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It’s #WorldSleepDay

Sleep is absolutely essential to your physical and mental health

Sleep’s rhythms underpin everything you do, ensuring your brain and body are working at their best: an MoT every night!

We’re often bad at recognising that, and prioritising sleep in our lives
If you’ve had the right amount of good quality sleep, you should be waking physically and mentally ready to tackle the day ahead

... many of us don’t feel that way though, especially on a weekday!

Most adults in the UK get about an hour’s less sleep than they need each night ... the equivalent of missing an entire night of sleep every week!…

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End the year with a few stories that will bring a smile. First, here's a moonrise over the Green River Valley in Wyoming, via @Interior. Read on! ⤵️ #Recharge /1
This island was wasting away. Now it's not. Here's how people saved it: ⤵️ #Recharge /2
Hailing Gladys West, the "hidden figure" who played a key role in developing GPS⤵️ #Recharge #RIP /3
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Why “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse” is the #Recharge movie of the year. This quote, at the end, by Stan Lee: “That person who helps others simply because it should or must be done, and because it is the right thing to do, is indeed, without a doubt, a real superhero.”
As Stan Lee says in "“Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse,” the Spidey suit fits everyone at some point. Here are a few ordinary people who became heroes:… #Recharge
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Rough week? #Recharge with this thread of stories of triumph — for those helping others, or for justice (occasionally) prevailing. First, catch this image from the Ding Darling Wildlife Reserve in Florida by George Gentry /1 ⤵️
To students and educators at Ireland's prestigious Trinity University, Caitriona Lally wipes the desks and swabs the floors as a janitor. But she also is a novelist, and now has won one of the nation's most prestigious literary honors… /2 #Recharge ⤵️
Get up, stand up: Kamira Trent, right, stood up for the rights of two Spanish-speaking women being harassed by a bigot. The harasser was arrested, and one of the targeted women said "It felt good to see someone who was born here defend us that way."… /3 ⤵️
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ICE lied, told flight attendants the kids were a soccer team. They weren't. Now this flight attendant won't work when the US transports children away from their parents. "I might as well have been a collaborator on their transport."… #EndFamilySeparation
Can it happen here? Nazi historian says “the ultimate safeguard against aspiring authoritarians, and wolves of all kinds, lies in individual conscience”… @CassSunstein
"We want no part of it" — @united Airlines CEO, saying his jetliner will not carry detainees separated from their family under the inhumane #Trump administration policy, in planning since September, which medical authorities have called child abuse. The statement:
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It's been another wild week. #Recharge with these stories of people who think of others, do for others, help the world get better. First, an image from the @SantaMonicaMtns /1 👇🏼
She had to place him for adoption, but kept a baby photo and named her restaurant after him. More than a half-century later, after he suffered a heart attack, he came looking halfway around for the world for her. She always believed he would find her.… /2
She had to see her son's track meet. That's why she swapped shifts and ended up flying a Southwest jetliner that lost an engine and a passenger at 32,000 feet, guiding it to an emergency landing without further loss… #Recharge /3
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Looking for beauty, joy, triumph, gumption? Welcome to #Recharge, our look at what's working — and those striving for a better world. Check out these stories 👇🏽 and this image, by Amber Walker, of paddling at the Kenai National #WildlifeRefuge /1
He had a dream. A US Embassy worker gave him a half-hour. A life was changed.…
#Recharge /2
"It says that we can. It says...that we can do this." On Friday, the Citadel, a military school that had fought the admission of women, promoted cadet Sarah Zorn, 21, to lead the corps. The commandant said simply: "She’s the best qualified."… #Recharge /3
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A crazy week deserves a break. These stories show that decency, caring and speaking truth to power also happened this week, and sometimes justice just did prevail. Welcome to #Recharge. Image: Sunrise & salty mist by J.K. Putnam @AcadiaNPS 👇🏽 /1 #Maine
Another Victory: With hundreds of teachers chanting, Kentucky lawmakers overturned a GOP governor’s veto on Friday to increase spending on public education… #Recharge /2
“You didn’t know that I jumped off the train?” Childhood friends, he was 10; she was 13. Her family escaped west to freedom. The Nazis sent his to #Auschwitz . 76 years later, they reunited in L.A. ...… #Holocaust /3
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