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Does #COVID19 crowd out care for non COVID patients in the #NHS? Has this led to a loss of lives? Are the numbers negligible? The short answers are: yes, yes & no!
Paper ➡️ & a long🧵on how we capture non COVID19 excess deaths & much more ⬇️ 1/n
Lets start with a headline result: we estimate that for every 30 #COVID deaths there is at least one avoidable non COVID excess death in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 hospitals. To arrive at this we use cool #NHS data which makes for a great #EconTwitter #econometrics #DataScience teaching example. 2/n
The #NHS has population individual level hospital episode data (HES) linked to death certificates. For each admitted patient, they predict P(Death|X). This is an out-of-sample prediction coming from Lasso logistic regression model trained on data from the last 3 years. 3/n
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THREAD: NHS management have no balls

Tomorrow I have an appeal stage 3 hearing to challenge the initial decision of the General Manager that she did not agree a recent absence constituted 'work related stress'. I cited pressure to agree to the jab.
#MandatoryVaccination 1/
My GP signed me off for 'work related stress' and Occupational Health agreed it was.
I cited relentless emails to agree to the jab, containing emotional blackmail & false claims like "getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself & those around you". 2/
The only reason the GM gave for not agreeing my stress was work related was "it (mandatory jabs) is not a current NHS policy". My absence was during the summer, before it had been confirmed (subject to parliamentary procedure).
Her rationale falls down in 2 fundamental ways. 3/
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A disgrace to patients and to the great majority of #HCW who desperately are supporting #MandatoryVaccination

Premier @fordnation you have mismanaged this file fully and completely!

So sad!

@l_stone @CBCAlerts #onpoli Image
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A learning thread about bodily #autonomy.

"Bodily Autonomy" falls under UN SDG3.

The #SDGs have been officially adopted by 193 countries - every member state of the UN.

All are to uphold #MyBodyIsMyOwn - yet whole populations are being coerced -

in servitude to capital. Image
United Nations:

"Bodily autonomy means that we have the power and agency to make choices over our bodies and futures, without violence or #coercion.

Our human rights, mental wellness and futures all depend on bodily autonomy."

This means NO to #MandatoryVaccinations.
United Nations:

"Intertwined with bodily autonomy is the right to bodily #integrity, where people can live #free from physical acts to which they do not consent."

UN Geneva: "Stop telling #women what to do with their bodies." Image
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As of Monday unvaccinated workers can return to work in disability services as these restrictions were attached to areas of concern which are gone #insiders
This a worry given there were anti-vaxxers who were stood down pending vaccination who can waltz back in and work with vulnerable, sometimes unvaccinated clients #insiders
Given there is no government mandate the onus is now on employers to issue lawful and reasonable directions by Monday. The recommended approach is to have a policy for this and to consult first. There has been no warning to providers to allow for this #insiders
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Pas une ligne de l'AFP sur ce décès survenu en décembre 2020.
#BrandyVaughan,anciennement cadre de haut niveau chez #Merck, l'un des plus puissant groupe pharmaceutique de la planète, était lanceuse d'alerte.
« L’#obligationvaccinale, c’est pour le profit et pas pour la #santépublique »
A #Whistleblower who had worked for Merck was intimidated, threatened, when she tried to unveil the truth about "#vaccines".

"we need to expose what's really going on behind the #MandatoryVaccination bill"
was one of #BrandyVaughan's last messages on her f b account. Image
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Today four brave care professionals, including a husband and wife, lift the lid on the appalling conditions facing residents and staff in England’s care homes, exacerbated by the looming mandatory vaccination deadline.

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Through their courageous & very personal testimonies, I can reveal an alleged litany of failings inc:

• care homes at breaking point & residents left to wet themselves in isolation

• staff sobbing in corridors & regularly working illegal shift patterns due to under resourcing
• “endless pressure” and “bullying” from central HR teams to coerce employees into having the vaccine

• mental health insinuations against those choosing not to be vaccinated

• minimum wage carers pressurised into work when previously sick, who now face losing their jobs.
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The current trend in introducing #MandatoryVaccination should worry you. Surprisingly, not because there is something wrong with vaccinations being mandatory. The problem is our society and economic situation are ripe for bad things to happen.
The vaccines are produced and sold for profit by limited liability corporations with transnational interests and power. The disease is very likely to require multiple repetitions of vaccines. There is no incentive for treatment once vaccines are mandatory.
The limited liability corporations have even less liability by the current "emergency" mandated contracts. The laws that mandate vaccinations do not have provisions for "shit hits the fan" disruptions. Our #society has proven repeatedly that the powerful don't pay.
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ECtHR rules #MandatoryVaccination for measles and 8 other diseases by Czech authorities is in the "best interests" of children, & the Czech policy doesn't violate Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.
(See thread ▼)…
The Human Rights Act requires UK courts to "take account" of decisions of the ECtHR, but they are not required always to follow the decisions of the ECtHR. Indeed, they can decline to do so. ECtHR jurisprudence is not binding on courts in England and Wales.

Montgomery v Lanarkshire [2015] patients have the right to exercise autonomy over their own bodies and treatment. This is a common law right. It does not come from the ECHR but has been created by British judges in cases beginning with Sidaway [1985].…
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