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Sebuah panduan taktik para demonstran di Hongkong ketika berunjuk rasa. Panduan yang mungkin akan berguna saat melakukan aksi turun ke jalan.

Cara meredam gas air mata: jangan lupa bawa tumbler, tak lupa sarung tangan anti panas.
Jangan lupa bawa sarung tangan anti-panas. Suhu proyektil gas air mata yang baru ditembakkan bisa capai 70 derajat. Cukup buat kulitmu terkelupas.
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If only #Batman could rendition #CarrieLam out of #HongKong like he grabbed “Mr. Lau” via a @CIA “Sky Hook” in #TheDarkKnight.

TRIVIA: Joker burnt Lau alive atop a giant pile of money. 🔥 Reminds me of a #HKProtests motto. 🤔

Happy #BatmanDay. 🦇

… MORE TRIVIA: in #TheDarkKnight, Lau was CEO of Lau Security Investments Holdings. He wanted to partner w/ Wayne Enterprises, but #Batman & Lucius Fox were suspicious of Lau’s claims of “8% annual growth." 🤔 (Sounds like #China.)

Turns out he was a #Triads crime boss! 🤔
… EVEN MORE TRIVIA: the #HongKong building that #Batman lept off — International Finance Center 2 (IFC2) — to get to Lau’s building houses the HK Monetary Authority & HK Mortgage Corporation. 🤔

It’s almost like Batman was trying tell us something about HK’s organized crime. 😂
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Hi Patriots!

Today #Salvini & italian Patriots attend a rally to say NO to Democrats' Government!

Fake News MSM won't show this!

Please,help us share!🇮🇹

#Italia #9settembre #Lega #ElezioniSubito #Trump #WWG1WGA #Europe #Montecitorio #GiletsJaunes #MAGA
The crowd is even bigger!
But the police are preventing people from entering the main square of the rally!

We won't let them silence us
🇮🇹 🇮🇹 🇮🇹

Please, RT!

#Salvini #Lega #9settembre #ElezioniSubito #Italy #MAGA @POTUS #GiletsJaunes #HongKongProtests
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#AntiELAB protesters are filling up Central’s Chater Garden yet again today for a rally calling on US Congress to pass the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, a proposed bill to freeze the assets of local officials working against civic feeedoms and to bar them from the US.
The dress code for today is “smart casual.” Or in this case, black tie.
A new set of chants, all in English, is being airdropped by protesters today along with the lyrics to the US national anthem and other patriotic hymns.
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Live from Prince Edward - Riot police are now chasing a group of protesters who earlier set up a big fire in the area.
Police are now heading west on Nathan Road while bystanders are angrily calling them dark society. The situation is super chaotic.
Police are now at the intersection of Nathan road and Prince Edward Road.
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My @ASPI_ICPC colleagues @tomatospy @JakeWallis_ASPI and I have spent the last week digging into the data released by Twitter in connection to a state-backed information operation targeting the Hong Kong protests. Here's what we found: THREAD
As initially suspected, the campaign targeting #HongKongProtesters appears to have been hastily assembled with a mix of a small number of purpose-made accounts and a much larger network of repurposed marketing and spam accounts.
In this account, for example, we can clearly see a change of behaviour from 2018 its initial purpose, which seems to have been mostly spamming in English, to a much lower volume of tweets directed at the #HKprotests in 2019.
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Just 15 minutes into the “Stuck with You” pressure test protest at Hong Kong International Airport and there are already several hundred #antiELAB protesters gathered outside at the airport bus terminus. These things tend not to get serious until a few hours after the start time.
Additional security measures put into place after protesters occupied the airport last month mean they can’t enter the terminal building. Access into the airport is constricted to a few chikepoints, but there is already a heavy police presence in and around HKIA. #HKprotests
Airport Express services have already been terminated and protesters are marching over from Tung Chung. Meanwhile inside the terminal police are stockpiling crowd control gear.

(Pic via Telegram)
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This weekend, demonstrators attempted to tear down some of the city's 50 newly-installed "smart lamp posts" - which have #cameras & #sensors - in a #protest against perceived government #surveillance.

#HKprotests #FacialRecognition #AntiSurveillance
Smart lamp posts facing residential areas will not have video cameras installed to protect the privacy of citizens. <br />
<br />
Photo: Felix WongLeft to right: Dantes Tang, senior systems manager, Innovation and Technology Bureau and Cheng Chung-shan, senior engineer, Highways Department with one of the new smart lamp posts. <br />
<br />
Photo: Felix Wong
As state #surveillance becomes more advanced - Activists, designers & artists around the world are inventing creative ways to avoid detection. #HKprotests #HongKongProtesters #AntiSurveillance
Hoping to raise awareness about the hyper-militarization of #police and all this technology being using against protesters, #PedroOliveira and #XuediChen created a slick-looking #protest kit.

👉🏻 @BackslashCc #HKprotests #AntiSurveillance
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With revolution unfolding in #HongKong it is also crucial to tell #Taiwan's story fairly and from the perspective of its own people & history. Hoping @eosnos & @NewYorker will consider that Xi does not want to reunify TW but conquer it, not heal a rift but colonize a free country
If only we'd look further, the #HKProtests make clear the PRC's colonial impulses in Tibet, Xinjiang, & #Taiwan. CCP imperialism is intersectional; our analyses must be too. It is insufficient to reject the CCP gaze when it comes to HK but adopt it for these other places.
Link to original piece:…
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Since Hong Kong’s MTR Corporation has again closed stations nearby today’s (authorised) protest march, protesters are sharing this map of the area’s pedestrian footbridge network and are warning each other to avoid Tai Wo Hau Station, since it’s next door to a police station.
Like so many times before, Hongkongers are today making their resolve to 「風雨中抱緊自由」(“hold onto freedom in the wind and rain”) literal, defying rainstorm warnings and gale-force winds earlier in the day to take their struggle to the streets of Kwai Chung.
Protesters laying out bamboo spars to stop traffic pn Yeung Uk and Luen Yan
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🔴 HKFP_Live: Protesters march from Kwun Tong to Kowloon Bay to protest the extradition bill and the installation of “smart lampposts”:…

#hongkong #antiELAB #china
Kwun Tong’s Tsun Yip Street Playground is filled with protesters on Saturday afternoon despite the closure of four MTR stations in the vicinity following Chinese pressure.

Full story:…

Photo: HKFP. #hongkong #antielab #china
Organiser Ventus Lau leads the Kwun Tong march with chants reiterating the protesters five demands at 2pm.

In full: #hongkong #antiELAB
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Since the start of #HKprotests in June, I’ve been asked repeatedly about Beijing’s strategy. For weeks, I have said Beijing is scrambling to come up with an effective response. However, this has changed. Over the last weeks, a full picture of this strategy has emerged.

What is BJ's goal? Short term: end continuing mass protests, through force if necessary. Long term: tighten control, bringing/assimilating the city & its people into PRC’s political system. Essentially, Beijing wants to control HKers in the same way as it does the rest of the PRC
There are six elements to Beijing’s HK strategy:

1. Provide strong support to the HK Government & Police to enable & encourage tougher tactics against protesters. Already, we are seeing rising police violence:

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Tonight #antiELAB protestors are gathering at the Space Museum in TST for a unique form of protest: stargazing. After BUSU president Keith Fong was arrested yesterday for possessing laser pointers, it’s a jibe against police's insistence that these constitute “offensive weapons”.
It also happens to be 七夕 today, a traditional time for stargazing. AKA Chinese Valentine’s, it’s the one night of the year when the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl—mythical lovers turned into stars and banished to opposite sides of the Milky Way—are reunited by a bridge of magpies.
Come for the laser show, stay for the fight against tyranny. #hkprotests #FreeHongKong
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