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👉Suite à mon travail postdoctoral sur le sujet au @cefemontpellier @twitthair1, un premier petit thread documenté sur un sujet brulant : l’#éolien et ses #impacts sur la #biodiversité. [partie 1/2]
2/24 - Il ne s’agit pas ici d’être « pour » ou « contre » le développement éolien, juste d’apporter des éléments de connaissances scientifiques publiés sur la question.
3/24 - En France, la loi de #transitionenergetique pour la croissance verte, promulguée le 18 août 2015, s’est fixée pour objectif d’atteindre 32 % d’#énergies #renouvelables dans la consommation totale d’énergie à l’horizon 2030.
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Indian cities are not typically imagined to be biodiversity hotspots. Aspects of urban ecology often get missed in public conversations about the city.
In a series of illustrations, we explore the different dimensions of Bengaluru's lakes.
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@citizenmatters @sustainBLR Image
Illustrations: Labonie Roy
Text: @ByAditiTandon @priyankash96
Anchor: @kcmouli25
Watch this space. We will update 1 illustration per day.
#environment #cities #biodiversity #art #illustrations

Let's start at the very beginning...
When you read you begin with A-be-see!
Every artwork has elements of household and construction waste that the artist found in her neighbourhood in Bengaluru. Look closely and see if you can spot them!
Leave your responses as comments :)
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@ipcc_ch reports that b/w 1971 & 2010, oceans absorbed over 90% of the heat gained by the planet due to #globalwarming. This led to #sealevel rise and has also resulted in higher frequency & intensity of #cyclones worldwide. #ClimateChange #MumbaiMustPrepare @mumbaismagic
Indian Ocean has also warmed but what is worrying is the higher rate of #warming in comparison to other global ocean basins. Data shows that Indian Ocean’s rapid basin-wide warming of ~1degC over the last 60 yrs exceeds that of the global average of ~0.7 degC. #MumbaiMustPrepare
Arabian Sea & Bay of Bengal have also seen consistent warming in past decades. The trend in rise in sea surface temperature for BoB has been 0.16C/decade & 0.18C/decade for AS. Arabian Sea indeed has been warming quite rapidly and impacts are for us to see. #MumbaiMustPrepare
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🏙️#ecoleanthropocene2021 Cours public de @MichelLussault "A la recherche du métabolisme urbain". Petit FIL🧵⬇️1/8
#teamHG #Geography #metabolisme #urbain
@EcoleUrbaine @APHG_National
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2/ La masse anthropogénique (masse de la matière et des artéfacts produits par l’humain) dépasse désormais la biomasse (masse du vivant)…
3/ L'augmentation exponentielle de la masse anthropogénique correspond à la #GrandeAccélération depuis 70 ans. Elle est directement liée à l'#urbanisation généralisée du monde🏙️🌆🌇🌃
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🏙️#ecoleanthropocene2021 Ds son cours public @MichelLussault revient sur les critiques adressées au terme #Anthropocene qui ferait porter la dégradation de l'habitabilité de la🌍à l'ensemble de l'humanité (anthropos)⬇️1/
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2/ +qu'une nouvelle ère géologique, l'#Anthropocene est une nouvelle époque historique dans le processus d'humanisation de la planète qui se traduit par une #urbanisation généralisée et le #ChangementGlobal
3/ Les études sur l'#Anthropocene, ce moment particulier de l'#histoire humaine, mettent en évidence les #inégalités vertigineuses dans la responsabilité des différents humains quant au forçage du système biophysique de la planète
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The @McKinsey_MGI 'The future of #Asia: Decoding the value & performance of corporate Asia' report provides some interesting #insights:… A few takeaways...(1/5) Asia's corporates: Capturing the top line but struggling to convert to the bottom line.. ImageImage
2/5 #GlobalTrends - Corp profitability has declined around the world over the past decade w. #Asia account 4 appox. half of the decline. The world is more capital-intensive than it was a decade ago...#Macro ImageImageImage
3/5 Asian corporations sub-optimally positioned...Different segments need to focus on different aspects to reach their full potential...#Asia #Macro ImageImage
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@CSIS looks a 'The age of mass #protests to understand an escalating global #trend.' It provides some good #insights & puts the spotlight on some of the common causes. Here are some takeaways...#GlobalTrends #Risks #Systems… (1/9) Image
2/9 #GlobalTrends - Overview of civilian anti-government protests by region (2009-2019)...#Protests #Risks Image
3/9 #GlobalTrends - Overview of key drivers of the major global mass #protest movements in 2019... Image
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Lucknow and Noida are now commissionerates. Is setting up of commissionerates the way forward to meet the law and order challenges of #urbanisation? Here’s a perspective we found interesting. (1/3)…
Here are the key differences between a commissionerate system and a dual system of control. Source: @PRSLegislative (2/3) Image
This perspective is particularly relevant considering the rate of urbanisation in India. (3/3)…
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@McHargCenter provides some great maps and overviews of a diverse selection factors in the #US here:… #ThePowerOfMaps #Insights #GlobalTrends - A few of my favourites..(1/6) US use of land... Image
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