that plastic get into the ocean. #BeatPlasticPollution #WorldEnvironmentDay
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