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Les 10 personnages que j'ai observé hier lors du #FacebookDown
1. Je n'ai ni Facebook, ni Instagram, ni WhatsApp. De quoi s'agit-il au fait? Pourquoi tout le monde ne parle que de ces trucs?
2. Ah. J'étais occupé.e. C'est maintenant que vous en parlez que je m'en rends compte. Ça a duré leur coupure là?
3. Je pensais que c'était mon opérateur mobile (ou mon fournisseur) (ou mon téléphone).
4. Je pouvais jurer que c'était un shutdown de la part du gouvernement. C'est toujours eux..
5. Ahh, j'ai souffert. On m'a appelé de partout.
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#Signal appears to be down at the moment. I guess that's one downside when your service depends on centralized servers; there's a single point of failure. @signalapp
@signalapp Seems like a good opportunity to mention to people that #Session is a chat service that I use as well. If you haven't heard of it, it's a decentralized private messaging app that started out as a fork of Signal. @session_app

Check it out at:
At the very least, it would make a good private centric backup service for when Signal or your other services have issues.
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#WhatsApp is taking the Indian government to court over the traceability clause in the new IT Rules 2021.The new IT rules include a traceability clause that requires #socialmedia platforms to locate “the first originator of the information” if required by authorities.
In its plea, it is learnt #WhatsApp is invoking the 2017 Justice KS Puttaswamy vs Union Of India case to argue that the traceability provision is unconstitutional and against people’s fundamental right to #privacy as underlined by the SC decision…
It should be noted that this rule will impact most messaging apps such as #Signal, #Telegram, Snapchat, Wire and others. Signal is completely end-to-end encrypted (E2E) and, in fact, WhatsApp relies on the Signal protocol for its own encryption. Image
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#RealInvestmentReport is out!
Despite the expected #surge in #inflation early in the week, #bulls picked themselves up to rally #stocks into Friday. We discuss the potential for a short-term #bounce, why the #Fed will make a #mistake, and #postioning now.…
#LessonLearned - don't anticipate the turn in your #technicalsignals. As noted last week, it "seemed" the signal had turned, but it didn't. The #signal is very #oversold, so set up for a short-term #bounce is likely. Caution is still advised for now.…
If we are #correct in our assessment about the roll-off #effect of #stimulus and #liquidity, we could well see #bonds outperform #stocks in 2022. We are watching very closely as we currently hold minimal duration in our fixed-income #portfolios.…
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This thread brings together all my #infographics until today (2years of work).

These are all infographics about #infosec 🔐

Feel free to share this tweet if you think it may be useful for your #community 📚

Follow me ➡ @SecurityGuill fore more about #security #hacking #news ImageImageImageImage
How does an #Antivirus works? Image
Quick presentation of the different #Bluetooth Hacking Techniques Image
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#Datacracy | @mozilla is not happy with India's new IT rules claiming there aren't enough checks and balances in place


By @pabsgill Image
@mozilla @udbhav_tiwari @pabsgill Internet giant @mozilla, the company behind Firefox browser, has always been a big propagator of the open internet. And, they are not pleased with India’s new IT Rules for social media platforms, OTTs and digital news content.

#Datacracy @udbhav_tiwari
@mozilla @udbhav_tiwari @pabsgill According to @mozilla’s public policy advisor, @udbhav_tiwari, the sudden move will have ‘disastrous consequences’ for the open internet.

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#ICLR2021 cam-ready II: "LiftPool: Bidirectional ConvNet Pooling" w/ Jiaojiao Zhao is now available:… No more lossy down- and upsampling when pooling! 1/n Image
LiftPool adopts the philosophy of the classical #Lifting #Scheme from #signal #processing. LiftDownPool decomposes a feature map into various downsized sub-bands, each of which contains information with different frequencies. Because of its invertible properties, ... 2/n
by performing LiftDownPool backwards, a corresponding up-pooling layer #LiftUpPool is able to generate a refined upsampled feature map using the detail sub-bands, which is useful for #image-#to-#image #translation challenges. 3/n Image
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#Datacracy | #Whatsapp, #Signal and #Telegram face a catch-22 situation as India’s new social media rules threaten encryption

@KhaitanCo @SFLCin @IndusLaw @CounterPointTR @SA_LawFirm @internetfreedom…

By @pabsgill
@KhaitanCo @SFLCin @IndusLaw @CounterPointTR @SA_LawFirm @internetfreedom @pabsgill Encryption is a safety blanket for many. It is the night light to keep nightmares away. But, that may no longer be the case with India’s new social media regulations.

@KhaitanCo @SFLCin @IndusLaw @CounterPointTR @SA_LawFirm @internetfreedom @Tarunpathak
@KhaitanCo @SFLCin @IndusLaw @CounterPointTR @SA_LawFirm @internetfreedom @pabsgill @Tarunpathak It claims that it does not care about what messages are being passed around, but if an incident is found to have been instigated through social media, they want to know who started it all — they want to find the ‘first originator’.

#SocialMedia #Datacracy
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Wall Street vs The Internet.

Is the $GME over or is this a billion dollar shift in power?

Time for a thread 👇👇👇

“Prior to 2020, retail activity stayed flat for 20 yrs. Now households, active/passive mutual funds & ETFs represent 63% of the market ($36 Trillion). Hedge Funds own 3% of the $57T US equity market - so "Retail" is 12x more important than hedge funds.”

There’s a new important investor at the table and Wall Street will have to adjust.

*Now 8.4MM followers under management 👀
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Why it’s time to #DeleteWhatsApp and switch to #Signal (@signalapp)

This older video is an excellent technical discussion about why #SMS and #iMessage are inferior to #Signal (@signalapp)

#Telegram is also less safe than #Signal (@signalapp).……

You may also find the comparison @ThreemaApp put together helpful when evaluating which messenger to choose.…
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So your new to #Signal, and want to be secure as humanly possible?

How do you make it more #ZeroTrust

Let's begin

1. Turn on Screen Lock and Incognito Keyboards so that your sessions are just yours an not anyone else.

Removing the compromise option is the goal here.
#Signal Messenger is a messaging client just like any others, automatic downloading of video and audio are a big no no, unless you actually have AV and Malware STIGS in place

Always ensure you manually chose what files are downloaded to your device.
#Signal actually is prepared for the Regulatory Compliance market was it maintains #COOP and #DRP options.

By ensuring an encrypted backup is done you don't have to "icloud" your privacy away.
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A proposed change in WhatsApp’s #privacy policy has dominated headlines and prompted users worldwide to rethink their choice of messaging apps. Since then, WhatsApp has undertaken multiple efforts to clarify how the change affects users. #thread
WhatsApp has over 400 million monthly active users in India (one-fifth of their global user base) and handles over 1 billion messages a day globally
WhatsApp Business claims to have 50 million users globally
#WhatsApp also decided to push the change to May instead of February, to assuage user privacy concerns and stem the flight of users to competing apps like #Signal and #Telegram that saw millions of signups last week.
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"Benutzt #Signal", schrieb #ElonMusk auf #Twitter und meinte damit die #Messenger-App. Anlieger spekulierten auf einen Hype und investierten eifrig in #Aktien der Firma Signal Advance. Sie wurden am Donnerstag noch mit 60 Cent gehandelt. (1/3)

💬 Abo ►
Binnen zwei Handelstagen stieg der Kurs um 11.000 Prozent auf fast 65 Dollar. 📈 Auf einmal war das Unternehmen statt sieben Millionen eine Milliarde wert. (2/3)
Doof nur: Der #Konzern ist in der #Gesundheitsbranche tätig und hat mit der App nichts tun. Der Messengerdienst ist gemeinnützig und folglich gar nicht an der Börse – aber tatsächlich eine gute Alternative zu #WhatsApp. ✅ (3/3)
💬 Bücher im Shop ►
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I have never used #WhatsApp, ever. I always saw it to be an invasive & privacy violating tool. In #India, that translated into being called "Luddite" & an anti-social. I watched it being made mandatory for office groups, housing societies, public services & vendors. 1/1
My resident housing society secretary recently shouted at me for not being on #WhatsApp. I didn't realise it was mandatory, I told him. "If everyone is on it then what's your problem?" He hollered 2/2
But that's what everyone did. Joined a platform unthinkingly, because it was "convenient" and those who were trying to think things through were made an object of frustration and ridicule. 3/3
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#Regulierung von Messengern WhatsApp, Telegram und Co. sollen #Bestandsdaten herausgeben

Das neue #Telekommunikationsgesetz zielt auch auf populäre Chat-Apps.

Gucken wir mal rein - aberVorsicht, das ist HARTE Kost!: 1/x…
Messenger-Bestandsdaten an den #Verfassungsschutz

Chat-Apps sollen..bestimmte Bestandsdaten speichern und auf Anfrage an Sicherheitsbehörden herausgeben. Dafür müssten Messengerdienste sofort nach der Anmeldung den Namen der Nutzer sichern und auch [danach] noch vorhalten 2/x
Am Mittwochabend verschickte..465 Seiten langen Gesetzentwurf, der weitreichende Folgen für Unternehmen und Verbraucher hätte..kaum Zeit, sich zu dem Entwurf für das #TKG zu äußern: Die Frist für die Stellungnahme der betroffenen Verbände und Unternehmen endet diesen Freitag. 3/x
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New important thread.

Explored: Rockefeller communique on #contacttracing, Verified (UN) guide on #vaccine #communications, insights via #Vaccine Confidence Project, & a Behavioral Insights report. Today> special report from Oct 15 2020 meeting, #WHO, Technical Advisory Group. Image
"On 15 Oct 2020, the WHO Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on Behavioural Insights & Sciences for Health held a special meeting w/ the WHO Department of Immunization, Vaccines & Biologicals to discuss behavioural considerations in relation to COVID-19 #vaccine #acceptance & uptake." Image
The report was developed by members of the WHO Technical Advisory Group on Behav. Insights & Sciences for Health, chaired by Cass Sunstein, largely credited w/ developing/popularizing notion of "nudges" as policy tools.

Technical Advisory Group members:… Image
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I'm so sad that the @hclublondon have had to close their doors. Thank you so much for being the home to #SIGNAL since 2017. We are so grateful for the space you gave to hundreds of writers and for your support of new musical theatre. Watch the videos at ImageImageImageImage
This also means that SIGNAL is looking for a new home for its quarterly concert residency. If you know any gig venues, concert halls or theatres that might be interested in partnering with us then send them my way 🔥
As a goodbye to @hclub London. I have posted a playlist of our final SIGNAL from February. Twelve incredible world premieres from some of the best writers of musical theatre around 🔥…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/07/2020…
Connecting Croatia on a bridge built by China – POLITICO…

#bridge #china #croatia
Dark Matter Experiment Finds Unexplained Signal | Quanta Magazine…

#signal #DarkMatter
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I need help : from someone with a better legalese attention span than me, and with broad cryptography understanding, to explain to me how US Patent 10412063B1 is somehow NOT an attempt to patent the @signalapp #Signal Encryption Algorithm:… ImageImage
@signalapp @matthew_d_green @SteveBellovin @tqbf @FiloSottile I am literally halfway down my first coffee, and it smells to me a bit like someone has taken #Signal, said "if we throw away the prekey mechanism then we have something novel", and then patented it; but then I am still skimming the document: Image
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Fakten von @netzpolitik_org:

Etat des #Verfassungsschutz'es von 2015 bis heute beinahe verdoppelt – von 230 Millionen Euro auf 421 Millionen Euro.…
Das #Bundeskriminalamt erhielt 2015 noch 430 Millionen Euro, während es in diesem Jahr bereits 792 Millionen sind.
#BND erhielt 2015 noch 615 Millionen Euro, während im Haushalt für 2020 stattliche 967 Millionen Euro vorgesehen sind.
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1. sono molto scettica di quello che scrivono oggi i giornali sulla #chat #Wickr usata da #Savoini. Gli articoli che rappresentano la #chat in modo dubbio perché fornisce #messaggicifrati con cifratura military-grade. Embè? Chiunque dovrebbe usare cifratura military-grade
2. i giornalisti in particolare hanno il dovere etico di usare #cifratura #weapon-grade per proteggere le fonti. Molti di noi la usiamo da anni: c'è qualcosa di sinistro? NO
3. #Wickr è la #chat usata dei #DemocraticiUSA dopo l'hackeraggio delle email della #Clinton: NON è affatto un prodotto sinistro, usato da gente equivoca a letto con i russi. E se #Savoini si fosse scambiato messaggi compromettenti su #Wickr, temo che non finirà bene
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"You don't see radio changing gradually and suddenly become radar. #Darwin's theory doesn't work for #technology, and we have to make a new observation."

- W Brian Arthur at SFI today

#evolution #innovation #invention
"Novel technologies are constructed from existing technologies. These offer themselves as components for the construction of further technologies."

- W Brian Arthur at SFI today

#evolution #innovation #invention #technology #engineering #design
Unlike the two-parent #inheritance typical to (but not ubiquitous among) #complex organisms, #technology inherits features from n parents - a "vast ancestral #network" more like horizontal gene transfer networks in #bacteria.

W Brian Arthur on sumulating #invention on a chip:
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This is for PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KNOW THE REAL TRUTH. As #QAnon leaves you breadcrumbs, this thread will be loaded with clues for you to follow. TIME IS SHORT.
#Anons, #WakeUpTime, and anyone who has an open mind.. Shall we begin?
#Time to #wakeup b4 #TimesUp
This Clue comes in the form of a picture. Look at these "drops" as #puzzle pieces. Each one is important to see the WHOLE PICTURE.
Don't make assumptions.
Please take this serious as we are in check and very close to #Checkmate!
#DIVE deep on this 1
PIeCe 1:
#OpAlarmClock piece 2
Credit goes to @Frank_Anzac
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