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Recent research submitted in the @researchsquare “presents first-of-its-kind process concepts for co-removal of #methane and #CO2 that combine the catalytic conversion of methane step (thermal/photo-catalytic) with #CO2Capture (#DirectAirCapture).”
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“The proposed solution to co-remove methane and CO2 from low concentration sources has the potential of #removing more CO2-equivalents from the atmosphere at lower energy penalty when compared to technologies that focus on removing only CO2 from the air, the study affirmed.”
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Based on the analysis of this study, researchers summarize the following challenges and opportunities with the proposed solution for co-removing methane and CO2 from the atmosphere:
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📝💡 𝐖𝐞𝐞𝐤𝐥𝐲 𝐇𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬💡📝
Here's your roundup of top #CarbonDioxideRemoval News Articles / Scientific Papers from the past week:
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1️⃣ 🌱🚜 @undocarbon raises £9.6 million ($11.93 million) in funding for its #EnhancedRockWeathering technology led by @lowercarbon.

2️⃣💵 In an effort to neutralize its environmental footprint, JP Morgan has announced it plans to invest more than $200 million to purchase credits from several #CarbonDioxideRemoval companies (“one of the biggest bets ever on #CarbonRemoval”).

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“Given the high expectations placed on #DAC for future #decarbonisation, recent study presents an extensive review of DAC tech, exploring a number of techno-economic aspects, including an updated collection of the current & planned DAC projects around the world.”
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“A dedicated analysis focused on the production of synthetic methane, methanol, and diesel from #DAC and electrolytic hydrogen in the European Union (EU) is also performed, where the #carbonfootprint is analysed for different scenarios and energy sources.”
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The results show that “the maximum grid carbon intensity to obtain #NegativeEmissions with #DAC is estimated at 468 gCO 2 e/kWh, which is compliant with most of the EU countries’ current grid mix.”
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Pay brown people in the developing world to cook differently and you can relax in the knowledge that the #emissions from your private plane have been compensated.

The beauty of our globalised world is that forest carbon credits just keep getting cheaper.… Image
Perhaps your the cash you pay to #offset your emissions will be used to fund #cleancookstoves in Nepal. Perhaps these cookstoves will land in a village like this one.

Perhaps the company you pay won't do its home work, not even ask people if these stoves work for them.. ImageImageImage
This was just one place in which countless #cookstoves, brand new, had been discarded by the community.

#Offset projects have a very specific, abstract logic to them. Can you guarantee those logics will carry in diverse contexts, for decades to come? #negativeemissions ImageImage
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Goal of @wim_carton talk on #negativeemissions is for everyone to understand twitter joke about #beccs by @DoctorVive & why it’s funny. Great meta #scicomm!
Paris Agreement aims to stabilize climate thru “balance of sources and sinks”. @wim_carton gives overview of various negative emissions tech - all aim to prevent/remove carbon from atmosphere and transfer to land/geology/oceans.
Here’s what bioenergy with carbon capture and storage #BECCS looks like. Burn vegetation for energy, capture carbon. @wim_carton
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It doesn't matter how long it has been that earth saw these kind of CO2 concentrations in her atmosphere.

115k, 3M, 20M, 34M, 56M or 200M years ago?

More important is the rate of increase of CO2 in the atmosphere during the last few decades.
Biggest rate in about 420M years!
Because methane is getting the main contributor to global warming, it doesn't matter which GWP factors (100-year factors, 20-year factors or 10-year factor) we use to calculate the total CO2 equivalent of the main GHG's (N2O, CH4 & CO2 itself).
CO2e (N2O+CH4+CO2):
100-yr GWP: 584 ppm (99+65+420)
20-yr GWP: 674 ppm (89+165+420)
10-yr GWP: 710 ppm (83+207+420)
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Next Wednesday @CityofVancouver staff report back to #Council on ramping up our #ClimateAction, in line with the #IPCC science and in response to the #ClimateEmergency. Here’s my breakdown of the recommendations 👇
This #ClimateEmergency report outlines 6 Big Moves for Council to direct staff to pursue & come back w. comprehensive/costed plans. Plus 53 Accelerated Actions to move on now. The targets are strong & won’t be easy. This is what governing in line with the science looks like.
Big Move 1: By 2030, 90% of people will live within an easy walk/roll of their daily needs (we’re at 45%). Focused on land-use & complete n'hoods, it would ⬇️ 153,000 tonnes carbon/year, while creating ⬆️ housing choices, ⬆️ social interaction, and supporting local businesses.
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