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1/50 #Science is an ongoing process that serves to investigate phenomena, gain new insights or "correct prior knowledge" and this only works in #discourse. This includes diversity of #Opinion, #tolerance and a broad debate space. This is a large thread.
2/50 "#trust the science" is in my view the most #antiscience statement ever. #Questioning science is how you do #Science. This thread gives some examples and further questions.…
3/50 What about good ##scientific #Practice? I found a glaring example here (of all things, in what I consider to be a rush to #vaccine #approval). #blotgate…
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@Demarit @MarinSanna Dear President Recep Tayyip #Erdoğan
- Please, note that #Finns have been #deceived in several #rigged #elections and in the 15-y-long hidden #NATO agenda.
92% of Finns do not want to #join NATO.
@Demarit @MarinSanna #Finland #CIACoup aka sc. #ParlamentaryElections2019 by #Scytl-#Dominion.
'#ElectionNight 7,666'
- Valid votes total: 3,081,916 = 99.42%
- From where the figure 7,666 comes?
@Demarit @MarinSanna F.Y.I. #Finland's #PresidentialElections 2018.
- #Niinistö with '#NorthKorea's' numbers, 62,7%, to victory. The matter seems clear, except the #result was #fake and known to the #elite in advance.
B. Yilmaz | Jan 28, 2018
627 #GoldmanSachs #LuckyNumber
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@RTErdogan @PM_ViktorOrban @RSF_inter @amanpour #HUDOC
Dear President Recep Tayyip #Erdoğan
- Please, note that #Finns have been #deceived in several #rigged #elections and in the 15-y-long hidden #NATO agenda.
92% of Finns do not want to #join NATO.
@RTErdogan @PM_ViktorOrban @RSF_inter @amanpour The Ministry of #ForeignAffairs organized an OFFICIAL opinion #poll on joining #NATO, which ended on Nov 23.
The #Finnish people (92%) #REJECTED joining NATO.
The MFA, in #violation of the #PublicityAct, refuses to hand over copies of stats free of charge
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@NATO @jensstoltenberg The Ministry of #ForeignAffairs organized an official opinion poll on joining #NATO, which ended on Nov 23. The #Finnish people (92%) #REJECTED joining NATO.
The MFA, in #violation of the #PublicityAct, refuses to hand over copies of stats free of charge.
@NATO @jensstoltenberg @IntlCrimCourt #Eduskuntavaalit2023. @niinisto @Haavisto @anttikaikkonen @Puolustusvoimat @kokoomus
The #People of #Finland will fiercely fight against all invasion attempts by #NATO #WarCriminals, freed criminals hired to fight and their equipment. ImageImage
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The CIA not only invests with Venture Capitals, but also helps with finding interesting projects and security issues.

Why is it worth #revoking smart contracts that you interacted with?

A thread! 🧵

#CIA #crypto #approval #revoke #exploit #cybersecuritytips
Yesterday, we received an information from one of the Venture Capital company that after sending a transfer to other address, the funds immediately disappeared and according to their findings everything went to 0xdead~.

They asked us for assistance and clarification.

1) Firstly, we examined the transfer from the VC to another address. Nothing unusual happened here - it was just a normal transfer:

3/11 Image
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BREAKING NEWS: We have long taken a firm stance that RCV does not pass our minimum bar for fair, secure, and viable election reform - for a number of reasons - but when catastrophic fails like this happen, we are as dismayed as anyone. @sfchronicle
🧵 San Francisco Chronicle art...
RCV is uniquely complex and uniquely prone to both voter errors and counting errors like this one, discovered by a 3rd party long after the election results were certified in Alameda County, CA. This kind of catastrophic error undermines the voting reform movement in general. In some Ranked Choice Votin...
RCV is tallied using an unnecessarily complex algorithm with dozens of counterintuitive details and potential tabulation pitfalls. It is completely different from #STARVoting, #Approval, and other systems that are counted (and audited) with basic addition like the current system. Election results for a 2010...Election results for a 2020...
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This Twitter thread explains how the #evolution of even the primitive election #FPTF system still used in too many elections can be guided to produce a much more democratic election system, through the accumulation of simple changes.
#BRAMYIR offers the benefits of #ApprovalVoting, #ScoreVoting, & #RankedChoiceVoting, plus the benefit of a balanced ballot, while encouraging honest voting & discouraging attempts to game the system with dishonest strategic voting such as votes for the mere lesser of two evils.
It's easy to improve on the common single faceted first past the post voting system, and it's easy to make positive changes add up to positive evolution. #RankedChoiceVoting is an improvement, we can do better then that with the simple removal of a single voting restriction.
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I think theres a severe distrust issue amongst society probably from the growth of the internet and social media along side data violations beyond any users control

This doesnt mean the framework/ infrastructure is not trusted, its just in need of redesign

Enter #DID's $cheq
None of this is new or uncommon, or the entities and personnel within the #identity industry.

There is just no "#decentralised #crypto" celebrity status attached for #hypeeee

$Cheq @Tweetddale @NickyHickman11

In my humble opinion, there should be the similar chatter of the #satoshi paper of 2008, for the #approval and #recommendation from the @w3c on the first identifier since the #URL.

Welcome to the #DID.

The Decentralised Identifier.

Image courtesy of @evernym (@Avast)
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Before tonight's #EUCO vaccine summit, here's an explainer of the EU vaccine roll-out situation, to clear up misunderstandings.

1st point is that for almost all EU countries, this isn't a supply problem. As seen in this @jfkirkegaard chart, national performance is varying widely
The chart shows best performers are using their supply. But most countries aren't even using half of what they've been supplied. Only Denmark is having a supply problem.

As of Tuesday EU countries have received 12.3m Pfizer doses and 650k Moderna doses, but given only 5m shots.
Some national politicians (and media) want to pin the blame for national distribution failings on Brussels - an old European tradition.

But when it comes to the Commission's role here, there is no supply problem - yet. We'll see if one comes later.
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