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Getting back to normal life will require knowing who is immune to #coronavirus and who isn't. Here's a thread on how #COVID19 tests work, how long after a #Covid_19 infection are they still valid, how to get one & what government can do to help get us back to work... 1/8
There are 2 tests for the actual #coronavirus:

1. Viral genetic material (RNA) is amplified by RT-PCR (real-time polymerase-chain-reaction). More virus, more fluorescence

2. Genetic material is read by a DNA sequencer to detect its abundance & genotype (~10 clades/types) 2/8
There's a 3rd type of RNA test being developed @mason_lab called RT-LAMP (Reverse Transcription Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification). Advantages are simplicity, low cost, and insensitivity to contaminants from blood🩸or sputum 👄 3/8
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Lessons from past #coronavirus & #influenza #epidemics suggest that #viral #infections can trigger acute coronary syndromes, arrhythmias, exacerbation of heart failure owing to a combination of a significant systemic inflammatory response plus localized vascular inflammation.
#COVID19 may either induce new cardiac pathologies &/or exacerbate underlying cardiovascular diseases. A large proportion of patients have underlying cardiovascular disease &/or cardiac risk factors. Factors associated with mortality include male sex, advanced age, comorbidities.
Acute cardiac injury determined by elevated high-sensitivity #troponin levels is commonly observed in severe #COVID19 cases & strongly associated with mortality. Acute respiratory distress syndrome is also strongly associated with mortality in patients with #SARSCoV2 infection
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I study the illness #ME/CFS - a neuroinflammatory condition that usually begins w/ a #viral infection (sometimes a #respiratory infection!). I have argued for years that infecting #pathogens tied to the illness might persist in the central nervous system (CNS) of such patients
2/ While I realize this article is talking about acute #infection and #COVID19 - it explains that #SARS-CoV-2 “might infect neurons, raising questions about whether there could be effects on the brain that play a role in patients’ deaths:”…
3/ Matt Anderson, (one of my favorite Beth Israel pathologists!) states, “Some of the purely respiratory symptoms that you might attribute to the #disease, the inability to get air into the #lungs, might actually be defects in #respiration controlled by the #nervous system.”
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THREAD --> In this time of #COVID19, I figured it might be handy to share some basics with other reporters who might be new to the health beat. What's an 'antibody'? What is 'viral load'? Here's a list of some things reporters might want to know. I'm adding to it slowly.
First off. A lot of the tests being discussed are looking for 'antibodies'. What the heck are those? In a nutshell, proteins made by certain immune cells that bind to particles in the body (usually foreign) that we call 'antigens'. Here's a 3:28min primer:
What's that? You're a reporter too busy to watch a 3:28min video? I understand. Here's a picture capturing pretty much the same thing 3/n (source:
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Need a break from graphs, politics & instructions how to wash your hands?

Welcome to “Know your Enemy”, a series with facts you never knew (or thought to ask) about these sneaky #coronaviruses...
I know our kids are on TikTok, but I figure they may find this stuff interesting too or at least spark up a conversation...
#ScienceAtHome #homeschooling #COVID19 #TuesdayThoughts
1. Highly evolved #coronaviruses are the largest of the Nidovirales group? Nido is Latin for “nest”, so named because the enzymes that read the viral genes skip around and even backtrack, like a scratched record, allowing them to pack more information inside particles. Smaaht! 🦠
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Trying to stay up-to-date with all the #SARSCoV2 and #COVID19 literature? SAME! I have been summarizing articles and pre-prints on this topic and so here is a thread with some of them.

🧵Enjoy the beauty of research happening in front of our eyes:

First, we have the demonstration of ACE2 and TMPRSS2 as entry factors for #SARSCoV2 based previous literature on the similarities between the spike protein of SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2. And, showed that antibodies against SARS-CoV S may offer some protection against SARS-CoV-2.

This other paper also showed ACE2 as a functional receptor for SARS-CoV-2 and used cryo-electron microscopy to reveal the architecture of the spike protein trimer. Also showed antibody cross-reactivity between SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins.
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MAR 23 #COVIDー19 #MDTHREAD 1: Most stories from WaPo .. but not all. Two Today on #MAGA #Trumps preferred Treatment ( it usually kills faster than COVID) and Are you Immune if recover? FIRST NUMBERS 351,731 Deaths 15,374
MAR 23 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 2: and here is link to yest thread on Thread Reader .. with piece on #Croatia Earthquake. Sharing #London #Volunteer .. do consider Meals need delivery, patients in #FieldHospitals need moving. WASH YOUR HANDS Wear gloves outside
MAR 23 #COVIDー19 #MDTHREAD 3: @Surgeon_General begged Americans to #stayhome while warning that the situation is “going to get bad” in the coming days — #Trump seemed to suggest that containment measures may be too extreme... ? Calls for #MAGA revolt? PICK YOUR POISON..
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'Tip of the iceberg': is our destruction of nature responsible for Covid-19?

The human species continued destruction of biodiversity is creating
conditions for new viruses and diseases such as Covid-

The eating of other animals IS the problem…
"Research suggests that outbreaks of animal-borne and other infectious diseases such as #Ebola, #SARS, #BirdFlu and now #COVID19, caused by a novel coronavirus, are on the rise"

Pathogens are crossing from other animals to the human species…
Dead #Pangolins seized by authorities in North #Sumatra.
Disease ecologists argue that viruses and other pathogens are likely to move from animals to humans in #wildlifemarkets.
via .@guardian
Photograph: Gatha Ginting/AFP via Getty Images
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I'd face palm except trying to minimize touching my face. Full stop: the flu vaccine will not do anything to treat #SARSCoV2 #HCoV19 #COVID19 #coronavirus. Here's why.
Coronaviruses and influenza are in two different virus families, Coronaviridae and Orthomyxoviridae, respectively. I mean "families" in the taxonomic sense here (King Philip Came Over For Great Surfing)...they are genetically related within each family group.
Virus families are very genetically distinct from one another. In the case of coronaviruses vs. flu, their genomes are completely different.
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A dog in #HongKong tested positive for the #COVID19 virus.
As a precaution, the government declared cats & dogs whose owners test positive would be collected & delivered to a “designated animal keeping facility for quarantine & veterinary surveillance.…
Hong Kong declared cats & dogs whose owners test positive for #COVID19 would be collected & delivered to a “designated animal keeping” facility.
CDC suggests restricting contact with pets if the owner is infected, including “petting, snuggling, being kissed, & sharing food.”
If you get the flu, do what people have done throughout history. Avoid being around others, except for your pets, & don’t allow anyone around you who has authority to haul you off to a pathogen-infested concentration camp.
You’ll get well sooner.… #COVID19
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As usual, I am annoyed at terrible reporting of studies on #SARSCoV2 #HCoV19 #COVID19 #coronavirus. Dr. Cheese has a take on the identification of a furin-like cleavage site in the Spike (S) protein.
The pre-print itself is on and I can't read it because it's in Chinese, but here's the news piece about it.…
What does this mean? Furin is a protease, meaning it's an enzyme that can act like molecular scissors and cut proteins at specific amino acid sequences.
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Another suicide in #Coronavirus-ridden China
China’s Hubei to add #Coronavirus cases back to tally after methodology change…
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Shanghai scientists announced that the #2019nCoV #coronavirus can travel distances in the air when contained inside droplets of 10-50 microns in size. On one level this is surprising, because control efforts have focused on closer contact issues. BUT
This is a #coronavirus -- a class of germs that cause about half of all common colds. I have said that measures taken to avoid catching a cold going around your school, home or office would be the same precautions for #2019nCoV -- and colds are spread from cough-propelled
droplets, from hands, from sneeze-propelled drops, and from touching surfaces handled by a person who has a cold. So in that sense the Shanghai warnings for #2019nCoV are consistent with what we've known or suspected with all #coronaviruses .…
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Okay, coronavirus is a real thing.



Now you know why a one world government is forbidden...

God already forbade it.
The people-smuggling Leftist's are among the mentally ill part of our society. They're not going to stop smuggling people into Sanctuary cities. And Democrat leaders don't give a crap. Sanctuary cities will be the first to fall in the US.
And that's too bad because we needed the time..
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TRAVEL ALERT ✈️: U.S. Department of State raised its travel advisory for China from Level 3 to *Level 4*, which means "do not travel to China." Previously alert level 3 on Monday, which means "reconsider travel to China due to the novel coronavirus."…
2) New airlines suspending China ✈️ amid the outbreak: Air France (Until Feb. 9), British Airways (until end February), Air Seoul, Egyptair, Lion Air, Lufthansa (till end February), Swiss Airlines (till end February) and Austrian Airlines (till end February).
3) AIRPORT 🦠 SCREENING: “for every 100 infected travellers planning to take a 12 hour flight, only 9 will be detected at entry screening upon arrival”…
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“Where did the 🦠 come from?” is one of the most asked questions. First, I don’t like unsupported conspiracy theories, but it’s a lingering question. @sciencemagazine examined this based on Lancet article. Nobody knows, but seafood market isn’t whole story…
2. Again, no outright conspiracy theories please. Here is another explanation: The new #coronavirus is an RNA virus—that is, viruses that have RNA as their genetic material rather than DNA—which have a “high mutation rate,” which allows it to “change properties very quickly.”
3. The RNA sequences of the #coronavirus isolated from 6 patients from the same household are different from each other (Lancet), sign of the virus evolving. This may not be so good to the ear; it suggests the difficulty of containing this virus”. (from…)
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In outbreaks of other #coronaviruses (MERS & SARS), person-to-person transmission occurred through droplets, contact and fomites, suggesting that the transmission mode of the 2019-nCoV can be similar

WHO Situation Report 27 January 2020
@WHOWPRO @WHOSEARO @pahowho @WHO_Europe @WHOAFRO @WHOEMRO Important perspective from today's #coronavirus report:

Of the 2,798 confirmed cases reported to @WHO so far, 98% are in China.

Of the 37 cases outside China, 36 had travel history to Wuhan or other cities in China.

@WHOWPRO @WHOSEARO @pahowho @WHO_Europe @WHOAFRO @WHOEMRO So far, WHO is aware of one case of human-to-human transmission of #coronavirus outside 🇨🇳, in Vietnam.

That’s still one case too many. But we’re encouraged that so far we have not seen more human-to-human transmission outside 🇨🇳. We’re monitoring the outbreak constantly.
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From the @CDCgov update on #coronavirus: 110 persons under investigation in US from 26 states. Only 5 have been confirmed.
@CDCgov Assay protocol for test has been published, and CDC is working to prioritize state health departments for receiving tests. Will release to other domestic/intl labs later.

Sequences from 2 US patients have been uploaded to Genbank.
@CDCgov 16 intl locations, including US, have identified cases of #nCoV2019
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#Coronaviruses: an introductory thread/primer. #Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that cause respiratory & intestinal illness in birds, animals, and humans. #2019nCoV is the 7th coronavirus known to infect humans (#HCoV).
Four #HCoVs – OC43, 229E, HKU1 & NL63 – cause mild ‘common cold-like’ illness. All of us have probably been infected with one or more of these at some time. These 4 #HCoVs only occasionally cause serious illness 2/n
The other 2 #HCoVs#SARS & #MERS – cause severe disease. #SARS emerged in 2012 & infected about 8000 people worldwide with a case fatality rate (CFR) of about 10%. The #SARS outbreak was ultimately controlled with good infection prevention & control procedures 3/n
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Dang!!! I didn't know what I was getting into this morning, but it went wayyyyy deeper than I expected. I found this stuff out in a few hours. Imagine what will come out in the next few days and weeks.
Yes... the Corona virus was INVENTED (just like AIDS) and has a PATENT

Who is it patented by? THE PIRBRIGHT INSTITUTE
Who are major stakeholders in the Pirbright Institute?

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organization…
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As the #nCoV2019 outbreak continues, a lot of data emerging in real-time & being rapidly disseminated.

I compiled the available data (in no particular order) to have a better understanding of #nCoV2019 & will update the list as more info become available.
Clinical features of the first 41 pts suggest that #nCoV2019 has an insidious onset with fever, cough, and myalgia +/- shortness of breath. Radiological findings of bilateral ground-glass opacities. Some with mild, but >60y with severe disease #IDTwitter…
The majority of patients requiring ICU care are those who presented with low blood pressure and dyspnea, high neutrophil count and LDH, and more likely to have AKI, secondary infection and shock. #nCoV2019 #IDTwitter…
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Look at these people in China being quarantined at airports in metal boxes & plastic tubes as they are removed from public to be transported to quarantined camps.

#coronavirus #GreatAwakeningWorldwide #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE

Look at these Chinese people dropping in public places, it appears to me that they are passing out and not actually dying at this moment but have to be removed by people in hazmat suits. This disease is spread same way as influenza.


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