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@khorv1 @KremlinRussia_E @Ukraine @Russia @georgesoros Let's ignore all the #kompromat that @KremlinRussia very probably has on all the #Brandon and #WheresHunter dealings in #Ukraine. All the #DeepState dirty laundry regarding energy and #China... and that China has all this info, and leverage, as well. Con't...
@khorv1 @KremlinRussia_E @Ukraine @Russia @georgesoros @KremlinRussia Why did the Mayor of @moscowgov's wife give all that money to #HunterBiden? Was that an official operation? Was she taking orders? Was she gaining access to prove how easy it was? What was going on?

Ignore all that, we're talking about the #Soros #ColorRevolution in Ukraine. ...
@khorv1 @KremlinRussia_E @Ukraine @Russia @georgesoros @KremlinRussia @moscowgov So there's a fun fact about #GeorgeSoros and his relationships with #Russia...

If he's ever found in their territories, he is to be shot on sight. He is designated not just a terrorist, but a person who violates human rights.

#Putin knows that Soros is a bad man. Keep goin'.
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After listening to drumbeat of #War I was decided to share my vision on ongoing crisis of #Ukraine
Long thread
#Russia #Ukraine #WW3 #history Image
First that western audience is missing - that's a truth why #Ukraine? Russia was not invading in Ukraine in #2014 and do not annex a #Crimea

People of Crimea decided on the referendum to walk away from Ukraine and join #Russia on 16 of March 2014 Image
To understand why people of #Crimea and after them people of #Donbas and leave behind #Ukraine where is #coup happened
We filmed a very tough documentary on that topic, if you didn't see that - there is a free copy from us

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1) #ScoMo recently seen in AAP photo with Aussie flag face diaper on upside down. Various theories about that. Laughing at our demise, or cry for help? I think prolly the latter. #Auspol
2) Reason I say this is because he posted another highly symbolic photo on Instagram, also taken in #Melbourne. #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownFall
3) He looks like utter doofus next to 2 expert chicks. Often happens these days. It's part of globalist man-bashing psyop. He wears Oz flag on face (right way up now). It's his 2 arms against their 4. Evokes #Shiva #symbolism Dr Tedros the Mega-Flog shared in Jan 2019.
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18) Jessica Rudd, Kevin's daughter, loves Bluey too. Again, what are the odds? K Rudd himself tweeted about family dog Abby dying recently, vlogged about "dog shots" etc. And there are those pooch-tweets from Labor *illuminaries*:… Image
19) Check out her profile. Very pro-#Biden. Like dad, hanging out for Trump to leave Whitehouse. She's Aussie, so having #USAElection themed profile significant. Check out shirt on one of the women in banner picture. 🧐 Hmm. Design looks familiar. 🤔 Image
20) And maybe the "Joe" in tweet from the dude who I thought was the *actual* creator of Bluey is an allusion to #JoeBiden?
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1) Just had a look thru Malcolm Turnbull's Twitter feed. Noticed that he retweeted a post related to the toon dog Bluey by its creator Daley Peterson. He's an Aussie cartoonist and the show is on Disney. #Auspol #dogcomms Image
2) Nothing unusual about that but I found it interesting because Julia Gillard tweeted about the show recently also. She even read from one of Daley Pearson's books. It was one of several canine-themed tweets from Labor pollies.… #symbolism #Auspol Image
3) What are the odds two globalist former PMs would promote same #Disney kids' canine cartoon character weeks apart? Dinkum fans, or is something else at play? Gotta ask, esp since globalist former PM Kevin Rudd's been vlogging about "dogshots".
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💥‼️ALERT‼️💥 #ThreeGorgesDam. I have a theory. 1. The dam is approaching imminent catastrophic failure.

2. The CCP plans to blame the US and possibly use it as an excuse to go to war. (Can they be so stupid?!)

Evidence Below ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Evidence for suspected failure.

➡️ The dam is experiencing it's 7th flood wave this year NOW.

➡️ The flood season is not even 25% complete yet for 2020 and the CCP is reporting levels to be approaching maximum. (160/180m)

➡️ CCP reports that the dam has deformed in the past
Evidence for failure cont'd

➡️ Floods in China are at record all time high. Dam under extreme pressure.

➡️ The eyes of the world have been watching the livestreams of the da

➡️ A few weeks ago, the dam hit 175m and the livestreams remained up, full view of all sides and angles
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1 of 17. Holy Tomoly! @realDonaldTrump is promoting the heck out of @glennbeck and #TheBlaze. Eight retweets in a row this morning.
2 of 17. On one level, lovebombing @theblaze may simply be Trump's gracious response to #GlennBeck's Aug. 27 tweet in which he apologized for opposing Trump in the 2016 election. "He proved me wrong at almost every turn," Beck admitted.
3 of 17. But maybe there's more to it. Maybe Trump is steering Beck in a certain direction, encouraging him to delve further into Democrat plans for subverting our election through #ColorRevolution. After all, Beck is an authority on that subject.
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Imagine the 'peaceful demonstrations' that DNC ANTIFA/BLM/Brownshirts have in mind for election day. I could see them torching ballot boxes & burning down polling places- or at least harassing & intimidating voters at targeted precincts in coordinated #ElectionInterference.

All to put the final vote count in doubt. Dems would 'appeal' the results to the MSM, the UN & every other Marxist-controlled organization that hates America.

Leftist Orgs like MMFA, OFA & sites like Daily Kos are already gearing up for a fight.

This is the next step in a #ColorRevolution. They're already shooting people in the streets, and have neutered or eliminated Police Protection. This perpetuates & expands the twin cycles of fear & violence- created by politicians & stoked by #CorruptNews corporate MSM.

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"A '#ColorRevolution' is a #media term for a #movement based on legitimate grievances only to be co-opted into a #RegimeChange operation backed by the #US and confederates."
by Roger D. Harris #Belarusprotests #mondaythoughts
A woman embraces a soldier guarding the #Belarusian Government building in #Minsk, #Belarus, Aug. 14, 2020. Photo by Sergei Grits | AP Image
Police beat a protester at a rally in #Belarus following the presidential election in #Minsk, #Belarus, Aug. 11, 2020. Photo | AP
#Belarusprotests #minskprotests Image
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June 2020 #Belarus

#Lukaskenko: "the #IMF continues to demand from us quarantine measures, isolation, a curfew. This is nonsense. We will not dance to anyone's tune,” said the president"…
US State Dept concern #Belarus

Privatizations slowed and Banks re-nationalized under #Lukashenko

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Masked men with guns, shooting in the streets of San Antonio de Táchira, at the border of #Venezuela and #Colombia . Most likely provocateurs, reminiscent of the snipers in Benghazi (Libya), Daraa (Syria) in 2011 and Nicaragua in 2018. #ColorRevolution once again.
Meanwhile, war criminal John Bolton announces the theft of billions from #Venezuela
#Venezuela Condemns Staged Operation at Border with #Colombia.…
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