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#Décolonisation Penser l'émancipation sans ou au-delà de la souveraineté nationale: passionnant entretien de l'anthropologue @yarimarbonilla sur les luttes en #Guadeloupe.

Un des axes de la chercheuse : penser les formes multiples de "non-souveraineté".…
C-à-d qu'elle pense la #Caraïbe comme espace de souverainetés entravées et dc de non-souveraineté multiples.

Raison pour laquelle pr elle analyse la Gpe (et Mq, Guy) non pas comme "anomalies" par rapport aux autres îles, ms travaille les ressemblances malgré variété de statuts.
Merci à @Bad_Sociologist de m'avoir fait découvrir l'entretien !

C'est riche pr penser la Guadeloupe, la Caraïbe fr, à travers les yeux d'une chercheuse travaillant avec un corpus différent de l'historiographie, anthropo antillaises, françaises, francophones
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Very much looking forward to listening to this fab webinar today. See this thread below for the stellar cast of presenters. Will attempt some live tweeting. Who else is in the audience ? #nathist #nathistart #histnathist #colonialism #histSTM
The always wonderful @isacharmant opens the webinar speaking about the history of @LinneanSociety & the amazing dgitization efforts of their archives… . Art, illustrations & other images shed light on diversity of knowledge makers. #histnathist
Isabelle stresses that it is absolutely vital to have names of the artists in the catalogue to restore them to their rightful place in history & the "integral role of empire in the creation of collections" & colonial infrastructes for #histknow & #histSTM 😍
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Media Watch thread Pt1: Media produced spin about Joanna Lumley from an article by @WalesOnline published online 3:40am. She never contacted any of the hunger strikers or anyone on the Gurkha Satyagraha team (BGSUSC)formally or informally before, during or after the hunger strike ImageImageImage
News outlets got carried away with the story without verifying anything with connected with Gurkha Satyagraha or Gurkha organisations. The articles also reported that the hunger strikers belonged to ‘Support Our Gurkhas’, a facebook group run by lovely British public supporters Image
This article also contains an inaccuracy. Joanna Lumley never once visited the protest site in 2021. She did in 2013 at Gyanraj Rai’s first hunger strike but this is not clear @thehimalayan. Her 'statement' of pleas to Boris Johnson was not published as press releases for media Image
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#Thread on the Council of Ministers of Chhatrapatī Śivājī Mahārāj - The Aṣṭapradhāna Maṇḍaḻa

The Aṣṭapradhāna Maṇḍaḻa was the 'Cabinet of Eight Ministers' of Hindavī Swarājya

#Hindutva #AdministrativeHistory #chhatrapatishivajimaharaj Image
Chhatrapatī Śivājī Mahārāj sought to modernise & formalise the governance of the Hindavī Swarājya.

Feudalism was rampant, which was reined in with the wise *separation of the revenue-collection, & military roles* of the administration.

#Feudalism ImageImage
The Aṣṭapradhāna Maṇḍaḻa was formalised at the time of coronation, although, there exist instances where Chhatrapatī Śivājī used to consult several such ministers on earlier important occasions as well.

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#HindaviSwarajya #MarathiBhashaDiwas

When Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj conceptualized the idea of Hindu self rule (Hindavi Swarajya), he had it in his mind to purify & purge the Mleccha influences upon the linguistic sphere too!
Chhatrapati Shivraji Maharaj directed efforts to bring about the development of indigenous language for administrative use. Farsi was replaced with a Sanskritized Marathi through the publication of Rajyavyavharkosh - राज्यव्यवहार कोश.
And that sacred work of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was carried forward by Swantryaveer Savarkar, as is beautifully explained via the above pictorial representation.
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European historians use a comparative notion of “balance of probabilities” when claiming knowledge transmission from Europe (Greece) to #India, but insist on the absolute notion of “beyond all reasonable doubt” for reverse transmission from India into #Europe. #decolonisation
They use this double standard to sustain a Eurocentric history writing against their dialogical competitors, even in situations where application of this principle would make a stronger case for East-to-West transmission.
This strategy has been used to perpetuate the racist notion that all knowledge flowed from ancient Europe.

For example, Neugebauer in 1962 used “priority, accessible communication routes and methodological similarities” to prove his belief that the astronomy contained
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Our latest issue (No. 249) the final one of 2020 is out now: Check out all of the articles it contains below👇

#socialhistory #culturalhistory #twitterstorians @OUPHistory
2/ "Military Mobility, Authority and Negotiation in Early Colonial India"… by Christna Welsch @WoosterEdu

#imphist #globalhist #earlymodern #socialhistory #culturalhistory #Twitterstorians
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Alongside the #ExeterTehranConvos I’m been thinking about the nature of philosophy and research in #Iran within the context of the reception of #European philosophy - thread on #philosophy in #Iran 1/ Image
And the ways in which continental philosophy dominated in an earlier period due to the influence of the #Heideggerians and the circle of #AhmadFardid (1909-1994) many of whom became prominent in the committee for the cultural revolution after 1979 2/ Image
But since then - and it seems perhaps a bit of a surprise that #Soroush was a major figure in the support of #analytic_philosophy then - #Anglophone philosophy is gaining an upper hand 3/ Image
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We should ask ourselves what #Decolonization means to Muslims, Jews, Roma, Afro/ Asian Europeans, People of Colour, LGBTIQ community, CSO's, EU institutions, policy makers of #Europe.

We must decolonise our structures that drive discrimination to built an inclusive Europe. Image
#Decolonization is essential to address structural racism in EU Member States.

Toppling statues of criminals & racist colonialists is essential to make Europe future proof just as education on the real colonial history of Europe. #BlackLivesMattters Image
From #Roosevelt to #Churchill to #LeopoldII: they are visible monuments to the greatest crime in history: #Colonialism.

Therefore, we must prioritise #decolonization to topple the invisible monuments that make our society so structurally racist. #Europe…
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We are a group of people of colour who are supportive of #YesCymru and discussions in #Wales🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 for #independence/#annibyniaeth.

We have created YesCymruPOC to adequately address topics of equality, representation, diversity and race in the #Welsh independence movement. 1/
Wales🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 has a future beyond an unequal relationship in the Union🇬🇧, one that is based on exploitation, poverty and a lack of a developed public political sphere in Wales. 2/
Equally, we acknowledge the monolithic discussions on #independence/#annibyniaeth🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 that have, at nearly every turn, erased the voices+contributions of #PeopleofColour in #Wales and the lived realities of race, racism and the #HostileEnvironment.
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#EU should come out of the state of denial on structural racism & police brutality against minorities.

Condemnations are only meaningful when they are coupled with real action to completely change racial biases in our institutions. #BlakeLivesMatter
@EU_Commission @JuliePascoet
Structural & institutional racism as well as police brutality against minorities are a national security threat to all EU member states.

Our future depends on building a union for all without structural and institutional racism. #blacklivesmatter @vonderleyen @EU_Commission Image
Failing to acknowledge police brutality in the EU a single time by @vonderleyen shows the EU continues its state of denial.

Let's ask the difficult questions on why the EU is structurally and institutionally racist. #BlackLivesMattters EU needs real change and no...
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Let's walk the talk.

Let's fight racialised oppression for real.

Let's put decolonization on the agenda for changing racist power structures for real.

#BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloydMurder #racisme #Roma

@DDGCtweets @ColKnowledges @colonialhangovr @theNUC1 @UN_PGA Image
#Decolonisation is an essential element for any recovery plan for #Europe in order to overcome structural racism & social issues exacerbated by #COVID19.

Replacing statues of criminals with memorials to their millions of victims is a great starting point. #BlackLivesMatter Image
What #BlackLivesMatter means in #Europe?
Why EU is so silent?
Why No action on commissioners who deny racism?
Why politicians who have taken part in #blackface end up being an commissioner?
Why no non-white #EU commissioners?

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Still processing the powerful discussion we had today in our #MA @ARUSociology session on #DecolonisingtheUniversity. A student shared her experiences of growing up in apartheid South Africa & feeling validated & 'seen' by the reading material. Became emotional as she talked
about how #apartheid affected her secondary & higher education in South Africa. Another shared his experiences of racism & racial abuse at his place of work in London, and how he'd envisioned a different kind of life in the UK when he migrated from Nigeria three years
ago. A third talked about being British in Zimbabwe and how her family had tried to convince her that the 'whites' were there to help the 'black people' and how she learnt to resist the 'civilising' narrative of #empire. A fourth discussed how her godfather rolled his eyes at her
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