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#Kensington. Vote Labour tomorrow. Here's why.

I see the appeal of lib dems. I want to vote for Sam.

But he has shifted remain votes from lab to lib not con.

That's the sort of outcome we don't need.

Vote #labour and @emmadentcoad tomorrow in #Kensington.
The recriminations between #labour and #libdems on splitting votes go way back before #GE19 - but check my timeline - I've been constructive advocting cooperation.

I don't care who has done what to the other.

I care if we all lose. I'm objective.

Not least because I'm prepared to change my view as we get new data.

At the start of the campaign, I advocated for Lib Dems in #Kensington. @emmadentcoad
Is a good MP, but data said libs had a better chance.

Now, on the most credible data we have, voting LD = tory win here.
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You remember #stopthecoup?

24th September - barely 2 months.
Inconceivable really, both that it could happen, and the mobsters could then stand.

Except...who'd have thought.
Turns out piracy pisses off OneNations more than anything else

Come, tour #Kensington for a fun story
They're not the normal #Tory lot here. Where the #Tory money is, normally #Brexit follows. So when they kicked out a Lady of the Manor in 2017, eyes opened.

A huge slice of the Tory base jumped ship for a #labour MP, @emmadentcoad. Tories, putting country before party? Nah??
It didn't help that the Lady MP, in London's most European borough, was the sort to cackle delight at #Brexit

Either way, we thought they'd learn. Tories aren't stupid, right?

So imagine our delight when they finally picked a PPC from...#brexitcentral. How to make friends.
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This tweet provides objective voting advice for Kensington #Remain - bookmark this tweet for updates.
The thread will change with any new data.
Who are you?

Remain account with contributions from multiple Remain-supporting, cross-party groups locally in Kensington.

We came together because no-one understands this dilemma better than we do locally, or faces the horrible difficulty of our choice.
Why should I take advice from an anonymous handle?

You should never take advice without checking.
This account is anonymous to protect contributors who may advise against party view.

Tweet or message followers of this account for authenticity, and check our reference sources!
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Latest Rationale and Sources - 08.12. 10:43

If Kensington were an easy call, we wouldn't be commenting...our current simple recommendation is linked to the tweet which directed you here.

if you want references, detail, or who want to understand our tradeoffs, this is for you.
1. Affluence
7th most affluent constituency in country by salary,…
2. Europhilia
Kensington does not fit the stereotype associated with historically Tory constituencies. At 69% leave Kensington is well within the top 10% of remain supporting constituencies (rank 40/650).……
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#Breaking: Just in - Reports of multiple gunshots at a Ukrainian embassy in west #London – Witness says around '10 shots were fired' Armed police have swooped a area in Holland Park, #Kensington.
#Update: Just in - Pictures of the police on the scene in Holland Park #Kensington, west of #London. Were 10 shots were fired at possible a Ukrainian embassy.
#Update: Just in - No one was injured at the scene police are giving the all clear sign at the scene in Holland Park #Kensington, west of #London. Looks like it were just random shootings in the air, to scare people in the area.
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@AsktheChiefJMPD @JMPDSafety @CleanerJoburg @CityofJoburgZA URGENT! Disastrous situation in #Bruma: illegal shacks, vagrants, drug dealers, window washers, illegal hawkers, illegal signage & illegal dumping. In short: one very big mess. Please help us!
@HermanMashaba @AsktheChiefJMPD @CityofJoburgZA @JMPDSafety Dear Mayor and JMPD Chief, the #Bruma community appeals to you to take this situation seriously. We’ve made repeated requests, but our suburb continues to deteriorate and all by-laws are ignored.
@HermanMashaba @AsktheChiefJMPD @CityofJoburgZA @CllrNeuren @sahara67 @AlisonClaireRob Please can @JMPDSafety advise whether their many promises will be fulfilled today. #Bruma
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