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Ohio State vs Clemson Sugar Bowl Game Feed.

We're coming to knock you out with body blows.

#OhioState #Buckeyes #BuckeyeNation Image
Day is still hot from last yrs Referees stealing our Natty shot.

Rightfully so and if the coach doesn't believe we can beat their asses, then players will never.

Dabo doing what he does best. Running his mouth.

#clemson #OhioState #Buckeyes
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#USA 🇺🇸💉🦠

As the #US rolls out the #Pfizer#BioNTech vaccine, let’s have a look... how’s your state doing? Share a 📷 or a thought/perspective as we battle back against the #coronavirus / #covid19? Thread.

First up. New York. Image
#USA 🇺🇸💉🦠 #Illinois

Doug Meyer, 38 respiratory therapist, airway manager @OSFHealthCare @PeoriaIllinois is among the 1st #Illinois healthcare workers to receive the #COVID19Vaccine. Ht @BlueRoomStream

#USA 🇺🇸💉🦠 #RhodeIsland

A Latino doctor, Dr. Christian Arbelaez, was the 1st person in Rhode Island to get the #COVID19 vaccine. Now he wants to be an example for his community.… @DanMcGowan reports. Image
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Nebraska vs Ohio State Game

Network & Time: FOX -12:00 p.m.

Where: The Shoe

Line: OSU -26.5

Last time the Huskers beat the #Buckeyes was 2011. 😂

Outcome: 👇

#ohiostatefootball #OhioState #BuckeyeNation
Just got a message from Twitter on overcapacity. It's got to be caused by everyone from Ohio tweeting about Buckeye football being back. 🤗👏💪🙌🏈
Field’s mindset... bring destruction to oposing defenses.

#Buckeyes #OhioState #BuckeyeNation
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#B1G presidents and chancellors voted 11-3 to postpone the fall season, the league confirms in a brief responding to #Nebraska players' lawsuit. Brief also outlines that decision based on multiple medical factors applying to all 14 schools. Two groups of experts advised league.
League sources tell ESPN that #Nebraska, #OhioState and #Iowa are the three schools that voted against postponing the fall season. This will surprise absolutely no one who has followed the story.
The #B1G's brief filed today targets "three incorrect and unsupportable assertions" in the players' lawsuit, mostly around the vote (it happened) and threshold for approval (60% according to bylaws, league got 78.6%). Also pushes back on claim that one study fueled postponement.
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Day 170

Dropped more campaign lit for #SaraBitter around Mt. Washington.

Now wrestling with the registration system for kids’ school lunch. You have to choose and pay for the food a week in advance.

Also, why are cishet Christian WM talking? Why?!

Day 171

Had a run-in with an elderly “Karen” at Lunken Park. What’s the 70yo WM equivalent of a Karen? Is it a Lorraine? Or and Ellen?

Anyway, she didn’t like my dog being in a fenced picnic area and tried to claim the park was private. It’s not Image

Day 172

Was convinced that my “Karen” from yesterday is a “Barb.” Looked extensively into issues she raised and you will be SHOCKED to learn she lied at every turn.

I’ll also bet she supports Trump. And blames unwanted pregnancies on women.
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#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

2. #Oregon TE Jacob Breeland

Height: 6-4 7/8
Weight: 252
Hand: 9 7/8
Arm: 32 5/8
Wingspan: 78 1/8
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

3. #FloridaAtlantic TE Harrison Bryant

Height: 6-4 6/8
Weight: 243
Hand: 9 4/8
Arm: 30 5/8
Wingspan: 74
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

4. #Washington TE Hunter Bryant

Height: 6-2 2/8
Weight: 248
Hand: 10 right hand (pinky deformation), 10 3/8 left hand
Arm: 32
Wingspan: 76 4/8
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JK Dobbins, RB, #OhioState
5'10, 216

A near consensus tier one back in this class, and for good reason.

He has a special blend of strength, burst, and elusiveness. By the measurables Dobbins may be the best athlete in the entire class.

@MyFantasyLeague #NoOffseason

Dobbins doesn't have elite speed, but I think he has great burst. He's REALLY good at getting to the second level.

Below he hits the hole hard, and once he has green grass he uses a nice cutback to trip up the defender and and then blows by him to cruise in for a TD

Here's another nice initial burst to get into open field untouched and keeps running towards green grass.

Again, Dobbins doesn't have elite second level speed, and it also looks like he's little gassed by the end of the run as he's caught from behind.
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Any Tweatons watching the #OhioStateFootball v #Wisconsin ?
Geez the #Buckeyes are really struggling!
Oh wait! #OhioState
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Version 3 of the #CFBPlayoff rankings were released last night. What you expected? If youve followed along since early Oct you know the process. You werent surprised. For the rest of you, lets take a look & compare to what was projected using the same process used for 5 yrs.
First off, why does the committee use this process? Think about it. 14 busy guys make up this committee. They have roughly 60 hrs from when the last game ends on Sat to when they need to have this Top 25 created on Tues. If they evaluate only 30 teams to get that 25, how much
time is adequate to evaulate? 1 hr? Thats 30 hrs of evaluation. Half the time is gone & no one has slept. The process of getting a consensus out of 14 people hasnt even started. Thats why this process is kept so simple, & its why they have a defined predictable process.
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Les Wexner + Ohio State University [a thread]

I'm making this thread with the hope that some of you internet sleuths can help me connect the dots with Wexner that have not yet been connected. OSU is a huge part of this story.

#Wexner #Epstein #OhioState
If Ohio State was a person it would be identical to Les Wexner so we need to understand a little about creepy old man behind the curtain. To understand Les Wexner we need to go back in time to his Ego's coming out party in 1984/85.
Numerous magazine articles were written about him. The most telling of which was a New York Magazine article in which Wexner basically says he is possessed by a demon [aka "his dybbuk"] which fills him with an insatiable appetite for greed and power.
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#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

102. #Duke TE Daniel Helm
Height: 6-4 1/8
Weight: 249
Hand: 9 4/8
Arm: 33 3/8
Wingspan: 79 5/8
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

103. #Iowa TE TJ Hockenson
Height: 6-4 6/8
Weight: 251
Hand: 9 4/8
Arm: 32 2/8
Wingspan: 77 7/8
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

104. #Mississippi TE Dawson Knox
Height: 6-4 3/8
Weight: 254
Hand: 9 6/8
Arm: 33 4/8
Wingspan: 80 4/8
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This will be the 2019 #NFLCombine measurements thread. (The league records prospect information in 8ths of an inch and does not reduce the fractions...if you don't like it, tweet management.)
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

1. #Utah K Matt Gay
Height: 6-0
Weight: 232
Hand: 9
Arm: 30 4/8
Wingspan: 73 4/8
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

2. #Oklahoma K Austin Seibert
Height: 5-9 2/8
Weight: 213
Hand: 8 7/8
Arm: 30 3/8
Wingspan: 70 4/8
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11 GOPers acting like Putin's representatives #VoteThemOut:
1. Mark Meadows, chair of the hard-right "Freedom Caucus" (former Tea Party). Ethics scandal:…
His opponent is Philip Price @Price4WNC #NorthCarolina #NC11
11 GOPers acting like Putin's reps, trying to "impeach" Rod Rosenstein:
2. Jim Jordan, #GymJordan named in #OSU #OhioState sex abuse lawsuit…
His opponent is Janet Garrett. She will represent #Ohio #OH04 @Janet4OH
11 RW GOPers attacking US law enforcement instead of investigating Russia's attack on America. #VoteThemAllOut

3. Matt Gaetz of #Florida is "known for doing some pretty despicable things"…
Faces a primary challenge August 28. #FL01…
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Body Language Analysis No.4319: Jim Jordan (Part II) Fox Interview - regarding Allegations of Ignoring Complaints of #SexualAbuse at Ohio State • #Nonverbal #EmotionalIntelligence #JimJordan #OhioState #Nonreporting #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert
1/ To date, a total of seven former student-athlete wrestlers have made public statements declaring that - while Jim Jordan was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University (1987 - 1995) ...
2/ ... he was aware that a team physician (Dr. Richard Strauss) perpetrated multiple acts of sexual abuse.
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1) Okay, folks, buckle up, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. From what I am now hearing, and this is from no less than 5 reliable sources, Rod J. Rosenstein is going to RESIGN IN PROTEST next week just prior to the contempt vote against him. You heard me. RR is out. Finito. Kaput.
2) He will be followed out the door by an as yet undetermined number of senior DOJ officials who have had enough of this charade of congressional meddling masquerading as oversight. The implications of this are obviously massive and could bring down the WH and the Republic.
3) At least that’s what MSM will be telling you 24/7 for the next two weeks. HAHAHA!! See where I’m going with this, guys? That’s right. It’s all POTP (part of the plan). Here’s what’s REALLY going on:
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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No.4318: Jim Jordan regarding Allegations of Ignoring Knowledge of Sexual Abuse at Ohio State - #Nonverbal & #EmotionalIntelligence#JimJordan #OhioState #BodyLanguageExpert #SexualAbuse #TurningABlindEye #BodyLanguage
1/ Recently, it has come to public knowledge, that while Jim Jordan was an assistant coach on the men's wrestling team at Ohio State University, a then team physician - Dr. Richard Strauss - allegedly sexually abused many athletes.
2/ Multiple former wrestlers on the team have now come forward alleging that Jordan had knowledge of - but ignored their complaints of Strauss' sexual abuse.

Dr. Strauss died of suicide in 2005.
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