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Creator Economy 🔥 🚀

What’s next for the creator economy & its intersection with web3? 🧵
At a high level, we’re moving from a world in which creators made income on their own, to one in which they build wealth together with their communities.
The Creator Economy is a subset of the passion economy— the emerging category of businesses founded by self-employed content creators, supported by the digital platforms and financial tools that make the monetization of content viable.
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Learned so much this week at #CEX

Here are my #CreatorEconomy notes from sessions I attended featuring @MarketingProfs @jayclouse @creatorwizard @robertoblake @Leesh_Capeesh @DanielPink @pamslim @JoePulizzi @chrisguillebeau @wallykoval @JordanHarbinger

Mega 🧵👇🏽
👑 @MarketingProfs shared a story about Robert L May, a copywriter for Montgomery Ward (old-timey department store) who was hired to write a story with one mission:Sell toys.

You might have heard the story:

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 🦌
I put the fun (and actionable) template she shared into a Google Doc for those who dig a good template:…
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【翻訳版】Dev Protocol による持続可能な資金提供:Web2の魅力的な約束と、Web3の背景とその約束について。

#DevProtocol #Web3 #creatoreconomy
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5 Reasons To Join Cosmofeed:

A Thread 🧵 :
1. Create fully-automated exclusive Channel -
Cosmofeed Channel can be free or paid. You can add multiple subscription plans for your paid community. No need to maintain excel sheets or sending payment reminders to your subscribers. Cosmofeed takes care of it all.
2. Create premium message which can be shared on multiple platforms -
Locked messages created by you and unlocked by viewers by paying a certain amount. All the money you earn, is yours.

Pay per View Feature Of Premium Message You can Use it for Photo,Video,Files.
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GM! Selamat hari minggu!

Lagi apa nih? Udah sarapan?
Btw, ada yg suka nonton TED Talks gak?

Nah, dari 3000+ topik keren yg dibahas disitu, kalian penasaran gak sih mana yg bagus? Butuh rekomendasi?

Well, saya sudah ngumpulin 25+ TED Talks yg mungkin bisa jadi pilihan.

1. How great leaders inspire action

By (@simonsinek)

Pernah denger Golden Circle? Simon melihat bahwa para pemimpin hebat berpikir, bertindak & berkomunikasi dalam pola tertentu. GC membantu kita mengingat alasan kita memulai segalanya, start with why.
2. The 1-minute secret to forming a new habit

By (@christinecphd)

Christine berbagi langkah sederhana untuk mengubah pola pikir kita dan membuat kita tetap berada di jalur yg benar demi mencapai ambisi terbesar kita.
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TOP 3 from the previous week:
#Metaverse #BlockchainGaming #NFT
1. The Delphi Podcast | @Delphi_Digital

@Fwiz: Head of YouTube Gaming on the Future of Blockchain Games and the Creator Economy

@pierskicks #CreatorEconomy
2. The Pomp Podcast | @APompliano

#803 How To Evaluate NFT Projects with @AndrewSteinwold…
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De #creatoreconomy o como le llamo, emprender en base a contenidos, que viene a ser lo mismo 😅…

A montar un modelo de negocio de membresía y una formación profesional en @SharingAway

Hoy me apetecía contarte como hemos llegado hasta aquí 😬

Retweet 😍
Hilo 🧵
SharingAway no nació como una escuela o comunidad de NoCode, si no como una comunidad que apoyara el emprendimiento digital.

El giro vino con el interés que tuvieron las primeras publicaciones de casos reales con #NoCode

Las pistas que te da la gente 😅
Si ves publicaciones con 55K visualizaciones cuando no eres nadie…

Piensas… “canelita en rama”

Así que pasamos a ser un blog de NoCode, aunque no era lo que queríamos…

Había que empezar.

¿Pero cómo monetizar el contenido? Aquí, la gente suele querer ir muy deprisa…
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Me vengo con la economía del creador o #creatoreconomy, que queda más British.

Dicen que la #Web3 le viene de maravilla a los Creators.

Un poco de historia para entender la vaina. 🧵
Las épocas del creador:

· Finales de los noventa principios de los 2000. A la gente le da por empezar a aportar en el internet. Sobre todo en blogs.

· Youtube empieza a iluminarnos en 2007. Los vídeos se monetizan con anuncios y se reparten beneficios con los creadores.
· A partir de 2015 la cosa se calienta y surgen plataformas que ayudan a los creadores a ser dueños de su marca y a monetizar en serio (twitch, substack...).

La cosa ya no va de anuncios, va de suscripciones (aquí todo el mundo a pagar!)

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Well, sebenernya ada perjalanan yg harus teman2 lewati sebelum sampai kesitu, karena masih banyak yg belum ngerti, saya buat lanjutan dr thread sebelumnya.

Mari kita mulai perjalanan kali ini dari mengenal apa itu web3?

Blockchain 101
0. web3

Crypto has one feature that has never existed before - trust. - Ben Horowitz

web3 matter:
Jika kepercayaan bisa diatur pake kode, orang gak perlu bergantung pada perantara buat menyelesaikan sesuatu. Tanpa bank, pengacara. dsb

Itu teknologi yang pengen web3 ciptakan.
1. Compare web1,web2,web3

Sekarang kita bandingin web3 sama web1 dan web 2.

Web1 (1990 - awal 2000an) kita cuma bisa baca.

Orang2 cuma bisa browsing sesuatu lewat halaman web statis, jaman itu cuma ada Yahoo. Nah Web1 ini dibangun di atas protokol sumber terbuka seperti HTTP.
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Siapa Ghozali?
Kenapa dia Viral?
Kenapa harga foto selfienya bikin geleng kepala?

Itu kan pasti pertanyaan kalian semua, Ghozali adalah pemuda dengan mimpi sederhana, konsisten dengan caranya & tiba2 semesta menjawab doanya.

Kok bisa? Jawabannya adalah NFT
Apa sih NFT?

0. Apa itu NFT?

Penjelasan simpel,

NFT itu Non-fungible tokens : token unik yg terkait dengan manfaat digital (kadang fisik) yg menunjukkan bukti kepemilikan.

Sek mas, lha Non-fungible? Tokens? Tuh apa?
oke kita bedah satu-persatu ya.
1. Definisi

Fungible: berarti jika Kamu nukerin sesuatu dengan sesuatu, Kamu bakal dapet hasil yang sama persis.

Misal : Kamu punya selembar duit 50rb lecek nih, trus liat bapak kamu punya duit 50rb baru, kalian pengen tuh tukerin duit kalian, nilainya kan tetep sama 50rb.
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I'm gonna launch a crowdfund to quickstart a DAO (actually, a DAMN - Media Network) on Tuesday 21

That's in 4 days from now

Here's my process 🧵 (I'll tell you how it goes day by day)
Context 1st

I've been working full time in web3 for 4 months now

I'm convinced web3 is the best tool to create systemic change that allows for scalable impact

Understanding how was my top priority

Before coming to web3, I've worked with #startups and social entrepreneurs

I've seen how overwhelming it can be to be a founder

I've also dived deep in the #CreatorEconomy and found the same tough learning curve

With web3? That's orders of magnitude worse

Way too complicated
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@TwitterBlue Love the #NewTwitter Seasonal Icons from @TwitterBlue. ImageImageImageImage
@TwitterBlue Are you ready for New Year's? @TwitterBlue is! 🥂

#NewTwitter ImageImage
And not just New Year's — there's a slate of custom icons for every season! Here's Spring and Summer. ImageImageImage
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Most creator businesses end up with a long tail of customers, but the most successful have garnered the interest of the top. How do we make the #CreatorEconomy work for everyone? 🧵👇
The state of the creator economy requires a reset of our operating model. @andrewchen points this out succinctly
The Creator middle class was explored at length by @ljin18 and all of the problems she originally highlighted still exist!…
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For there to be a creator middle class, we need to invest in the next generation of creator platforms, not the demise of all platforms.

For the #creatoreconomy, this is the way.

Let me explain.. 🧵👇 Image
There are 3 kinds of platforms at play today in the Creator Economy:

- Social Networks
- Creator Platforms
- Web3 Platforms

All of these have their strengths and weaknesses.
When evaluating any platform in this context we need to think about 4 factors:

- Convenience
- Control
- Currency
- Discovery

Let's look at each of these first...
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/13/2021…
A terrifying new theory: Fake news and conspiracy theories as an evolutionary strategy…

#FakeNews #ConspiracyTheories #EvolutionaryStrategy #GroupConflict #deception
Spatial and temporal scales of variability for indoor air constituents…

#ResearchStudy #variability #IndoorAirConstituents #SpatialScales #TemporalScales
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Are you sharing free design resources on the @figmadesign community? Consider collecting e-mails for downloads via @gumroad 📩

Why and how? Read my story in the thread below 🧵
Three years ago, when I launched my first free UI kit for @figmadesign there was no Figma Community yet. There was no easy way to share and promote my freebie either.
I remember that I was inspired by @gregdlubacz and @JanLosert, who shared their @sketch products and freebies via @gumroad back then. I decided that I will use Gumroad too. It was easy to use, and I liked Gumroad's 'Pay what you want' feature. The account was also free.
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Introducing the Fanducer Flywheel

Fanducer = (fan + producer) a fan of a podcast that also helps in the producing of that podcast.

When podcasters invite their fans to participate in the production of their show - thread ⏬

#podcast #audiencebuilding #creatoreconomy
The Benefits:

- A cure for content creation burnout
- Builds digital butt funnels where fans have increased interaction opportunities
- Builds a strong community with a shared purpose (that can be monetized)
- Attracts new fans and grows your podcast audience
Outer wheel:

Open a channel for your fans to contribute

1) Audience participates with clips, questions, stories, artwork, etc.
2) Praise and give feedback to the top fan contributions
3) Inactive fans compete for your praise and become active fanducers

Outer flywheel repeats
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I'm clearly getting too old for @instagram. Not only am I unfamiliar with "TinyTAN" but this promo suggests I can enable these themes in settings, but I can't find them! 👴🏻

#NewInstagram #ConvComm
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Some thoughts on managing your mental health as a Content Creator: 7 TIPS

#mentalhealth #creators #creatoreconomy
Take criticism to mind and not to heart. Valid criticism has qualifiers, and the critic doesn’t dictate what is valid, reality does.

If criticism isn’t useful in improving the quality of your work, or helpful in understanding the concerns of your intend audience, ignore it.
Give yourself reasonable expectations.

If something wouldn’t be fair of an employer to ask if you, it may not be reasonable for you to ask it of yourself.

Understanding what is realistic and reasonable matters.
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