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"Systems Thinking is a must have skill in today’s complex, changing, non-linear world where everything is interconnected as well as interdependent." -- Sahana Chattopadhyay @sahana2802…
Choice Quotes from Bill Gates's New Book ⋆ Brownstone Institute…
#BiologicalVirus, #ComputerVirus, #AbnormalPsychology, #IntellectualError, #BookReview
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🚨New publication🚨

Practical recommendations to communicate with patients about health-related conspiracy theories
with @Karen_Douglas & @DrDanielJolley
in @theMJA

#openaccess here:…

A short 🧵 thread on our Perspective piece
Health-related conspiracy theories take many different
forms, but typically suggest that information is
deliberately concealed from the public by individuals
or powerful groups within the government or health
industry. These beliefs are widespread and potentially harmful.
e.g., “pharmaceutical companies are hiding evidence that vaccinations can cause serious illnesses and disabilities in children,” and “the number of COVID-19
deaths have been exaggerated by the media and governments to scare the population”
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THREAD| Key #narratives spread by Russian governmental organisations and #propagandists. #Russia’s ‘humanitarian assistance’, ‘Selfish West that does not think about the prosperity of the Global South’ and more ⬇️
🗣️Ukrainian people need humanitarian assistance but the #West sends them #weapons instead - says #Zakharova
💭Let’s make it look like we help people, care about the consequences, and let's try to shift attention away from the causes
🗣️There are #US-funded #biolabs in #Ukraine (see more at @StopFakingNews, @EUvsDisinfo)
💭Let’s appeal to all #conspiracytheories abroad to shift the attention, it seems to be working

#disinformation #RussianPropaganda
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Covid #hamster cull could see 2,000 animals #executed after positive test in #HongKong -Jan 18
-The city will also stop the sale of hamsters and the import of small mammals, according to officials from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department…
#FEAR The novel 'crona virus' #batflu Vs #Catflu SIMPSON CARTOON | 6.6.2020
- The today novel corona virus that spreading day by day the simmilar virus was documented in simpson cartoon sereis like All other pridictions.
#KillerCats #PANIC #CHAOS
Major coronavirus variant found in pets for first time -19 Mar 2021
- Infected cats and dogs experience serious symptoms, but it’s unclear whether the virus is causing them.…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 10/02/2021…
‘Mini psyches’ give insights into mysterious metal-rich near-Earth asteroids…

#NearEarthAsteroids #SpaceMining #metals
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🚨NEW from @allthecitizens 🚨
Anti-vax groups want to ‘save the children’ – but what do teens actually want? Our investigation for the @independent by @mccoolingtons & @kdenkwrites is out:…
2/“I think we deserve to be vaccinated because we’re out here trying to get degrees, trying to go to school, trying to live our lives,” said Izzy, 17, watching a small anti-vaccination protest in her hometown in September” #COVID #vaccine
3/ As 12-17 year olds are offered the #vaccine, anti-vax networks are gearing up to respond with increasingly extreme actions - from leaflets spreading disinfo & sending out emails containing fake NHS advice, to storming schools and discussing ways to fake a Covid test.
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#OSINT Here's a quick update as well as an example from ChanScan.

- Hundreds of words added
- Tons of domains added
- ~10 wiki pages updated
- Got our first integration with @QOrigins
- API improvements
- New categories added

Now here's an example.

Here's an example of the use of "Great Replacement" on 4chan within the /pol/ board. See how ChanScan highlights this word for further review.


#altright #extremism #ConspiracyTheories #osint
If you aren't familiar with the Great Replacement Theory, here's a definition from the ChanScan wiki. When you click on a highlighted word, it will take you to this page.…


#disinformation #misinformation #osint
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A vaccine that provides sterilizing immunity prevents the vaccinated from being able to catch or transmit the virus. They become a dead end for the virus.
The current crop of COVID vaccines, which are meant to train the immune system to recognize the S-spike proteins, were not designed to create sterilizing immunity. By their design, they merely help reduce the risk of severe outcomes by priming the immune system.
The vaccinated can still catch and spread the virus ― the definition of a leaky vaccine ― and epidemiological data makes it very clear that this is now happening all around the world. Both the vaccinated & the unvaccinated are equally capable of producing new variants.
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Lies people tell about #Water
Part: 1

"We can find charlatans peddling #snakeoil in a wide variety of spheres, but there are quite a lot of lies that are told specifically about water. It's such a ubiquitous substance, everywhere around us, and inside of us,
and since we need it to survive,it's fertile grounds for #pseudoscience. What kinds of lies do people tell about water?There are many colorful examples we will cover,but this first part will focus on the main #conspiracy surrounding water & that is the fluoridation of tap water.
From government mind control to neurotoxic effects, there is no shortage of #misinformation associated with this incredible achievement of modern society, so let's run through the most common talking points and see what they're all about, shall we?
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/13/2021…
A terrifying new theory: Fake news and conspiracy theories as an evolutionary strategy…

#FakeNews #ConspiracyTheories #EvolutionaryStrategy #GroupConflict #deception
Spatial and temporal scales of variability for indoor air constituents…

#ResearchStudy #variability #IndoorAirConstituents #SpatialScales #TemporalScales
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/13/2021…
Poverty in 2021 looks different than in 1964 – but the US hasn’t changed how it measures who’s poor since LBJ began his war…

#poverty #usa #measures #relevance #alternatives
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“Why Do People Believe Weird Things? Bayesian Brains, Conspiracy Theories, and Intellectual Vices”

@ruhrunibochum #LectureSeries #ConspiracyTheories #Disinformatioin
“Why Do People Believe Weird Things? Bayesian Brains, Conspiracy Theories, and Intellectual Vices”

@ruhrunibochum #LectureSeries #ConspiracyTheories #Disinformatioin
“Why Do People Believe Weird Things? Bayesian Brains, Conspiracy Theories, and Intellectual Vices”

#LectureSeries #ConspiracyTheories #disinformation
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/21/2021…
Planting the Anthropocene’s roots in globalization-Book Review by Wolfgang Lucht…

#anthropocene #globalization #history
Lumber frenzy drives up home prices as suppliers can't keep up…

#HomePrices #LumberShortages #ConstructionCosts
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@PeteSouza 1. @GovKemp My parents brought my sister & I to this country so that we could have a better life bc #Salazar, the #PortugalsDictator limited what we #Peasants could do to improve our lives. And we also lived in fear of being arrested at any moment by the #SecretPolice, #PIDE....
@PeteSouza @GovKemp 2. It seems to me that you & the @GOP are depriving #Poor #AmericanCitizens their #RightToVote. A #TruePatriot would make it easier for ALL Americans to vote; not just the privileged! But then we know that Americans are tired of how the @GOP governs & we don't approve.....
@PeteSouza @GovKemp @GOP 3. of the #GOP's agenda & your #ConspiracyTheories! You can bet that this #EuropeanAmerican who remembers what it felt like to live in fear in a #PoliceState will do everything in her power to assure that the @GOP #VoterSuppression laws fail! My parents made many sacrifices....
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As promised, here's my thread on "Coming into Contact with COVID Conspiracy Theorists" or "When Malleable Minds Meet Misinformation." (See ironic anti-fear, fear-mongering example below) #coronavirus #ConspiracyTheories @MelissainJax @NateMonroeTU @BachmanANjax @RenataFCNews 1/16
A couple days ago I noticed that a friend of a friend was posting aggressive #COVID conspiracy memes from an Instagram influencer named "Jake Maverick" whose claim to authority on public health seems to be that he...posts things online. 2/16
Jake is interesting. With over 24k followers, he has quite a soapbox. As you can see from his profile, he is British, of mixed descent, promotes "medical freedom," is vegan, and...masculine? Most of his posts consist of crude memes or rants. It's unclear what he does. 3/16
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/14/2021…
Study identifies significance of atmospheric rivers for New Zealand…

#significance #rivers #NewZealand
Hospital Price Transparency Could Change The Face Of Medical Debt Collections, If Advocates Exploit It | Health Affairs…

#hospital #transparency #debt #medical #price
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/28/2021…
For the past three weeks, a group of Trump supporters and QAnon believers met online, swapped theories and eagerly awaited the conspiracy’s violent climax. I was listening in. This is what they sounded like.…

#ConspiracyTheories #insurrection
Alex Mesoudi on Twitter


#culture #evolution #variation #theory
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/25/2021…
Study: Folklore structure reveals how conspiracy theories emerge, fall apart | Ars Technica…

#structure #ConspiracyTheories
The 1 Percent Rule: Why a Few People Get Most of the Rewards…

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