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Nick Fuentes with Fr. Pfeiffer at the Jericho March™
Nick Fuentes hot date with "Catboy Kami"
What passes for a Catholic these days...
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On Wednesday I tried to define a #metamaterial.

Now it's time to define #metals, which should be way easier, right?

Spoiler: even in a #metallurgy group @LNM_eth, not everyone agrees!

First a list of "high-school science" definitions that don't really help us. The

"Metals are reflective": Yes but not all reflective things are metals. Not definition friendly. Image
"Metals are ductile and malleable, easy to work with": Not necessarily. Good luck working with Tungsten, which is definitely metal.

This article tells a bit about how hard making the Tungsten filaments that we used on lights was!…
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A long thread about Optimistic Bridges and why we think @HopProtocol falls into this category (@l2beat will change the classification). Optimistic bridges are an exciting new class of bridges with @nomadxyz_ / #Optics and @AcrossProtocol falling into this category as well 👇🧵
All these constructions are different but they have one thing in common - when message is passed from source to destination chain, it is assumed to be genuine/valid unless proven otherwise by some independent Watchers /2
The main question then is - are these Watchers actually watching the bridge and how long is a “fraud-proof window” during which the validity of message can be challenged /3
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Let's fork this thread since people seem to be as fascinated by this topic as I am…

This process happens in nature. Any lens (a camera lens, the eye) 'calculates' the #FourierTransform of the object being imaged.

Read on…

#Fourier #Optics
The Fourier Transform coincides with the plane of the lens. So small lenses cut out the higher spatial frequencies that are furthest from the centre.

Therefore, these higher frequencies do not go through the lens and they're lost…

So when the remaining frequencies are recombined at the image plane (say the back of the camera or the back of the eye), the terms that are needed for the fine detail are not there…

The image is blurred.

This is diffraction.

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0/16 Just like the real #NASA Webb Telescope, I’m so big that I have to fold up to fit in my #rocket for launch and then unfold in #space. Follow this thread to see each step of my deployment throughout the coming days. Image
1/16 Not long after I launch 🚀 into space, I need to deploy my solar array to keep the power flowing. My solar array folds flat, just like the real thing! #solarpower
2/16 📡 Next I release my medium- and high-gain antennae so that I can #communicate better and send data to you. My antennae are gimbaled, allowing me to aim them directly at #Earth! 🌍
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The terms of the 'Daily Contact Testing Study' (#DCTS) are here:

If 50% of volunteers have to do daily #LFTs instead of self-isolating, the odds of both the PM & Chancellor falling into that group aren't that high.

But the optics sure aren't great... Image
More info on the "40,000 person #DailyContactTestingStudy", which launched on 9 May, here:…

Given more than 500k people were pinged by the app *in the first week of July alone*, it seems a bit odd the study isn't already full:…
The guidance for those in the non-self-isolating group for #DCTS is worth reading:…

They should avoid "small, poorly ventilated public places for more than 15 mins", "public transport", "visiting others indoors" & "shouting, singing or talking loudly" 🤔 ImageImage
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I am perplexed how #RogerChou can not only sit on the #CDCOWG but is a lead author. He recused himself at the #CDC meeting due to #COIs bc of his work as ‘expert witness’ in Purdue litigation but is lead author 🤷🏻‍♀️ @CDCDirector @CDCInjury could you explain how this is ethical? 1/
Listening to the #CDCOWG from perspective of #caregiver & advocate was disheartening. For me @CDCDirector assurances that #patients voices were heard was meaningless. She may say that we’ve been heard but then how are so many feeling as we haven’t been? Why are the #legislation 2
of these guidelines continuing? Why are those who have benefitted from #opioid #pain medications being removed, shamed & stigmatized? Why is care not individualized? It’s very clear our #voices have not been heard. There is nothing that was said that eased my concern for 3/
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We have to understand that white neolibs are not stupid—they are willfully ignorant.
Their solidarity is merely performative, just as it is with #BlackLivesMatter; to educate themselves on the actual history of #PuertoRican politics is not worth possibly losing two Dem senators.
They don’t actually care about the situations they make their ignorant comments on, outside of how black and brown suffering can serve as a tool to benefit white agendas—Again, simply look to #BlackLivesMatter and all of last year’s performative #activism.
There is a strong irony that these faux-progressive white neolibs (and their token black and Latino stooges) amplify their performative beliefs in their bios, hashtags and feeds but their activism stops at actually taking action. They decide to preserve their whiteness instead.
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This is an amazing optical illusion — caused by atmospheric conditions over the water bending light rays to make it look like the ship is above it. This video has a nice explanation (especially the bit starting around 1:20) . #FataMorgana
The proper term for this is “superior mirage” or “superior looming mirage” but I have seen the term “fata morgana” used for a similar phenomenon also caused by weird kinds of light bending over the ocean.
More on superior mirages from @iansample.…

Rather than "optical illusion" it might be better to call this an "optics illusion." Your brain is processing visual information correctly, it's just that the light deflection makes that information unreliable!
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1/ 👇 THIS right here is the perfect example of how our local bureaucracies completely failed our kids, and our communities last Spring.

It’s all right here in one image: panic, ‘safety-ism’, politics, tiny tyranny, elitism, and pig-headedness.
2/ This was done by feckless local bureaucrats, with the ‘best’ of intentions, of course.

The local 'leaders' around the US who did THIS to our kids are absolutely responsible for much of this long term catastrophic damage we’ve done to our kids, and our society.
3/ Never forget that. Never let them live it down. …or else, how will we learn from this? How else will we make sure it never happens again?
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Hey #optics and #photonics twitter

It's time again for the 2nd annual #top10photonics thread, where I compile my own #top10 best photonics papers list of the year!

See here for last year's thread:

A thread 👇
Same disclaimers as last time:
1. These aren't just papers that were published in 2020. They are papers that were added to my library in 2020. Some are a little older — some are a lot older. All are interesting or exciting to me in some way.
2. I reiterate - TO ME. This list is highly subjective, and is mostly about what captured my imagination most, not about what will make the biggest impact, or what is most worth funding. The order is mostly arbitrary too. This is just for fun :)
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There is also a very powerful and gruesome video of Haftar's violation of humans that is linked to this. Google it and watch your own peril.
Naturally, there are some complaints that Haftar and his control of Benghazi and the LNA is misrepresented but they rarely allow interviews or visits...just some scattered reporting like the recent NYTimes piece.
Haftar has a spokesman Ahmed al-Mismari who is a former singer and poet but now better known for standing in front of a growing collection of unplugged microphones making tough statements
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Hey #optics and #photonics twitter

It's the time of year where we are inundated in end-of-year top10 lists... but how many of those lists are made for _US_ and our community?

So I decided to compile my own #top10 best photonics papers list for 2019

A #top10photonics thread 👇
Some notes:
These aren't just papers that were published in 2019. They are papers that were added to my library in 2019. Some are a little older — some are a lot older. All are interesting or exciting to me in some way.

I reiterate - TO ME. This list is highly subjective, and is mostly about what captured my imagination most, not about what will make the biggest impact, or what is most worth funding. The order is mostly arbitrary too. This is just for fun :)

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Hey all, let us have a look at some basics of optics and light science today! #phdchat #Physics #optics
Let us look at some common objects that can be used to understand the nature of light rays. This includes mirrors and lenses. #phdchat #physics #optics
Light travels in a straight line. It is the most fundamental property of light. An obstruction on the path may only change its direction, else it travels in a straight line. #phdchat #optics #light
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Just launched, the @OpticalSociety & @SPIEtweets Professional Conduct @WomenInResIE joint report on Assessing and Addressing The Level of Harassment at Scientific Meetings #STEM #womeninstem #womeninoptics #scicomm #optics #photonics…
Some interesting stats, which are not very surprising "over 9% of respondents say they experienced harassment at meetings or events hosted by the scientific societies. Of those who experienced harassment, 63% were women." #womeninstem #womeninoptics #LGBTinSTEM #optics #photonics
I've just had a quick read but the thing that struck me most, more than the stats was the personal stories in Appendix I - sadly these are stories I've heard from friends & colleagues who have attended scientific meetings & conferences. #womeninSTEM #womeninoptics #LGBTinSTEM
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#Inktober index card 1: Relative dating is a snippet of simple magic. As soon as you stop to think logically, entire landscapes unravel in eagerness to tell you their story. #sciart #geology #teaching
#Inktober index card 2: #DonnaStrickland is the 3rd woman to EVER win the #NobelPrize in #Physics for her work on chirped pulse amplification, an engineering #optics technique to create short, intense laser bursts with broad industrial & medical applications. #sciart #cansci
#Inktober index card 3: I’m #TeamIce for #MinCup2018, infatuated with this simple & elegant mineral.

Here’s my interpretation of ice from chemical composition to melt molecules to crystal hexagons. I couldn’t find my blue pens for sketching the #thinsection. Shush.

Vote ice!
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Okay, let’s do some fun #optics trivia! Lessee... to start, my favorite: 2 meters squared of concentrated sunlight is enough to melt stone.
#Optics trivia: even in vacuum, light can travel slower than the speed of light! Beams with a “twist” in them can be slower, because the light is following the “twist,” not the straight line path.…
#Optics trivia: optical tractor beams, which can trap and attract objects, do exist! ... but they can only trap stuff the size of bacteria.…
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reportedly, the guy who wrote the 'golden shower' dossier - here pictured with John McCain…
. so Christopher Steele first passed the info to the FBI and then John McCain passed the same info - but both from same source?
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