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The definition of projection from C.G. Jung Lexicon: A Primer of Terms & Concepts by Jungian analyst Daryl Sharp (Inner City Books, 1991):

"An automatic process whereby contents of one's own unconscious are perceived to be in others."…
Jung: "Just as we tend to assume that the world is as we see it, we naïvely suppose that people are as we imagine them to be. … All the contents of our #unconscious are constantly being #projected into our surroundings, and it is only by recognizing certain properties of the……
"The subject gets rid of painful, incompatible contents by #projecting them." ~C.G. Jung, "Definitions," CW 6, par. 783
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/05/2021…
A Nitrogen Shortage is Brewing, So What Will it Take to Cure The World's Fertilizer Deficiency?…

#NitrogenFertilizer #NaturalGas #prices #shortages #CropYield #projections
Scientists Concerned About New COVID-19 Variant Detected in South Africa With High Number of Mutations…

#COVID19 #evolution #variants #detection #transmissibility #virulence #PublicHealth
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/12/2021…
GOP State Lawmaker Slammed For Saying 3/5 Compromise Aimed To End Slavery…

#PartisanPolitics #SystemicRacism #institutionalSlavery #RevisionistHistory
Educated man says he’d rather die than risk dying from AstraZeneca vaccine…

#humor #vaccines #COVID19 #CriticalThinking
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Voici les #projections (et non prévisions) nationales de notre #modèle COVIDSIM (…) en extrapolant la dynamique des souches historiques et en intégrant celle relative aux #variants (selon notre étude…) 1/3
En absence de changement de politique sanitaire, le nombre de patients COVID en services hospitaliers de soins critiques peut dépasser 5000 début avril. 2/3
Tandis que des mesures réduisant les contacts à un niveau analogue à celui de novembre 2020 appliquées au 6 mars permettraient d'échapper à ce scénario de tension. 3/3 unroll @threadreaderapp
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/08/2021…
Gambling research: The 'fun' can stop with unemployment, ill-health and even death…

#death, #gambling, #unemployment
Boomers: A book event with Helen Andrews and Michael Dougherty | American Enterprise Institute - AEI…

#boomers, #AEI, #book
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/25/2020…
Would A Lottery System For College Admissions Work? : NPR…

#lottery #elites #admissions
How war threatens Ethiopia's struggle against worst locust swarm in 25 years | Global development | The Guardian…

#ethiopia #war #locust #swarm
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If someone feels lack in their own life, then someone else's success may be felt as if it's something taken away or now unavailable to them. That the 'pie' is small & not enough for everyone to have a slice or as much as they wanted. This can leave them feeling envious.
The response can be to feel envious of THEIR perception of the other person's success or what they think they have. Envious attacks towards others can be subtle, in the form of questioning their choices or what they are doing. This is to destroy, attack or diminish their efforts.
If that is destroyed then the other doesnt 'have' that success. In the same way as saying 'if I can't have it neither can they'. An envious attack happens as a reaction & we can be on the receiving end of one in a split second & feel attacked, thinking we've done something wrong.
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