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#Beijing, the capital and a northern city of China, and #Shenzhen, in south #China's Guangdong province, are set in a race for the country's most innovative city - yet on very different tracks.…
Only Beijing, Shanghai and the Greater Bay Area are awarded with two titles, becoming genuine "dual centers" of national and international influence. Image
According to statistics on science and technology funding, out of Beijing's 260 billion R&D expenditure, the proportion coming from research institutions and universities is as high as 55%, which is the highest in the country, while the proportion coming from enterprises is 43%. Image
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𝐗𝐢 𝐉𝐢𝐧𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠'𝐬 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐞𝐢𝐠𝐧 𝐛𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐩𝐨𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥 & 𝐌𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲 𝐥𝐚𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐞:

Exposing #XiJinping's family corruption business & Tagging all who towed #DalaiLama Fake campaign so as to identify paid Wumao members.

A THREAD . . . Image
1. His younger brother Xi Yuanping is a permanent resident of #HongKong with an #Australian PR. He is the president of the International #Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Association. Image
2. The eldest sister, Qi Qiaoqiao (follows her mother’s surname), is a naturalized #Canadian and the chairman of #Beijing Zhongminxin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Image
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#HongKong pro-democracy veteran Albert Ho has been arrested again and had his court bail ceased. Several media reported that he may contact Andrew Chiu's family in an attempt to send a message to the defendant-turn-witness in #NSL47 case.
Chiu has always been controversial... Image
1/ You may probably know him b/c of this incident happened in Taikoo at the height of #antielab protest back in 2019.

People outside the core of #HongKong politics may sympathise with him and give subsequent recognition.

That's not quite the case for those in the field. Image
2/ Chiu was well-known for 2 things among people in #HongKong politics. 1) His questionable doctoral degree & 2) His biz dealings w/ pro-#Peking politicians.

His honourary degree is awarded by SABI university, a known diploma mill. Still, he insisted on his doctoral title. Image
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#Globalist Jews Created And Run Communist #China
- Israel #Epstein was one of the few foreign-born Chinese citizens of non-Chinese origin to become a member of the Communist Party.
- Sidney #Shapiro, an American Jew, was a high ranking member of CCP’s govt
#China is #Rothschild's Model for #NWO | Dec 9, '19
"Once you understand the massive Soviet Rothschild penetration and occupation of the US body politic by the sons and daughters of alleged Jews from Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania & Russia, ALL becomes clear."
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Some of our TV coverage of recent #ZeroCovid unrest in #China, with protestors dramatically questioning the country’s governance directly, even challenging China’s leader #XiJinping himself. China’s #Covid crisis continues.
Statement from the European Union
Chamber of Commerce in #China recommending a fresh vaccine push and public awareness campaign in the county regarding vaccinations. #ZeroCovid #Covid
#Hangzhou was the latest flashpoint for anti-#ZeroCovid measures last night. Since then it’s been pretty quiet on that front in #China. There’s a government #Covid press conference in just over an hour but we don’t expect any dramatic announcements.
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My wife is working for the exhibition industry in #Shanghai and the current conditions are an absolute nightmare thanks to current #Covid policies. An example: The #Shenzhen government insists to open a 3-day fair in mid-December to give a strong signal to the economy. (1/3)
The problem: Organizers, exhibitors and visitors entering Shenzhen have to isolate themselves for 7 days first. After returning back home, they have to face similar restrictions: For example, you cannot enter public places for 5 days if you come back to Shanghai. (2/3)
That means: They cannot participate in normal life for 12 days if they visit this 3-day event. No surprise that none of the involved parties is willing to go there. The expected outcome: Empty halls with big screens instead of exhibitors and visitors as happened before. (3/3)
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(1/11) 🇨🇳 Die #Corona-Lage in #China verschlechtert sich, das #Lockdown-Chaos in Shanghai geht weiter, Besserung ist nicht in Sicht. Im Gegenteil: In #Shanghai werden Häuser von außen eingezäunt und auch in #Beijing rechnen die Menschen mit einem (echten und harten) Lockdown. 🧵
(2/11) Szenen wie diese beobachten die Menschen in Shanghai nun: In der größten Stadt #China​s (mehr als 25 Mio Einwohner) errichten die Behörden massive Metall-Zäune, um bereits abgesperrte Wohnsiedlungen und Gebäude zusätzlich voneinander zu trennen.
(3/11) Offensichtlich ist nicht damit zu rechnen, dass der Lockdown in #Shanghai bald endet. Die Zäune wirken stabil und nicht provisorisch. #China​s Behörden agieren weiter intransparent: Die Bevölkerung wird weitgehend im Unklaren gelassen.
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A thread🧵 on #COVID19 in #Shenzhen.

So I recently talked to a reporter about my life on the ground in #China during the city's latest COVID outbreak, but in the end, no one from the mainland was quoted for the article, just experts from #HongKong (blame the editors).

I spent some time compiling my thoughts so I'd like to share them here so they can at least be of some use to the public. Most of it has been covered in previous posts and is a few days out of date, but feel free to read and ask questions if you're interested.


What do COVID-19 protocols look like in Shenzhen right now (Daily testing, reporting your health, have to order food, etc.)?

My response:

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#China today has city-wide #Covid lockdowns in place in #Shenzhen (12.5 million people), #Dongguan (10.5 million), #Langfang (5.5 million) + a province-wide lockdown in #Jilin (24 million residents). Also quasi-lockdown provisions, in #Shanghai (26 million) & #Xian (13 million).
In addition, there are #Covid restrictions in cities right across #China from localised housing community lockdowns to the closure of bars and restaurants, schools shifting to online classes etc. Many cities also carrying out mass testing.
As #China’s officials continue to pursue a “zero-#Covid” strategy aiming for elimination in each outbreak, there’re more than 50 million residents under strict, stay at home, lockdown today. Then add those under softer “quasi-lockdown” measures that’s more like 90 million people.
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China's tech-heavy ChiNext Price index extends decline to 2%, benchmark #Shanghai Composite Index down 1.24%, #Shenzhen down 1.5%.
Hang Seng Tech Index keeps tumbling, now heading for an 8% drop. $AAPL-related tech groups are down amid the halt of the Foxconn Shenzhen plants.
Mainland property developers keep tumbling in Hong Kong.
#Sunac China plunges as much as 17%, #Shimao and Aoyuan fall 10%, Evergrande down 3%.
The northbound net capital outflow via mainland China and Hong Kong Stock Connect exceeds 10 billion yuan,

One of the key sentiment gauges for Chinese investors.
#China #HongKong #Stockmarket
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1/ From the team that brought you the #BRITastingMenu in 2018 and #USChinaat40 in 2019, we’re recounting Deng Xiaoping’s historic Southern Tour from exactly 30 years ago. COVID has thrown a wrench in our food outing, but we’ve still got our annual #ChineseNewYear thread.
2/ A bit of background: Deng spent the 80s liberalizing China’s economy and stabilizing relations with the United States. Here he is visiting a Texas rodeo in 1979.
3/ His influence was felt around the world, so much so that TIME Magazine named him Person of the Year not once, but twice.
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En la fascinante librería de Zhongsuhe en #Beijing, llena de espejos y arcos que recrean las puertas de la luna de los tradicionales jardines chinos. Un gusto perderse en sus laberintos.
La librería tiene también una sala de lectura que simula un bosque de bambú y un espacio para niños con libros compartidos. Los pequeños pueden sentarse a leer sobre un mapa del mundo bajo un techo estrellado.
Aprovechando que hemos estado en la de Zhongshuge en #Beijing y que ahora me entero de que es el #díadelaslibrerias, repasemos otras innovadoras de #China. Aunque es una biblioteca pública, la de Binhae en #Tianjin es impresionante.
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SZSE ChiNext Price Index, CSI 300 Index and Shenzhen Component Index fall more than 1% in the early trade.
#China #StockMarket ImageImage
FTSE China A50 index futures about 2% in the morning trading.
#China #FTSE Image
Hang Seng Index falls more than 1% in the early trade; SZSE ChiNext Price Index extends losses to 2%, dragging by beverage manufacturing and insurance sectors.
#China #HongKong #StockMarket ImageImage
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@WHO shd introduce Traditional Chinese Medicine to the countries whose medical resources are collapsing, if they use it to treat the #COVID19 like China. Many lives will be saved in time, many cost also wl be saved beacuse TCM price are much lower.…
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On today's Money Talk; President Xi has praised #Shenzhen as an economic miracle & given it the task of leading growth & innovation across the GBA. He called upon young Hong Kongers to work, study & live in mainland #China to “revitalise” ‘one country, two systems.’
The #US State Department yesterday formally warned international financial institutions doing business with individuals deemed responsible for undermining #HongKong's autonomy that they could soon face sanctions.
#US officials are calling for Ant Group to be blacklisted ahead of its $35bn IPO in Hong Kong & Shanghai. China hardliners in the Trump administration want to deter US investors from taking part in the IPO & say buying shares in the company could expose them to fraud.
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[Trapped in the black hole -
After two-week detention in #China, still no update abt 12 HK #AsylumSeekers]

1. Only thing we know is they are all taken to detention centre in #Shenzhen & Chinese cops will decide whether to arrest them formally by Oct 1, according to #China’s law
2. But even after the arrest, there's still a huge question mark on when they will be prosecuted, put on trial and how long trial will last. Prosecution can be further delayed if Chinese prosecutors claim they need “supplementary investigation”. It will be like an endless tunnel.
3. Under #China's law, suspects can be released on bail. But in reality, especially when all the #asylumseekers may face further charges under #China's #nationalsecuritylaw and other criminal laws, the chance of bail is slim.
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#China stocks roar on, with #CSI300 up ~20% in little more than a week as (official) #margin debt climbs Y150bln to touch Y1.3 trillion - levels only seen in the peak months of 2015's madness.
Worth noting a rejection here could mean the Jan'19 formation is complete.
As the money floods into #China #equities, #bonds bear the brunt. Wealth Managers are the MOMO traders de jour "Our company's mixed products can have 60% allocations to #stock, but now we're at 70-80%. This is a normal phenomenon [sic]," said one.

This latest burst has also spared #CNY the ignominy of setting a new 12-year high above 7.18, instead pushing it briefly back through the talismanic 7.00 parity. Ergo, either locals are repatriating to get in on the action or Johnny Foreigner is being sucked into the move.
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As #Beijing prepares to impose a sweeping #NationalSecurityLaw formally invalidating core #1C2S protections, risks are mounting for #HongKongers & their future.

So I’m standing up a #HongKong #WatchFloor:

Stay tuned for updates!…
The clock is ticking toward an unclear, but clearly worrisome, future for #HongKong.

To shine a spotlight on these critical issues, I’m standing up this virtual #WatchFloor.

I’ll improve & update it to the best of my ability, & welcome suggestions via
As #Beijing prepares to impose a sweeping #NationalSecurityLaw that in effect invalidates core #OneCountryTwoSystems-promised protections, risks are mounting for #HongKongers.

Under assault: some of their most cherished values & freedoms.…

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The Chinese city of #Shenzhen has passed a law completely banning all dog and cat meat in addition to other forms of more exotic wildlife, the sale of which has been prohibited in a new national regulation in #China following the #coronavirus emergency.
The #Shenzhen law stipulates heavy fines as punishment and appears to go further than the national regulation. The Humane Society said “the ban has been welcomed by long-time anti-dog meat trade campaigners... as a watershed moment in efforts to ban the trade across China”.
The Shenzhen law obviously also includes bats, pangolins and other wild animals already covered in the new national regulation. Thing is It goes further and bans the sale of dogs, cats and the like even if they’ve been bred for slaughter. #coronavirus #China #Covid19
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#China struggled to reopen today- especially firms in the #globalsupplychain. Manufacturers dealing with a tangle of conflicting requirements that vary province to province, city to city. Most being asked to provide extensive prevention of #coronavirus before they can reopen.
#GuangdongProvince requires 4 steps:
1) set up prevention/control protocol 2) quarantine non-local/migrant workers
3) supply protective gear for all workers
4) conduct routine temperature checks/disinfection
Factories meeting demand can apply for approval from local authorities.
For those with factories in #Shenzhen, the city explains its application process here:… #coronavirus
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Scattered picture emerging out of #China manufacturing sector on when factories reopen. Key points: don’t expect them to open on Feb 10 - initial date set by authorities. Expect inconsistency, overzealous local officials, & mask shortage to drag out restart in #globalsupplychain.
In #Guangdong Province, there is no official notice on when factories should reopen. However, many localities urging companies to stay shut until Mar 1. For eg., Lecong county in city of #Foshan encourages all companies not to resume work until Mar 1.
Police of Huangpu district in city of #Zhongshan posted on their social media WeChat account companies shouldn’t resume work before Mar 1 without permission.
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#Shenzhen health commission posts on social media that starting from Feb 8, 00:00, vehicles entering Shenzhen need to register online beforehand. Shenzhen to set up checks on all highways connected to city.
Registration required for: 1) vehicles with non Shenzhen plate, 2) Shenzhen plated cars that have been to or passed through epidemic areas 3) vehicles with non Shenzhen hukou drivers or passengers (i.e., those not from Shenzhen) 4) non-SZ hukou passengers in mid-large cars
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#HongKongProtests 🇭🇰—
Thousands #HongKong medics announces negotiation with HA BROKEN DOWN as #CarrieLam only closes 4 border points, leaving HK #airport, Zhuhai-Macau bridge & #Shenzhen Bay, WIDE-OPEN.

FULL STRIKE will start soon!
#2019nCoV #coronavirus
#全面封關 #罷工救港 ImageImageImage
#HongKongProtests — HA Employees Alliance members will go on a 4-day #Strike from 4-7 Feb. Around 9,000 ppl will join & #emergency services is quite likely to be affected.

We are forced to do this.
#CloseTheBorders NOW!

#HongKong #2019nCoV #coronavirus
#CoronavirusOutbreak — Closing ALL #HongKong borders to #China is the MOST effective way to stop #ChinaVirus spreading to 🌍.

But #CCPChina’s puppet #CarrieLam REFUSES to do so despite public will.

Support 🇭🇰 medics!
#中国肺炎 #武汉病毒 #2019nCoV
#coronavirus #HongKongProtests ImageImage
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#China🇨🇳 has reported to WHO 139 new cases of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in #Wuhan, #Beijing and #Shenzhen over the past two days.
This is the result of increased searching and testing for 2019-nCoV among people sick with respiratory illness.
For the first time, there are novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) cases reported outside of #Wuhan, within #China🇨🇳.
These cases were identified because of searching and testing for cases outside Wuhan.
WHO has provided advice to countries on how to identify people sick with the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV), how to care for them, and how to prevent spread.
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