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Quick #thread on #Putin's speech.
1 We in the West need to stop buying into the rhetoric about #redlines and the nuclear threat.
I reminded him yesterday on a program: he has been using this rhetoric for many years.
To buy into it is to give up—with consequences for other countries elsewhere.
Not coincidentally, this is also a narrative picked up by Putin's propagandists in the West who push for a negotiated solution, peace talks, not arming #Ukraine, no trial for Putin, etc.
This narrative is what the Kremlin expects. Always keep in mind whose game you are playing and be ruthless to those who relay it.
More than time to throw this Putin #redline narrative in the trash.
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Always remember the genocide of the Tatars of #Crimea.
Also always talk about the forced disappearances, torture, persecution of #Tatars and the destruction of their culture by Putin's #Russia since 2014.
Also do not write off Crimea.
Right time to write a #thread on #Crimea.
1 Some consider Crimea a side issue. No, in terms of law #CrimeaIsUkraine and Western leaders must be consistent with their statements on Crimea's territorial integrity. It comprehends Crimea.
Full stop.
2 Let's stop with the lying "Crimea is Russian" speech. Besides the fact that it has not always been, the historical legitimization has no value. Only international law counts.
The annexation of Crimea had only one precedent in Europe since WWII: the Sudetenland by Hitler.
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1/ TPLF is facing serious setbacks in the battlefield, despite rearmmamanet and logistical support from Egypt and the UN. The Americans are convinced the only way to keep #TPLF viable is to bring them to the negotiation table.
2/ The US and probably EU have strong armed the AU to be included in the negotiation in some capacity; to make sure TPLF gets a better deal than it deserves based on it's current military standing.
3/ If the GoE refuses, then the sanctions and 'genocide' determination will be reactivated. Behind th scenes, the cosponsors of #HR6600 have increased from 9 to 18 between April and Sptember! In a way this negotiation is between the USG and GoE!
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After listening to drumbeat of #War I was decided to share my vision on ongoing crisis of #Ukraine
Long thread
#Russia #Ukraine #WW3 #history Image
First that western audience is missing - that's a truth why #Ukraine? Russia was not invading in Ukraine in #2014 and do not annex a #Crimea

People of Crimea decided on the referendum to walk away from Ukraine and join #Russia on 16 of March 2014 Image
To understand why people of #Crimea and after them people of #Donbas and leave behind #Ukraine where is #coup happened
We filmed a very tough documentary on that topic, if you didn't see that - there is a free copy from us

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The 1st round of negotiations of the @UN_CFS Policy Recommendations on Agroecological and Other Innovative Approaches has started. Follow this thread for highlights from CSM in English, French and Spanish. 👇
#AgroecologyPolicy Image
We fully support the statements of @FAO and @SwissAmbUN_MIRO noting that assessments of the sustainability of agriculture must be #participatory and #inclusive. Both are basic notions which should be upheld as part of a human rights approach to food systems and nutrition.
Food systems need to be radically transformed through #agroecology, not merely enhanced. Argentina and Brazil's systematic rejection of the terms 'transition' or 'transformation' in the text is alarming!
#FutureIsFoodSovereignty #JustRecovery #AgroecologyPolicy Image
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1) THREAD: What to expect if the #US 🇺🇸withdraws from #NATO? At the Körber #PolicyGame, we discussed this scenario w/ high-level officials and experts in coop w/ @IISS_org - here are the summarized results for the Twitterati community: (have mercy, it’s my first thread!)
2) We wanted to know: How would Europeans react in such a situation?What are interests and red lines? Thus, we invited a 🇫🇷, 🇩🇪, 🇵🇱,🇬🇧, and 🇺🇸 team to play our scenario. Crisis in the #South, Crisis in the #East - were #Europeans able to get their act together w/out the 🇺🇸? 💪 🇪🇺
3) The short answer is: willing yes ❕but able❔ First, most teams focused on reversing a #US withdrawal from #NATO by all possible means, offering the 🇺🇸concessions that were unthinkable before - from #trade to #energy. But what if that doesn’t help? 🤔
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