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What does disability offer as a category of historical analysis? Why does #DisHist matter?
Here is an eg:
Born in Sardinia, Antonio Gramsci (1891–
1937) lived with physical disability, possibly due to Pott's disease (image not of him).../ The image shows a black and white photograph of the back of a young boy with deformities of the spine and neck.
His mother held to the idea that he was disabled after a fall down a flight of stairs which she blamed on a servant. The young Gramsci lived with chronic pain, and his condition may have impacted his growth as well.
#DisHist #DisabilityHistory #histmed The image shows a black and white photograph of a middle aged woman with dark hair wearing a dark dress, holding a toddler with dark curly hair and a white dress. The photo appears to be from the early 20th century.
Gramsci's own writings describe how he was called a gobbo (hunchback) by those around him & described how his condition made him feel like an "intruder" in his family.../
#DisHist #histchild #histmed
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We really need to talk about #history, dear Data-will-safe-the-future-folks.

This is a ridiculous take and stunningly disconnected from all the brilliant debates on history of data-science / history of #bigdata in the last years. #histstm…
There was this in 2017, a great Osiris issue on #Datahistories, asking about the histories of data and data-sets and reminding everyone to have a second look at the question, if big data is the answer.…
Or one could look at this issue in HSNS, where de Chadarevian & Porter ( and all other authors) where doing an excellent job of 'scrutinizing the data world'
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So I'm still processing my thoughts about The #CurrentWar.

My immediate reaction upon leaving the theater: This film is custom-made for a crossover between @SocHistTech and History at the Movies (#HATM).

(@HerbertHistory-If this comes to pass, let me know!)

#histSTM (1/17)
A few additional thoughts: The movie makes it very clear that the #CurrentWar was between Edison & Westinghouse.

Yes, Tesla is there too (more on him in a moment), but the system-builders (cf. Hughes) are front and center.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see Mary Stillwell Edison and Marguerite Erskine Walker Westinghouse featured prominently in the film. The latter is actually referred to as George's wife & business partner.

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Did you know that @HSNatSci publishes essay reviews? These reviews are ~3-4K words in length and creatively engage in #histTSM related books that are thematically related. We've published everything from retrospective looks at classics to emerging new directions 1/
They started in this format with the relaunch of @HSNatSci in 2008 under the guidance of then Book Review co-editors @GordinMichael and Angela Creager. The first two published were Matthew Stanley's "Einstein: Essence or Explanation?" V.38(2008): 153-61… 2/
Stanley incl. 2 biographies of Einstein by @WalterIsaacson & Jürgen Neffe, & an edited collection by David Rowe & Robert Schulmann, to think about the "reliance on personality as an explanatory category," esp. with #Einstein #histSTM… 3/
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Hey all, let us have a look at some basics of optics and light science today! #phdchat #Physics #optics
Let us look at some common objects that can be used to understand the nature of light rays. This includes mirrors and lenses. #phdchat #physics #optics
Light travels in a straight line. It is the most fundamental property of light. An obstruction on the path may only change its direction, else it travels in a straight line. #phdchat #optics #light
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1/ No history of vaccination should begin with Jenner. The practice of inoculation is a necessary precursor to any history of vaccination, but often gets left behind, diminished or derided. Not to mention Benjamin Jesty. #historyisnotGreatMen #histmed #histSTM (thread)
2/ Smallpox has been with us possibly since the Neolithic Revolution. And at least since the 16th century, variolation (or insufflation (blowing dried smallpox matter into the nose) was routinely practiced as a preventive in China. And that is based on written records alone.
3/ In India from the 17th century onwards, there is written evidence of variolation, or dipping a sharp iron needle into dried smallpox matter and puncturing the skin in a small circle, usually on the upper arm. Practiced during the spring, variolation used 'pocky matter'....
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