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🔥 Dooms Day For 🇺🇸 Near🔥

CEOs of Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Nasdaq and others warn of a 'devastating scenario' if US defaults
About 150 of America's CEOs sent a dire warning to Biden and top Congressional leaders Tuesday that the economy would face a


if an agreement to raise the debt ceiling and avoid default is not reached, #CNN reported
The letter was signed by executives from major corporations and financial institutions.

Among the signees are the CEOs of
#JetBlue etc.

It is one of the strongest collective warnings from America’s business sector
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#ClimateChange is a natural process that occurs over 1000s of years. The reason they say #GlobalWarming is wreaking havoc is due to the human caused CO2 increase. CO2 is necessary for plants & trees to produce food. Due to excessive deforestation and burning of fossil fuels…… Image
If you haven’t watched this clip about #ClimateChange it’s a must watch🔥
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Thread 🧵

Aside from two whole minutes, listening to #JanetYellen feeling like I just watched paint dry, the last question Kennedy asks her about Keynesian economic theory is very very telling… she squirmed 👈

So I looked it up…

2/ The core of the Keynesian economic school of thought, is that government intervention can stabilize an unstable economy. British economist John Maynard Keynes developed a theory that free-markets do not play much of an economic role during periods of inflation.

3/ The Keynesian theory of economics leans towards a centrally planned economy. It implies that the government knows what is best for the economy as a whole. Keynesian Economics is also often referred to as depression economics.

Sound familiar?
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A thread 🧵 on #CentralBanks for your awareness.

Gold has been considered hard money for 5000 years. 20% of all the gold ever mined is owned by central banks of the world. Why do central banks buy gold?

- Balancing foreign exchange reserves
- Hedging against fiat currencies
How much gold do we have in the entire world?

A cube (22m x 22m x 22m) is all the gold ever mined.
- 201,296 tons of gold (above ground, extracted)
- 53,000 tons of gold (below ground, unextracted)

46% used for jewelry
17% held by central banks
22% held by private investors……
Here’s a prev 🧵 on #FederalReserve the largest central bank in the world
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Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen has dropped the ball.

Where has she been?

A timeline 🧵🪡
March 2023:

“The American banking system is safe and well-capitalized, it’s resilient. Americans can have confidence in the safety and soundness of our banking system."

- #JanetYellen

“Climate Change could trigger asset value losses, harming US economy.”
- #JanetYellen…
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#FederalReserve is the largest central bank in the world.

Citizen vs. State: If you look at the original founding principle objectives of the federal reserve, you can’t find a single one which benefits the citizen. The fifth objective is clearly a great lie we’ve all been……
Just an FYI. I tweet from my readings and curated knowledge of the masses. I’m no banking contagion expert 😂 Image
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#NATO allies pledge add'l support for #Ukraine, per NATO stmt.

The add'l support incl. heavy weapons and military training.

#Russia ImageImage
WH Press Sec Karine #JeanPierre presser: (Nat'l Security Council Coord for Strategic Comm Admiral #JohnKirby) Says re: whether or not #Biden will meet w/ #Ukraine's pres. during trip: "There is no meeting w/ Pres. #Zelensky scheduled for the trip right now."

WH Press Sec Karine #JeanPierre presser: (Nat'l Security Council Coord for Strategic Comm Admiral #JohnKirby) Says US has not and will not tell other countries if they can give #Ukraine fighter aircraft: (See screenshot because I ran out of character count.)

#Russia Image
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🇺🇸⚡️US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned that a default in the US could lead to devastating consequences and a complete catastrophe in the economy.
#debt #usa #ukrainewar #inflation #debtceiling #default #economy #finance #dollar #ustreasury #janetyellen #bonds #fed
She said that government spending would need to be cut to match tax revenues and that the spending of the population would also be reduced, leading to psychological consequences and further control of spending.
Yellen also stressed that it is the responsibility of US President Joe Biden and the leadership of Congress to find a way out of the situation and raise the national debt ceiling.
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In preparation for my slot on #SquawkBox yesterday, I sent the guys a few slides as a synopsis of my last, detailed subscriber report for the discussion.

I called it #Pyromania. Feel free to take a look


#macro #bonds #commodities #dollar #inflation #centralbanks #fiscal
Is it possible to overkill an act of overkill? #JeromePowell & #JanetYellen seem set to let us find out.

Not that they're alone in their folly, of course. The #ECB is outodoing them handsomely, while the #bankofengland is breaking records stretching back to its founding, 327 years ago.
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Sad I missed #ASSA2019. Just finished watching the panel on solving gender issues in economics which I found both inspiring at times & depressing at times [sorry for a long thread]
@Susan_Athey #MarianneBertrand @skalemliozcan @BetseyStevenson #JanetYellen…
Inspiring because we are finally having these discussions in economics especially after lots of data & evidence. Always find it stunning that as a profession we are so good at studying others but not ourselves (@Susan_Athey talks about this on the panel). Big thx to the panelists
Here are some egs of evidence (not exhaustive). First, @saskatchewin on how women get less credit for co-authoring. “Women however become less likely to receive tenure the more they coauthor. The result is most pronounced for women coauthoring with men”…
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