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Menyambut Hari Raya Suci Maha Saraswati.

Ijinkan saya menyampaikan: Sebuah utas singkat Makna dan Simbol:
Berkulit putih, bermakna: sebagai dasar ilmu pengetahuan (vidya) yang putih, bersih dan suci.
Kitab/pustaka ditangan kiri, bermakna: Semua bentuk Vidya; ilmu /sains /spiritual yg bersifat sekular; yg mengarahkan kita ke tujuan hidup yg utama, tp Avidya jgn jg diabaikan.
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1-Why is #Gayatri known as the Queen of #Mantras in #Sanatana?

The #Gayatri #Mantra is the most revered mantra in the #Vedic lore. (1/27)


2-It is an invocation as well as a prayer addressed to the Supreme #Creator of the #Universe

..and of the three worlds..

..the terrestrial, the celestial, and the one connecting these two. (2/27)


3-The literal meaning of the mantra is as follows -

We meditate on the glory of that #Ishwara

..the Supreme Lord of the universe

..Who has created this universe

..Who is accomplished to be revered

Who is the embodiment of true knowledge and light (3/27)
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Life-Size Stone Sculpture of Goddess #Saraswati.

Dated: 1200AD-1300 A.D

The goddess has been conceived as four-armed standing on a lotus pedestal and carrying lotus, book, rosary and a pot in her hands.


#HistoryEncyclopedia #SculptureOfIndia #History
Along with the rosary, the lower right hand displays 'varada mudra', gesture of release. Elaborately bejeweled with a wider range of ornaments than usually seen in her contemporary images, especially the ornaments on her arms, the delicate string on the back of the palms.

Goddess has been modeled with an exceptionally soft & delicate figure, fingers, long, sharp & with pointed nails being most attractive & striking. Besides the lyre-playing devotee females and the donor couple, royal beings or a rich trader and his wife.

#HistoryEncyclopedia 3/3
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ಶ್ರೀವನಿತೆಯರಸನೆ ವಿಮಲ ರಾ
ಜೀವ ಪೀಠನ ಪಿತನೆ ಜಗಕತಿ
ಪಾವನನೆ ಸನಕಾದಿ ಸಜ್ಜನನಿಕರ ದಾತಾರ||
ರಾವಾಣಾಸುರ ಮಥನ ಶ್ರವಣ ಸು
ಧಾ ವಿನೂತನ ಕಥನ ಕಾರಣ
ಕಾವುದಾನತ ಜನವ ಗದುಗಿನ ವೀರನಾರಯಣ ||೧||

#Kumaravyasa #Bharata #Peethaka #Sandhi #ಕುಮಾರವ್ಯಾಸ #ಭಾರತ #ಮಂಗಳಾಚರಣೆ #ಕಾವ್ಯವಾಚನ #ಗಮಕವಾಚನ #ಕಾವ್ಯನಾಟ್ಯ #Kavyanatya

RT pls 🙏
ವರಮಣಿಗಳಿಂದೆಸೆವ ಮೌಳಿಯ
ಸರಸಿಜಾರಿಯ ಕಿರಣದೋಳಿಯ
ವಿರಚಿಸಿದ ಸಿಂಧೂರಭಾಳದಿ ಕುಣಿವ ಕುಂತಳದ ||
ಕರಿ ನಿಭಾಕೃತಿಯೆನಿಪ ವದನದ
ಕರದ ಪಾಶದ ಮೋದಕದ ವಿ
ಸ್ತರದ ಗಣಪತಿ ಮಾಡೆಮಗೆ ನಿರ್ವಿಘ್ನದಾಯಕವ ||೩||

#Kumaravyasa #Bharata #Peethaka #Sandhi #ಕುಮಾರವ್ಯಾಸ #ಭಾರತ #ಮಂಗಳಾಚರಣೆ #ಕಾವ್ಯವಾಚನ #ಗಮಕವಾಚನ #ಕಾವ್ಯನಾಟ್ಯ #Kavyanatya
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They couldn’t deny that the Veds were the ancient most texts!
They couldn’t accept that German, Greek, Latin languages had their origin in Sanskrit!
To give expression to their political aspirations, they fabricated ‘Aryan invasion theory’! #SaraswatiUntold
In 1848, German scholar, Friedrich Max Muller settled in Oxford, introduced in 1853, term Aryan applied to Indian languages & Race! Germany & England used Aryan invasion theory to propagate that Rigvedic people were descendants of Europeans,so our culture,language came from them!
Macaulay understood- knowledge of Brahmins would be a hinderance in converting Hindus, hired impoverished Max Muller to translate & interpret Veds in a way that🇮🇳elite would choose Bible over Veds, used #Hindu intellectual strength against their own self!
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1) This Thread Talks about the #TrinityGodess in Hindunism.

As there are Three Gods, there are three supreme Godess also, to maintain the Order of Cosmic Universe.

Every Goddess has some special powers which make her more unique and more powerful.
2) Navratri Represents 9 days of Divine Goddess.
1st is goddess #Durga, She is the warrior goddess who gives the winners consciousness. She represents the warrior or fighter aspect.
3) 2nd is #Laxmi, She is the wife of supreme Lord Vishnu who is sleeping in Infinite Cosmic Ocean. She is the goddess of wealth and abundance. Lord Vishnu take incarnation with her to protect the world. She is worshiped on Diwali. Her Mantra in #Shreem
She represents #PureGold.
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Starting with my most favorite ❤
Oil On Canvas
3 feet by 2 feet.
#durga #oilpainting #hindu #hinduart #art #painting #hinduism #india Image
The legendary singer, a voice so divine even Lord Venkateshwara wakes up to her Suprabhatam everyday.
Color Pencils and Soft Pastels on A3 Sized Paper.
#mssubbulakshmi #sketch #art #painting #hindu #hinduism #hinduart #krishna Image
In Kalamkari Art using Micro Tip Colored Pens.
#lakshmi #saraswati #hindu #hindus #hinduism #Hinduart #kalamkari #art #painting #artist #india #red ImageImage
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स्कन्द पुराण में महादेव ने पार्वती जी को सरस्वती नदी की उत्पत्ति रोचक कथा सुनायी: ऋषि और्व्व के तेज़ से प्रचंड वाडवग्नि जन्मी जिससे सम्पूर्ण ब्रम्हाण्ड के जल जाने का भय था, ब्रह्मा जी ने अपनी पुत्री सरस्वती को वाडवग्नि को सिंध महासागर तक ले जाने का कार्य सौंपा।
सरस्वती तब वाडवग्नि लेकर पश्चिम समुद्र की ओर चलीं #SaraswatiUntold सरस्वती के इसी प्रयास का नाट्य रूपांतरण है। प्राचीन काल में शास्त्र पाठ को नृत्य के माध्यम से भी दर्शाया जाता था, #Saraswati के पुनर्जीवन के लिए हमने भी यही माध्यम चुना और नृत्य नाटिका, सरस्वती अंटोल्ड की रचना की।
Those who missed the Opera #SaraswatiUntold in Delhi must experience the spectacular performance on 26th Jan at International Ramayan Confrence, Jabalpur.
Know your true history, your continious ancient most civilization, the #SaraswatiCivilization !
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Opera #SaraswatiUntold depicts the descent of River Saraswati, its geographical location & its historical presence debunking the #AryanInvasionTheory
The deliberation sung in sanskrit
narrates the untold story
of #Saraswati in the language of Odissi
@KanchanGupta @PondyLitFest
Devi #Saraswati is the revered #SaraswatiRiver of Rig Vedic Rishis, who came to be worshipped as Devi by Yajur Vedic Rishis
She comes alive in Divine composition of shlokas from Rigveda
Yajurveda & Skand Purana in Odissi Classical music & dance
Stay tuned, watch d mystery unfold.
Rishi Aurva created Agni & asked Shri Vishnu to have that devastating Vadvagni/submarine🔥 dropped in the ocen to save 🌍 from destruction
After approaching all the rivers that expressed their inability in doing so, Vishnu chose #Saraswati who became a river/vehicle for the task.
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The Islamic invasion of Bharatvarsha started in 638, is the 1381 year old unfinished agenda of gazwa e Hind still at work in Kashmir, Kerela, Bengal, Haridwar, #Merut ..??
Whose Kashmir is it,
the Hindus who ruled it from 3238 BCE, 20 years before Mahabharat
a total of about 4787 years,
the Islamists who treacherously captured, it in the 13 th century & existed for just 470 yrs tyrannizing & butchering Hindus ??
Take a look at the pattern of izlameek jihad, its onslaught on almost all civilizations begining from the very day of its birth till today.👇🏻
do you still wish to call it a peaceful religion & carry on sucking Ganga Jamni, Kashmiriyat lollypop? 👇🏻
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