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8 Aug, 53 tweets, 53 min read
It is very important in this period of humanity to take a serious look at what is happening in the world friends.

Watch this video first in its entirety & reflect upon current situations critically.


#Menticide is here & with it, a new attempt to establish a "#TechnoTotalitarian" rule over the lives of American citizens.

The final variant of #Coronavirus could very well be the manifestation of a #NewWorldOrder under #totalitarian rule.
That may sound absurd, but what is very concerning is that many talking heads in the media & even public figures are now making very carefully worded emotional appeals to logic to further induce a totalitarian #masspsychosis.
This #psychosis establishes the “moral & ethical justification” for the wholesale sacrifice of our individual human rights & personal bodily sovereignty to the state & corporations for the sake of “collective safety.”
If you appeal only to #fear & #emotion then, (on the surface) this highly polarized, extreme & divisive argument seems more like a “heroic & humanitarian idea” on the surface that can appeal to your ego.
With targeted appeals to emotion such as;

“You want things to go back to “normal” right?



“Well, this could be "your chance" to be a #hero & to do your part for the nation in the never ending war on Coronavirus!”
This lack of thinking ultimately leads to the #submission of your body to the state & to the almighty altar of “politically cultivated science” & their “holy priesthood” of almighty, infallible logic…
Herein lies the conflict friends; once the #HumanBody becomes the #PropertyOfTheState, "#WeThePeople" could very easily become eternal #prisoners to one of the most vicious of #tyrannies imaginable.
How do we begin to analyze this #rationally?

How do we #ThinkCritically about a situation that involves us all?

Well, we can look to #history & then we can consider the current conditions & #speculate using as much #reason as possible in order to gain enough #contrast.
To start we should conduct a #ThoughtExperiment & begin to polarize this spectrum of our human experience for analysis. A best & worst case scenario may be the best way to see the potential limits of what is possible.
This could greatly contribute to our decision making process in the future so let us begin…

We are currently inundated with the “best case scenario” narrative that; #HerdImmunity only exists in a #VaccinatedPopulation & those with #NaturalImmunity, medical or...
...#religious/personal exemptions are in short, the “new” #enemy in this #global, #BiologicalWar on Coronavirus. In this scenario, we are collectively suffering a never-ending #pandemic that continues to #mutate & #murder exponentially with no end in sight.
The only way to save ourselves is to willingly submit to experimentation & to, “get #vaccinated” by our wholesome, for profit, trusty #corporate friends in the #pharmaceutical world who totally have our best interests in mind… always.
When the #experts have spoken, the #ethical & #moral justifications are thus; this #virus is murdering countless people, more than any OTHER potential cause of death in the #HumanExperience today & possibly, in all of recorded history with the way things are going.
This pandemic is now the single most important, #ExistentialCrisis that exists within the totality of the human experience. The narrative implies that there are so many people now dying & with new #variants on the way, that it means that #DrasticMeasures are now required...
...to save us all from the #unintelligent, #unenlightened, #arrogant & #selfish #SubHumans that refuse to comply with the demands for #CollectiveSafety. The political party in power will then be justified in the mass psychosis to #VaccinateByForce, or against our will.
Given that these are #ExperimentalVaccinations created by corporations, this should only occur maybe once or twice… right?

You know, with leaky vaccinations, worries about ADE & a mutating virus they wouldn’t DARE go any further or expand your required #VaccinationSchedule...
...without your #consent would they?

You might just get your #rights back & you won’t need a #VaccinationPassport anymore after the pandemic ends due to our collective heroic actions… unless we all just decide to all accept it now right?

Where is the line drawn...
...in the name of public health & safety anyways?

Now let’s look "#TheBeast” directly in the eyes & see what the void conjures up as the worst case scenario.

The #WorstCaseScenario devolves even further until we all become subjected to any & all #MedicalExperiments...
...&/or procedures by a ruling #PoliticalPower through a cyclical progression (#terror conditioning) of #fear, #division, #separation/#segregation, #eugenics & finally... genocide for those #unworthy & sub humans who are #banished by the #RulingClass.
In this scenario, #TotalControl will be actualized when the political party in power begins to coordinate directly with the #media, #BigTech, #BigPharma & #SmartTechnology to create an advanced #SocialCreditSystem network that augments their #presence & authority in our reality.
Through the use of smart technology, this is easily #weaponized as #information gathering systems & #MetaData harvesting contributes to #MachineLearning #AI that begins profiling every citizen & feeding information to the party in power.
As the party matures in power & solidifies its grip on controlling the entire #government, it will then begin categorically dividing the #population up into smaller & smaller incoherent groups of alienated “#citizens.”

The never-ending #MedicalEmergency of a mutating...
...#bioweapon known as Coronavirus generates perpetual #lockdowns, #SocialDistancing, #masking & a permanent, crippling & devastating disruption to #commerce & #FreeWill. This onslaught of progressively morbid #TerrorCycles is perpetuated by the #StateControlled media which...
...will cause the mass psychosis to boil with fear. While we remain distracted, the AI systems begin to determine the “#threats” to #NationalSecurity or at the discretion of the party, those who exhibit #IndependentThought, #FreeExpression or #UncontrolledSpeech...
...will be #targeted for #censorship & #cancellation first, then later under the guise of #extremism & #NationalSecurity concerns. In the end, a small group of #TechnoTotalitarians would control all the resources, property & “rights” of every citizen in the world once power...
...is consolidated in the #global phase.

With the contrast of both polarities within your mind, ask yourself the following questions for both scenarios…
Given our worldly conditions & circumstances, how is #risk determined & who is TRULY responsible for assuming that risk & mitigating the #hazards of the world for your own #PersonalSafety?

Who is #liable should I suffer an #injury that diminishes my #QualityOfLife?
Can I instead #MitigateRisk through #litigation & #FinancialCompensation if my body or person is injured by an experimental vaccination that may not be effective or safe?

Are there ANY #alternatives, #treatments or #therapies?
If you know ALL the potential risks then, is this a risk and collective demand that you are willing to take/support for the #illusion of "#safety”?

Think very critically about these first few questions friends.
No other external agency may claim otherwise as you are the only one who can ultimately determine risk & take #ConsciousAction to mitigate it. No one else can do this for you! We must explore the #TechnoTotalitarianTyranny scenario a little more to see what might be possible...
...in just a few short years with #technology.

Is your trust in these external entities (EG: government, corporations, special interest groups & political action think tanks) to the extent that you view them as entirely, infallible & superior to your own personal judgement?
What happens when your #ImmuneSystem now needs periodic updates during an endless pandemic where natural immunity and the human immune system are considered “#inferior” to the #CorporateControl capabilities of a technological #transhumanism agenda?
With your #BodilySovereignty surrendered, who then owns your #RNA (eventually #DNA) at that point?

Are you ready to surrender your #soul to corporations & "#TheParty” in the name of science and collective safety?
These questions are very important to consider as the budding field of #Epigenetics demonstrates quite clearly that #DNAExpression (upregulation/downregulation) is influenced more by the #environment & not simply, "#soullessly" pre-ordained at birth by random genetic mutations...

Furthermore, recent medical experiments demonstrate quite clearly that #HumanConsciousness can influence the #HumanPhysiology in ways #ModernScience is just beginning to understand. Wim Hof demonstrated to the world that focused consciousness & #BreathingExercises...
...can even enhance your own #ImmuneResponse. In short, your unique consciousness IS a part of the environment that shapes your unique #GeneticExpression & your potential to BE!

So, what happens when technology can “#ShutOut” the environmental control/influence...
...of your own consciousness?

Welcome to #TheVoid’s worst-case scenario or #manifestation of the #TechnoTotalitarianHell of #transhumanism driven by #FearfulPeople who do not have your #BestInterests in mind.
If we allow the state access or control (human history shows that one leads to the other) of the environment within which our #consciousness #manifests itself to experience "#life" in our own #body.
Then we are creating the conditions for an #AbuseOfPower that could lead to the #enslavement of consciousness itself with the right application of technology to #entrain #matter via #waveform.

It’s like slavery, with a few extra steps…
This may sound like #ScienceFiction yet, a global internet service is going into orbit, smart technology is merging with #5G & scaling down into #NanoTechnology#SmartDust.” #AI #MachineLearning is about to meet the #quantum realm & “neural links” are being developed...
...in experiments on #animals to further the #TranshumanismAgenda. As a #thought #experiment, polarizing this spectrum will reveal various aspects of #tyranny that you never thought possible.

However, it is important to consider that what manifests will be largely up...
...to “#WeThePeople.” If we relinquish our #sovereignty, our #crown, our very #essence to fear then, these "#wars" will never end & the "#enemy" will continue to #evolve & mutate day after day until the party in power has no further use for you, or your consciousness.
With the way things are going, they might just keep your #body around for #SlaveLabor. Don’t worry though, it’ll be “#driven” by a really nice #QuantumAI that totally has your best interests in (#TheHive) mind.
No #authority outside of your own #consciousness can ever be trusted with #unrestricted, #unlimited, experimental or technological access to your own personal bodily #sovereignty! The true enemy we face today is not necessarily a virus friends.
It is an #irrational, fear induced mass psychosis that is being weaponized by those who seek power and control.

Remember, #fear is the #weapon of the #tyrant; #love is the #throne of the #King/#Queen!
While the virus & its effects are very real, (especially if you have #comorbidities &/or other #health factors) we should remain #compassionate towards others & think #critically & #creatively about #NovelSolutions to the hazards that we are all #exposed to in our environment.
The #prevention of a #disease is only one such vector towards #healing, while #treatment & #therapy are others we must consider regardless of what the #narrative dictates. These new ways must be #voluntary and those who elect to vaccinate themselves should be bolstered with a...
...#compensation &/or a #claims/#litigation process for those who seek to experiment with their health in #GoodFaith & yet suffer the #consequences of such actions. When liability for #pharmaceutical companies to answer for #VaccineInjury &/or #death is reinstated...
...fully, perhaps a modicum of #faith can be restored to our existing #MedicalSystem. #Violence or #aggression towards others demonstrates a clear lack of #EmotionalControl & #IrrationalBehavior, so #forcing or #discriminating against another due to their perceived vaccination...
...status is yet another manifestation of the same tyranny.

Come together as communities & begin to take note of all companies & politicians who participate & advocate for such tyrannical measures as they must be voted out or recalled from office at the first opportunity.
Stay safe frens! I transposed this post from a word document I typed up, it took a while... whew!🤣

If you made it this far, thank you for reading!


Disclaimer: This is a speculative thread concerning a thought experiment & should not be misconstrued as medical advice.

• • •

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26 Oct 20
Ask yourself...

If the desired result is to control an outcome or to prompt a collective response (to threat/environmental stimulus) in the populace then you can expect to see an increasing schism between the media's "false" narrative & observed reality.

So what do you observe?
Like a "hall of mirrors" effect echoing an image of reality, our collective media-induced psychosis can only be shattered by the light of our individual awareness to see beyond those projections.

In a spiritual sense, in order to "see," we must have the courage to hurl...
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The events that are about to unfold with the Senate trial & impeachment will be a catalyzing event for this nation & humanity.

For those with eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart that just won't stop loving;

You have the ability to project your consciousness to the DC area...
...over the coming weeks in prayer & meditation. As you find the "time" to do so, broadcast your inner light with the utmost purity & resolve that your soul can muster.

It's not about one political party or a set of agendas to check off, it's about our nation & humanity.
Whatever secrets that darkness has shrouded from the light of our collective awareness will be brought into full focus.

If we are to be a nation of the people, for the people & by the people; then our collective will must co-creatively manifest our greatest good & destiny.
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We exist within a holographic projection of consciousness whereby thoughts must be "stepped down" through dimensions/densities.

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...experience the thought/creation.

What happens when the human collective (IS) decides that the limitations of 4 dimensions of experience is to slow & chaotic?

Could fractals of the collective build a higher dimensional bridge to move the collective consciousness into a new...
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What about the aspects of the collective that are entangled at the quantum level to the height, width, depth & manifestation of awareness we call "time?"

Can the collective shed enough entropy to move beyond time & unconscious awareness...
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27 Dec 19
Anons, this is an incredibly important thread to process & put into practice.

For those following #ProjectDreamWeaver you already know the importance of 3, 6 & 9; @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 expounds on this in more detail. When it comes to numerology... trust your IS beyond measure!
If we do not regain conscious control over our projection in a benevolent way in the coming months, the energy entering our solar system will manifest unpleasant events across the globe. We all have a duty & responsibility to ourselves & one another to embody the highest...
...quality of consciousness possible each day & to broadcast this light fearlessly throughout Creation.

Your thoughts are vital components to this puzzle.

Your emotions are vital components to this puzzle.

Your actions are vital components to this puzzle.
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