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Por petici贸n Cdad. #fintwit, abrimos 馃Уsobre seguros de impago.

鈿uestra opini贸n (no recomendamos)

鈽斅縌ue cubren?
Principalmente 3 cosas
1锔忊儯"Adelantar" rentas en caso de impago del inquilino
2锔忊儯Cobertura jur铆dica en proceso de reclamaci贸n
3锔忊儯Posibles gastos por vandalismo
馃攽Claves a la hora de contratar:
1锔忊儯Que el filtro de inquilinos sea exigente, 馃敐BBDD.
2锔忊儯Que cubran todas las rentas hasta la recuperaci贸n de la posesi贸n.
3锔忊儯Mirar que el seguro cubra impago si el inquilino se declara insolvente(juez). Si no, te pedir谩 de vuelta el 馃挼 adelantado
4锔忊儯El precio del seguro calculado por el perfil del inquilino. Es como se debe ponderar el riesgo.
5锔忊儯Que la carencia no sea excesiva.
6锔忊儯Contratar con la aseguradora /empresa que da la cobertura. Evitando intermediarios con intereses opuestos. Ganar dinero Vs buen seguro
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Weekly Global Macro Review 10/07/21


@hedgeye calls it #Quad2 reflation, but I rather prefer @jam_croissant鈥檚 colorful description of 鈥渆ndless gamma squeezes鈥 oh so reminiscent of 馃帀馃嵕馃コ like it鈥檚 1999!

Let鈥檚 dig into the macro 馃М for the week

A 馃晩 #FOMC on Wednesday and a 馃挭馃徏 #NFP report on Friday with underlying wage #inflation of 4.9% y/y was enough to ignite a rally in the $UST market 鈫楋笍

WTF, you say?

Indeed, the MOVE 66.30 鈫橈笍 from 78.34 on Tuesday as the 10/2s curve remained 馃 at 105

2Y .405 -9.6 bps
5Y 1.056 -12.9 bps
10Y 1.455 -10.6 bps
30Y 1.888 -5.1 bps

Chart: Despite a strong #NFP, the $TNX 鈫橈笍 -10.6 BPS to 1.455 and at critical support
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I have a sad announcement for all of my #fintwit friends who post frequently about real yields and the market's long term #inflation expectations

It's fake, and its staring us right in the face

The @federalreserve
is in near full control of this "market based" signal

Anyone who needs a reminder, the breakeven rate is the yield on a nominal treasury bond less the yield on treasury inflation protected securities

It's an approximation of the market's expectation of future inflation over the duration of the bond

Yield and price move inverse
More buying of nominal bonds pushes nominal yields lower

Same for TIPS

When more buying power comes in, the price of any asset moves up

Powell continually says that he's only concerned about inflation if long term inflation expectations become "untethered"
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$MELI Q3 2021 earnings

A small 馃У
First some highlights

GMV 馃啓 30%
items sold 馃啓 26%
Managed network penetration 馃啓 22 PP
Revenues 馃啓73%
TPV 馃啓59%
TPV off 馃啓79%
Credit portfolio 馃啓296%
What I really liked here is the comment about MELIs platform being "the main source of income for over 900 thousand Famlies", stating how relevant $MELI is for the LATAM region.
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Breaking up with Twitter?

It's built for a niche audience, but what if you have multiple interests like me. Do my #Fintwit followers want to see my cooking pics? How about my writing followers, do they want to read about Cryptocurrency?
The answer is, maybe. But what if you could tag your posts so your followers could filter what they want to see & read.
Twitter has been experimenting with new ideas of late.聽

鈥 Fleets, what the hell was that.聽
鈥 Revue, ok, this makes some sense.聽
鈥 Spaces, cool knock-off of Clubhouse, it works.聽
鈥 Super followers, what are we, Marvel?
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Today in the news #fintwit

News brought to you by @Benzinga

Make sure to like the first post to get updates throughout the day.

Start your free trial today: News / Squawk / Alerts

$PFE Morgan Stanley Maintains Equal-Weight on Pfizer, Raises Price Target to $48

$BA FAA Proposes Fix To Certain Boeing 737 Fuselage Skin Fasteners

$SDC SmileDirectClub's SmilePay Granted U.S. Patent Titled 'Mouthpiece for teeth whitening'
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Half a billion dollars.

Currently, this is how much of $SPX index needs to be bought or sold for every 1% down or up move, respectively.

These flows are a result of a substantial options trade that was placed yesterday.

Let's have a look at what's going on 馃憞 Image
Once upon a time, there was a certain bank that shall remain unnamed. Image
This bank has an Asset Management unit.

One day, they embarked on a noble mission to help investors who might be concerned about a market correction.

Since many investors are, it looked like they could offer an attractive product.

And so, they launched a fund.
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The Fed can't print oil, natural gas, coal, uranium, copper, cobalt, nickel, tin, ships, containers -- or food. #commodities #fintwit @Convertbond @RaoulGMI @HFI_Research @hkuppy @JKempEnergy @chigrl @acosgrove003
Exhibit B: The Fed can鈥檛 print ships鈥 Great info @AllVentured
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1. Not so long ago if you wanted to be part of an exclusive club it took either money (old boys clubs), violence (gangs), common flaws (addicts), dependencies, neighbourhoods / geography, today we are building our own clubs based on common goals and vision. (thread)
2. BAYC and punks have shown the world that these communities are not fads, they are not just jpegs and passing trends. Your online presence is only going to increase. Your moniker will become more important. Loyalties and inclusion are being built grass roots.
3. The utility of nfts is just beginning. Look down 5 years from now or maybe even less - all of us, husbands, wives, kids will be part of communities online, tight knit groups that have each others backs, that have common goals - that watch out for each other in every aspect.
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"Be in the game to win the game."

Do you know who'll enable you to be in the games of #Stock #Markts for long?
It's not me, not you, not your studies, nor the #Nifty itself.
It's ...
...the only and only our beloved SL which'll protect you.

Always put hard SL, and that too in a place where if it gets hit, the logic with which you initiated the trade gets negated and you move on from that #stock or #index.

You must've seen in my telegram calls that...
... I often ask you guys to move the SL to cost, that's because capital protection is our main aim. Also the nature of #Options buying #trade is such that we can't hold the trade for long. Decay will kick in and even if we get the direction absolutely right we won't get benefit.
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Social Media has changed how we Invest forever!馃У

Most trends come and go.

Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc.
Did not belong to such trends.

In this thread, I discuss the influence Social Media and Co. have on investors and the finance industry.
(1/5) Accelerated Cycle of Emotions

In 2020, we saw one of the fastest drawdowns in stock market history.

Followed by an unprecedented rally.

The S&P 500 rose 93% from the 20th of March 2020 to today.
There are many reasons for this.

One, was the fast-changing sentiment.
Fear of loss turned into Fear of missing out very quickly.

The rapid fall of the market quickly seemed like an opportunity.

Especially young investors, like myself, made a run at the markets.

On social media, the narrative was bullish.
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1/ In 2021, most investors are unwilling to touch energy companies.

I think this is a big mistake.


Like it or not, we will be using fossil fuels for decades to come.

How can value investors use this to their advantage?

I think I found a company that can deliver. 馃У 馃洟锔 Image
2/ Quick Disclaimer鉂

I am an ardent supporter of green energy, and would love to see fossil fuels phased out.

It is no doubt the future.

I truly think it is the future and that in the long run, electrification and renewables will dominate the energy landscape...eventually.
3/ However, thanks to fossil fuels, we have an abundance of food thanks to gas-produced fertilizers, high/low tech plastic gadgets, and quick and efficient delivery of the goods to your local supermarket.

They are ingrained into our modern lives whether we like it or not. Image
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You need to get your estate plan in order- what does that mean?
Some Basics . . . 1/x
When Should You Update an Estate Plan?

-Job Change / Retirement / Business Sale / Windfall / Relocation
-Change of Law
5 Estate Planning Docs Everyone Needs:

-Living/Revocable Trust
-Durable Power of Attorney
-Advanced Medical Directives
-Letter of Instruction / Letter of Intent
-Contact List of Important People
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@SagaPartners shares the key to unlocking generational wealth in this tweet. Look at some of the best returning stocks the last 15yrs, not beating the market annually 30-40% of the time but overall crushing it!

So what are the keys to success here?
Keys to unlocking generational wealth in the stock market.
1. Identify companies with great leadership teams (prefer founder led leaders) that create a great company culture, align with shareholders, not afraid to attempt innovation and fail, willing to learn from failure
2. Keep up with the companies' results & news every few months (at minimum) to ensure the thesis is still intact
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Time for a thread 馃У

$VIH we all know it鈥檚 the #1 trending stock on #fintwit @Twitter and @Stocktwits due to squeeze potential

But do you know what @Bakkt is or what they do ?

This is how it started from @BCalusinski and @gurgavin tweet 馃憞馃徎 Image
2) $VIH the next great squeeze

What is @Bakkt?

Founded in 2018

Began as a #cryptocurrency exchange and has evolved into a digital ecosystem

2.1 billion valuation

207m #spac
325m pipe

Projected 9million users end of 2021, 31 million by 2025

Going live 2021 ImageImage
3) $VIH the next great squeeze

Who are they backed by ?
@Microsoft $MSFT
@Starbucks $Sbux
@ICE_Markets $ICE owner of @Bakkt at 65%+ long term hold Image
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Good morning #EFT and #fintwit. Seen lots of discussion around hedging but very little detail. I'll do a few threads on why we hedge, the process we utilize, counterparties, documents and various structures. All will be through the lens of hedging a commodity business. Let's go!!
Why do we hedge? Insurance. In most commodity-based businesses, significant volatility exists in supply/demand rebalancing over time. This creates uncertainty in cash flow that can degrade the value of the business and create operational difficulties.
Additionally, if there is any kind of debt financing on the business there are likely covenants requiring a certain baseline of hedging. These have evolved over time, but the majority I've seen recently are a minimum of 50% of certain production volumes over the next 8 quarters.
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Inspired by @bluff_capital, here's about 50% of my portfolio:

- $AMZN - Customer for 22 years, The Everything Store opened my eyes to it, invested right after Brexit

- $LBRDA, h/t to #Fintwit, esp. @FrancoOlivera and @willis_cap

- $PGR, h/t @FocusedCompound, $GEOFF

- $ODFL, stumbled into on my own, love @vanckzhu explanation

- $CNSWF, invested after reading ML's President Letter's in my mid-20s, still have my $TOITF dividend, haven't added, but expect to over the years

- $PAR, I know Brink from having owned / operated restaurants,

followed @SavneetS since @coventurevc and invested immediately after reading his investor letter

Another 30-35% of the portfolio is spread across 7 names

And the balance are about 14 'tracker positions' (1-2% at cost) that I use to bet on stuff

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1) Thread 馃У 2/2 on $SQ | @Square + $AFTPY $AFTPF | @afterpay_au with commentary from @jack @AmritaAhuja @nmolnar and yours truly.

馃У 1/2 馃憞馃徏

鈥滒煉煆 consumer & merchant adoption has enabled @afterpay_au to deliver 馃殌 馃搱 w/ rev up ~4x over the last 2 years. We 馃憖 a # of levers to help drive continued 馃搱 for them, 1st, in terms of ongoing secular 馃搱 of BNPL in eComm;鈥
2b) and 2nd, in terms of @afterpay_au future 馃搱 adjacencies.鈥 @AmritaAhuja

鈥渢heir business has 馃挭馃徏 cohort economics, providing a durable foundation for 馃搱 across its merchants & consumer base. Afterpay has delivered positive GMV retention & 馃搱 purchase freq over time鈥
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Can't realise how a stock going down throughout D year N people R praising it!
Talking of #KotakMahindra Bank.
Given(-18%)return YTD!
After this dismal performance which is D bank wid highest CASA RATIO?
Not a recommendation for educational purpose only
IDCBY:Revenue (TTM): $123.6B
Net Income (TTM): $45.3B
Market Cap: $231.8B
1-Year Trailing Total Return: -6.9%
Exchange: OTC
The largest bank in the world in terms of total assets under management (AUM) is the Industrial and Commercial Bank Of China Ltd. (2/N)
This institution provides credit cards and loans, financing for businesses, and money management services for companies and high net worth individuals. Though this is a commercial bank, it is state-owned.
Bank ho to Aisa 馃挭馃挭馃挭..
Aur kaha wo Kotak Mahindra Bank 馃槀馃槀馃槀(3/n
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OFFICIAL TUTORIAL FOR @unusual_whales AND @KobeissiLetter TRADE SUCCESS:

2 weeks ago, I began posting trades that I made using these services and made over $300K in a year of trading.

Thank you @unusual_whales and @KobeissiLetter, you are MUST FOLLOWS & SUBSCRIBE!

I would like to begin by saying that none of this is financial advice and i am note being compensated by or or any other party. this is something I am doing to give back to #fintwit, the community that changed my life for the better
Additionally, please Like, Comment, Retweet, and follow if you enjoy this guide. i put a ton of time and effort into this and would definitely consider a follow up to this to answer any questions and further explain my story and strategy if this gains interest.
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@NeilBahal demerger bahal is a master of special situation investment.

This thread is dedicated to this genius named Demerger Bahal.

Today we would discuss about Jammu and Kashmir bank.

Jammu & Kashmir Bank (J&K Bank), incorporated in Jammu & Kashmir, India.
is a publicly held banking company engaged in providing a wide range of banking services including Retail Banking, Corporate Banking & Treasury Operations.
It is the only Private Sector Bank in the country assigned with responsibility of convening State/UT Level (2/n)
Bankers鈥 Committee (SLBC/UTLBC) meetings.D Bank continued to discharge its lead bank responsibility satisfactorily in 12 districts of UT of J&K, i.e. Srinagar, Ganderbal, Budgam, Baramulla, Bandipora, Kupwara, Anantnag, Kulgam, Pulwama, Shopian, Poonch and Rajouri.(3/n)
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驴Conoces el libro Secrets of the Millionaire Mind? 馃摎
Descubre las 7 CLAVES en este #MEGAHILO #fintwit

- 驴C贸mo nuestra forma de pensar refleja el saldo de nuestra cuenta bancaria?
- 驴C贸mo podemos influir en las estructuras del pensamiento? Image
- Nuestro nivel de prosperidad est谩 preprogramado por patrones de pensamiento y comportamiento que aprendimos de ni帽os.
- Solo podemos cambiarlo si lo reconocemos conscientemente, adoptamos activamente una nueva actitud e implantamos un 鈥減ensamiento millonario鈥 en nuestras mentes
馃敹驴Qu茅 actitudes sobre el dinero tenemos que adoptar si queremos convertirnos en 鈥渕illonarios鈥?馃捀

- Si quieres ser rico, tienes que aprender a tomar el control de tus finanzas en tus propias manos.
- Los futuros millonarios deber铆an tener una actitud positiva hacia el dinero.
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The 馃嚭馃嚫 social comm market is projected to聽馃搱 by 35.8% YoY to聽$36.62B in 2021, per聽@eMarketer.聽Social comm is when a company advertises & sells its products via social media platforms.聽

2> 馃嚚馃嚦 remains the 馃實 largest social comm market, w/ sales exp to reach $351.65B or 13% of the nation's e-comm sales.

$FB is the largest platform in the 馃嚭馃嚫 w/ 56.1M buyers, while @instagram & $PINS have 32.4M & 13.9M, respectively. @WeChatApp is the dom player in the 馃嚚馃嚦 market.
3> Acq customers on major 馃嚚馃嚦 platforms such as $BABA ($123 average per customer) & $JD ($26) can be expensive. Brands have leveraged social comm to 馃搲 CAC

Live-steam social comm will be big as well. The 馃嚭馃嚫 live streaming market is nascent, but sales in 馃嚚馃嚦 are exp to be聽$131.52B.
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JB Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals (JBCPL) is engaged in manufacturing of pharmaceutical specialties in various dosage forms, herbal remedies, diagnostics, generic drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Incorporated in 1976, the company is part of Unique Group.
Like Britannia industries, Exide batteries or ITC Ltd and so on, JB CHEMICALS AND PHARMA company is also from the oldest capital of India from British period, that's kolkata.
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