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Looking forward to todays 'Making a difference in Wales' conference, organised by @MHAWSNAG, at @RCNWales. There will be tweets and the hashtag to follow is ➡️#MHNWales19
@MHAWSNAG @RCNWales @WeMHNurses @Mental_Elf @MHNAUK @benhannigan @niadla @cityalan @UniteinHealth @Unite_MHNA @GavinFergie @HazelPowell11 Here's the flier for todays @MHAWSNAG event. The focus of the event is on the Mental Health Nursing Framework for Wales which you can access here:… #MHNWales19
@MHAWSNAG @RCNWales @WeMHNurses @Mental_Elf @MHNAUK @benhannigan @niadla @cityalan @UniteinHealth @Unite_MHNA @GavinFergie @HazelPowell11 First up, @HazelPowell11 is welcoming everyone to the day. She's talked about the aims for today and pointed us towards the days agenda 👀⬇️. We're also warned that we'll all be making pledges later, on how we'll support the role out of the Framework. #MHNWales19
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This proposed Tory legislation will affect & severely limit the rights of thousands of vehicle-dwelling people. Not just Gypsies, also seasonal workers, farriers, racing & sports people, festival crew, blacksmiths, construction crews, & others who Ms Patel classes as -
- having 'other' lifestyle choices.

This is an escalation of Thatcher's Criminal Justice Bill. Whilst not directly related to #Brexit, there's no denying the Leave mandate has emboldened racists and those seeking to curtail freedoms. -
These ideas are worse than before, and are nothing short of Ethnic Cleansing.
If you just a holiday maker then this doesn’t apply to you, but if you live in your vehicle AT ALL, if you use a live-in for your lifestyle, work, sport, festivals or everyday life, this is about you. -
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Thread :

@UKLabour's NHS promises -
And why the changes are needed

Bursaries for nurses

Pledge: £1 billion to restore the nurses’ training bursary for nurses to help recruit 24,000 extra nurses & midwives.

#LabourNHSRescue #WednesdayWisdom…

Why it is needed: There are 40,000 nursing vacancies in England. Experts say this could rise to 68,500 by 2024 because of the decision to scrap nursing bursaries.

Training more GPs

Pledge: Expand GP training places to 5,000 to create 27 million more..


Appointments with family doctors.

Why it is needed: A shortage of thousands of doctors over the last five years means that GP waiting times have it a new high. Patients had to wait a month before seeing their doctor in a staggering 15 million cases.

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From '13-'17 there was a wave of Human-Centered Design work at the @DeptVetAffairs to reorient the agency toward the ppl they serve: veterans + their families. The outputs are scattered + hard to find.

I pulled them into an open Google folder.

Thread 1/…
While this work was originally done to improve service-delivery at the VA, the work could be valuable to anyone (1) trying to better serve our nation’s veterans and their families, or (2) people aiming to bring a more human-centered approach to their organization(s). 2/
This work was done by several teams at VA, most notably: the VA Center for Innovation (VACI), the Veteran’s Experience Office (VEO), and the U.S. Digital Service (@USDS)

Some of it continues.

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Live with @DrTedros addressing the #LeadingMinds conference on #mentalhealth…
@DrTedros "Around the world, 1 in 5 children and adolescents live with a #mentalhealth condition, such as depression or anxiety"-@DrTedros #LeadingMinds
@DrTedros @WHO_Europe @pahowho @WHOSEARO @WHOEMRO @WHOWPRO @WHOAFRO @UNICEF @unicefchief "Children living in poverty, or exposed to war, violence at home, or other difficult life situations, are particularly vulnerable. Very few of these young people have access to the #mentalhealth services they need"-@DrTedros #LeadingMinds
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THREAD: Yesterday, a federal judge ruled that the US gov is legally responsible for the #MentalHealth trauma that Trump’s #FamilySeparation policy inflicted on thousands of migrant families at the US/Mexico border.… (1/9)
This groundbreaking ruling recognizes that the Trump Admin knowingly put families in danger & is obligated to provide a solution. #MentalHealth svcs are a step on the path to healing for kids & parents who were torn apart simply for seeking safety. #FamiliesBelongTogether (2/9)
It’s also critical that we don’t forget the millions of children--the vast majority of whom are US citizens--who are increasingly vulnerable to or have already been separated from their parents due to ICE enforcement in our own communities. #FamiliesBelongTogether #NoRaids (3/9)
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DYK: Half of all #mentalhealth conditions start by 1️⃣4️⃣ years of age, but most cases are undetected and untreated.

WE ALL have a role to play in supporting adolescents 👧🏾🧒🏼👦🏿👩🏽 with their mental health #LeadingMinds
Some adolescents are at greater risk of #mentalhealth conditions due to their living conditions, stigma, discrimination or exclusion, or lack of access to quality support and services #LeadingMinds
@pahowho @WHO_Europe @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @WHOAFRO @WHOEMRO @UNICEF @DrTedros @unicefchief Emotional disorders commonly emerge during adolescence.
In addition to depression or anxiety, adolescents with emotional disorders can also experience excessive irritability, frustration, or anger #LeadingMinds
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1. I make no apologies for the length of this thread as 1000s have been living with the strain of #LoanCharge for years & it reflects what we've endured.I urge you to read this,especially if you are in the media.This thread contains links to facts evidencing HMRC & Gov behaviour.
2. Years, decades even, of inaction & inefficiencies by @HMRCgovuk now mean that 100k contractors face ruin with 20yrs of retrospective tax in the #LoanCharge. I found out about this over 10 years after first using a scheme.
3. Former chancellor @philiphammond sums up perfectly in a separate statement on tax of what 20yrs of inaction by @HMRCgovuk signalled to people. Also remember these schemes were never illegal. How his attitude changed to suit his own agenda in respect of #LoanCharge
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Tomorrow marks my 6th week and final day in outpatient treatment for depression as part of my #bipolar disorder. It is also the day I start a new journal so I’m going to do a thread using a journal prompt, known as GLADS+1, that I was taught in treatment. (1/10)
G. I am GRATEFUL to have the resources (insurance, employment, family support) to have sought the help I needed during a really dark time in my life. (2/10)
L. I LEARNED that while I have a mental illness, it does not make me any less capable of thriving in this world. Getting on the right medication combination taught me a whole array of new emotions that I am learning not just to live with, but to love. (3/10)
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Kudos on this multi-sectoral collaboration @THF_INDIA - looking forward to reading the experiences of some of our peer long-stay residents in #mental hospitals.
But crushed to find report about disabled Indians isn't accessible to print disabled.
Plain text version pls! Cover of report with Hans Foundation logo. Picture of a woman sitting on the floor inside a house, absorbed in stitching a bright pink cloth.
@THF_INDIA @MoHFW_INDIA @MSJEGOI @MSJE_AIC @NationalTrust99 Sighted English-reading people can access / read / download the 80 MB PDF report on long stay residents in Government mental hospitals in India here :…

#MentalHealth #Disability #Deinstitutionalisation #RPWD #MHCA #CRPD #CommunityLiving #Stigma #Inclusion
@THF_INDIA @MoHFW_INDIA @MSJEGOI @MSJE_AIC @NationalTrust99 Media had reported this earlier as a National Study on long-stay residents of Indian Govt mental hospitals. Puzzled by current title 'National Strategy on Inclusive and Community Based Options for Persons with Mental Health Issues.' How can a private body brand India's strategy?
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#pleaseread Thread: Couldn’t understand why I could not sleep. I then realise that it’s four years ago to the very night that I hit my lowest point. I was in despair, borderline suicidal with no idea what to do or where to go. All because of an abusive relationship.
I was with my bully of an ex. He showed such narcissism that led me to believe that absolutely everything was my fault. I was never good enough. I’d been bullied so much that I’d lost over 20kgs in stress and fear in just over 12 months. I’d become a crumbling wreck.
He told me this night he debated leaving me as he didn’t find me sexy. I was ugly. That I didn’t do it for him anymore, and I believed it was all me. I wasn’t good enough. I was frozen. He still wanted sex but then berated me when I couldn’t do it. Too scared. Leaving me in tears
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Let’s consider what we got for the grifter @POTUS bargaining away my and your kid’s future: a corporate tax break that never trickled down to employees. A net reduction on those covered by healthcare and a decrease in life expectancy for those in poverty...
A global military presence with our military families continuously stretched thin - but now we’re switching sides to aid former enemies who continue to undermine our democracy, brutally killing journalists and pro-democracy leaders.
A complete roll back of our environmental standards - taking us away from the few international agreements and protocols that show even the slightest promise of forcing global leaders to change fossil fuel consumption patterns.
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It's about to hit the fan, so here's a thread about #MentalHealth - yours and mine. #FBPE
tl;dr - It ain't over, even when it's over. TALK to people who know and care about you. And LISTEN. Especially if the question is "Are you OK?" then be honest, if only to yourself. 1/
Over the years, I have experienced a few episodes of depression. These have always been brought about by prolonged periods of stress. Brexit is the longest, most stressful period I can remember. Let me tell you about the previous one. 2/
Missusji and I came up with a "10 year plan": Get great jobs, work our arses off for loadsa money, then sell up and semi-retire to France, where we'd buy some property to rent out as holiday accommodation.
Simples! We got off to a slow start... 3/
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I'm going to be doing bit of live tweeting today from #nsunagm19 and I'll also be speaking as well. Sarah Yiannoullou is introducing herself and saying she is happy to announce @AkikoMHart as her replacement. Akiko is now introducing herself to everyone and thanking Sarah
@AkikoMHart This is @AkikoMHart's statement of intent for NSUN, setting out her interests and ideas for the future of @NSUNnews. She's excited and the room gave her a massive round of applause in welcome… #nsunagm19
@AkikoMHart @NSUNnews This is the agenda for today's @NSUNnews AGM is here. Membership business and speech in the morning, open mic soapboxes and discussion of the crisis of user led groups in afternoon… #nsunagm19
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She eats Rocks!

Do you know people eat sand, rocks, iceblocks, hair, glass, stones, plastics etc?

This is a mental health condition called PICA!
Pica is an eating disorder characterized by eating of non nutritional substances.

Common in pregnant women. Find out more👇🏽
Pica is labeled an eating disorder. It can be physiological, as seen in pregnant women, who start to crave weird, non nutritional substances in pregnancy. In pregnancy, it is considered ‘normal’, mostly because it is believed to be temporary, lasting only through this period.👇🏽
However, if after about 6 months post part I’m (after pregnancy), the woman is still stuck with these cravings, then it is categorized as an Eating Disorder, and she’ll need professional assistance from a Psychiatrist.👇🏽
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Spanking and mental health:

Depends on age, power dynamic, and subjective psychology of especially the person being spanked. I would suggest that parents or adults spanking children need to proceed with caution because the child may find the experience unduly traumatic. (12)
In other words, what would be ‘no big deal’ for one child could be an enormously traumatic, shame filled, and emotionally scarring experience for another.

I have elsewhere advocated for the idea that we offer options to children for their punishment.
This engages the child and allows them to steer clear of a punishment that they would find intolerable. I personally would have died a thousands deaths had I ever been grounded.
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I've been forced cold-turkey off of #SSRI. I'm lucky: I know ppl who never came back. Watching Arthur's slide - & unable to know reality from delusion(s) - was truly horrific: neighbor/girlfriend, rela w Waynes, news stories. It made me feel sick to my stomach/1
I love film & fully realize that "sick to my stomach" means INCREDIBLE suspension of disbelief. #TheJoker accomplished this, but was at no point fun, funny, or entertaining.

Most OBSCENE moment(s): Ppl laughing in the theatre. F-them. No better than heartless Thomas Wayne(s)/2
Conclusion: #Mentalhealth is not a joking matter. The audience's reaction to #TheJoker was TRULY a sickly-ironic self-fullfilling prophecy: privileged ppl w zero empathy for others (those TARGETED by Arthur) will never look in a mirror & see themselves for who they are./3
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@cvspharmacy has denied my Vyvanse medication which is for my attention-deficit disorder. #mentalhealth
Even my doctors pre-authorization was denied.

Never I have been denied a medication nor treatment. #adhd
However, in today’s age of #healthcare and being my own advocate for ADD and #epilepsy it’s sad to see my local CVS not care about my #MentalHealth.
I’m asking my doctor to make the switch from #Vyvanse to #adderall in hopes that CVS will take my diagnose real. #mentalhealth #adhd
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Eine Verschränkung von #Klassismus und #mentalhealth ist es auch, dass vor 22 Jahren meine Grundschulzulassung ernsthaft zur Diskussion stand.
Weil ich im Regel-Kindergarten sozial auffällig war und kaum Kontakt zu Gleichaltrigen knüpfen konnte (wahrscheinlich eine Traumafolge, wie ich heute vermute), würde ich in einen Förderkindergarten versetzt.
Der Förderkindergarten tat mir gut in meiner psychischen Verfassung. Aber am Ende des Förderkindergartens stand dann die Empfehlung im Raum, dass ich dann ja auch auf einer Förderschule anfangen könnte.
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Ich sollte vielleicht mal was zu Verschränkung von Klasse & Mental Health schreiben, denn nur so kann man meinen Hintergrund wirklich verstehen

#Klassismus #mentalhealth
Ich habe vermutlich nie in akuter Armut gelebt, aber ich bin in einer psychosozial himmelschreiend prekären Situation aufgewachsen, die wenig mit dem zumeist bürgerlichen Hintergrund meines jetzigen Umfelds zu tun hat
Und darin knabbere ich bis heute.

Ich bin, was man eine Klassenaufsteigerin nennt.
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Today’s #SchizoChat is all about antipsychotics. What are they, why are they useful, how are they controversial, and what do you need to know about them? #schizophrenia #schizoaffective #psychiatry
Before I begin, a quick word: this can be a very controversial topic, as we will delve in later. All folks’ opinions are valid (especially their personal experiences!) so don’t be mean! These drugs can really impact lives for the good or bad. #SchizoChat
Folks’ opinions can be very split—check out this recent poll! At the time of tweeting, the results are all over the place! Controversial! #SchizoChat
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October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month💔

It’s every parent’s greatest fear and we need to talk about it: Losing a baby


#miscarriage #stillbirth
@WHO_Europe @WHOAFRO @WHOEMRO @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @pahowho Losing a baby in pregnancy through #miscarriage or #stillbirth is still a taboo subject worldwide, linked to stigma and shame.
Many women still do not receive appropriate and respectful care when their baby dies during pregnancy or childbirth.
@WHO_Europe @WHOAFRO @WHOEMRO @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @pahowho Pregnancy loss is defined differently around the world, but in general:
💔#Miscarriage = A baby who dies BEFORE 28 weeks of pregnancy
💔#Stillbirth = A baby who dies AT or AFTER 28 weeks of pregnancy
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There seems to be a GLOBAL EPIDEMIC of #ChronicIgnoranceSyndrome that is effecting the medical establishment & resulting in constant misinformation & treatments for #ChronicPain #CFS #pwME #Fibromyalgia #hEDS #EDS #Lyme #FND, the list is...1/2
shocking & endless. So during #InvisibleDisabilitiesWeek we ALL have an opportunity to highlight this spread of #ChronicIgnoranceSyndrome, the effect this has had on our #MentalHealth & what we are collectively doing daily to fight this medical ignorance & abuse! 🦓✊ #MAIMES
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