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@MartinKulldorff @Eric_Schmitt @JeffLandry .@peterthiel cut a sizable check that Schmitt’s credibility could wreck. Postmarked W. Hollywood? #Missouri understood: Schmitt’s campaign’s cofinanced by #BigTech.
@carinabergfeldt @JackSuntrup @j_hancock @jrpsaki @kgilsinan @tonymess @The65Project #mosen
@MartinKulldorff @Eric_Schmitt @JeffLandry @peterthiel @carinabergfeldt @JackSuntrup @J_Hancock @jrpsaki @kgilsinan @tonymess @The65Project Bilförsäkringsbolaget har fått från domstolen beskedet att nåt ganska känsligt har hänt som är numera känt. Ingen skulle det ha förutspått. Kvinnan drabbats av ett könssjukdom som överförtes utan kondom och fick $5M ändå: något som vi har svårt att förstå.…
@MartinKulldorff @Eric_Schmitt @JeffLandry @peterthiel @carinabergfeldt @JackSuntrup @J_Hancock @jrpsaki @kgilsinan @tonymess @The65Project Bilförsäkringsbolaget har fått från domstolen beskedet att nåt ganska känsligt har hänt som är numera känt. Ingen skulle det ha förutspått. Kvinnan drabbats av ett könssjukdom som överförtes utan kondom och fick $5M ändå: nåt som vi har svårt att förstå. @Nyheter24 @anders_aslund
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One common objection to universalism goes like this: if everyone is going to be saved, why does scripture seem to say that few will enter the Kingdom of God?

The answer: Yes, few will enter the Kingdom. But that does not mean all will not be saved.
I've been re-reading this article to increase my foundation and understanding of what the Kingdom of God is about. I will break down some of the key points to explain.…
Not everyone is going to enter the Kingdom of God. Very few are. Narrow is the path, as they say.

First we must understand what the Kingdom of God is. The Greek is basileia theos, which quite literally means reign with God. It is talking about reigning with Christ.
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#Goodnews aus #Aserbaidschan (was für eine wahnsinnige Welt)

Diktator #Aliyev hat den Staatskonzern #SOCAR angewiesen, ukrainische Krankenwagen & Einsatzfahrzeuge kostenlos zu betanken. /TN
Diese Haltung passt auch dazu, dass sich #Aserbaidschan im Europarat bei der Suspendierung enthalten hat.

Die Bände zwischen #Russland und Aserbaidschan haben beim #BergKarabach-Konflikt schwer gelitten, was das gute Verhältnis anscheinend nachhaltig gestört hat. /TN
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@Eric_Schmitt Eric’s campaign was long overdue to release a playlist; 22 #GreatestHits now await so that Schmitt’s #ShowMeState its AG’s dismal record can view, for this 🚑 chaser’s unfit. Each song here I dedicate to Schmitt. @MoGov #SchmittList

@Eric_Schmitt @MoGov 1/ AG Schmitt’s favorite ploy was named “sue.” While campaigning, it’s all he could do large donations (in cash) with false hope soon to stash for his failing run in ’22: the main ingredient Schmitt would need @RoyBlunt in the Senate to succeed.

@Eric_Schmitt @MoGov @RoyBlunt @HawleyMO 1a/ AG Schmitt’s favorite ploy was named “sue.” While campaigning, it’s all he could do large donations (in cash) with false hope soon to stash for his failing run in ’22: the main ingredient Schmitt would need Roy Blunt in the Senate to succeed.
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#GoodNews für die #Uiguren in #China & Billigarbeiter in #Katar

Der #DOSB wird die sportlichen Großereignisse nutzen & versuchen, die Situation vor Ort zu ändern.

Weikert: "Und deswegen sollte man auch dort nicht boykottieren, sondern hinfahren und versuchen zu ändern." /TN
China und Katar schlottern sicherlich schon die Knie vor dem DOSB. /TN
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So, a few months ago, I started making #goodnews TikToks on Fridays to celebrate our wins and counteract the media’s negative bias. Because I use music, I haven’t brought them here.

But I want my Twitter friends to celebrate, too, so let’s do it as a fun thread! 🧵
Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers (D) vetoed 5 bills from the GOP legislature that aimed to restrict abortion access.
Job creation under Biden is 60x the rate of the last 3 presidents! (Not a typo!)
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Vertragt Ihr etwas #goodnews?

Die #Corona-Impfquote in D könnte deutlich höher liegen als bisher angenommen. Das legt auch der neue #Covimo-Bericht des @rki_de nahe. Gut möglich, dass bereits 80 % der Erwachsenen vollständig geimpft sind. Worum genau geht's? Hier entlang.

Die Erkenntnis, dass die offiziellen Impfquoten die wirkliche Impfquote wohl unterschätzen, ist nicht neu. Schon vor vier Wochen sorgte der #Covimo-Bericht für Schlagzeilen. Siehe etwa hier:…

Dem Bericht liegt eine Tel-befragung zu Grunde. Und die kam auf deutlich höhere Quoten als die offiziellen. Aber wie kommt das? Einerseits könnte eine Befragung die Impfquote überschätzen, weil es einen Selektionsbias (wer macht bei einer RKI-Befragung mit und wer nicht?)... 3/x
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3 random Automobile Industry #goodnews Stories from Nigeria. I’ve tried to do some regional balancing eh, because that’s what you people care for innit?

One from Ogun, one each from Enugu and Anambra, and one from Kaduna.

Let’s start with Kaduna. Peugeot Automobile Nigeria (PAN), one of the oldest vehicle assembly plants in the country. Has had ups and downs, AMCON took over 2012 or so, etc. About six months ago new investors took over, and have pledged to inject $150mn:…
Sorry. 4 stories not 3. (I didn’t like Further Maths like that in secondary school)
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"Powerfully Protective" für Jugendliche #BioNTech
Gefällt mir als Überschrift besser als die deutschen Headlines "100% Schutz".
Warum? Ein Thread.
#ProtectTheKids #SichereBildung…
Welche Infos gibt es?
Eine News-Mitteilung von #BioNTech #Pfizer .
Keine Detail-Daten, kein Peer-Review (-fähiges Material)
In der @nytimes zitiert man 2.260 Teilnehmer, in deutschen Nachrichtenportalen nur 2.160.
So oder so, inklusive der Placebogruppe. ➡️
Darin 18 Infektionen in der Placebogruppe.
0 in der Impfgruppe.
Erstmal ein gutes Ergebnis.
Bisher habe ich noch keine Infos zur Aufteilung gefunden (50:50 oder 30:70...).
Gehen wir mal von 50:50 aus. Also jeweils rund 1.100 Teilnehmer (je nachdem,welche Zahl nun stimmt)➡️
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Three class 10 students from Shiv Nadar School in Gurugram have launched their own e-newsletter called the Paperless Press. The focus of the e-paper is to bring positive and good news for all age groups.
The idea came up in July 2020 when Abhimanyu, Agasthya and Mihir Rao were wondering how a change can be brought in these distressing times, they decided to launch the paper.
"Lest we forget what positive news looked like, we decided to launch our own source of joy," said Agastya. While Abhimanyu and Agastya are twins, Mihir has been their best friends for over five years.
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The COVID-19 pandemic paralysed our lives for the last one year. While many of us were confined to our homes during lockdowns, the frontline workers played a life-saving role in fighting against the pandemic. Many of these warriors have been recognised and honoured with awards. Image
But this 33-year-old man from Mysuru decided to pay a tribute to them in a different way. Bharath P N embarked on a 'Walk for Humanity' journey- a tribute to the frontline workers, for their efforts and selfless service.
"I was just home-bound, like everyone else amid the nationwide lockdown. I watched the television daily and saw how these frontline workers were out, risking their lives and rendering their services on a daily basis.
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Durga Prasad Timsina had been languishing as an undertrial for 41 years at the Dum Dum Correctional Home in Kolkata but in the last two weeks, he got a new life. The Calcutta High Court ordered his release on March 17. Image
Timsina came back home to Nepal to meet his mother. The reunion was made possible by a prison inmate and some detective work done by a group of Ham radio operators in the two countries.
The 72-year-old Timsina was certified mentally unfit to stand trial for the murder that he was accused of.
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Laxmirani Tripathy from Sambalpur, Odisha and Mahabir Prasad Shukla from a neighbouring district in Jharkhand met six months back on Facebook. After getting acquainted well with each other through social messaging apps, they tied the knot here on Sunday, March 21. Image
Laxmirani (43) and Mahabir (48) are speech and hearing-impaired, respectively since birth. Laxmirani has completed her education till class 10 and even pursued sewing and beautician courses. Mahabir works as an electrical contractor.
Since the duo was unable to talk over the phone, they exchanged messages through the social media platform and got to know each other well before deciding to get married. They also interacted on WhatsApp video call using sign language.
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#GoodNews 🙌🏽

Yesterday along with @AAAJ_AAJC @SidleyLaw @the_ILRC @tahirihjustice and @CentroLegal we were able to block a draconian rule enacted by 45 and defended by the Biden admin that prevented immigration courts from hearing the valid claims of people facing deportation.
The failure to continue to fundamentally reject 45’s vision of our immigration system will leave a lasting mark not only on the lives of immigrants currently in deportation proceedings, but also on potentially hundreds of thousands of immigrant families to come.
As Tami Goodlette, our Director of Litigation at RAICES said, "We demand that the Biden Administration stop defending the rule and begin safeguarding the rights of non-citizens to a fair and just adjudication of their cases.”
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Some wonderful news 🗞 from over the weekend: 1 of 3 family detention centers has been emptied. 🎉

There’s still a long way to go to permanently shut them down in order to truly #EndFamilyDetention.

But jeez, #GoodNews feel nice 💕
HUGE shoutout to @ShutDownBerks, @aldea_pjc and ALL the rockstars who worked night & day to #FreeThemAll.

We hope Dilley & Karnes follow in Berks’ footsteps and we finally put an end to the incarceration of migrant families.
The Biden Administration has the power to #EndFamilyDetention TODAY.

We don’t have to live in fear of this practice continuing or ever coming back. @POTUS has the ability to end families’ nightmares once & for all!…
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#GoodNews aus den #USA

In #Georgia hat sich der Demokrat #Warnock bei den Stichwahlen zum US-Senat gegen die Republikanerin #Loeffler durchgesetzt.

Rennen zwischen den Demokraten Jon #Ossoff und dem Republikaner David #Perdue ist noch offen. /TN…
#Georgia zeigt mal wieder, wieso bei einer Wahl die Floskel besteht, dass jede Stimme zählt.

Wurde mal wieder verdammt knapp und geht mit ziemlicher Sicherheit gut für die Demokraten / #Ossoff aus.

Damit kann #Biden wirklich regieren. /TN
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#Goodnews aus den #USA

Das Oberhaupt der rechtsradikalen #ProudBoys, Henry #Tarrio, wurde in #Washington wegen Sachbeschädigung und Mitführung zweier Schusswaffen-Magazine festgenommen. /TN #TrumpTapes #Republikaner…
Der Chef der #ProudBoys wurde festgenommen? Kein Grund für seine Jünger, sich zu mäßigen - die prügeln sich in #Washington kräftig mit der Polizei. "Thin Blue Line" am Arsch? /MS
#Trump-Supporter haben die Absperrungen am Kapitol in #Washington (#USA) durchbrochen und versuchen das Parlament zu stürmen. Ach du Scheiße. /MS
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Amidst the horror of the late-2020 UK, I've got some #GoodNews to share! Alongside some #BadNews for #biodiversity and #conservation. So buckle up for some hot-off-the-press science from @UniversityLeeds @RSPBScience @oxmartinschool @naturesustainab…
TLDR: we projected that ~88% of the 20,000 #species we looked at will lose habitat to farmland by 2050, and ~1300 will lose 25% (a QUARTER!) of their remaining habitat. This is #badnews and could hugely increase #extinction risks. 2/…
BUT with proactive #conservation actions we can eliminate losses! Increasing agricultural yields, shifting to healthier diets, reducing food waste, and global-scale land-use planning can, when combined, provide healthy diets for a growing population AND conserve biodiversity 2/
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So, in the holiday spirit, I wanted to share an unlikely, feel-good story about my dog Hugo (the darker one) and his friend Churro. #GoodNews

A few months ago, my wife, Abby, found a dog abandoned in a sealed bag on the street here in Mexico City. The dog was cold, hungry and left to die. So, she brought him to a vet where they said he seemed ok but was just really malnourished.

He weighed 2.5 pounds and was roughly 6 weeks old. So she brought him home and we fed him and, despite all he'd been through, he was such a kind, happy little puppy.

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Some much needed #GoodNews 👏🏾 in the immigration world today. 💚
Fighting off an Administration that is constantly targeting immigrants left and right is exhausting and nerve-wracking for everyone involved in immigrant rights.

Moments like this 👆🏾are far and in-between but mighty doses of replenishment. Happy Tuesday y'all! 💚
A HUGE shout out to @the_ILRC, @icirr, @cliniclegal, @CHIRLA, @weareoneamerica and more for their tenacious work on this! 🙌🏾
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#PainGang #RahRahRah to @OldHeadFighta & NH Pain Collaborative for their BIG WIN in getting protections for pain patients & prescribers into state law. I'll put a sample letter together so folks can lobby their state lawmakers using the NH bill as a model.
NEW NH bill "requires doctors/pharmacists to consider the 'individualized needs' of pain patients, treat them with dignity, and ensure that they are 'not unduly denied the medications needed to treat their conditions.'" #cpp #opioids…
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#GoodNews 🎉 to brighten your day☀️

Ricardo*, who'd been detained with his son for 121 days at Karnes Family Detention Center were both finally released on Friday. Let this clip be a testament that ICE has the discretion to #FreeThemAll #SafeAndTogether
A little backstory: Ricardo* was living with his wife & 2 year old son in San Antonio, Texas prior to being arrested.

He'd been going to his ICE check-ins and missed a court date he didn't know about so at his next check-in, he was arrested & taken to Karnes with his older son.
A few months ago we submitted a request for parole on behalf of the family which was subsequently denied.

In the reason for denial, ICE stated that they could not determine that neither Jose nor his son were flight risks despite their strong community ties.
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#GoodNews 🎉
A father & son detained at Karnes Family Detention Center were released today after 100+ days locked up, after one of our attorneys successfully got their case re-opened.

This is a reality that @ICEgov can make happen for ALL families.
#FreeThemAll #SafeAndTogether
Small backstory: This family had been kidnapped in Mexico and received a removal order for missing their court day. Why did they miss court? .....because they were kidnapped.

This is what we mean by cruelty being the point. #AbolishICE
The family is now safe with their sponsor but let this be a reminder that there are still families who face separation, deportation, or prolonged detention.

Thank you to our partners @SSFTexas & @SA_Stands for rallying outside of Karnes today to demand they #FreeThemAll
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#GoodNews? Hardly.
While a federal judge ordering the release of children in family detention centers by July 17th seems like a great move...there’s a small caveat many may have to be reminded of.

Last month, ICE began family separation 2.0, in which they gave parents the difficult choice of 1) staying indefinitly in detention w/their children during a pandemic or 2) separating families by only releasing children alone, to sponsors & keeping parents locked up.
“Family residential centers are on fire and there is no more time for half measures.”

This is what Judge Gee said, referring to the spread of #COVID19 in family detention centers. Because YES the virus has already spread there.
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