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1/50 #Science is an ongoing process that serves to investigate phenomena, gain new insights or "correct prior knowledge" and this only works in #discourse. This includes diversity of #Opinion, #tolerance and a broad debate space. This is a large thread.
2/50 "#trust the science" is in my view the most #antiscience statement ever. #Questioning science is how you do #Science. This thread gives some examples and further questions.…
3/50 What about good ##scientific #Practice? I found a glaring example here (of all things, in what I consider to be a rush to #vaccine #approval). #blotgate…
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1/ XBB.1.5 has a much stronger ability to infect people, binding stronger to ACE-2 receptors. We have these in our nose,& throat but also in our eyes & ears.

COVID as been known to infect through the eyes but its been fairly rare. XBB.1.5 will likely increase the odds.
2/ Pink eye symptoms will likely be a COVID infection for the next month or two, at least. There is a good chance it will be the XBB.1.5 variant. Searches for Conjunctivitis & Pinkeye are on the rise, as expected. Most people won't make the connection to COVID but now you know.
3/ An early study, "Our study found that the average duration of conjunctival congestion was 5.9 ± 4.5 days (mean [SD]), ranging from two to twenty-four days"
Initial top 3 symptoms:
Dry eye (20%)
Blurred vision (12.7%)
Foreign body sensation(11.8%)…
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1/As promised & after reading $NTLA latest Q1 2022 financial report here is my analysis regarding @intelliatx latest corporate status. I have focused only on the main issues that I found to be the most interesting & relevant. #CRISPR #GeneEditing #BioTech #FinTwit #Genomics👇
2/NTLA-2001 is the most advanced In-Vivo #CRISPR/#Cas9 #GeneEditing program in $NTLA portfolio & is aimed to treat Transthyretin Amyloidosis - (ATTR). NTLA-2001 could potentially halt & reverse the disease in a “one time” treatment by knocking out the TTR gene with a single dose
3/In February $NTLA has presented an updated clinical data from its Phase 1 study of NTLA-2001 which included 15 patients with ATTR amyloidosis. IMO NTLA-2001 readout looks promising & here is a summary that I wrote shortly after @intelliatx’s presentation of NTLA-2001👇
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⚠️#Ocular #MRI Findings in Patients with Severe #COVID19: A Retrospective Multicenter Observational Study
All patients had nodules in the macular region, 8/9 (89%) had bilateral nodules, 2/9 (22%) had nodules outside the macular region. Screening needed. Image
⚠️🔝New-Onset #IgG #Autoantibodies in Hospitalized Patients with #COVID19
An international team of researchers studying COVID-19 has made a startling and pivotal discovery: The virus appears to cause the body to make weapons to attack its own tissues. Image
⚠️🔝Patterns of myocardial injury in recovered troponin-positive COVID-19 patients assessed by cardiovascular magnetic resonance
Damage to the heart found in more than half of #COVID19 patients discharged from hospital who show raised levels of troponin. Image
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Hi #medtwitter + new onc fellows! I treat patients with advanced #melanoma, especially rare ones like #uvealmelanoma (UM). This #tweetorial will discuss:

1) Why UM is unique
2) When does(n’t) immunotherapy work for UM
3) Why we prefer clinical trials for advanced UM

UM affects about 5/million, and about 3-5% of advanced melanomas in the US arise from the uveal tract (iris, ciliary body, choroid). Of these, iris is rarest + least aggressive, so we often call it “choroidal” melanoma.

Get your dilated eye exams, folks!

2/x Image
Choroid and cilio-choroid melanomas can be aggressive. ~50% of the largest tumors metastasize; about 20% of medium ones do.

Look at that lack of plateau! Plenty of mets happen late, >5 years out. It's sad but fascinating when immune system controls disease for years, then (🤬) Image
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#QuarantineWatchParty #onlyfans #news #newnormal
Let me share some things with you, I'll do my best to put it into words,and Let those the Creator of all Reality our Heavenly Father should have to see, see. Today we're going to talk about #Letters and stuff. #alphabetsoup
Let's look at a more controversial Alphabet, #Hebrew, where we even get the English word above from, Aleph Beth. Remember #children #Layers meanings within meanings #hmmyeeealright
So what letters stand out to you? Tha's nice, those which I noticed most are T-taw, Q-Qoph, And W - Waw or is that a Y, why oh me oh my? #WhyWomenKill #Youtube #Y
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