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Scott Morrison’s Deputy PM today in the @australian whines that “it really annoys me that I think states have been let off the hook largely this summer”. Here’s a few things that annoy me, about the recent bushfires...
@australian It really annoys me that, as we learned at Senate #estimates this week, Scott Morrison was warned “on multiple occasions” about the risk the bushfires posed, but he did nothing.
@australian It really annoys me that, for four years before the bushfires, Scott Morrison ignored pleas for more funding for water bombing.…
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THREAD: 🐨💚🐨💚🐨#KoalasNotCoal 🐨💚🐨💚🐨

Glad to see concerted effort to ensure wildlife that have survived #AustralianBushfires also survive in the aftermath. I❤️#OperationRockWallaby…

cc: @GretaThunberg @ProfTerryHughes @BindiIrwin @HamillHimself
@GretaThunberg @ProfTerryHughes @BindiIrwin @HamillHimself @luckytran @bethsawin @leahstokes @buiviethien @KribBKK @martinfredras @schipper_lisa @AlexandriaV2005 @ap4ca At home, and abroad, people have been moved by the plight of our gorgeous Australian wildlife and are reaching out to help. Because … hello… what could be more adorable than this??

(Sadly, all these joeys are orphans from the #AustralianBushfiresDisaster.)
@GretaThunberg @ProfTerryHughes @BindiIrwin @HamillHimself @luckytran @bethsawin @leahstokes @buiviethien @KribBKK @martinfredras @schipper_lisa @AlexandriaV2005 @ap4ca @ExtinctionR @XRebellionAus @MikeHudema @EricHolthaus @chandlerpowell9 @ClimateReality @AlongsideWild @Law4ClimateAus @DocsEnvAus @SameeraSavarala Make no mistake: this is a massive ecological disaster that may push many species to extinction. In Victoria, one of the states most ravaged by #AustralianBushfiresDisaster, look at the cases reported to @wildlife_vic in December. Yes – that’s for ONE MONTH!
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My sister @NessZim just asked my advice for herself, husband, Miss 7 and Miss 4 regarding the current smoke in Melbourne from the #bushfires so I’m going to collate several useful tweets and threads here I’ve seen from health experts. If anyone else has any info please add. 1/
Thanks @SotirisVard Professor of Environmental Population Health Australian National University @ANUPopHealth who tweeted these 6 useful tweets of 6 things we can do to protect ourselves from #bushfire #smoke #AirPollution linked here in a thread 🧵
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//Thread// Here’s a snapshot of some of the key ways we are currently supporting people caught up in the fire emergencies in NSW, VIC, SA and WA:
◾ Supporting people at 35 evacuation and recovery centres in #NSW, #VIC and #SA.
◾ Delivering 10 pallets of water and 640 food packs to #Mallacoota.
◾ Coordinating 600-800 food hampers, along with water pallets, hygiene items and pet supplies for rapid distribution from East Sale.
◾ Distributing satellite phones to communities cut off in East #Gippsland.
◾ Deploying six additional trained personnel to support the 14 already on the ground in Mallacoota.
◾ Providing psychological first aid, registration services and telephone wellbeing checks.
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🔥The #bushfirecrisis in #Australia is no joke🔥

#Mallacoota THREAD

These arresting images are from residents of the small town of #Mallacoota at 10.30AM!!!! as they huddled on a wharf and watched flames come towards them from multiple fronts.

cc: @GretaThunberg
@GretaThunberg @AlexandriaV2005 @ClimateKristin @SameeraSavarala @EricHolthaus @MikeHudema @MichaelEMann @ap4ca @350Australia @GeraldKutney @KHayhoe #Mallacoota is a small town of about 4000 people in the state of #Victoria. There's one road in/out of town but no-one could use it to evacuate. Everyone was ordered to the town wharf to wait out the #bushfire, sitting ready in life jackets.
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Nationals @DarrenChesterMP (Gippsland) on BBC on #bushfire emergency "Whether they are worse in years to come is a debateable point I suppose. One of the challenges we have is trying to reduce fuel loads in the months leading up to the summer period"

I call bullshit #Auspol 1/10
Factcheck: Bushfires in Victoria becoming worse:…
1. "Extreme fire weather has increased since the 1970s in the east and south of Australia, including Victoria, with the fire season length extending from October to March." 2/10
2. "Climate change is now making hot days hotter, and heatwaves longer and more frequent. Drought conditions have been increasing in Australia’s southeast." 3/10
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🔴(Thread) How to explore the #NSWbushfires 🔥 yourself? Use the #EOBrowser to search recent images in the affected areas. When you've found a #bushfire, export a true color image such as this one. ➡️… #NSWbushfires #RemoteSensing #OpenData #scicomm 1/6
Once you have done that, you can use the False color (Urban) visualization to go further, peek through the smoke and detect hot spots with possible active fires like in this image here. It also makes the burn scar more visible. ➡️… 2/6
Additionally you can then use the SWIR visualization to even better show the burned areas, which show up in reddish tones. Take a look at this image. ➡️… 3/6
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With the #bushfires still ongoing, it is clear that we are in the middle of a historic event, that will change the way we manage fire in the environment.
A few people have asked me for an explainer - so here is a thread from a bushfire protection planning perspective:
2. As a scientist I am mostly focused on the practical problems that we have encountered, and how we can solve these and then anticipate the next set.
I have worked in the aftermath of two major fire events, and will be working in the aftermath of this one.
The Canberra #bushfires saw a major investment in infrastructure focused on early attack - upgrades to 70km of fire trails, ridge-top water supply tanks and supply ponds for aerial units.
These worked quite well in allowing more aggressive early control.…
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“I have been fighting fires since 1972. There's been nothing like this before. We've lost nearly three times as many homes in New South Wales as the worst previous year in 2013 and we're not even really into summer.” Greg Mullin #TheDrum
“It's the most disgusting, catastrophic fire I've ever been involved with. When you're stopped in the shopping centre by a couple that has lost everything, you soon find out you need to cry on their shoulder as much as they do on yours.” David West #TheDrum #bushfiresNSW
“Unfortunately, I am one of 680-odd people and families that everything has changed a lot for. We're just processing what's happened at the moment. That's all that you can do.” Kim McDonald lost her home in fires #bushfiresNSW #TheDrum
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Membuka Lahan untuk Perkebunan dengan cara Land Clearing ( Tebang, Tebas, Rumpuk, Bakar ) merupakan sebuah Cara yang paling effisien dan Murah, dimusim Kemarau adalah moment pas untuk Korporasi memulai Perluasan Kebunnya maka TTRB menjadi Pilihan #Murah @as_boediono #hening
Mengapa saya menulis seperti diatas karena saya membaca Pernyataan Pejabat Tinggi Penegak Hukum “ Api (Kebakaran) sama sekali tidak menyentuh Perkebunan Sawit “ dan saya hanya tersenyum, mereka lebih jago Pak untuk bermain @as_boediono #hening
biaya Land Clearing yang Normal jika menggunakan Alat Berat bisa mencapai Idr, 15 sampai 20 Juta per ha, sementara jika menggunakan Pola TTRB bisa 50% dari harga Normal sekaligus untuk Pemberantasan Hama Tanaman dan sebagai Pupuk Alam sebelum Tanam #hening @as_boediono
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