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Internet platforms have reached end-stage enshittification, where they claw back the goodies they once used to lure in end-users and business customers, trying to walk a tightrope in which there's just enough value left to keep you locked in, but no more. It's ugly out there.

1/ A giant robot hand holding ...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

When the platforms took off - using a mix of predatory pricing, catch-and-kill acquisitions and anti-competitive mergers - they seemed unstoppable. Mark Zuckerberg became the unelected social media czar-for-life for billions of users.

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A guide on how to buy #BRC20 tokens

BRC20 tokens are the #altcoins on the #BTC chain
And they are probably the fairest protocol I have ever seen

Check this out: Image
Max Supply cannot be changed
Distribution so clear
All miners get in at the mint price, even the deployer

But let's take it slow and today let's look at how to buy #BRC20 tokens

Currently they are less easy to use but the reason is simple, they are just born
We are so early Image
Here is the easiest way (to date) to buy these tokens:

1. #BTC Wallet - @ordinalswallet
Go to and create a new Wallet.

When you send BTC to this wallet it must be on BTC chain (roughly the cost is about $0.5 per transaction)
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These tags & last thread of interest not just to #familyCourtReform people or #DVsurvivors but also as earlier today, re: #JeffSkoll #eBay #SVCF #SVB (banks & big tech VCS) #MegWhitman #Omidyar (Who owns/runs major media & tech platform issues), Immediately prev thread contxt
My 2018 Exposes, HowTo, Drilldowns etc. We s/n be afraid to tangle with big-bucks Forms990 (I did Tides & SFVC AND their supporting/related orgs). Usually I include internal links to related topics too.
Just now I am again in housing transition (a.k.a. Homeless) as I was in 2018, but at least not in California. #FiduciaryAbuse directly involved which I have to face & handle, while in this condition. Yes, it’s intimidating, as intended to be. It’s a control tactic.
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CPR and Ebay's head, Pierre Omidyar anti India❓

BREAKING - The Centre has suspended the FCRA licence of 'public policy think tank' Centre for Policy Research (CPR).

In the next series of posts I will expose their funding sources & their ideological backing.

1/n Image
As per #CPR Grants report published from Oct - Dec 2022. CPR is receiving funding from Gates Foundation, Rohini Nilekani Namati foundation & others....

2/n ImageImage
They have also received massive funding from the #OmidyarNetwork.

Omidyar Network is a foundation founded by #PierreOmidyar, who is a French born Iranian-American billionaire & founder of #EBay.

3/n ImageImage
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Rusia invade Ucrania Día 357 (3.303) Hilo ⬇️
Good Morning, Ukraine! Image
1. EEUU envió al Ejército Rojo cientos de miles de camiones, tanques y aviones hasta vencer a los nazis. Ahora es Ucrania la que recibe la ayuda americana para derrotar al invasor.
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2023 will be the year of layoffs…
20/1/2023 - #Google's parent #Alphabet to lay off 12,000
18/1/2023 - #Microsoft is laying off 10,000 employees

#layoffs #layoffs2023
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I report violations of the #IndianArtsAndCraftsAct on #Etsy and #ebay. Thing is, some of the worst offenders belong to #FakeTribes that have managed to swing State recognition. The retailers, & the ⚪️s who buy from the #pretendian sellers, either don't understand, or don't care.
So when they display their "enrollment" info... look up the "tribe" they claim. If they even name it. Some just say "Cherokee" or worse, "Cherokee descent". Ask for the specific tribe and look it up. Some state-recognized are real, but many are not. #IndianArtsAndCraftsAct #Fraud
It's no coincidence that ⚪️ people give tons of money to other ⚪️people who are playing Indian and selling fake Native bling, regalia, even fake medicines. These #pretendians make way more money at this than real #Natives. Just read their reviews & see who writes them. #Racism
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¡ Hasta un 60 de descuento en #Mediamarkt en #eBay !

Sigue el hilo 🔽🔽🔽🔽
Empezamos con las mejores ofertas en #videojuegos que no puede faltar en tu colección de #NintendoSwitch, #PlayStation4 o #PlayStation5

🚚 Todos con envíos gratis ✅ incluso recogida local activada 🚩

Sigue el hilo 🔽🔽🔽🔽
Hard West para #NintendoSwitch

✅ 19,99€
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Due parole sulla questione #Swatch e #SwatchXOmega: In realtà la cosa ha perfettamente senso dato il bagarinaggio. Mi spiego, è un discorso lungo. Prendi la Playstation 5 o la Switch OLED: nonostante siano in produzione, la scarsità dei primi lotti (vedi crisi dei semiconduttori)
fa in modo che i bagarini facciano incetta e vendano tutto a prezzo pompato. Certo, con gli orologi il gioco finirà presto. Ma intanto c'è gente che si è acchiappata il primo lotto e farà bagarinaggio con quelli che volevano il primo lotto per questione di
prestigio/completismo/stolidità. Un gioco che funziona esattamente come con le scarpe #LIDL, il televisore della nonna quando è tornato di moda il #retrogaming o quando a #LuccaComics annunciano un cofanetto in anteprima nazionale che arriverà due mesi dopo in fumetteria, e
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Como todos sabemos el parásito bueno para nada de Palacio Nacional ha estado saliendo con espuma en el hocico en sus últimas marraneras después de perder la CDMX y ha estado atacando a la clase media de forma desmedida y majadera.

-Abro hilo-
Seamos claros, TODOS SOMOS MEXICANOS, olvidemos los calificativos y adjetivos que este engendro ha dictado desde hace años con la finalidad de dividir y polarizar. Repito, TODOS SOMOS MEXICANOS, hagamos un solo país.
Estoy seguro que muchos seguidores de López no están de acuerdo con sus últimos ataques hacia los que buscamos un mejor futuro, no caigamos en su juego político de SEGUIR DIVIDIENDO A LOS MEXICANOS,
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#eIDAS 2.0 interesting snippets thread starting here.
identity solutions falling
outside the scope of eIDAS, such as those offered by social media providers and financial
institutions, raise privacy and data protection concerns
proposal expands the current eIDAS list of trust services with three new qualified trust
services, namely the provision of electronic archiving services, electronic ledgers and the
management of remote electronic signature and seal creation devices.
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¿ Aún no tienes tu #NintendoSwitchLite ?

¡ #PinkDays de @CashConvertersE en #ebay desde YA !

143,92€ + Envío Gratis

159,07€ + Envío Gratis

145,77€ + Envío Gratis

178,07€ + Envío Gratis
#NintendoSwitchLite Edición ZACIAN y ZAMAZENTA

187,57€ + Envío Gratis
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#PinkDays de @CashConvertersE en #ebay

Aquí algunas de las mejores ofertas de las consolas de #Microsoft
#XboxOne 500GB KINECT

93,43€ + Envío Gratis
#XboxOne 500GB KINECT + Mando

115,42€ + Envío Gratis
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#EEUU 🇺🇸
Dice @LouDobbs:
“Dominion Voting Systems, con sede en Toronto @dominionvoting fue rechazado por el Secretario de Estado de #Texas en 2019 por fallas importantes en su software. ¿Por qué se utilizó en esta elección en 6 estados en “el campo de batalla” junto a 22 más?
🔴 Dominion Voting System está en el ojo de la tormenta del mismísimo presidente @realDonaldTrump que acusa al software utilizado por la empresa, de desviarle centenares de votos hacia @JoeBiden y directamente de borrarles otros centenares.
Enlace 👉
🔴 Un “no tan viejo software”, también fue utilizado en las elecciones de #Arg 🇦🇷 en 2019: #Smartmatic
En 2005, Smartmatic adquirió Sequoia #VotingSystems, una empresa con sede en California y que venía automatizando elecciones estadounidenses desde hacía ya más de un siglo.
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I was able to make an extra $1500 last month from one of the #sidehustle Business I’m running, if you want to know how continue reading below, hopefully this will motivate some persons to get started...

1. I go to #ebay and find the eBay trending page, I look for T-shirt’s or any designs that are currently trending and check if other people are copying it, that’s because you can’t use some designs without licensing it, for example most sport designs
2. Next thing I do is go to #upwork or #fiverr and find someone to design that same logo for me, if the design wasn’t done well I’ll improve it, not all the time just copying will work.
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Imagine how excited I was when I found a $15,000 beanie baby in a storage unit? It has all the right errors and condition. I decided to sell it for much less because I wanted to sell it fast and pay my rent. It's been listed since 10-2019, and is still unsold? Why? 🤔
If a collector wanted this item, wouldn't they purchase it for $14,000 less from my store? I've been in business for 10 years, 12,000 positive feedback, and over 99% positive feedback. It just doesn't make sense. What are they really buying? #Wayfair #eBay
I spent 3 days searching through over 100 beanie babies and researching what errors made them rare and expensive. Turns out that probably none of that even matters. Read this message from a follower here on Twitter. #Wayfair #eBay
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#TWEETSTORM: The #Covid19 pandemic seems to have strengthened the #platform economy further. Multiple issues here:
The obvious include: remote work, food delivery, ecommerce.
The less obvious include: value chain shifts (e.g. movies), public-private partnerships, cartels etc.
Let's start with some of the obvious:
1. Remote work tools
Microsoft Teams hit an all-time high of 75M DAUs in April 2019.
Zoom video calls hit a high of 300M DAU in April.
April 2020 stats: 3x YoY growth in enterprise users and 169% growth in revenue.
Also, less obvious but equally important:
# of PDF documents shared using Adobe’s software grew 50% YoY for Q1.
Adobe Sign grew 175% since the start of Adobe's fiscal year.
Docusign is up as well.
Growth in e-sign + payments augurs well for supplier network digitization
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1. mi sento ancora una volta in dovere di aiutarvi a capire la questione fondamentale della #sorveglianzaDigitale contro il #COVID, non solo perché sono temi che conosco in modo profondo,ma perché ho preso coscienza della questione #DatiSanitari per una vicenda personale
2. rispetto #FiorenzaSarzanini,ma con tutto il rispetto NON è possibile pensare di imbarcarsi in un programma di #sorveglianza di 60MILIONI di italiani premettendo "vedremo se funzionerà", poi "se qualcuno avrà sbagliato, pagherà". Qui sono in gioco questioni cruciali
3. voglio premettere che,personalmente, NON sono una fanatica della #privacy:come giornalista,ne ho una profonda conoscenza e coscienza,perché ho il dovere professionale ed etico di proteggere le persone che parlano con me: le mie fonti
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Analysis: #NASDAQ $EBAY

Case 237 #eBay Inc.

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

#EBAY 1/4
Chart 1
Weekly Chart: The medium term trend is fairly neutral and price only managed to close back above the Oct. 2014 #trendline. The main SMAs are pointing down with #SMA 200 at 34.97. Further up #resistances are noted at 36.91 (#pivot) and then 39.00 (trendline).....

EBAY 2/4
..... To the downside a loss of 25.95 will set sights on the monthly SMA 200 and #Fib. 0.618 at 20.5, further down pivot #support at 16.42.

EBAY 3/4
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.@SenSanders' silence to Hinduphobic attacks against @TulsiGabbard👇no coincidence
@fshakir's wife Sarah Miller is part of Pierre Omidyar's network
How a Pakistani/Islamic Lobby took over @BernieSanders 2020 presidential campaign sabotaging his aspirations…
#eBay's billionaire smear campaign against @TulsiGabbard through his personally funded media @theintercept & @CivilBeat
Glenn is honest.
But read below 2 articles by @MaxBlumenthal,
who is #eBay's billionaire media monarch #PierreOmidyar, he's empire of influence and his dizzying national security state connections begins with a look at his support for neocon #BillKristol
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"An Ongoing Ethereum Adoption Megathread

Intel, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, JPMorgan, AXA, StateFarm, MetLife, EY, Fidelity, NASA, UN, Docusign, and even the world's tallest skyscraper... are building on #ETH.

When the world say blockchain, it's #Ethereum.

👇Evidence Below👇"

Forbes Releases ‘Top 50 Billion-Dollar Companies Exploring Blockchain’ — Over Half are Working with #Ethereum Amazon, Google, Samsung, Facebook: The race is on for the world’s leading companies to implement blockchain.

"#Ethereum is being used for developing blockchain applications by 22 companies on the Forbes 50. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise as Ethereum was designed to accommodate decentralized applications and smart contracts."
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#STOLEN #PleaseShare!!!! Erin Bennett's treasured #PRS #Guitar (see #photo) was lifted from @themeadowsfestival #edinburgh. Our whole community is absolutely gutted: this guitar toured with us throughout our #Rockbitch & MT-TV years. (1)
This #STOLEN #PRS #GUITAR is not just an #instrument but an heirloom of our #musical #history. We love it. We want it back. If you think 'all the more reason to keep it' PLEASE, WE BEG YOU, DON'T.
We are watching #ebay and all related sites like hawks (2)
We will pounce if we spot you selling ithis #STOLEN #PRS #GUITAR, so if you have it in you, please do the right thing: contact any of us on any social media or our #band #email and return our piece of beloved gear. Thank you. #pleaseshare #meadowsfestival #womeninmusic #musicians
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Racist bigot👇😡is talking about people WHO DIED in a horrible massacre, to spread hatred of another group‼️
#Christchurch shootings: why would some right-wing Indian Hindus celebrate the death of Muslims? By @shankarmya
#eBay's billionaire smear campaign against @TulsiGabbard through his personally funded media @theintercept & @CivilBeat
Read👇2 articles by @MaxBlumenthal,
Who is #eBay's billionaire media monarch #PierreOmidyar, empire of influence & his dizzying Natl Security State connections begins w/ a look at his support 4 neocon #BillKristol.
Omidyar funded #RegimeChange in #Ukraine
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Rep. @TulsiGabbard on Hindu Nationalism (Short)
Tulsi Gabbard on #HinduNationalism (Long):
Clip from Micheal Tracy's (@mtracey) Interview:
In New Hampshire on March 23 and 24, 2019
#Bigotry #Hinduism #Hindutva #Smears
#BarackObama on his relationship w/ #Modi👇
"I like him, & I think that he is has a vision for the country,.. strong #India #US relations is very important"
@TulsiGabbard is a member of House Foreign Affairs Com. & #HouseArmedServicesCommittee
Rep. @TulsiGabbard Publicly Condemned And Withdrew From the 2018 World Hindu Congress, "as soon as it became clear that the event was going to be a “partisan political event.”
Even the #DalaiLama at first was supposed to attend this event.…
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